When I was a child, my mother taught me that monsters and mythical beasts only existed in the books that she read to me as bed time stories. I was safe, from all things that go bump in the night. There was no dragon guarding a princess in a tower, no vampires lurking in the dark, and no werewolves waiting to take a bite out of you.

Learning that seriously sucked for me, because I mean, come on, who wants to live in a world without magic and wonder, especially as a child? Definitely not me. Now, I get that my mother was just trying to reassure me that I was safe from such horrible, frightening creatures, but it also took away the beauty of Fairy tales for me. If monsters weren't real, what reason would Prince Charming have to come and save me?

Not to say that I really want Prince Charming to come and save me, cause I mean let's be honest here, in this day and era, Prince Charming is probably a sexist prick that would annoy the shit out of me. But hey, my younger self didn't know that.

However, as I got older, as much as I hated to admit it, Mom had been right. There were no monsters hiding under my bed, no creatures of the night waiting in the shadows, and there was definitely no Prince Charming to save me and take me away to his Castle to marry him.

Despite that fact that I knew this information, I couldn't help the whisper that always tugged at the back of my mind.. The one question that had followed me since I was a child..

If none of those things existed.. than where did the stories come from?

My name is Lucia McCall, but I prefer to be called Lulu. I'm twenty-one years old, and I have a tendency to swear like a sailor. I am a really fucking intimidating five foot three in stature with a slender frame, and I say intimidating with the utmost sarcasm I assure you. I have lightly tanned skin, and long, dark brown hair that flows down to my waist in waves, my bangs arch in a crescent over my eyes. My eyes, actually, are probably the most interesting thing about me, I have what is called heterochromia, my left eye is a rich, dark brown in color, while my right is a forest green, both framed by thick, dark lashes.

I was born in Beacon Hills, California, although, until recently when I decided to move back in with my Mom and half-brother Scott, I hadn't been here for several years. I had been with my biological Dad, his wife, and her daughter attending a very, very boring boarding school to fine tune my talent with the Violin. After I graduated however, I decided I needed a few years before I jumped back into the whole school thing, I really just don't care for school. Which is why, I am taking most of my college classes from the comfort of my own home.

Though.. Currently I'm not in the comfort of my own home...

"Remind me again why I'm here?" I casually asked while crossing my arms over my chest. Scott looked up at me from the chair he was sitting down in while I continued to look around in the tattoo parlor I currently found myself in.

"Because I'm buying myself and you a tattoo." He reminded me just as casually, his voice raising a bit louder to emphasis the 'and' in that sentence. That's right, I'm here with my little brother and his best friend while he gets his first tattoo, and I get my second. I wasn't ashamed to admit my brother had bribed me after I found out his plan for the night.

"Boy, I'm sure glad you drew me a picture." I turned my head towards the tattoo artist that came back in. I snorted. Scott's tattoo was simple, but I had to admit, I liked it. Scott just grinned at the man, not put out in the slightest by his sarcasm.

"Hey, Scott, you sure you don't want something like this?" I turned my head to see Stiles holding up a picture of a weird-looking lizard thing. Scott's happy expression turned into a glare. "Too soon?" Stiles questioned, I raised my eyebrow in curiosity.

"Why would he want a lizard-thing tattoo?" I questioned, Stiles froze for a second, like he had forgotten I was here before he turned towards me, just as cheeky as ever.

"Don't you know? Scott had a bad incident with a Lizard last year! Yeah, totally terrified of them now." Both of my eyebrows raised up this time as I turned back towards Scott in disbelief, he just grinned sheepishly and shrugged his shoulders lightly.

"Are you serious right now?" Scott coughed lightly, his eyes leaving my gaze to stare at an apparently very interesting spot on the floor.

"It was a really bad incident." He confirmed, I narrowed my eyes at that. Ever since I had gotten back home, Scott was weirder.. different. Mom was too for that matter, it was like everyone around me had suddenly changed drastically. Though, I guess that wasn't too far-fetched.. I mean I had been gone for several years.. Still... Scott didn't have Asthma anymore, he's muscled.. which is really hard to believe, and he's a star athlete. I'm a little lost to be honest..

"I don't know man, are you sure about this? These things are pretty permanent, ya' know?" Stiles questioned Scott, I could feel the smirk forming across my lips.

"I'm not changing my mind." Scott's smile was back on his face now that he wasn't trying very hard to lie to me.

"Okay, but why two bands?" I sighed and turned my gaze back to Stiles.

"I just like it." Was Scott's answer back at him.

"Do you have to try to kill the mood every time we go somewhere?" I questioned to Stiles playfully, he saw my smirk and huffed at me, rolling his eyes, his posture just oozed sass.

"I'm just saying, don't you think your first tattoo should have some sort of meaning or something?"

"Getting a tattoo means something." Scott answered back. Stiles started to say something before the tattoo guy cut him off, however, I was no longer listening, I didn't need to. I already knew most of the things he could say. I had, had a similar conversation back when my Dad had tried to talk me out of the tattoo that I have up my right side. A tree weaved its way up my side from my hip, its dead branches stretching out across my ribs and up towards my right breast, with a full, blood-red moon behind it.

A thump pulled me out of my thoughts, I quickly turned my head back around to stare at a now on the ground Stiles. "Did he seriously just faint?" I questioned in a slightly startled tone. Scott cringed at the needles going into his arm, but otherwise chuckled a bit and nodded his head. I groaned and moved over to gaze at his fallen form. "You seriously, cannot take you anywhere!" I huffed at the unconscious Stiles as I leaned down and grabbed under his arms. I groaned as I started to slowly drag him across the floor towards the chairs near the windows.

"You could always just leave him." Scott laughed lightly at his own suggestion.

"I'm thinking about it." My voice strained as I pulled him across the floor. Today was not a good idea to wear ankle boots with heels, not a good day at all..

It only took me a bit to get him over to the chairs, but it was several minutes later before I finally got him laying across them. I was pretty proud of myself to be honest, I only managed to drop him once. I'd say all in all that was a pretty good win, probably bad for his head though.. I reached behind his head with my fingers and felt the lump there, he would need some ice when he woke up. I nodded to myself at the thought.

It was a while later until Stiles finally woke up, Scott was all done with his tattoo and the guy was prepping for me to get mine. I looked down at Stiles who I had maneuvered so that his head was laying in my lap. He looked like a deer in headlights when he realized just where he was laying, his wide eyes starting up at me in panic.

"Hello sleeping beauty, glad you could join us." My tone was very snarky, and I could feel the smirk tugging at the corners of my lips as I teased him. He quickly scrambled up and away from my legs, a pink color tingeing his cheeks as he spluttered, he looked over at Scott and then suddenly winced and reached back to hold the back of his head.

"I missed the whole thing?" He questioned, Scott nodded.

"Just in time to watch mine." I teased some more. He groaned and held his head in both of his hands. Scott outstretched a bag of ice towards him.

"Oh goody." Stiles snappily replied back at me as he took the ice as Scott went and paid for his tattoo.

"You ready?" The guy asked me. I nodded my head and moved towards the chair, I had discussed what I wanted with the guy earlier when Scott and Stiles were busy arguing when we first got here. I reached towards the buttons on my jeans and I heard a sharp intake of breath. Turning my head I saw Scott and Stiles staring at me.

"Where are you getting your tattoo?!" Stiles spluttered out and I laughed, I couldn't help it, his expression was just way too good.

"Oh calm down, you prudes. I'm getting it on my thigh." I rolled my eyes as if that should have been obvious. "Can't exactly get a tattoo through denim." Scott's wide eyes seemed to calm a bit, but he still looked uncomfortable. A cringe came to his face next as he suddenly grabbed his arm right above his new tattoo. I narrowed my eyes instantly at the movement, watching him carefully. Scott tried to hide the reaction as best he could and he quickly shot Stiles a look, who quickly looked from Scott's face down to his arm, and back to his face again before turning to look at me.

"Yeah, I really don't need to see that much of my sister's legs..." Scott trailed off and nudged Stiles who was looking at me expectantly. Stiles shot him a 'are you serious right now' look and Scott gave him a desperate face. Stiles huffed and his face fell in disappointment. I followed their almost silent conversation carefully. Something was up.. and it wasn't just that I was about to strip off my jeans. Stiles wheeled his body around to face me.

"We're going to go get food!" He suddenly declared. I raised an eyebrow and unzipped my jeans, Stiles's eyes flicked towards the movement of my fingers before raising just as fast back up to my face.

"We'll bring you back something, see you in a bit!" The words came out of Scott's mouth quickly, his voice was strained like he was in pain and he quickly grabbed Stiles's arm and ran out of the Tattoo parlor..

"I hate you for this." I heard Stiles's say just before the door shut behind them, my eyes followed their forms until they were out of sight.

It wasn't until the end of my tattoo that Scott and Stiles returned. Stiles seemed happy and was carrying from what I could smell, a burger and fries in a paper bag. Scott on the other hand, looked a bit put out, I didn't question on it though. I imagined if I had, he wouldn't have given me an honest answer.

"Oh, you're putting your pants back on." I raised my eyebrow at Stiles's comment, he coughed in embarrassment. "Not that I want you to have your pants off or anything!" My amused expression grew. "Not to say that you aren't attractive, but I mean, you're Scott's sister, and just seeing you without your pants woul-"

"Stiles!" I interrupted. He looked uncomfortable and reached up to scratch the back of his head. "Stop while you're ahead." He cleared his throat and adverted his gaze, I just lightly shook my head as I tried to ignore the fact that my jeans were rubbing the wrong way against my tattoo, I couldn't wait to get home and get the material away from the new wound.

"Can do." He muttered slightly under his breath. "Yep, I can definitely do that."

A few minutes later after Scott had paid the guy, we left the tattoo parlor and headed for Stiles's jeep while Stiles handed me my food. I greedily dug into the fries as we walked towards the car.

"So, what did you get?" Scott questioned after a moment, when I was no longer so greedily stuffing fries into my mouth. I glanced up from the bag to look at them both.

"Orange blossoms on my upper left thigh."

"Orange blossoms?" Stiles questioned as we got into the car, me in the back, and Scott and Stiles in the front. Our normal arrangement that had started since I moved back. Why wasn't I just driving my own car do you ask? Well, that answer is easy, I can't drive, and my sense of direction is seriously shit. Like honestly, the number of times I have been lost is pretty fucking ridiculous.

"Yes, Stiles, orange blossoms, you know, the flower?" He shot me a look that clearly said 'Do I look that stupid to you?' I just raised both of my eyebrows in defiance.

"Why orange blossoms-" I cut him off before he could get any further.

"Do. Not. Start. With. Me." I warned him while poking a finger near his nose, my tone of voice lower than it normally was. His gaze zeroed in on my finger, causing him to go slightly cross-eyed for a moment before he turned back towards the front of the car.

"Yes ma'am." I grinned at his response and slightly chuckled before leaning back against my seat and digging into my burger as Stiles drove Scott and I back to our house. The drumming of Stiles's fingers against the steering wheel was something that I got used to very fast, it was actually a bit soothing to be honest. As much as they drove me crazy, I really did enjoy being around Scott and Stiles... which just further proved how badly I needed to get a life.

"Have you talked to Allison at all?" Stiles questioned, I rose my eyebrows and leaned forward to pay attention. Since I had been home, I had been filled in on the details of Scott's epic love of last year. Needless to say I wasn't all to happy to hear that a girl had completely broken my brother's heart, but I was trying not to be completely biased here. It really wasn't working out that well for me. It's not like I hadn't heard about Allison before whenever I talked to Scott over the phone or Skype, it was just he was always far too distracted telling me about her hair looked when the light hit it just right.

"No, we agreed to give each other the summer. No texts, no calls." We pulled up to a stop light.

"You have a lot of dedication." I muttered and Scott glanced at me slightly and rose an eyebrow in question. I spoke a bit louder. "If I loved someone, as much as you seem to love Allison.. I wouldn't be able to stay away. I'm selfish like that." I said with a shrug of my shoulders. Stiles turned to look at me too, no longer completely paying attention the light. My gaze danced back and forth between the both of them, why were they both looking at me like that?

"Have you ever been in love?" Stiles's questioned curiously, I narrowed my eyes on him instantly.

"And if I haven't?" I spit out at him, my mood going from zero to sixty. He looked shocked as the words registered in his brain, he slightly bounced in his seat.

"What, no way! You haven't been in love!?" I sighed and sunk further into my seat, grumbling lightly. I take back what I said, I really don't enjoy being around these two. How fucking lame do I have to be that my brother's been in love before I have?! He's seventeen for fucks sake! And then there's Stiles, the boy has been in love with Lydia since as long as I can remember.

"It's not my fault no one has really caught my interest enough." I said with a shrug of my shoulders. Scott was gazing at me intently, it was really starting to piss me off.

"I didn't know that." He breathed out, his eyes were gently and I wanted to slap him upside the head for giving me such a look of pity.

"Wait, does that mean you're a vir-" Scott wheeled to look at Stiles.

"Stiles, no! Seriously?!" Scott stopped Stiles mid sentence, but the damage had been done and now here I was, staring at Stiles with my mouth open in shock.

"We're you seriously just about to ask that!?" I yelled as I leaned forward trying to hit him, Scott swung his arm back into my body, successfully keeping me from maiming his best friend. It was one thing for him to figure out that I had never been in love, it was an entirely different thing for him to learn that I was also still a virgin.

"Okay, subject change!" Stiles declared as he shrunk further towards the steering wheel, and farther away from me and my flailing limbs. He turned his gaze back onto Scott. "How do you know Allison won't be back in school?" He questioned, his voice a little higher than normal. I let out a deep breath and slowly calmed down, right, no maiming the driver... not until later that is. Scott let out a breath of air as my body calmed down and he no longer needed to hold me back.

"After everything that happened, I'm not sure she's coming back at all." His voice turned a bit on the sad side, but I noticed that something had caught Stiles's eyes. I turned my head to see what he was looking at. A car was stopped in the lane next to us, two girls were inside. They looked to be about the same age as Scott and Stiles, and I immediately recognized the driver as Lydia Martin, Stiles's lady-love. That had to mean, by the look on Stiles's face, that the darker haired girl was Allison. As much as I hated to admit it, considering right now I had a very, very unfair grudge against her, that she was pretty.

"I think she is." Stiles said after a moment. Scott turned towards him. "I'd say pretty definite, ya' know? Like one hundred percent." Scott just looked confused. I sighed, he could be so slow sometimes.

"Turn your head dumbass." I grumbled as I reached forward and turned Scott's head to the side with both of my hands. His gaze dropped and I cringed at the look of love and loss that hit his face. He stared at her for several seconds before she finally noticed him, the smile instantly dropping from her face. Both of them reacted badly by the looks of it as I was still looking over towards their car and could see Allison's expressions.

"Oh my god." Scott said as he tried to sink lower in the seat and hide from her view, which ironically was the same thing she was doing.

"Think it's a little late for that Scott, she definitely saw you." I said with a small nod, though he wasn't looking at me. Stiles lifted his hand to wave lightly as Lydia looked over at us, no doubt to see what had Allison freaking out so bad.

"Could we just drive, please, Stiles?" Scott said in embarrassment, his body moving around in his seat as if he was just itching to run away from the situation as fast as he could.

"Scott, it's a red light." He said gesturing in front of us.

"A very long red light. Seriously, I think we've been here for five minutes." I said leaning forward until my upper body was resting in the middle of them, my arms resting on the tops of their seats for support.

"I think we should talk to them. We should say something." Stiles said with a smile. Scott and I turned our gaze onto him.

"No!" Scott said, his expression slightly panicked.

"She doesn't look like she really wants to see him." I said glancing back towards their car, it was amusing to note that she was reacting in almost the same way as Scott.. so they did have things in common I noted, with an eyebrow raised as I soaked in the information.

"We're just going to say hi." Stiles said leaning over Scott to roll the window down.

"Stiles! No, no, no!" Scott hissed at him while sinking lower in his seat. "Come on Stiles, no. Come on dude, no!" Scott was in full-blown panic mode now.

"Stiles, really not a good idea, trust me, I'm a girl I know." I tried to reason to save my brother from the mortification of this moment.. But alas.. it seemed it couldn't be helped. Stiles finished rolling the window down as he leaned slightly across Scott. I leaned back so that I was no longer in the middle of the two of them and shook my head.

"Hey!" Stiles shouted towards their car, even I at this point, was sinking in my seat. Tires squealed as they shot off down the road away from us, I let out a small groan. Stiles's face fell slightly.

"Nope, probably didn't see us." I pinched the bridge of my nose and shut my eyes tightly.

"I'm fairly certain they did, actually. That's why they drove off so fast during a red light." Stiles shot me a look clearing telling me to shut it and that my sass was not needed. The light finally switched to green and Stiles started driving forward.

"What are you doing?" Scott was panicking again, I leaned forward once more to get a better look at his face.

"Driving?" Stiles said in a slightly uncertain tone as he glanced at Scott.

"We're right behind them." Scott said in an obvious tone. Oh dear lord.

"Scott, there's nowhere to turn." He didn't listen to me, logic was apparently not with him at this point. I really would never understand teenage boys.

"I don't want it to look like we're following them." His voice was shaky.

"Really, really?! You are that concerned about it?" I said while gesturing with my hands towards the car in front of us that held the two issues of the night.

"Well, what do you want me to do?" Stiles asked, looking between me and Scott.

"I don't know, anything!" Scott half shouted.

"There's nothing he can do! Scott you're not listening!" I was getting annoyed. Suddenly Stiles hit the brakes, sending me flying backwards towards my seat, slightly causing my head to spin as the seat-belt crushed me backwards, I coughed lightly at the pressure against my chest. Stiles was sometimes way too good of a friend. "Was that honestly necessary?" I groaned out as I rubbed my hand between my breasts to massage my sternum.

Both boys were quiet and I slowly lifted my gaze back up to see them looking at each other in confusion, they both turned to me at that moment. Stiles had his mouth open and his eyebrows furrowed, Scott's expression wasn't much better. "What?" I asked quietly, they both turned their heads back around to look out the windshield. I followed their gaze and sat back up. Lydia and Allison's car had stopped several feet up ahead.

"What in the hell are they doing?" I paused. "Okay, stupid question considering we're doing the same thing.." I muttered out lightly. I squinted my eyes, something was moving down the road.. was it.. running? I pointed towards their car. "Guys, what's that?" Suddenly there were screams as whatever it was, hit straight into the girls' car. Stiles and Scott scrambled out of their doors and I had to shove myself out and through Scott's door to catch up, not bothering to shut the door behind me. The three of us quickly ran up to the two girls that were now out of their car and standing on the road.

"Are you okay?" Scott yelled as he reached Allison. Stiles immediately went for Lydia to check her for injuries. I moved up past the four of them towards the front of the car. My heart clenched at the sight. A deer was lodged in their windshield, broken glass and blood was everywhere. I cringed and tore my gaze away.. that poor deer..

"It came out of nowhere." I heard Lydia say, her voice was raised with panic.

"Are you hurt?!" Stiles asked. I turned my gaze to see his arms outstretched as he continued to look her over.

Lydia continued to mumble strings of sentences under her breath. Scott was directly in front of Allison by this point, he was gazing at her intently.

"Are you okay?" He asked again, this time with a softer, much quieter voice.

"I'm okay." She answered back, just as soft. Her gaze was locked with his.

"Well I'm not okay!" Lydia suddenly yelled out, she was facing Scott and Allison now with Stiles standing behind her. "I'm totally freaking out, how in the hell does it just run into us?" Scott moved away from Allison and slowly walked up to where I was standing to get a good look at the deer.

"I saw its eyes right before it hit us... it was like it was.. it was like it was crazy." Lydia finally managed to say, tears in her eyes.. Scott continued to gaze intently at the deer.

"No," he said after a moment. "It was scared." Scott reached out, his hand aiming towards its neck.

"Scott..." I said in warning. He didn't listen. His fingers descended upon the bloodied fur.

"Actually," He paused. I could see my breath in front of my face as I waited for what he was going to say. "Terrified." Scott turned his gaze away from the deer and looked down the dark, empty road. The only thing ahead were trees and a large, bright moon hanging overhead.

"What are you, the deer whisperer?" I questioned after a moment. Lydia finally seemed to notice me standing there next to Scott.

"Lulu?" She questioned uncertainly. I turned my head to meet her gaze and nodded my head. "When did you get back?" She questioned, her voice still wavering from shock.

"A few days ago." I answered back, my gaze slipping between her and Scott.

"Wait.. Lulu, as in..." Allison trailed off and I turned to look at her.

"Scott's sister." I said in conformation. She immediately looked uncomfortable, I couldn't help but get a slight bit of smug satisfaction out of that considering I was still mad at her for breaking my brother's heart, what could I say, I was in big sister mode when it came to her.

"It's nice to meet you.." she said after a moment. Her arms were wrapped around herself in a comforting way. I nodded my head, she was taller than me I noted, it just annoyed me further. Though, to be fair, mostly everyone was taller than me.

"Likewise, though, I think you'll find you and I will be having a talk later." I gave her a look and she slowly nodded her head. The look in her eyes showed that she already knew what about. Scott sent me a look that I noticed out of the corner of my eyes, but I chose to ignore him. If he thought sending me glares was going to stop me from talking to the girl he was in love with, then he was dead wrong.

"Well, we better call someone." I said in a deadpan voice, my eyebrow slowly raising up. Stiles coughed as he realized how obvious that was.

"Right, yeah, I'll call my Dad.." He muttered as he pulled his phone out of his pocket and moved a couple of steps away from all of us... My gaze drifted from his back, to Lydia's terrified face before I slowly moved my gaze over towards Allison, and then finally turning my head to look at Scott.. Their faces held a certain expression, it was a mixture between worry, fear, and something else I couldn't quite place. The cold seeped in through my clothes and caused me to shiver.

Well.. I guess Beacon Hills wasn't going to be boring, that was for sure..

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