This is pure fluff with silly words. It's short and complete, I promise.


- 1 -

He sings.

I don't remember who rec'd him or which thread I followed to first hear his voice - aching, exhilarating, sublime, surelymine.

Youtube showed me his face and the feeling of justmine arrived.

Google told me his birthdate and background. Facebook said he was on the move, on tour, though he wasn't yet near my state - the state I was in - and was unlikely to ever be. Twitter said he'd be my friend. Onlymine? No doubt he accepted everyone.

I sent him a message.

Your voice is sandpaper rasp honeyglide cloudstorm

And unexpectedly, received a response.

- Hello, thank you.

Your lyrics are joyfierce tigertears hungry milksoft

And another.

- Who are you?

Your melodies are caravaggio aloftsoar meadow and swirl

- I appreciate your startling and lovely words.

Your rhythms are raindrop armadas gypsywild crash

He asked again - who are you?

I'm not really anyone

- Oh, I think you're someone. Tell me where you are.

I'm right here

- Not forthcoming with the name and whereabouts - you're going to make me work for information, aren't you? Okay. Describe the sky outside your window. Blue and brash or silver and kind?

I'm stunned that he's asking. I couldn't have known he'd say something so pretty. Or of course I could. After all, his songpoems ignited me and seared me and threw me to the floor.

Deep, clear, temperate

- Come on now, that's barely a hint. Give me color.

The day is gone to lilac

- Well then. It's evening for both of us. My day is starting, now that I've slept through the sunlight. Have you too?

No. I would, but for the scarlet it casts on my eyelids and the loss of income

- Where are you, Lilac Sky? You may be near me. Who are you?

Someone who can't believe you're communicating with them.

Someone who is affected by the notes you put in the air. They have made a difference to my life. I'm sorry for taking up your time, but I wanted to thank you for them. And thank you for replying to me. I wish you well

- HEY! You're not signing off, are you? I have to go to work - will you be around later? Can we talk some more?

And so later...

A skype ID flashed to my private messages. Then again. Then again. He was persistent.

Could I? Would I? No reason not to, really.

Hello I said, actually said with my voice, though I'd disabled the camera.

- I can't see you!

The camera on my laptop is broken

- Can you get it fixed?

I could see him. Skin and pulse and real, near and warm, spilt-tea whiskey. Intoxicating burn - he was so beautiful, even looking this tired.

I'm not sure. You sang tonight? You call it work?

- Yeah, I played a show. I don't really call it work, though at the same time it is. I don't tend to talk to fans, you know. I mean I'll thank them for coming to along to watch me perform and I'll sign cd's for them. I've never skyped one before. Who are you?

Just - a listener. A recent listener. I don't own any of your recordings

- God, that's a relief. Sorry if it sounds weird, but knowing someone doesn't have any of my music makes me more inclined to want to speak to them. Will you tell me anything about yourself?

I have toes. I blink. I'm right-handed

He sighed. I hadn't told him anything.

I'm a girl

- Well yes. With a name?

Edward Cullen - THE Edward Cullen, was asking for my name. Surreal. My skype ID is nonsense letters, like a captcha, so there were no clues. I had to think for a while. Am I churlish? Am I paranoid? A little of each though not much of both.


- OK. Bella. I'm Edward. Nice to meet you! Here's the thing. I'm in a hotel room on my own, exhausted and crashing. It's like this most of the time on tour. To be blunt I don't cope very well, so I'm going to ring down for alcohol and I'm going to drink until I fall asleep. I hate touring, it's lonely and disorientating and I suffer from insomnia. I'm not fit for company or conversation, much as I'd like to be, but I'm glad I got to catch up with you anyway. Can we speak tomorrow, in the daytime when I'm a bit more together?

This couldn't be happening, and unfortunately couldn't happen.

I can't skype when I'm at work

- Online chat then, as in typing? Facebook? I don't do my own page, my manager does it, but I know the password. Tomorrow, Bella.

Yes, tomorrow