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The trains always take forever. Far longer than they did before the war, but the last few days were ridiculous. Helen and I had rode the passenger train from Warsaw to Vienna. 5 days it has taken us to arrive in the city of my birth. It only would have taken a a day or so before.

Helen is resting by my side in the car. She is exhausted, and refused to sleep on the train most times. As I drive, my eye is continually pulled away from the road. The street lamps illuminating the small gold circlet on her finger. Nerves were wearing me thin. I had wrote to my father 3 weeks ago, telling him about our imminent arrival. I had not heard back since though. Most likely any reply would have been bogged down by war trains and the like.

I was not worried what my parents thought of Helen. I was more worried for her sake. Would she fit in alright? Would she be able to make a life here with me? I hoped so. Helen and I had already talked about what to say and what not to day when around my parents. Helen would be alright. She had never slipped up in the past year she has worked for me, so I had confidence she could pull this off too.

The street rolled beneath my car, as the wheels brought us closer and closer to my families home. Helen startled awake, forcing me to abandon my melancholy thoughts. "Are we close? I'm sorry I fell asleep." She looked like she was in need of far more than 20 minutes of sleep. "You haven't slept in 5 days, Helen. And yes, we will be there in 3 or 4 minutes."

As we pulled up to the side of the house, the lights inside flickered on. "Looks like they are awake after all." Helen mused. She had been more worried about waking up my elderly parents in the middle of the night, than the fact she was meeting the parents of her former S.S. Employer. I smiled slightly. Only Helen. I supposed it had to do with her Jewish upbringing. The children had always seemed so polite to the elders, putting their needs before their own, often times.

The door to the house swung open, and out came my father, still in his day clothes. I smiled, thrilled to see him for the first time in years. "Amon, my god, look at you. And all those medals on your chest, you've been busy." It was then that the withered old man noticed Helen, and grinned slyly."Yes, very busy indeed." "It is good to see you too, Father. Yes, I have been busy. Father, I would like for you to meet my wife, Helen."

"Hallo, ich freue mich, Sie kennenzulernen. Amon hatte mich so viele nette Dinge über dich erzählt. Danke, dass Sie so lange wach auf uns wartet." Helen rattled off in German. German? I wasn't aware she spoke German. But my father looked so flattered, my confidence was rising that she could pull this off. Dad always had been a sucker for a pretty girl.

"Oh, no need for all the fomality and flattery. I am well aware what my son thinks of me and it certasinly isn't nice. However, I appreciate such pretty words from a pretty lady." He leaned in close to Amon and whispered, "Good choice," before walking back into the house to lead them to a room.

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