The Stanley Prologue

Saturday – 7AM

This is the story of a man name... oh it's Saturday... so he won't be here yet... so I just have to wait? Sigh...

Saturday – 8AM

Still bored... Only 47 hours to go...

Saturday – 9AM

Nothing to narrate until Stanley arrives...

Saturday – 10AM

I could work on that game with the baby while waiting I guess...

Saturday – 11AM

I finished the game with the baby. When my job is over I can present it as proof video games are art.

Saturday – 12AM

I miss Stanley...

Saturday – 1PM

Why did I have to make my arrival on Saturday and his on Monday?

Saturday – 2PM

8-8-8-8-8-8... Hey this 8 game is pretty fun.

Saturday – 3PM


Saturday – 4PM

8-8-8-8... Ok I should probably stop now.

Saturday – 5PM

I'm so bored without a story to narrate...

Saturday – 6PM

It was 6PM and the narrator just sat there waiting for Stanley. Unfortunately for the narrator he got so bored he started narrating his own life... and it didn't help...

Saturday – 7PM: Denial

Stanley will accidentally show up late... on a weekend... I'm sure of it...

Saturday – 8PM: Anger


Saturday – 9PM: Bargaining

I'd give anything for Stanley to be here right now.

Saturday – 10PM: Depression

Sigh... I want something to narrate...

Saturday – 11PM: Acceptance

Stanley will be here soon...

Sunday – 12AM


Sunday – 1AM


Sunday – 2AM

Employee 427...

Sunday – 3AM

I miss you...

Sunday – 4AM

I can wait...

Sunday – 5AM

I'll wait forever...

Sunday – 6AM

Maybe I should do something else to get my mind off of the 25 hour wait.

Sunday – 7AM

I'm making a demonstration to put the 8 game in. Also so Stanley can get an idea of what he is going to do and so he won't have any idea of what he's going to do.

Sunday – 8AM

The demonstration is finished...

Sunday – 9AM


Sunday – 10AM


Sunday – 11AM


Sunday – 12PM


Sunday – 1PM

Employee 427...

Sunday – 2PM

Sigh... Stanley...

Sunday – 3PM

Hey I could answer those emails I never answer... Here's one by Raphael... Ohhh I need to answer this one.

Sunday – 4PM

Working on a video... dun dun dun... working on a video... do do do...

Sunday – 5PM

I finished the email video.

Sunday – 6PM

It's almost time...

Sunday – 7PM

Only 12 hours to go...

Sunday – 8PM

11 hours... he's almost here...

Sunday – 9PM

10 hours... I can wait...

Sunday – 10PM

9 hours... it's so close now...

Sunday – 11PM

8-8-8-8-8... hours...

Monday – 12AM

Only 7 more hours...

Monday – 1AM

6 hours until the story... my story...

Monday – 2AM

5 hours left until Stanley arrives...

Monday – 3AM

4 hours left! I can't wait!

Monday – 4AM

3 hours!

Monday – 5AM

2 hours!

Monday – 5:30AM

1 hour 30 minutes!

Monday – 6:00AM

1 hour!

Monday – 6:15AM

45 minutes!

Monday – 6:30AM

30 minutes! Stanley is almost here!

Monday – 6:45AM

15 minutes!

Monday – 6:59:95AM


Monday – 6:59:96AM


Monday – 6:59:97AM


Monday – 6:59:98AM


Monday – 6:59:99AM


Monday – 7AM

This is the story of a man named Stanley. Stanley worked for a com...