By Your Side

After Niklaus Mikaelson comes across a human girl held prisoner in a nest of Cold Ones it slowly changes everything. Eventual Bella/Kol pairing.

Will loosely follow The Vampire Diaries storyline. This chapter is set around the same time as episodes 13 and 14 of season 2 Vampire Diaries (the end of March 2010). Twilight timeline is adjusted so that Bella was born in 1991 and is 18.

I own neither Vampire Diaries nor Twilight. Vampire Diaries belongs to L.J Smith, Julie Plec, Kevin Williamson and everyone else involved with the TV series. Twilight belongs to Stephanie Meyer and everyone involved with the films. I am just having some fun, no copyright infringement is intended.

Chapter One: Begin Again

Bella wandered the house, padding through the hallways quietly, looking for the Witch, Greta. She held a letter that she was determined to get her to magically send to Jonas - her father, who was a Warlock working for Elijah, Niklaus' brother.

If someone had told her a couple of years ago that she would be contemplating witches, warlocks and magic without batting an eyelid she would have thought them crazy, but this was her life now.

It had all started when she became entangled with cold ones; she refused to think of them as vampires now, since encountering the real thing.

First came her involvement with the Cullens, Edward in particular, and then three nomad cold ones she had run afoul of when they had wanted to eat her. One of them, James, had been killed to save her life, starting a ripple effect that had changed everything. Edward had later left, just 3 days after an incident on her eighteenth birthday, taking his whole family with him and completely failing to deal with Victoria, who wanted vengeance for her mate James' death.

Victoria hadn't taken long to show up, and her revenge had been swift and bloody. Then afterwards, still unsatisfied, had taken Bella as her prisoner, where she had remained for several months; until Niklaus Mikaelson had suddenly appeared in all his glory and in a blink decimated every cold one in sight.

Once she had learnt some of his history, the irony of him, an Original vampire, saving her had been darkly amusing. The majority of the supernatural world was terrified at the very mention of him, and generally with good reason too. He was unpredictable, violent and extremely intolerant of what he considered betrayal. He usually killed first, asked questions later and yet somehow against the odds, he had quickly become her friend, her family, everything.

She was well aware of how warped outsiders would consider her friendship with him, but couldn't find it within herself to really care what anyone else thought. Everyone who'd ever known her before were either dead or thought she was, thanks to Victoria. Her old existence was far behind her now. She had begun again, and while she sometimes missed Charlie, Renée and Phil, she truly loved her life with Niklaus.

Over the last few months he had come to treat her much as she had always imagined a little sister would be treated, and she had learnt to accept his spoiling her with good grace. In return she had gradually earned his trust and had spent many hours listening to his life story, which truly fascinated her. She now knew every detail of the curse suppressing his werewolf side, and how he had daggered and stored away his siblings; something she was horrified by, and had unashamedly told him so. She had thought she might have been close to convincing him to reconcile with them, but then word had arrived about Elijah, his older brother, and only 'awake' sibling.

Now Nik had been ranting all day about Elijah supposedly finding the Doppelgänger and wanting to betray him, though Bella could see he was more hurt than actually angry. If only Nik would just tell Elijah that their family were neither permanently dead, like he had previously informed him, nor lost, they could reconcile easily, but of course he was just too stubborn for that. Even if what he wanted most in the world was to have his family safe and around him, aside from breaking that ridiculous curse anyway.

Bella sighed; she really hoped she was doing the right thing here. Just because she cared about Nik and knew he wanted his brother by his side, didn't mean she had the right to get involved and try to make it happen.

Upon coming to Greta's room she knocked quietly, smiling at the Witch when she answered. A few minutes later Greta was agreeing with Bella's idea, of course it helped that she would get to see her father and brother again if it worked out, and if it didn't Bella had promised to take all responsibility.

It would only be a matter of days before they found out if it was a good idea or not…

Okay so a new story (first one I've wanted to post for a very long time) I'm honestly a little nervous about posting this as it's a new fandom for me writing wise, well technically two. I am a fairly recent fan of Vampire Diaries, but I love it. Klaus, Elijah and Kol are my favourites, though I also love Damon.

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