Finding Strength Within || Digimon Savers/Data Squad

.:: ||Chapter 4: Hidden Insecurites; A Dangerous Rematch|| ::.

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The car ride to DATS headquarters was, to say the least, silent and awkward. Yoshino's gaze was focused in front of her, her hands having a firm grip on the steering wheel. Masaru was in the passenger's seat beside her, his forest green hues taking glances up at the rearview mirror to check on the three individuals in the backseats. Tohru was seated behind him with Terriermon in her lap and Agumon seated beside her. Masaru's partner had kept taking quick glances over at the brown haired female every few minutes.

"Hi! I'm Agumon!" The giant yellow lizard greeted Tohru for what was actually the first time, giving her a big grin. Turning her head, Tohru returned the smile.

"Hi! I'm Tohru. This is Terriermon." If he hadn't been paralyzed, Terriermon would have waved at Agumon with his stubby little hand.

"I know who you are! Aniki told me all about you!" Agumon exclaimed though all he earned was a confused stare from Tohru, her emerald hues blinking innocently.


"That's what I call my partner! He wanted to show me to you, but he was scared of how you'd react to seeing me!" Agumon explained, clearly referring to Masaru.

Tohru turned her gaze to the back of Masaru's head before he had shifted in his seat to stare back at her. "Really?"

"Ah, jeez! Agumon! Don't embarrass me like that!" Masaru groaned while sending a glare towards his partner, a very faint pink blush sprinkled on his cheeks that he hoped went unnoticed by Tohru.

"Sorry Aniki!" Agumon apologized before turning back to Tohru, still grinning brightly at the girl, who had started to giggle at their bickering. "Aniki was right though! You are really cu-"

Before Agumon could speak anything more, Masaru's hand had slapped over his mouth. The teenager had launched himself out of his seat and covered the talkative Digimon's yapper before he could finish his sentence. The blush on his tanned cheeks had darkened considerably, shouting curses at his airheaded partner. Tohru had flinched at this sudden action and unfortunately, it also distracted Yoshino and she almost swerved off the road. Managing to regain control of the car, she pulled over on the shoulder and put the car in park.

"That's enough, Masaru! Sit back down now!" Yoshino raised her voice over all the noise, turning in her seat and sending a demanding glare towards the now frightened Masaru. The younger teen quickly did as he was told and sat back down lest he anger her further. The magenta haired female let out an aggravated sigh and sent Tohru an apologetic look.

"Sorry for all that." Tohru smiled back as she sweatdropped in response.

"It's alright. I'm used to it." The two females shared a laugh while Masaru's eye twitched and a groan escaped his throat.

"Let's just get back to DATS! We gotta get Tohru and Terriermon looked at!" The hot-blooded teen complained, his annoyed glare directed more at Yoshino. Tohru's giggling ceased, a blush painting her fair cheeks red.

"Alright, calm down Masaru." Yoshino waved him off, not in the least bit intimidated by the younger teenager in the least. She shifted gears and after checking to see if it was good to go, she drove back onto the road and within the next few minutes they had arrived at a large building located on the far end of town. Tohru had never known that this place existed before, but then again she'd never been this far downtown either.

Yoshino exited the car, her hand already on her head as she felt a raging headache coming on. It was easy for Tohru to see that Yoshino was like the mother of DATS, gentle and kind, but knew to get angry when she needed to. Masaru was more like the problem child that gave her constant headaches. Tohru stepped out of the car and followed the two DATS members into the building.

As they walked through the corridors, Tohru's eyes curiously took in her new surroundings. There were no other sounds other than the clanks of their shoes against the metal flooring. The two led her into a white room where a few medical professionals were waiting for them with inviting smiles. She was instructed to sit on the medical bed by a dark haired woman, her hair pulled up into a tight bun. A brown haired male took Terriermon into another room so he could be treated separately.

"Miss, you'll have to remove your shirt so I can apply the disinfectant." The dark haired woman spoke to Tohru with a gentle tone, a container and some cotton swabs in her hands. Tohru's cheeks flared up when she realized Masaru was still in the room. Masaru, however, wore that oblivious expression he was known for. Yoshino got the hint and began to push him out of the room while he started shouting complaints at her. She slammed the door once he was outside and leaned against the cool surface with a sigh.

Tohru reluctantly removed the article of clothing and turned her back to the woman, cheeks still stained with a dark blush. Her hands in her lap, clenching her fists till her knuckles turned white. She bit her bottom lip when the dark haired woman began to dab the disinfectant on her wound, finding that it stung way more than she initially believed it would. Her eyes shut tightly to endure the process and before she knew bandages had been wrapped around her, covering the slashes on her back.

Though there was still a slight stinging sensation, Tohru stood up with no problems and carefully put her shirt back on. However, she knew she would have to throw the article of clothing out once she got home due to the fabric being torn up in the back. Yoshino placed a hand on her shoulder and led her out of the room, finding Masaru leaning against the wall with his arms crossed across his chest and Agumon at his side. "About time you guys finished."

"Oh quit complaining. We weren't in there for that long." Yoshino rolled her eyes at him. The male doctor from before brought Terriermon, who was looking much better than he did before, and handed the Digimon to Tohru.

"Wow! You look a lot better, Terriermon!" The brunette exclaimed, a smile crossing her features as she hugged her new friend close to her and nuzzled her cheek against his.

"Yeah! I feel a whole lot better too!" Terriermon chirped, nuzzling her cheek back and wrapping his ears around her in an embrace. Yoshino, Masaru and Agumon couldn't help but smile at the rather cute scene in front of them. However, Yoshino quickly reminded them of what they were supposed to be doing and began walking ahead. The two younger teens glanced at each other and followed their superior into a rather large room filled with computers and screens.

Two young women who appeared to be around Yoshino's age were seated at a couple computers, their fingers typing away at the keys. One had long, straight dark hair, appearing more mature looking. The other had had shorter, wavy blonde hair and a cute face making her appear younger than the other girl. Both were wearing the same outfit, however it differed from the uniform that Masaru and Yoshino wore. Sitting behind the desk at the far end of the room was a tall looking man with very broad shoulders. The man had short dark blue hair and a tanned complexion, however, Tohru couldn't see his eyes as they were hidden behind a pair of dark tinted glasses. Around his neck was a white ferret-like Digimon that sort of acted like a small scarf.

Just by taking one look at him, Tohru could tell right away that this was a guy whose authority demanded the utmost respect. Which totally wasn't because of how intimidated she felt under his gaze either. This was a man who should not be messed with.

"The wild Digimon got away. Correct?" The moment he spoke, she wasn't surprised by how deep his voice sounded and inwardly flinched at his tone. Clearly he'd already been informed that the mission was an utter failure and wasn't too happy about it. Tohru couldn't help but put some of the blame on herself. If she'd been stronger…

If both Tohru and Terriermon had been stronger…maybe they could have…

Masaru and Yoshino flinched in unison, the younger male scratching the back of his neck uncomfortably. "Uh….yeah…it won't happen again, sir." Wow, this guy even intimidated the great Masaru Daimon. Go figure.

The man, known as Rentarou Satsuma, let out a sigh and turned his gaze to Tohru, who noticeably stiffened up under his powerful stare. "You are Tohru Harima, correct?"

Tohru blinked, confusion written all over her face and the nervous feeling intensifying.

How did he know her full name?

Nodding her head slowly, Tohru swallowed hard and fidgeted uncomfortably where she stood. "Yes…sir…" Her tone was quiet and showed just a hint of how nervous she felt at that very moment.

"And the Digimon you're holding, we caught its signal yesterday. It was very weak though and we couldn't pin point its exact location." Satsuma studied Terriermon from behind his glasses, his arms folding over his chest. Instinctively, Tohru held her friend closer to herself in a protective manner.

"A…Are you going to take him from me?" Satsuma had to hold back an amused chuckle at the girl's strong will to have Terriermon remain at her side.

"Usually, that would be the case…however, from what I've been told you were able to obtain a Digisoul before." The expression on Tohru's face told him that she had no idea what he was talking about. "Did you happen to notice a wisp of data surrounding your hand when you were fighting?"

Now that Tohru thought about it…when she shielded Terriermon from Gazimon's claws, all she could think about was protecting her friend. Then that green wisp of energy manifested where her heart was and spread to her left hand. It felt odd, like an incredible rush.

Tohru simply nodded her head quietly, proving Satsuma's claim to be correct. "Because you obtained a Digisoul, you have potential as a member of DATS. However, I will leave the decision to you. If you join, Terriermon will become your partner and fight alongside you to battle other Digimon that enter this world."

This should have been the easiest decision in the world to make for her, but strangely enough it felt more like the hardest. If she were to join, she wouldn't get home until probably evening and for most of the day her grandmother would be left by herself. Anything could happen to her, something that Tohru always worried about. If anything were to happen to her grandmother and she wasn't around to come to her aid…

Sensing Tohru's indecisiveness, Satsuma turned to Yoshino and asked her to retrieve something for him. Nodding her head obediently, the magenta haired girl quickly left the room only to return a few minutes later with a small green and white device in her palm. Handing it over to her boss, she took a few steps back, her eyes now on Tohru.

"Tohru. Take this." Satsuma held his hand out to the girl, the device he'd been given sitting in his open palm. The troubled brunette stepped forward hesitantly and picked the device up, admiring its design and trying to become familiar with the smooth surface beneath her fingertips.

"A Digivice..? You're giving one to me?"

"Yes. Just in case anything happens. With that, Terriermon will be able to evolve to his next form." Satsuma explained.

"..T-This doesn't mean that I'll actually join…but, thank you." Tohru stammered, her mouth feeling dry and her cheeks feeling hot. She quickly slipped the device into the pocket of her jeans, making a mental note to fit a chain through the loop in the top so she could chain it to the belt loop of her pants.

"I'll give you a few days to think it over. With that, you're all dismissed for today." Masaru and Yoshino lifted their arms up to salute their commander before turning to Tohru.

"Let's get you two home. Tohru, I'll take you home last since I want to talk to your grandmother about what's going on." Yoshino spoke in a softer voice to try and lessen some of the girl's nervousness and show that she could be trusted.

Though her body remained tense in the presence of the giant man before her, Yoshino's motherly tone did manage to ease some of the anxiety that built up over the past few minutes. "Okay. I bet grandma is wondering where I am right now…she must be worried sick. I just hope she won't freak out too much…"

Yoshino and Tohru stepped out of her police car after parking outside the old traditional house and approached the front door, the magenta haired girl pressing the doorbell. After hearing it sound inside the house, a few silent moments passed before the front door opened and Tohru's grandmother stood in front of them. Her eyes blinked in confusion a few times before she noticed the police car behind the two younger girls. "Oh my…Tohru, what's going on?" Her tone filled with concern and worry, bringing her wrinkled hands to her mouth in surprise.

"Mrs. Harima, please don't worry. Tohru's not in any sort of trouble. Would it be alright if I came in for a little while? There's some…things that need explaining right away." Yoshino spoke, using her professional tone but with an added gentleness to ease the elderly woman's concern.

"Ah…yes. I'll brew some tea." Mrs. Harima offered as she opened the door wider and allowed Yoshino and Tohru to step inside before closing the door behind them. She shuffled herself to the kitchen and immediately began to brew some scented herbal tea while the younger females seated themselves on the sofa in the living room. Within a few minutes, the scent of flowers and oranges filled the house.

Terriermon lifted his head up to sniff the air and hummed in satisfaction, a dreamy sigh leaving his mouth. "Something smells really good." He wriggled out of Tohru's arms and waltzed into the kitchen to stand near Mrs. Harima, who didn't really mind having the Digimon near her this time now that she knew he wasn't threatening.

"Your house is very comforting." Yoshino complimented as she began to settle into the sofa and enjoy the warmth that the house seemed to radiate. Tohru's lips curled up into a small grin and she thanked the older girl for the compliment. "I feel like I could fall asleep right here." Yoshino added with a small laugh before a higher pitched voice sounded from seemingly nowhere.

"You probably would too if I weren't around, Yoshino!" A bright blush spread across the girl's cheeks as she grabbed her Digivice and glared down at the tiny screen, meeting her Digimon partner's gaze.

"No I wouldn't, Lalamon!" Yoshino whispered harshly through gritted teeth, a dark shadow appearing over her eyes. Tohru was a bit surprised by the 18 year old's behavior, but then an amused laugh escaped her throat.

"You two seem to get along well. I hope Terriermon and I will become that close soon." Yoshino quickly composed herself and put her Digivice away with a nervous laugh just as Mrs. Harima walked into the living room, carrying a tray with three mugs of piping hot tea in both of her shaky hands. Tohru quickly stood up and assisted her grandmother in putting the tray on the low coffee table in front of them and then helped the elderly woman into the armchair next to the sofa. Terriermon trotted back into the living room and hopped onto Tohru's lap.

Yoshino carefully looped her fingers through one of the mug's handles and picked it up, bringing the rim to her lips and taking a small sip. "Mm…this tea is delicious! Is it home brewed?" A genuine smile stretched over Mrs. Harima's thin lips, her head nodding. "Wow. I wish I could just live here!" Tohru couldn't help but laugh at Yoshino's gleeful expression, it was like she'd been reduced to an excited small child. However, this didn't last long as the young adult regained her professional composure and placed the mug back on the tray before coughing to clear her throat.

She began to explain everything that had gone on today. Tohru's encounter with Gazimon which resulted in both her and Terriermon being injured. The existence of Digimon and the Digital world. DATS and its purprose and finally why Tohru was asked to join in the first place.

Mrs. Harima took all of this information in, simply keeping quiet and nodding her head while sipping some tea every so often. "I see." She focused her attention on her granddaughter now, an approving grin on her wrinkled face. "I think joining would be a very good experience for you Tohru. Please, don't worry about leaving this old woman alone. I'm perfectly capable of handling myself." The elderly woman reassured Tohru with a chuckle.

Tohru's emerald hues left her grandmother's smiling face and gazed down at her own reflection in the tea, her mind racing. A few silent moments passed before the brunette inhaled deeply and exhaled.

"I…will think it through. Just…give me a few days."

In the end, she still hadn't been swayed. There was still time for her to make her final decision. As Tohru and her grandmother waved goodbye to Yoshino who walked to her police car waving back at them, she bit her bottom lip, her mind still racing and pondering over what she should do.

A sigh left Tohru's lips, her emerald hues fixed on her own reflection in the full body mirror in her room. She stood in front of it in only her undergarments and glancing down at herself, then back at the image in the mirror. Her grandmother always told her that there was nothing wrong with the way she looked, but there was always a small voice of doubt in the back of her mind that said otherwise.

While being a thin girl up top, her hips were just a bit wider than what was considered normal looking for most Japanese girls her age. (Back in 6th grade, I knew someone who was like this. She was thin but her hips and thighs were a bit thicker than what you'd normally see. So yes, this can actually happen) Every time she looked at herself in the mirror, Tohru couldn't help but want to look away in disgust. Every time she went out in public, she saw other thin girls and felt even worse about her own body.

It was the main reason she didn't like skirts or dresses and preferred to dress the way she did. To cover up and hide her body from the world. It was one of the reasons she was a target for bullying by other girls at her school.

Realizing that she still needed to finish dressing, Tohru quickly threw on her school's uniform and glancing at herself in the mirror once again. A frown of dissatisfaction crossed her features and she turned to Terriermon, who watched her with curious eyes and a tilt of his head. Of course, he was a Digimon and wouldn't fully understand what she was feeling at the moment so she decided against discussing it with him right now. Not that she had the time to anyway.

Glancing down at her Digivice, she pointed it at Terriermon and pressed the button in the center. He instantly disappeared from her vision, but reappeared in the small screen on the device and gave her a thumbs up…or at least what looked like one. Once she was ready and had eaten something for breakfast, Tohru was running out the door and bidding her grandmother goodbye until later when she would return from school.

On her way, she spotted Masaru walking just up ahead of her and quickened her pace to catch up with him. Once she was directly behind him, she playfully punched him in the shoulder and smirked when he jumped in surprise.

"Tohru? When did you..?" The taller brunet started, but his voice trailed off as his forest green eyes locked onto her own green hues. The shorter girl began walking beside him and let out a faint chuckle when he smirked back and gave her a playful punch on the arm.

"Morning Masaru!" Tohru chirped, her usual warm smile returning to her features now that she was in the presence of her childhood crush.

"Morning shorty." Masaru's grin stretched across his face at the nickname he'd given her last year and affectionately placed his hand on her head, ruffling her hair. A gesture that had become a usual habit for the hot headed teen every time he hung out with her. "You thinkin' of joining DATS? It'd be awesome if we were teammates, wouldn't it?"

Tohru nodded her head, though she didn't say anything more on the matter, wishing to drop the subject for today. She'd rather just concentrate on getting through another day of school than whether she should join DATS or not. She had a few days to think about it, so why worry about it now?

"Hey, you okay Tohru?" Masaru's voice brought Tohru out of her daze and she gazed up at her hot headed friend, their eyes locking. His bright forest green hues were filled with concern, as if he'd never seen her looking so troubled before. She forced a smile onto her face and nodded her head a bit more enthusiastically.

"Yeah. I'm fine, Masaru. Don't worry about me!" The shorter brunette forced out a laugh and gave him a toothy grin, showing off her pearly whites. "Now let's get to school before we're both late!" She grabbed his wrist and began pulling him in the direction of the junior high school they attended.

"Hey! Tohru, don't pull me!" Masaru shouted as a carefree laugh escaped his throat and his usual grin found its way back onto his tanned face. A light blush dusted his cheeks and he was relieved that she wasn't looking his way at the moment. Though as he stared down at his best friend, there was a small seed of concern for her that planted itself in the back of his mind.

Tohru let out a small yelp of pain when her back hit the outside brick wall of the school building, her emerald hues focusing on the three taller girls that surrounded her. All three were the type of girls that looked to be incredibly popular, having long and silky smooth hair and perfect bodies. They wore makeup, though it wasn't caked on their faces and they wore plenty of accessories. The one in the middle, the ring leader, stepped forward with a smirk tugging at her lips.

"Why do you even bother wearing the uniform, thunder thighs? You'd probably be better off wearing the guy's uniform since you dress like a boy anyway." Tohru bit her bottom lip and glared at her as she straightened herself up, her hands curling up into fists around the hem of her skirt.

"I-I…" Tohru stammered, her chest tightening from anxiety. "…Just…g-go away…" She stuttered, her voice small and her eyes avoiding the other girl's gaze.

The ring leader, Ayumi, narrowed her eyes and she raised her hand up. Her palm made contact with Tohru's cheek, the slap being hard enough to leave a red mark on the brunette's fair skin. Tohru raised her hand up to touch the spot where she'd been slapped, eyes wide in shock, lip quivering. "Don't talk back to me."

Tohru's breath grew shaky, her chest heaving as she swallowed the lump in her throat. Tears formed in the corners of her eyes but she blinked them back.

"Aw, are you gonna cry, thunder thighs?" Another of the girl taunted her, all three girls giggling, malicious smirks stretching across their glossed lips.

From inside his Digivice, Terriermon could sense that Tohru was in trouble. He was unable to do anything about it though, as he was forbidden from leaving his Digivice while they were out in public.

"So where's your dumbass friend, Masaru?" Ayumi questioned in a taunting tone, crossing her arms over her chest. A shadow loomed over the blonde haired girl, a certain hot headed brunet standing behind her with his arms crossed, forest green eyes blazing with anger.

"Right behind you!"

All three girls tensed up and slowly turned around, eyes wide as they stared up at the great Masaru Daimon. "U-Um…w-we…weren't…" Ayumi started, but quickly shut herself up when he snarled at them, lips curling as he bared his grit teeth to them. Ayumi and her clique screamed in unison and sped off in the other direction as quickly as humanely possible.

Masaru dropped the delinquent act and approached Tohru, his expression softening as he put a hand on her shoulder, his thumb rubbing small circles into the material of her blazer. "You okay, Tohru?" His voice was strangely quiet as he gazed down at his childhood friend. He knew about the bullying she had to deal with and always came to help her by scaring the bullies off.

It was a few moments of silence before Tohru actually answered him, her voice cracking as she was on the verge of tears. She didn't look up at him and instead leaned her head against his chest, feeling the taller boy's body tense up at the sudden contact, only for his arms to wrap around her. "…Y-Yeah. I'll be okay…thanks for helping me.." She tried to put on a brave smile and gazed up at him, though judging by his expression, he wasn't really convinced.

"If you're sure.." His voice trailed off as the two separated and he ruffled her hair affectionately. "Anyway, I gotta get going to DATS now, so I'll see you later Tohru." Masaru grinned down at the shorter brunette, oblivious to the blush staining her cheeks as he gave her a small wave and ran off.

Tohru waved back, her smile slowly fading as she watched his back until he was out of her line of vision. Wiping her eyes with her sleeve, she began her trip home from school. It wasn't an incredibly long walk, but the school was a good ten to fifteen minutes away from her grandmother's house. As she was walking, she fished her Digivice from her pocket and glanced down at the small screen, gazing into her partner's worried eyes.

"Tohru..? What happened?" Terriermon's concerned voice came from the device's built in speaker. He clearly wanted to be let out in order to comfort her.

"Well…those girls…they always bully me…kind of like what Gazimon did to you." Tohru explained, wishing she could just bring her partner out right now and hug him to her for comfort. Once she got home, she would definitely be hugging him for the rest of the day.

That's when Terriermon's expression changed, growing more alarmed by the second. "T-Tohru…I sense a Digimon!" Tohru's eyes went wide, halting in her tracks as she began to glance around in search of the Digimon her partner detected.

"W-Where is it, Terriermon?" She questioned almost frantically, unaware of the creature stalking up behind her until she heard a sinister cackle, spinning around on her heel and coming face to face with the very Digimon that had gotten away the day before.

"Gazimon?!" Said Digimon bared his teeth in a vicious grin, taking slow steps towards Tohru, blind hatred in his eyes.

"That's right. Did ya miss me? Cuz I certainly didn't miss you." He cackled loudly as Tohru glared right back at him and raised up her Digivice.

"Terriermon! Realize!" A green beam shot forth from the device once she pressed the button in the center, and Terriermon materialized in front of her looking ready to fight. He let out a grunt as he got into a fighting stance and glared daggers into Gazimon's skull.

"Heh…still think you can beat me, Terriermon? We all know I'm still stronger than you are, especially when you've never evolved before!" Gazimon began to glow brightly and he grew bigger and bigger, changing in shape and becoming something demon-like. Terriermon's eyes widened, fear consuming him as he stared up at the large Digimon hovering above the ground.


This was the first time Tohru ever witnessed a Digimon evolving, and she was absolutely terrified of the new form Gazimon took on. He was huge now, and could fly. Fighting him was going to be much more difficult, and possibly even deadly. Devidramon snarled, baring his sharp fangs and his multiple red eyes narrowed at her. His large black wings spread, the wing bones making a sickening cracking noise as the demonic digimon forced them out. It was clear that this was Gazimon's first time ever evolving and he hadn't ever used his wings before now.

Tohru stood frozen in fear, eyes wide and her breathing hitching in her throat. Terriermon stood in front of her, intending on protecting her no matter what harm came to him. She knew they couldn't battle Devidramon here, not when they were surrounded by houses full of innocent people that could get hurt. Devidramon took a step towards the duo, Terriermon's body stiffening as he readied himself for the first attack.

Devidramon let out a loud, ear piercing roar and flew up into the air before diving straight towards Tohru. The terrified girl tried to move her legs, the voice inside her head screaming at her to get the hell out of the way before she became this Digimon's next meal. Terriermon pushed on Tohru's legs frantically, but the petrified girl wouldn't budge. "T-Tohru!" The smaller Digimon's voice reached her eardrums, momentarily snapping her out of her fear induced stupor. The brunette quickly picked Terriermon up into her arms and dove out of the way of the oncoming attack. She skidded across the ground and felt the earth tremble as Devidramon crashed into the ground.

The demonic looking creature snarled as he picked himself up and spread his torn and tattered wings again as he began to fly towards her. Tohru shot up from the ground and began running as fast as her legs could carry her. "Terriermon, what should we do?! W-We can't just...just fight him here! Innocent people'll get hurt!" Tohru shouted in between gasps of air. She was running out of breath already and burning pain tore through her legs. What a great time to be out of shape.

"We have to, Tohru! We can beat him!" Terriermon exclaimed with confidence.

"No! He's stronger now, and you're still recovering! I can't let you fight in your condition!" Tohru snapped as she glanced over her shoulder and saw Devidramon closing the distance between them. "He's catching up to us!"

"I don't care if I'm still recovering! I'm your friend and I'm gonna protect you!" With determination in his eyes, Terriermon jumped out of her arms and stood in front of her protectively. He began to spin his body around rapidly, a small tornado forming. "Petite Twister!" The attack launched at Devidramon, hitting the larger Digimon's snout and stopping him from getting any closer. Though this was only temporary as the attack only seemed to stun him. Devidramon recovered and with his large crimson red claws, he slashed at Terriermon and sent the smaller Digimon flying backwards. Terriermon's small form hit the ground with a loud thud and he struggled just to stand up again. Claw marks were left on his abdominal area where he'd been slashed.

"Terriermon!" Tohru screamed as she sprinted to her injured friend, but was stopped by Terriermon's voice echoing through the air.

"Don't!" The rabbit-like Digimon grit his teeth as he stood up, wobbling a bit to keep his balance. "I don't want you to get hurt again because of me, Tohru. I can't keep running away from him...I need to face him head on! I need to prove to him that I'm not scared of him anymore!"

His words resonated throughout her mind and she wondered how he could stand tall despite how intimidating his opponent was. How could he stand up to Devidramon with such determination without any fear? How could he...appear so strong when he was much weaker than Devidramon was? It was true; Terriermon was much stronger than she was. He had the inner strength to stand fearless in the face of danger.

Why...why couldn't she find that same inner strength that she needed to stand up to her own bullies?

"Terriermon...please, don't do this! How can you be so brave when he's so much stronger than you are?!" Tohru shouted as tears formed in her scared and pleading eyes and threatened to fall.

"Its because of you, Tohru! You were the one that gave me the strength I needed to realize that I could stand up to him!" Terriermon shouted, his back still facing her. "Its because I saw how much you and I were alike! That's why I want to fight to protect you!"

Tohru stared at her friend's back in awe, having been left completely and utterly speechless by Terriermon's answer. Her tears fell freely down her rosy cheeks as Terriermon launched another attack at Devidramon. Even if he was weaker, he was still fighting with everything he had. "He got stronger...because of me..." She murmured to herself as the same wispy green energy from the day before formed over her heart and engulfed her entire left arm. Her eyes widened at this sudden occurance before they drifted down to the Digivice in her hand.

Terriermon was right...they needed to stand their ground and fight. If they didn't, they wouldn't be the only ones that might not make it out of this alive. She lifted up the Digivice and held it out in front of her and pressed the palm of her left hand against the top of the device. At that moment, she experienced the tingling sensation of something being drained from her body. The green wisp was sucked up into the device and suddenly words formed in her mind.


Terriermon's body began to glow a bright green color and soon he had grown much bigger in size. His hands were replaced with vulcan machine guns, a bullet belt was strapped across his chest and over his shoulder, he now wore a pair of dark blue jeans on his bottom half and the claws on his feet appeared bigger and sharper. His head to the tips of his long ears was now colored green instead of the other way around and red markings appeared on his face.

" that really Terriermon..?" Tohru murmured to herself in complete awe as she watched her little friend change.

"Yeah, its me! But I'm Gargomon, now!" Gargomon glanced back at Tohru and gave her a toothy grin and winked. He turned back to face Devidramon, who was growling and baring his fangs at Gargomon. "You think that's gonna scare me? Time to show you what I'm made of!" Devidramon let out another shrill, ear piercing roar and spread his tattered wings once again, preparing to soar up into the sky. Tohru raised her hands up to cover her ears as the screech nearly shattered her eardrums. The commotion had caused the entire neighborhood to exit their homes just to see what was going on, only for the citizens to scream in terror or watch in excitment.

"Gatling Arm!" Gargomon shouted as he cocked his vulcans and began firing a round of bullets rapidly at his much larger opponent. Devidramon let out another shrill cry and flew up into the air to avoid getting hit. Gargomon smirked and ran at a nearby tree, jumped and bounced up its branches with rabbit-like agility. In mid-air, he began firing off more rounds but missed as Devidramon cut through the air. The demonic looking Digimon then darted towards his smaller opponent and with his long red claws raised, used his Crimson Nail and slashed at Gargomon. The attack hit its target and Gargomon let out a cry of pain as he came spiraling down and crashed into the ground.

"Gargomon!" Tohru cried out as she rushed to her partner's side, only to be knocked back by a sudden shockwave that was created by Devidramon slicing the air above her. She was forced to the ground by the attack and struggled to pick herself up. Gargomon growled as he watched his human friend get knocked back, which only motivated him to get right back up so he could continue to protect her. Devidramon swooped down and grabbed Tohru in one of his elongated clawed arms and flew back up into the sky. "Let me go!" The brunette shouted as she wriggled around in his large grasp, only to feel a huge pressure squeezing her body and making her scream in agony.

"TOHRU!" Gargomon's small dark eyes were wide with fear for Tohru's safety, but then narrowed in anger at Devidramon for putting his friend's life in danger. He used the trees and rooftops of houses to launch himself up into the air again and pointed his vulcans at Devidramon. "You'll pay for hurting her!" Seconds before he could begin shooting, Devidramon grinned maliciously and held Tohru up in front of himself. Gargomon's eyes widened the moment he realized that if he let himself start firing off more bullets, Tohru would get hit as well. Devidramon took this chance to slash at Gargomon again, sending him crashing into a tree and causing it to topple over from the impact.

"G-Gargo..mon!" Tohru struggled to breathe as the pressure on her body grew tighter and tighter. Her vision was starting to become cloudy and dark and she felt herself beginning to slip into unconsciousness.

"Sunshine Beam!"

A high pitched voice reached her eardrums and brought her back to a conscious state. Devidramon screeched as he was hit with rays of pure light and was forced to let go of Tohru. She screamed as she felt herself begin to fall, only to land softly on two giant leaves. She looked up with widened emerald eyes at her savior, Sunflowmon. "W-Wha..?" The giant sunflower Digimon brought her down to safety on the ground where Tohru noticed Yoshino and Masaru sprinting over to her with worried expressions.

"Tohru! You okay?!" Yoshino asked, her usually firm and professional voice laced with nothing but genuine concern for the younger female. Masaru ran ahead of her and grabbed hold of Tohru's shoulders, his intense green eyes staring into her own. The way he was looking at her, he seemed...scared. Scared that if they'd been too late, he would have lost his best friend. His hands were gripping her shoulders so tightly they were trembling, his knuckles turning white.

"You're okay...right?" He questioned with a heavy amount of restraint in his voice. What was he restraining himself from? Tohru nodded her head and looked over at Gargomon, who had gotten back up again. This time, he looked pissed. "Tohru!" She turned her attention back to Masaru, who for once had a stern glint in his firey gaze. "Don't worry. We're here to back him up. Stay behind with Yoshino." Before she could react, Masaru hopped onto Sunflowmon's leafy arm and the sunflower Digimon flew up towards Devidramon. He growled as he neared the demonic looking creature and leapt up into the air, fist raised and punched Devidramon near one of his red eyes. An orange wisp engulfed his fist and Sunflowmon caught him as he was falling.

"You ready Agumon?!"

"I'm ready, Aniki!"

Masaru raised up his orange and white Digivice iC and prepared to use his Digisoul to make Agumon evolve, but Gargomon stepped in front of them and shook his head. "No! This is my battle...he went too far the moment he got Tohru involved in this fight and nearly killed her. If anyone is gonna beat him, its me!" Gargomon stated as he stepped forward and raised up his guns, aiming at Devidramon. "But...thanks for the help, you guys." He started firing off several rounds of bullets straight into Devidramon, relishing in his enemy's screeches of agony.

"Hey, nobody tells me to stay out of a fight-" Masaru started, stepping forward with his fists clenched tightly. Yoshino sighed in exasperation and shook her head as she grabbed his arm and pulled him back.

"This time, Masaru, stay out of it and let him handle it. Like Gargomon said, this is his fight." Masaru's intense gaze softened when Gargomon's previous words echoed in his mind. To Gargomon, this was more than just any old fight against a Digimon. This was a personal issue between him and his opponent that could only be settled if Gargomon beat Devidramon himself. Masaru nodded his head and stepped back, as did Agumon.

Gargomon bounced off of some rooftops and trees again to launch himself up in the air, landing on Devidramon's back and pressing his vulcans to the Digimon's back and firing off. Once he was satisfied, he bounced off as Devidramon began his descent towards the ground. Gargomon landed on the ground on one foot and bounced back up again, raising up his guns and firing off more rounds into Devidramon from below. "Bunny Pummel!" Devidramon roared in searing pain and fell to the ground, writhing as he lay sprawled out in the middle of the street.

Suddenly, Devidramon began to glow and in his place lay a large egg. A Digiegg.

Gargomon panted, his entire body covered in scraps, scratches and bruises. He then collapsed to the ground and de-evolved back into Terriermon. Tohru rushed to her partner's side and kneeled down to scoop him up into her arms. A smile made its way onto her face as she held the tired and battered Digimon. "You were great out there, protected me." Tears formed on the brim of her eyelids and fell freely down her cheeks, landing on Terriermon's soft cheek. "Thank you."

While Masaru and Agumon got Tohru and Terriermon back to the police car, Yoshino erased all the memories of the people who witnessed the fight. Which was an entire neighborhood, to her dismay. Once that process was over and dealt with, Yoshino returned to her police vehicle and got back in the driver's seat and began to drive towards Mrs. Harima's home. The car ride was silent, nobody made the effort to bring up a topic to discuss. Nobody really felt like making small talk, especially after the battle that had just occured. Yoshino and Masaru were both thinking the same exact thing, and they hoped that they weren't right.

What if, because of what happened, Tohru would be too scared to join DATS?

The police car stopped in front of Mrs. Harima's old fashioned home and Yoshino turned in her seat to lock gazes with Tohru expectantly. "So...what's your answer? Do you still want to join DATS?" All eyes were on the young brunette, waiting in anticipation for her answer. For several long moments, Tohru didn't say a word. Her lips made no movement to indicate she was going to say something. They all leaned in, eyes still locked on her, the tension growing so thick it was almost unbearable for Masaru to handle.

Tohru's lips then parted and began to move, her answer leaving those soft pink lips clear as day.

"Yes. I want to join DATS."

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