Day 1 - Arguing

Robin, Starfire and Cyborg were at a loss. For the past week, their friends and comrades, Beast Boy and Raven, had fallen out. What the original argument had been, they didn't know but now, whenever the pair interacted, it devolved quickly into a shouting match. The tension higher than he could ignore, Robin finally summoned Raven to the common room. When she arrived, she saw that Beast Boy had been similarly called. She grimaced at the sight of him.

"What is he doing here?" she hissed. Beast Boy returned her venom by growling quietly, his clenched fists shaking at his sides. Before he could start yet another fight, Robin spoke.

"He is here for the same reason you are. You're been stomping around the tower, yelling at each other for a full week and I've had enough! So this is it. We sit down, here and now and we work it out." Robin indicated the two chairs in front of him, sitting in one behind him.

"BU-" Raven and Beast Boy started.

"Sit!" Robin ordered, already feeling his own temper rising. The pair sat but stubbornly refused to look at Robin or each other. He sighed. "Okay. Now, how did all this get started?" he asked. The silence vanished as both heroes began 'explaining' the other's offences at high speed. From a crack in the door, Cyborg and Starfire observed.

"Man..." Cyborg muttered. "They're really mad. I've never seen them keep up a fight this long before."

"Ohhh," Starfire lamented. "I wish our friends would see the pointlessness of argument."

"Let's see if Robin can make them see..." Cyborg finished, returning to his observation. Robin was shouting above the pair of them - no easy task.

"Quiet. QUIET!" They quieted, sullenly. "Okay... Beast Boy, you go first. When did this start? I don't want the whole week, just the very first thing that set you off. Beast Boy fumed as he thought back to that one, critical disagreement.

"Here's the thing: I want a big, showy ceremony but the more I talk about it, the more Raven says 'no, it'll be small and private' and won't listen to anything I have to say about it!" Robin's brow creased in confusion. Ceremony?

"Idiot!" Raven interjected. "Me, at a large public gathering on such an important day? It'll be a disaster! Besides I only want a few people to see something so... personal." With that, the pair started bickering again. Robin shushed them once more.

"Wait, wait... what ceremony are you talking about?" he asked. They both looked at him like he was a fool.

"Our wedding, of course," Raven said.

"Yeah," Beast Boy agreed. Robin slumped in his chair.

"You're- you're getting married?!" he asked, voice climbing in pitch. Beast Boy shrugged.

"Well, not right now but some day... yeah," he finished.

"We both agreed it was inevitable," Raven added. "And perhaps it is a little premature to get so caught up in the details." With that, she reached out and took Beast Boy's hand in hers. He started at the contact before relaxing and returning her smile nervously. The pair stood and left Robin spluttering nonsense. They casually greeted Starfire and Cyborg, both similarly dumbfounded, and continued toward Raven's room. Once they were inside and the door was sealed, Beast Boy fell to the floor, laughing uproariously.

"That was so great!" he enthused from the carpet. " DId you see their faces?!" With that, he dissolved into laughter again, Raven watching him with a patient smile.

"I'm just amazed they put up with us for a full week," she commented. After Beast Boy's laughter was spent, she spoke again. "You know we'll have to confess to our little charade eventually." Beast Boy sobered immediately, though a small smile remained as he got to his feet.

"I know... we'll tell them everything tomorrow. Deal?" Raven nodded once.

"Deal." With that, Beast Boy sauntered toward her door and Raven followed to see him out. Just before he crossed the threshold, he spun around and planted a long kiss on Raven's lips which was gratefully accepted by the demoness.

"See you later, Mrs Logan," he murmured.

"And you, Mr Logan," Raven replied, her smile growing a little wider. Beast Boy left, a bounce in his step as the door closed. Raven sighed as she returned to her bed, fingering the chain around her neck that lay beneath her leotard. The chain which held a plain gold band around it. Raven looked forward to tomorrow, when she could finally wear it on her left hand in full view of her friends.

Bing bong, late submission alert! Sorry, computer issues. Here's my entry into BBRae week's first day based on the prompt 'Argument'. Enjoy!