Chapter 6- The adventurous Adventure

Loki was not happy.

One moment he was happily sleeping in Tony's lap and the next thing he knew his felt his owner's leg move and rise, causing him to roll on the floor.

"AWWWWW!I'M SO SORRWY MY IDDLE WIDDLE KITTY!"Tony exclaimed in his childish voice again, kneeling down to pick up the crumpled kitten up from the floor.

Loki hissed angrily and stormed away to the comfort of his cat-bed.

Tony sighed unhappily and walked away to his laboratory, fixing his amour of iron.

Suddenly, Loki's bored legs jumped up without warning and started to scuttle towards the cat-flap in search of an adventure; An adventure which he had been starved from for a long time.

On and on, the kitten travelled down the winding staircase that endlessly turned out into lengthy corridors and passageways. None of these, however, sparked an interest in him and Loki continued on downwards:Towards the the streets of New York.

"Oh, Why didn't I take the God damn lift!" He cursed to himself as his tired legs stepped of the final step. For a moment he contemplated on going back, but there was no going back now, otherwise he would have made this journey for nothing!

Loki stepped lively through the door and proceeded to walk along the bustling street, wondering about where he could go. To broadway maybe? No, too far. To the Empire state building? Nah, Loki thought as he continued walking along the high street of shoppers.

Just then, an ingenious idea popped into his head.

"I know! I can go and play a trick at Thor's house!" Loki thought excitedly and he scurried into an backstreet an along a series of alleyways. He can easily slip in through the back this way…

Loki stopped dead in his tracks.

There, towering over the small kitten was a vicious-looking stray dog with large gnashing teeth and gleaming red eyes.

The dog growled ferociously and took several steps towards his prey, causing the helpless kitten to crawl back down the alleyway.

Suddenly the dog lashed an excruciating scratch across Loki's face.

"MEOW!" Loki screamed and sprinted out of the alleyway and into the high streets, with the dog in pursuit.

Street shoppers gave a shout when the chase passed by and even had to leap aside to let them pass. Loki panicked, Stark tower was at the top of the street and the dog was almost on his tail…

There you are Loki!" Tony shouted happily,stopping the chase of cat and mouse (or dog and cat, if you want to get all precise about it).

Loki crawled his way up Starkie Steak's leg and hopped onto his shoulder. Tony felt his little kitty shake violently.

"What's wrong?" He asked his kitten.

It was at that point he noticed a blood trail flowing down his. He scooped the kitten into his hands and stared in horror at the scarlet red gash that was ripped across his face.

Tony stared down piercingly at the creature in front of him with all the anger and nick (oops-another typo XD) fury he had ever had in his life.

"YOU LITTLE MULLING QUIM! {Author's note-look it up in the dictionary…}"He roared viciously, followed by some extremely strong words of incoherence that caused passer-bys to stare. "YOU STAY WELL AWAY FROM MY PRECIOUS LITTLE CAT IN FUTURE! NOW BOG OFF-DO YOU HEAR?"

The animal recoiled and bolted away back down the alleyway ashamed.

Tony momentarily snapped out of his (nick XD) fury and turned his attention to the cat, who's bleeding was starting to clog up but still severe.

"Oh my god," Tony panicked " I need to get you to some first aid without lugging it over to the vets…"
Suddenly, an idea struck him in the midst of his blind panic.

"Wait!" He half-shouted "I can go to Thor and Steve-They'll be able to sort you out!"

And with that Tony ran with his fragile kitten in his arms around the block.

Despite this uncomfortable ride, Loki could not help but feel a sense of warmth and security in his arms…

Tony stopped abruptly at the door of a tall skyscraper and pressed on one of the speaker buttons by the door.

"Umm, hello?" Stevie Wonder's (I'm so sorry that was Makka Pakka, I was meant to say steve) echoed into the speaker.

Just then a deep orgasmic groan issued out of the speaker and filled the busy street, causing several shoppers to turn around in utter dismay.

"Um...What was that Steve?" Tony nervously asked, embarrassed.

"Oh, er nothing, that was Thor…" Steve replied quickly "Anyway, why are you over here anyway?"

"Well it's about my little new kitten…" Tony started as he explained the whole scenario, trying to keep the tremor out of his voice as Steve listened intently.

"...And so I came here…" Tony whispered as he looked at his kitty-cat with tears running down his cheeks "Because the cuts are very deep and I wanted to get some help quickly before going to the vets and I don't know what to do!"

"Ok, ok Tony, calm down and man up! Look, I'm in the middle of something right now and give me one good reason why I should help? You selfishly drink yourself half to death sometimes." Steve protested.

Tony,stepped closer to the speaker menacingly.

"Because if you don't get the hell down here and help me, I will get the JARVIS system installed in your flat to download the footage recorded in your bedroom and I will display your dirty little secret on SHIELD for the whole of New York to see!"

There was a long pause.

"Fine," Steve sighed " Just wait there and I'll buzz you in...Now which button do I press?"

"You press the small green one on the left hand side of the BIG RED BUTTON."

Tony heard a small beep and was about to open the front door when he overheard an entertaining conversation going on from the speaker.

"Quick Thor! Find your pants-Tony's coming!"

"Damn it! Right, here's your shirt.."

That was Thor.

"Oh...For crying...out loud…" Thor struggled "This damn zip…Won't close!"

By this time a small group of young adults had formed a group around the speaker with Tony, giggling immaturely.

"Oh for god's sake Thor, just get this dressing gown on.." Steve groaned.


The crowd burst into fits of laughter and Tony stepped towards the speaker smiling. Playtime's over now.

"Um, Steve.." He began

"Thor, clear up this mess and change the sheets.."

"Steve.." Tony repeated.

"Oh, wait, Sexy Stevie boy, dispose of the evidence here…" Thor said

"STEVE!" Tony bellowed into the speaker.

"YES! what,hello?" Steve jumped.

"You are meant to hang up properly otherwise everyone outside can hear what is going on in your bedroom.." The crowd giggled.


"Oh, JUST GET UP THE STAIRS!" Steve commanded aggressively.

Tony swung open the door and climbed up the stairs and sprinted along the corridors, skidding to a halt at number 69.

Tony knocked at the door and Steve sheepishly opened the door.

"Hi, um sorry about that.." He apologized as he took Loki from his arms and laid him down on the coffee table. "Now, let's look at the damage…"
Tony sat rigid on the sofa anxiously as Steve examined his delicate little kitten; Waiting for the verdict.

"Well the wound needs cleaning and stitching up, but with some special stitches there should be no harm and little or no more scars." He concluded.

"However, I think I have ran out of first aid supplies…"

Steve stood up and walked into the kitchen. HE opened one of the cupboards and started rummaging for some first aid supplies.

After a few minutes or so, he emerged from the kitten.

"I'm afraid I have none left, do you mind if we go and get some more?" Steve asked.

"No problem, but who's going to look after my baby while we're gone?" Tony pouted childishly.

"Well Thor can, HEY THOR!" Steve called to someone from the bedroom of unicorns (Soz, that was the wizard of Oz).

Loki watched a muscular man emerged from the room, wearing nothing but a plum dressing gown and holding a mug of coffee in his hand.

Mmmm...Brother, you dirty, sexy beast.

"Yes Steve?" Thor grinned mischievously.

Steve allowed himself to smile secretly back.

"Could you look after Tony's kitten while we're out buying stitches, we won't be long?"
"Yes, that's fine, what's his name?..." Thor asked, turning to the small feline.

The minute he caught sight of those big emerald eyes against the sleek black fur, Thor felt a shiver run down his spine and the kitten recoiled as his eyes widened in shock.

That, has got to be my brother.

"Loki, short for Lokitty." Tony replied, breaking the silence.

"Ah yes...I can see the resemblance.." Thor turned back to the two oblivious avengers.

Loki turned away.

Oh god. He recognises me.

"Well we better get going," Steve said, going towards the door with Tony "See you later!"

"See you later." Thor replied.

The door creaked shut: The brothers were alone.

Thor, strode across the room and knelt down to take a closer look at Loki, smiling at the very thought that his brother was being kept as the billionaire's pet.

"So, this is how you've been hiding, God of mischief and lies.." Thor addressed with brother with such superiority. "So, why a cat, pray tell?"

Loki stayed silence. His piercing eyes staring back into Thor's face.

Thor laughed heartily.

"AH of course, your are deprived of human speech! But can't you at least find some way of explaining to me about your time here on Midguard?"

Just then, as if by magic, the shopkeeper appeared.

Only joking! Just then, as if by magic, a pristine sheet of white paper and a ballpoint pen materialised out of nowhere in the space of table between Thor and Loki.

Before Thor could say anything, the pen suddenly propped up and began to scribble the following transcript:


Before I start I would like to say Happy Birthday from five days ago!"

Ever since I let go of the spear and fell off the bifrost I have been stranded here in New York…

It was not my intention to become a feline.

I was lying in an alleyway healing myself with the last bit of magic I had left but Due to a cat running over me, I transformed into a kitten.

So, how did I end up being a billionaires kitten?

Well a week later as I was passing down a street, malnourished, he ran me over with his feet and, figuratively speaking of course, took me under his wing.

So for the short time I have been living with him some kind of new feeling has grown inside me and has attatched me greatly to this mortal. I sometimes look up at him and find him attractive and It upsets me when he drinks so much so that I take matters into my own hand-And swipe the drink out of my 'owner's' hand- Much to his annoyance!

But what troubles me is that I don't know what the feeling of butterflies is. It's a whole new experience that feels so good but so, so bad at the same time! It also seems to grow everyday! Please give me some kind of advice Thor!

I know I don't deserve to ask this of you and I wouldn't hold it against you if you didn't.

Some people call me the 'God of Lies.' and I know darn well I deserve the name but I swear to you that what I right next is the truth from the bottom of my heart:

I want to be your brother again.

Please, my dear Thor, forgive me for all the wrong and the pain I have caused you-Just let me become a better man, or God for that matter.

-Loki x

The pen dropped and raised his head to stare at Thor again, whose eyes were wide and teary-eyed.

"well," He began "Number one, thank you for remembering my birthday." (Loki smiled a little). " ANd number two, you don't have to ask to become my brother again, you always have been, and finally, do you really have know idea what that feeling is tat you feel towards the man of iron?"

Loki the kitten shook his head.

"Well, that feeling is called love."