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Juvia felt her heart and body freeze as she watched her beloved's body twist in unimaginable angles, and she covered her ears to no longer his screams that echoed throughout the guild hall.

Black hairs started to cover his body as his legs bent backwards, and his face moved forward to morph into that of a wolf. She didn't even feel joyful that his pants ripped apart.

Juvia, along with all the other members of Fairy Tail, could only watch in horror as Gray Fullbuster changed.

Master Makarov was the only one that was able to gather his senses together to do something.

"Jet!" He screamed as he was trying to yell over the ice mage's screams that were as loud as a hundred voices combined.

The man with a head full of orange hair sped over to Gramps after snapping out of the daze he had been in from seeing Gray transform. He focused solely on the short man to distract him from Gray.

"Head to Porlyusica's as fast as you can! See if she has anything that can help! Hurry!" Jet simply nodded before speeding away through the guild doors.

Makarov mentally scolded himself for not telling Jet to do this sooner because now his children had to go through even more pain than if Jet had gotten something from Porlyusica that would somehow help.

He felt guilty and shameful that he could do so little to help.

A howl sounded, jolting him awake from his thoughts, and he looked over at the source: Gray. He saw that Gray was now a wolf, the only thing missing was a tail that was beginning to sprout. Makarov realized that the only thing he could do would be trap Gray, for if he didn't, he would be out for blood and kill everything close to him.

With that, he yelled for Erza. She went beside him in an instant. Her eyes aimed solely on him, and her body was loose, ready to spring into action at any given moment.

Just as Makarov was about to speak, he heard a low growl. He saw Gray bare his fangs and let out as his eyes scanned everyone around him.


"Stay away from him!" The guild master screamed at a certain lovestruck water mage. Everyone hesitantly took a step back except Juvia, who instead took a step forward and tentatively raised her hand out to touch Gray's forehead.

The black haired wolf sprung forward; his mouth open to bite the water mage's waist. When his mouth made contact though, it only went through her. He snarled, trying again to bite her, but it only dispersed the water the made up her body.

Juvia's eyes were wide with bewilderment and fright. Gray was trying to kill her.

Relief, however, filled Makarov that his child was not harmed. It was short-lived as Gray, seeing how biting Juvia was fruitless, jumped to attack another person: Levy.

The blue haired girl, seeing the wolf run towards her at full speed, squeezed her eyes shut and quickly covered her face with her arms to prepare for the incoming attack.

Just as he was about to sink his canines into her flesh, a certain iron dragon slayer leapt in front of her.

Not feeling any pain, Levy opened her eyes and stared at Gajeel's back in shock and awe. She slightly peered around him to see his arm held out in front of him. Gray's teeth jabbed into the former Phantom Lord member's limb, and he hung from Gajeel's arm, his hold tight on the appendage to try to rip into the flesh.

Levy couldn't help but remember the time Gajeel shielded her from Laxus's lightning.

She felt happiness fill her at the fact that the ice mage's teeth seemed to be doing no harm to the man as no blood spurted from his arm. It made her wonder why he was not injured, but then she remembered that it was part of the zombification spell: one of the things it did was make you more durable.

Gajeel shook the current wolf off of his arm and then inspected it. There were only small indentations where Gray had bit him. His teeth hadn't even cut through his skin. He smirked.

Gray saw how this person would be hard to eat, so he turned to again attack another person.

Gajeel saw the small movement. He figured that he was the only one strong enough to hold Gray down and also couldn't be harmed by him, so he wrapped his arms around the torso of the wolf to prevent him from hurting anybody else.

He thrashed and growled in the man's arms.

Each movement heavily affected the iron dragon slayer. He became fixated on how Gray's skin felt. How it rubbed against his own skin. Somehow, every time Gray moved, everything around him disappeared from the iron dragon slayer's awareness. When it seemed to be just him and Gray, all he could hear was his own breaths and Gray's.

But the only thing that mattered, was the flesh that coated Gray's bones.

It was like all of his human morals, his sense of self, any and every part of him that was human, vanished and was replaced by one urge.

Something inside of him was telling him to bite into the body he was holding. So he did...

He didn't register the fact that the body in his arms was a comrade.

He didn't hear the yelp of pain that came from Gray.

He didn't hear Levy yell, "Gajeel! Stop! What are you doing?"

He didn't care that he was eating a bunch of hair and that it was making his throat and mouth itch.

And he sure as hell didn't care that he was making a huge mess of dripping blood and ripped flesh as it fell from his mouth.

The only thing that mattered was that he was eating warm meat.

And it was good.

Lucy knew that the fresh blood would tempt Natsu. The moment a drop of blood dripped from Gajeel's mouth and splattered onto the floor, Lucy leaped towards Natsu and wrapped her arms around his waist.

He pushed against her grip. She ignored the growls that he emitted and directed at her. She hated that the disease affected him so much and made him act like an animal. But she wouldn't let him be become a beast.

Lucy held back the fire dragon slayer as best as she could. But within moments, she lost the battle.

She fell on her bottom when the pink haired boy shoved her off of him. She was hurt by his actions, but she told herself that this wasn't him. That he was being controlled.

Lucy reached a hand out towards him and began to stumble after him.

The Master, seeing was the pink headed boy was about to do, stretched his arm out to try and grab Natsu as well.

But just as he was about to grasp him, Natsu suddenly appeared next to Gajeel and the unconscious Gray.

Lucy blinked in surprise. How had he moved so quickly? One minute he was in front of her, the next he was so far away.

They could only watch in terror and alarm as Natsu sunk his teeth into Gray's neck.

He gave a very soft moan as he felt hot blood go down his throat.

Everyone visibly shook with wide eyes, but none of them compared to the trembling of Lucy, Juvia, and Levy.

Gajeel, aware of the presence of another, stopped feasting and ferally snarled at the newcomer.

Natsu stopped as well to return the growl. He lifted his head and bared his fangs that dripped with scarlet blood.

Cries broke out from the two book readers as they saw the dragon slayers' eyes. Gajeel's normally black irises were instead a disgusting mixture of black and green— it made Levy think of a deep, never-ending trench that made you want to step away in fear of falling. Replacing Natsu's naturally dark green eyes was a bright, delicious amber that begged for you to come closer to take a better look — a venus fly trap that lured people in before snapping at you.

Makarov pushed his horror and sadness of what had happened to his children aside knowing this was the perfect time to act.

He stretched his arms out once more and grabbed Natsu and Gajeel by their waists.

The iron Dragon slayer dropped Gray from surprise. The now unconscious wolf landed with a dull thud, and his blood began to pool around him.

Gasps filled the building as the guild members watched the large open wound on Gray's back rapidly heal. Not even a minute passed, and the last bit of the ice mage's back healed like he had never been attacked in the first place.

Their attention turned back to the dragon slayers who growled and struggled in the giant's hands in animalistic anger from being taken away from their meal.

The Master turned towards Erza and told her what he had wanted her to do before any of this happened.

"Erza! Put any silver swords you have around Gray, don't leave any openings!"

The red haired woman nodded at the Master before doing what he asked. Many swords appeared around her. They flew forward and then stabbed the ground, forming a tight barrier around Gray.

Gramps turned his attention back to the struggling dragon slayers.

"Freed," he grunted out, trying to keep a tight hold on the two boys without squashing them in his grip. They had been strong before they got infected, but now they had enhanced strength as well.

The green haired man walked over to the Master. "Put runes around Gray that will lock in the scent of blood."

Freed nodded, understanding the Master's request, and walked over to the barrier of swords. He went to work and hurriedly set up the runes. Makarov then asked someone to get the blood off of Natsu and Gajeel.

Before any sort of argument could break out about who would do it, Juvia drenched the dragon slayers in water, succeeding in getting rid of some blood residing on them. She didn't have the patience for any sort of the usual guild fight. Juvia wanted it to stay quiet so she could bear the sadness she felt for Gray's pain and for the fact he had tried to hurt her. She told herself over and over again that it wasn't Gray that had tried to kill her. That it really was the disease.

The fire and iron dragon slayers stopped in their thrashing. After a moment, Gajeel continued to struggle against the giant hand's hold on him while Natsu's eyes started to turn back to their usual color. They changed to their usual color completely when Freed started to walk over and to tell the Master that the runes were complete.

Natsu blinked a couple of times, snapping out of his trance. Then he looked down at the large hand wrapped around him and Gajeel in wonder. Seeing that Natsu was normal, Makarov set them down. His arms returned to their normal length and size.

Once Gajeel was no longer touching Natsu and the Master's hand, his eyes turned back to normal. They both wobbled for a bit as they stood.

Their heads turned around as they looked at their surroundings before looking down at their soaking wet bodies, confusion written on their faces. They didn't even bother to dry off; they didn't care that they were soaking wet, not when their memories were so fuzzy.

Natsu brought his shaky green eyes up to meet everyone else's.


Both of them felt like they had just blacked out. There was a lapse of time that they couldn't recall. One minute they were dealing with Gray, the next they were in Gramps' grasp. It was like they had gotten so drunk they passed out, especially since they had seemingly awoken with what felt like massive hangover.

Everything was a blur for the two. So Natsu and Gajeel scanned the faces of the people scattered around them, just waiting for someone to pop up from the crowd of the surrounding guildmates and explain to them what had happened.

Everyone was either looking at them with their faces filled with bewilderment, sadness, or a mixture of the two. Or they were avoiding the dragon slayer's gazes completely.

This puzzled them further. Why did everyone look so distraught and disturbed?

While their eyes moved across the others, bits and pieces slowly came into their mind to complete the sickening jigsaw puzzle. They shoved themselves into the dragon slayers minds like they were opening a safe with a drill instead of rightfully opening it with the lock's combination. The final recollection needed to complete the puzzle was jammed inside their brains when their gazes landed on the body of a wolf surrounded by swords and blood.

Gajeel quickly averted his gaze, crossed his arms and turned his back to Gray to then scorn at the floor, like Gray being hurt was it's fault.

Natsu, on the other hand, began to shake, with his thoughts blaring betrayal because he had hurt his nakama.

Unknowingly to him, he began to stare at the dried blood sitting around Gray. Slowly, everything grew hazy to him. He couldn't smell the blood, but he could hear the thumping of Gray's heart. And he recalled how good the blood had tasted to him. He accidentally wiped his hand across his shirt.

The place on the piece of cloth that still had blood on it. He unconsciously brought his hand up to his mouth to lick the blood smeared on his fingers and palm. It was mixed with water and, therefore, had a dull taste. But it was still pretty good.

Everything grew a little more fuzzy when he had tasted that blood again. The only thing that wasn't unclear was the blood around Gray.

Suddenly, he felt two pairs of hands on his shoulder pull him away from the blood to face the owner.

Natsu's eyes seemed to snap open like he was slapped in the face, and everything was no longer misty. The pyro stepped away from the person that had halted him since their touch had driven him crazy.

He looked down to find Lucy looking at him with sadness and worry, but he saw fear deep within her eyes that she couldn't hide. It felt like his body was turned inside out knowing that he was the cause of her fright.

When he had stepped out of her reach, her hands had fallen to her side and hurt crossed her face.

He didn't understand why she looked like she had been rejected; he had only stepped away because her touch had made him lose his focus of keeping the craving for blood away.

The salmon haired boy looked at her with a puzzled look, wondering why she had grabbed him so abruptly, like she had been desperate to stop him.

Lucy caught his confused look and opened her mouth to speak. His eyes focused on her trembling lips. Two voices deep within him argued in his head. One told him to lean towards her and capture her lips with his, and the other one said not to do it since his newly lengthened canines could cut her. But both of those voices were drowning beneath one that wondered why he was even thinking to kiss her in the first place.

When no words came out of her mouth, the blonde shut it and instead looked towards her right. He followed her gaze and saw that he was within touching distance of the swords surrounding Gray.

He took two steps backward. His eyes now wide with fear of himself.

Natsu had been walking to Gray.

He had done it without his own knowledge.. And he couldn't do anything about it.

He knew he had walked over to Gray because of the blood. And he didn't even have a chance to argue against the urge.

The fire dragon slayer ignored Lucy's concerned cries and began to walk towards the guild doors. He heard Freed mutter sorry to the Master, and he heard him say that he probably didn't fortify the runes and completely fill in any loopholes that still allowed Natsu to be attracted to the blood. That made Natsu feel much worse.

So they had tried to keep him away from the blood, yet that didn't even work. Was he really that much of a threat to his nakama now? The walk almost turned into a sprint, but two arms swiftly wrapped around his own arm and pulled him back. He almost tipped backwards from the force of the pull.

He recovered his stance, before looking down.

Lucy's arms tightly clutched his own arm, like she was afraid he was about to disappear. Her cheek pressed against his arm, and her eyes were squeezed shut.

Noticing that all was quiet and still, she slowly opened her eyes.

A pair of brown eyes met another set of dark, almost black, green eyes. His intense and thankful stare earned her a light blush on her cheeks, but she didn't falter in her locked gaze with him which equalled his in intensity.

Her eyes no longer held their previous sadness, fear, and worry, they held newfound determination and desperation. She would be here for Natsu and would not let him face this alone.

The fear that had settled inside of him with the new knowledge that he was a danger to his friends was conquered and eradicated with Lucy's new display of emotion.

Natsu was happy and thankful that she had stopped him from running out the guild doors, and his gaze showed his gratitude.

A small voice inside of Natsu told him to leave to protect his friends, that it wasn't too late, but he replaced it with a mental scoff. He had Lucy and his guildmates to help him through it.

Jet chose that moment to burst inside the guild.

The doors loudly hit the walls and would have bounced off of them if Jet didn't have his arms and hands spread outward.

This scared the living hell out of Lucy as she had just been in completely entranced by Natsu's unwavering stare.

Natsu flinched from the sudden loud noise, as he had super enhanced hearing, while Lucy automatically jumped from fright... which only succeeded in making her lose her footing. Lucy tripped over her own feet, and she began to fall down.

With unnatural speed, Natsu caught her by cupping his arm around her waist. He naturally leaned towards her to make sure his grip was secure.

The pyro realized how close he was to Lucy, and began to blush, but he made the mistake of taking a deep breath. Her scent, the usual vanilla, cherry, and lavender, swallowed him whole, body and all. His eyesight began to weaken and grow hazy again, and he barely recognized the fact that he wanted to bite her. He heard the thumping of her heart, and the sound of the blood running through her.

Natsu consciousness seemed to dim. He slowly began to believe that it wasn't Lucy in his arms, but it was instead a container of the blood he wanted.

As this became more and more apparent, he knew that he had to get away from her. And he needed to do it now.

Lucy, on the other hand, madly blushed since Natsu would barely have to move his head forward to give her a kiss. Pushing her own embarrassment aside, Lucy decided that an advantage of Natsu having such pale skin was that she could finally easily tell when he was blushing, like right now. It wasn't a very bright blush, but it was there. She couldn't help but feel that blush had stopped half-way, like it never got to finish itself.

A drop of water fell onto her face from Natsu's hair, making Lucy's gaze move up from his lips and cheeks. But her gaze stopped at his eyes. She saw the same hungry and misty look in his eyes and the reddish glow that was beginning to form inside of them.

Just as she was about to push him away for his and her own good, the look and red in his eyes vanished within the blink of an eye. He pulled her back onto her feet as quickly as he had caught her.

She was frozen and stared at the floor, processing what had happened. Lucy took a deep breath and inspected him. He refused to make eye contact with her, and he was taking deep breaths. Realization struck her.

Would Natsu go through so much pain with just one touch from her?

The thought brought her pain and sadness, for both Natsu and herself.

When she had first met Natsu, he was far too touchy, but she had grown accustomed to it over the time she had known him. She needed the feeling of the contact just as much as he did. But Lucy knew that not touching him was a worthy sacrifice to get rid of Natsu's pain.

She felt tears threaten to brim her eyes again, but she blinked rapidly to force them away.

A few awkward and tense moments passed, as the rest of the guild had saw what had just transpired, though they were unaware of her and Natsu's torment.

Within that time, Makarov had walked up to Jet, who, along with the others, had witnessed the ordeal of Natsu and Lucy with confused wide eyes. Gramps took the duffel bag Jet had been holding out of his hands.

With a slight bow, the Master said, "Thank you for getting this Jet." He walked back over to the bar and sat on the counter with his legs crossed.

Natsu, Lucy, and Jet followed him. Though Natsu walked slower than the other two, and his eyes refused to leave the floor. He was tired of hearing bad news. Natsu always looked at the bright side of even the most negative situation, yet he couldn't even pretend anything was good about the stupid spells infecting them.

And he found that his earlier resolve was dissolving. Yes, his friends were here to help him, but he was, though he would never admit it vocally, scared that he would hurt his comrades.

What if their support in him only got them hurt?

He was fortunate the last couple times he had almost bitten someone, and he and Gajeel were both lucky that Gray now had that ridiculous healing factor… Or then he would've been long dead by now.

He was terrified of himself. He didn't know how to stop himself from biting people.

Natsu, despite his usual curiosity, didn't even bring his eyes from the floor when Gramps zipped the the bag open and searched its contents.

The man first pulled out a small piece of paper. The lights on the ceiling shined through the paper, making the writing on the other side visible.

Makarov read it to himself before moving it out of his line of view, closing his eyes, and breathing a sigh of sadness.

Silence was the only sound as the guild members waited for their Master to elaborate on what the note said.

"Master?" He finally opened his eyes and looked over to the owner of the voice: Titania, who, like everyone else, looked horror-stricken by the previous events, though she hid it well. "I believe we deserve to know what the letter says."

Many hummed in agreement.

Instead of speaking like most would expect, Makarov simply nodded but still said nothing.

He beckoned a despondent Mira, who did not have to walk very far since she had been behind the bar counter like usual, over to him.

She took the paper from his hand and began to read. Her voice clearly reflected how everyone was feeling at the moment.

"I don't understand how you get yourself into all of these problems, you crazy old fool, and this is one I can't really help with. I'm assuming that your so-called children woke up with no memory of the time of infection with what the boy told me, so I'm figuring that they are a third degree. If it was a first degree, I would've been able to get them a cure, but the most I can do with their condition is give them a potion that will weaken the spells. And I also put in some antidotes that will counteract the spells so they won't spread. I hope you know who to give it to, I only have so much. Besides that, there isn't much I can do. I did write some things needed for a third degree cure, but I know it isn't all that is needed. And it will be nearly impossible for you to get the rest of the ingredients for the cure with how forgotten the diseases are."

The moment Mirajane finished reading it, she whipped it down on the counter and slammed her fist into it. Everyone, minus Erza and the Master, jumped from being surprised and scared that the old Mira was showing.

"How dare that old hag end it like that! Bringing our hopes down even further!"

"That's enough Mira," Makarov said, unnaturally quiet.

"But Master she-"

"Did us a huge favor giving us this. We should just be thankful for that." As he spoke, he brought out vials filled with liquid out of the bag and set them on the wood he sat on.

Most of the contained liquid was green while only three of the vials held what looked like glowing water.

As he took out the rest of the vials, Erza, being the only one brave enough to break the silence and ask the questions on everyone's mind, spoke.

"Master, what's a third degree?"

He paused with his right hand in the bag and stared at the counter. It was clear he was debating on whether or not to answer her question. He continued taking the vials out of the bag after a heavy sigh, then he spoke.

"The strength of the caster and how much magic energy is put into casting the spells determines how strong the spell is and how much it affects the person, like how strong their cravings are and how much pain they experience with the negative aspects." He looked at Gray as he said the last part. "That woman, Plague, is a very powerful mage and has an incredible amount of magic energy, so the traits of spells are very strong. A third degree is the strongest the spells can get while a first degree is the weakest. So the cure will have to be just as strong as the third degree spell, and we'll need a lot of ingredients to make the potion."

He let his words sink in. The only sound was the small clanks of the vials.

"How do you know her?" Mira asked this time.

"This was the first time I met her in person. I'm not sure how she knows me. It could be because I'm a guild master or her target for pay. I simply know her because she's the one who started the Supernatural Outbreak. She didn't make any of the diseases though. She simply knows any and almost all diseases that can be casted as a spell and she learns any she doesn't yet know. And people pay her to give those diseases to people for sick revenge."

Makarov growled the last statement out. He had to let go of the vial he had been holding to make sure he didn't break it.

"Like Jose. I heard her say his name. He hired her to attack us, didn't he?" Erza said in a tone that showed her disgust of the man.

"Yes, he did, but I can assure you he won't get away with it."

Gramps exhaled, as if all of his rage would disappear with that one ragged breath, and stood up.

He lifted one of the green vials off of the counter then he reached into the black bag and pulled out a syringe. Makarov filled it with the dark green liquid.

People stared at him with confused eyes, and they cringed when he jabbed the needle into his arm.

He took another syringe out from the bag and filled that one with the blue liquid. They had to stifle their shocked gasps when he stretched the arm that held the filled syringe out towards Gray and injected the blue liquid into the current wolf.

Once the needle left his body, the sleeping Gray somehow seemed more relaxed.

"There," the Master said. "Natsu, Gajeel you're next." The two dragon slayers shared confused gazes before walking over to Gramps.

Makarov did the same to them as he did to Gray and injected the blue liquid into their biceps.

Natsu made a pouty face and rubbed where the needle had been.

But not even a moment later, the tension in Natsu's and Gajeel's shoulders and face vanished.

A smile instantly filled Natsu's face, and it warmed Lucy's previously cold insides.

"Wow! Thanks Gramps!" The pink headed boy said with joy, though it did lack his usual energy.

Everyone's heart beats were much quieter than before. They weren't pressuring Natsu as much, and he didn't have to concentrate as much on keeping the craving away.

His smile spread to the other guild members. Lucy's smile was the brightest though because it was clear Natsu wasn't in as much pain.

And it was nice to see everyone smile, even though their smiles seemed somewhat foreign, like it didn't belong there.

This gave Lucy mixed emotions. It showed just how dire everything was, that it was able to affect the usual cheery and fun-filled Fairy Tail this much in such a short time, yet it showed how much one guild mate's pain gave just as much pain to everyone else, if not more.

"What did that shot do?" Gajeel asked, looking a little more relaxed like Natsu, though not as much.

"It weakens the strength of the spell, but it's only temporary. We'll have to get another dosage next week." Makarov didn't say that they would likely build a tolerance to it. They didn't need to know pointless information that would only bring them down. "Lucy, Levy! You need shots as well!" The blonde's smile vanished, and she looked up at the Master with brown eyes filled with confusion.

"Why do we need a shot?" The blue haired bookworm voiced Lucy's thoughts.

The Master sighed since he didn't want to make his children's grins disappear, but this needed to be said and done.

"The diseases spreads to other through bites, and I think it would be best if you two were one of the first people to get a shot to make sure you get it. We don't have enough for everyone."

"What about Gray-sama? He got bitten," Juvia asked. She didn't look miserable like before. Instead, she looked determined.

"A person can only be infected with one spell. The first spell to enter someone becomes dominant, and it entwines with the person's being, so it gets rid of any other diseases that happen upon them."

"And why us though?" Lucy turned her attention back to them, pointing her thumb at her than at Levy as she spoke her question.

"You two... are around them the most." Makarov said. He felt the two girls gazes peer through him as if they were literally seeing through his lie.

"Well that's sort of true but Happy is the one always around Natsu, not me," Lucy said with her arms crossed.

"Yeah, the same goes for Pantherlily," Levy added on to point out the caught lie even further.

Gramps' face went a little red as every single pair of eyes went to him.

Do I really have to explain this to them? Why can't they figure it out? He thought with embarrassment.

He opened his mouth to explain it to his dense children, but luckily, Mira was the only one who understood and elaborated it for him.

"Oh you guys are ridiculous. It's obvious. He's saying that they love you two so they'll be drawn to you more."


Everyone stared at the barmaid with dumbstruck expressions.

"WHAT!?" The dragonslayers and bookworms said at once, though Gajeel's voice rose above the others.

"I don't love him," Lucy fiddled with her thumbs and hoped she didn't get caught her partial confession to liking him. Out of the corner of her eyes, she saw Natsu duck his head into his scarf so his cheeks weren't visible. Lucy didn't see any bit of red on his face, yet his eyes showed he was in thought.

She looked over to her right to see both Levy and Gajeel blushing. Cute.

Juvia's voice brought her out of her observations.

"What about Juvia and Gray-sama?"

"Gray can't bite you," Mira simply said but a small smile skated over her face.

Juvia instantly deflated and remembered when her beloved tried to bite her. She had just wanted to hear someone say he loved her.

Mira smiled and motioned for Juvia to come towards her; her match-making senses kicking in.

Once the water mage came over, Mirajane leaned over to the blue haired girl's ear and whispered, "Don't worry. If Gray would've been able to bite you, I'm sure Master would've made you get a shot as well."

Hearts immediately filled Juvia's eyes, and she recalled the how Gray had indeed attacked her first, suggesting that he was drawn to her.

Eventually, Lucy, Levy, Happy, Pantherlily, Erza, Lisana, Wendy, Carla, Mira, Elfman, Cana, Laxus, Jet, Droy, Macao, and Wakaba all had the syringe that contained the green liquid that prevented them from being infected injected into them.

While they got their shots, Natsu and Gajeel finally decided to dry off. Natsu set his body on fire, and Gajeel used him as a dryer.

When everything was done, Makarov decided to bring everything to a closing.

"Now you all go home and get some rest. We'll start our search for the cure tomorrow."

A sudden question struck Lucy's mind and she couldn't help but ask. She regretted it once it went out of her mouth though because it was the thing that made the Natsu, Gajeel, and Gray being infected with the diseases so bad, besides the obvious.

"What happens if we can't find the cures?"

Deep sadness and pain filled Makarov's face, and he really didn't know if he should tell them or not. But… they deserved to know. "They'll lose their sense of self. It will be like they only exist to feed and fulfill the spell's wants."

Lucy, Juvia, and Levy's eyes widened. Lucy and Levy couldn't even stand seeing their eyes change and fill with that lust once. They couldn't imagine them constantly being like that, and they couldn't imagine their lives without them.

"What about G-Gray-sama?" Juvia asked timidly, afraid of the answer.

"It'll be like Natsu and Gajeel, and he'll want to kill in the day and night." Makarov didn't let those haunting words settle in the air, so he jumped off of the counter and walked over to the guild doors. He pulled one of the door handles to open the door, signifying for everyone to leave.

"But I will not allow that to happen. Now hurry home and get some sleep."

The guild members left, albeit hesitantly, as if the three infected boys would lose themselves to the diseases the moment they left.

Gajeel stood in the center of the guild, knowing that the Master would likely want him and the flame-brain to stay.

Meanwhile, Natsu, being his usual dense self, took a step towards the door. The Master told him to stop the moment he moved his foot.

Soon, Lucy, Happy, Natsu, Gajeel, Levy, Pantherlily, Juvia, Gray, and the Master were the only ones in the guild hall.

"... So, why did you want us to stay Gramps?" Natsu asked.

"You're going to make them stay at the guild, right?" Levy somewhat answered Natsu with her question directed at the Master. Though, it was more of a statement than a question.

"What, why!?"

The Master ignored Natsu, and instead responded to Levy, knowing that it would answer both of their questions and bring it to their attention. "We can't have them risk biting someone. Not until we are sure that they can control themselves."

"But Gramps, I live outside of town," Natsu insisted, joining back in on the debate.

"Well who's to say you won't bite someone on the way here or there? Your new problem isn't only in the guild."

Natsu instantly deflated and glared at the ground, knowing that the Master was right. Lucy gave a sad glance at Natsu. That realization has to be hard on him.

"Please let me stay! I don't want him to be alone!"

Levy's voice forced Lucy's attention away from Natsu as she gave her blue haired best friend a shocked smile; it was sweet to see her get so defiant when it came to the iron dragon slayer.

"No Levy. That would ruin the purpose of it."

Tears began to well up in the light blue haired girl's eyes.

Gajeel scoffed, though his face betrayed his actions. "Don't go crying over nothing shrimp."

"You aren't nothing!" Levy yelled, stomping her foot on the ground and hiding her face with her hair.

A teardrop splattered on the wooden floor by her feet. A large hand landed her on her head and messed up her hair. She moved her headband back into place, as it had been pushed by his hand, while she looked up at a towering Gajeel.

"Go home Levy, you need the sleep with all the crying you've been doing. " Her eyes widened when he said her name. She whispered something, Lucy didn't know what though, before waving a hand at Pantherlily, which told him to come with her.

They walked out, Levy gave Gajeel one last smile, and Pantherlily a nod before they walked out of the doors.

The cold night air flowed inside they guild. It chilled Lucy, and she tightened her arms around herself.

She jumped when a soft fabric went around her neck, but she a familiar warmth came with it. Her hand went up to it and grasped it; her fingers pinched the material. Lucy looked up to see Natsu grinning down at her, his hands still holding the ends of his precious scarf. Though, his eyes held a sadness that came with registering the fact that he now was a threat to everyone around him.

"Keep it warm for me, will ya?"

"What!? No! You need it more than me!" Lucy argued, not understanding Natsu at all. His scarf was his only reminder of Igneel, yet he was giving his scarf to her. Wouldn't that make him feel even more alone?

"You sure?" Natsu surprised her with this question, and she could only ask him what he was talking about with her eyes. He sighed before giving a soft chuckle, "You make no sense you weirdo."

"How am I the weird one!?"

He laughed.

"Trust me Luce, you're the weird one. Think of that as me laying in bed with you instead of my scarf, and I'll think that too."

Lucy blushed when the bed topic was brought up, and she ignored Gajeel's snort.

But nonetheless, she beamed up at him. Liking his usual Natsu logic that made no sense, yet it somehow did.

"Alright. I will, for you."

Lucy ignored his starstruck expression and, like Levy, motioned for Happy to come with her, knowing that the blue cat would want the comfort. She witnessed Happy giving Natsu a hug, before flying after her. The usual cheery cat looked depressed though. Lucy could understand though, she felt the same, leaving Natsu in the guild didn't feel very good.

The celestial mage patted the cat on the head.

"Don't worry Happy." She pulled a part of the white scarf up to bring it to Happy's attention. "He's with us and we're with him. Remember?" The flying cat's face instantly warmed.


The guild doors slammed shut behind them.

Natsu breathed a deep sigh, showing his fatigue.

"I didn't know you were that sappy Salamander."

"Like you're one to talk Iron Face."

"...They're something aren't they…?" Natsu looked over at Gajeel in surprise before it dawned on him that really he was talking about Levy.

"Yeah," he somewhat agreed with a smirk.

"Juvia get out of there!"

They looked behind them when they heard Gramps voice and saw Juvia inside the barrier of swords snuggling with the still sleeping Gray.

"Juvia cannot be harmed by Gray-sama. Juvia will comfort him."

Makarov sighed. He didn't want to argue with anyone. He was too tired.

"I'll put my trust in you two. Good night, my children." Then the Master walked up to the second floor and entered his room to sleep, leaving Juvia and the dragon slayers to do the same.

The night air nicked at her bare skin. Lucy clutched the scarf around her neck, and the cold seemed to stray away from her.

Exhaustion made her oblivious to everything. And it made time nonexistent as she arrived at her apartment in what seemed like a minute.

One second she was outside the apartment building, the next, she was closing the door that let her inside of her house.

Her back slid against the door, and she sat the floor. The stress from that day made her extremely exhausted. The blonde didn't want to move. Lucy didn't even have the desire take her usual hot bath.

She forced herself to get up and dress into her pajamas though.

Once she was done, she walked towards her bed but saw Happy already curled up on it, sleeping soundly. She smiled at him.

It was weird. She was so unbelievably tired, yet she had no desire to sleep. Lucy needed to get her emotions out. She decided to write a letter to her mom since she had not done so yet.

She plopped down in the chair next to her dusk. Her hand began to move the pen across the page.

Dear Mama,

Honestly, I'm scared. Natsu became a vampire, Gajeel a zombie, and Gray a werewolf. The Master says that if we don't find a cure for them soon, they'll forever lose themselves to the disease. I can't lose him, and I can't stand to see him in pain. I wish it was me that got infected instead of him. What should I do Mama? I don't know how to help him with it, and it's obvious it's really affecting him. It was tough to see him realize he was a threat to everyone. And, well, this is probably just my inner girl talking but I have an idea on how to help him, but I really think that it would only help me, with how dense he his. Right before they got infected, Natsu showed some signs of liking me. I mean, he kissed me, but I think he only did it because Gajeel sort of challenged him to do it when he hugged Levy. I don't know if Natsu only kissed me to prove to Gajeel that he wasn't a wimp though. I'll never understand boys. I told you how precious Natsu's scarf was to him right? Well, he leant it to me for the night. I'm wearing it right now. It's really warm. The Master made him stay at the guild and he'll probably stay there until he can control his urges for blood. He gave it to mean to show that he would be with me and I would be with him. He doesn't make any sense Mama, yet he was the one to call me a weirdo. I already know I like him, yet I can't figure out if he likes me too. He's so confusing! And I'm scared for him. I really wish I had became a vampire instead of him. But I'll support him until the end. I won't let him face this alone. I wish you were here mom. You'd probably be able to read him. Do you think love could help him mama? I just want someone to get rid of his pain, but… I think I'm just trying to find someway to have a reason to try to get him to like me. Well, I need to sleep. Today is really catching up to me.



Lucy crawled into bed and snuggled with Happy. She didn't bother to seal her letter or put her pen away; she would do it tomorrow. Sleep fell upon her the moment she was parallel to her bed. And she felt that Natsu really was with her. She couldn't tell if it was the scarf, or if he had snuck in.

Because she grew unnaturally warmer somewhere in her sleep. She was so warm in fact, she woke up.

The window blinds were fluttering inside of her house, and the window was open.

She couldn't remember if she had closed it or not.

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