Emma's Pov

I just stood there staring at her, having no idea how to answer the question. I mean what would I say, oh yeah you know me, back during ancient times I was your mother and by the way we're goddesses, that doesn't make me sound crazy at all. She's still staring, I really need to answer that question. "Of course not sweetie, you're a freshman. Is there any reason you came to my office?" I said with a tight smile. "Um yeah can I see the sign up sheets for the clubs?" She asked. "Um ... yeah of course. If you don't mind me asking, why didnt you just use the ones on the bulletin boards?"I asked. "Um...I just...I'm not really sure."She answered sounding, apprehensive and just the tiny bit confused. "Alright here you go, sweetheart" I replied handing her the sheets. "Thanks she said with a smile that just didn't reach her eyes. She sat down across from me going through all the papers, I've given her. As she looked through I saw her fill out two, one was signing up for cheerleading, another was a new club at this school, the celibacy club. Everything seemed fine until, she came to one list, with many signatures on it. As she looked at it, her eyes became glassed over and she had an almost vacant look on her face, but she was still starring intently at the paper. Though she most likely was having a vision of her past, which I knew all about, did nothing, to sway my fears. I quickly grabbed the paper hoping to snap her out of it. I looked down at it and it was for glee club, the club Zeus runs, Will, I mean the club Will I looked down at the list of people, I suddenly knew why Perseph-Quinn had that vision, the kids on this list, at least most of them are gods. Quickly. I looked back up at Quinn, who has snapped out of it, but, seemed to be panicking. "So, Quinn" I said, forcing myself to seem happy, "You seemed to be interested in glee club. It's a lovely club ran by Mr. Shuester, a wonderful teacher we have here, it's a great place to make friends and meet new people, adutions are Friday in the auditorium." Quinn grabbed a pen and signed up. "Is that all?" I asked. "Um..."Quinn started, chewing on her bottom lip,"Has anyone else came here, to sign up for clubs, without fully knowing why?" "Yes, a few people actually." I replied. "Thank you, um...I'll be getting to class now. Bye."She stuttered with an awkward smile. With one last look at me, Quinn walked out.

I sat staring after her, I couldn't believe I finally met her, my darling daughter in this life. I didn't know what to do next, I mean what does anyone do after getting to see their child again.

As I continued to look in the direction Quinn left in, I felt myself being dragged into a vision of one of the many lifetimes we've lived together.

The sea breeze was whipping around us, a girl was facing me, her face was scrunched up and she was screaming at me. She had red hair down her back in waves, blue eyes that were full of rage and dressed in riches. "God Mother, why can't you understand this, I don't care about money, I just want to have freedom!" "Darling, this is your slot in life, there is not anything we can do about" I spat. "Urgghhh!" She screamed storming off in tears towards another women, she was older then both of us, blonde hair with a few strands of grey, she had an air of grace and elegance about her. BRINNG!BRINNG! I shook my head and the vision was gone.

"Hello, This is Emma Pillsbury's office, how may I help you?" " Hi, I'm Mrs. Fabray, my daughter Quinn is a freshman and she was acting very strange lately, so I was just hoping you would look out for her for me" "Well of course Mrs. Fabray, anything I can do for my students" I said with a smile, at least Quinn's mother cares. "My Quinnie is very special as I'm sure you know , Demeter." I almost dropped my phone, "w-w-what did you call me?" "Oh Deme, darling I know you remember, so don't play dumb with me" That tone, the sophistication I can even detect over the phone, how didn't I see it earlier, "Rhea"