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Jade P.O.V.

I hate everything! Except Cat...but still! This day was already horrible and I hadn't even gone to my first class. Cat and André had decided to visit their lockers and that left me to wander off to find my own. I finally found mine, conveniently right by the door, and put the empty folders and note books into it. I took my things for first through third hour and shut the locker, rather angrily, as Cat and André walked up to me.

"So, what's your schedule?" André asked, trying to lighten the mood no doubt. That was another thing about André that I liked, he was good at easing tension. I pulled out a folded white piece of paper from my pocket as Cat and André did the same. We all held ours next to each others so we could compare.

Mine read:

Hour: Teacher: Class:

1 Mr. Lark Song Writing

2 Mrs. Sloan Vocals

3 Ms. Haven Advanced English 9

4 Mr. Sikowitz Acting all

5 Mr. James History of Play

I compared with André and Cat's and thankfully we shared some classes. I had song writing with André and Vocals with Cat, one class each was better than none at least. Cat and André mention something about having the same fifth hour but I tune them out.

"Look, we all have Mr. Sikowitz together!" Cat giggled happily as she shook her paper vehemently. I rolled my eyes but gave her a playful smirk as we started walking down the halls to our classes.

"What kind of name is Sikowtiz?" André says with a frown. I shrug and am about to reply when Cat suddenly envelopes me in a hug, before calling out a loud goodbye and running down the opposite hallway.

"Well, let's get to song writing then." I say as I adjust my shirt. André chuckles and shakes his head, undoubtedly muttering something inaudible that would irk me. I roll my eyes and we enter Mr. Lark's class room, taking two seats in the back and sinking heavily into our desks. I pull out a notebook and start doodling in it until our teacher walks into the room. I can already tell he seems pretty cool, he's youngish and he wears a smile, although not an obnoxious one.

"Good morning class! Welcome to your first day of Song Writing! Today we're going to do an ice breaker of sorts. I will assign you a random partner and you must get to know that partner, and then write a short song that describes them." He grins and starts pairing people off randomly. Luckily, I get paired with André, I really hate meeting new people.

"Hey, partner. Since I obviously haven't known you since we were eleven, let's get to know each other." André jokes and nudges me playfully. I roll my eyes for what seems like the tenth time today, but crack a smile. Since when has André been so sarcastic? I must be rubbing off on him. Better me than Cat, no offense to her though.

"Okay, well for starters, I love rainbows, lollipops, the color pink, and unicorns." I say batting my eyes innocently. André lets out a loud laugh and thankfully only a few people turn to look at us. I snicker at his outburst and slap his arm, not super hard though. He quiets down his laughter and settles for a grin.

"C'mon J, seriously, let's start writing these songs, I think we know each other well enough by now." André says and I smile at his nickname for me. André does know me better than 99% of people, but only Cat and I know everything about me. Sometimes I think Cat knows me better than I know me.

The two of us get to work on our songs and before we know it there's only fifteen minutes left in class. Mr. Lark explains to us that we will exchange songs with out partner, and evaluate them. We rate the songs one out of ten, ten means the songs describes us perfectly. I grin as André and I exchange our lyrics. I wrote a light-hearted and funny song describing him. I start to read his and for some reason I blush. It's pretty accurate, and one of the lines calls me beautiful. I give it a nine of ten because I'm not sure beautiful is how I would describe myself.

"Bye 'Dre." I say with a hidden smile as the bell rings. I walk off to Vocals class to spend a whole seventy minutes with my dear friend Cat. Although I love her like a sister, she can get annoying. As soon as Cat spots me she rushes over and drags me to a seat next to hers in the middle of the classroom. I grit my teeth, I hate being pulled anywhere, but sit down anyways.

"Jadey! I have first hour with that boy! The stupid one who spilled coffee on you!" The petite brunette explains with flailing arms the extent of her first hour. Honestly I don't care about this boy, but revenge may be in order. She tells me his name is Beckett, but he goes by Beck. I'll make sure to call him Beckett, that is, if I ever speak to him. After a whole seventy minutes of Cat talking my ear off I make my way to third hour, another uneventful hour, and then lunch.

At lunch I grab a coffee and a burrito, scarfing down the burrito before telling André and Cat that I have to go visit the nurse again. So far, Mrs. Buyers is my favorite staff member. After a quick check up and some more weird medicine being applied to my burns she releases me and I spend the rest of lunch staring at my locker. We have a month to decorate it before we get graded on it. Personally, it's kind of stupid, but whatever.

Everything goes fine until I walk into fourth hour.

Beck P.O.V.

After the horrible incident in the office I frown and walk back into the hallways. I get a few glances from some girls, but I try to ignore them. I'm only interested in one girl today. I hear the bell ringing, telling us we have five minutes to get to class. I pull out my schedule from my back pocket and glance at it.

Hour: Teacher: Class:

1. Mr. Marcs English

2. Mrs. Steven Geometry

3. Ms. Simone Band

4. Mr. Sikowitz Acting

5. Mr. James History of Play

Considering I have no friends yet, and three people who hate me, my schedule looks pretty good with no one to compare it too. I hope that I have a class with Jade, and that she's calmed down by then. I find my way to Mr. Marcs class and take a seat near the front, I just hope that because I sit by the teacher no one will try to flirt with me. Most guys would love the attention I get, but after a while it gets really annoying. I spot one of Jade's friends on the other side of the room and I try to smile at her, but she attempts to glare at me, unsuccessfully.

Nothing really eventful happens until third hour, my band class. It's not really a band, but that's what they label it. I sit down in an empty chair next to and stare longingly at the guitars on the wall. The room is full of some small chairs, but mostly instruments like guitars and pianos. As the bell rings I look over to see that André, one of Jade's friends, is sitting next to me. He seems to notice me the same moment I notice him, and he gives me a scowl.

"Aren't you the idiot who spilled coffee on Jade?" He asks as he inspects me. I feel uncomfortable so I only nod in response. He's about the same height as me, but he's quite intimidating.

"That wasn't cool bro, you should apologize to her." He says with a deep frown.

"I tried! She just kept yelling at me!" I defend myself weakly. He raises his eyebrows and shakes his head.

"She was way too mad to hear you, you should apologize later today or something." André supplies with a shrug. I can see the reasoning in his words and sigh. I can see why she would be mad, I just wish she wouldn't have flipped out so much. I hope André is right about her accepting my apology now. I really hope I have a class with her now.

The rest of the day is uneventful, I get stuck at some preppy lunch table full of blondes, much to my dismay. Finally fourth hour rolls around and I'm happy to start acting class. Acting is one thing I really, really love, it makes me happy and I'm good at it. Acting is an escape and a challenge. It's a lot of work but very rewarding. I take a seat in the front of the class, as always, and I hear a scoff as the bell rings. Jade and her two friends enter the room and I can see the displeasure on Jade's face as she sees me. Unfortunately for her, the only three seats open are next to and behind me. Jade and t small brunette, Cat I think, sit behind me and André takes the seat next to me. He seems to not completely hate me at least.

"Hello! I'm Mr. Sikowitz, your acting teacher!" Suddenly there's a crash and a homeless man enters through a door by the stage. He's our teacher? I shake my head in disbelief and the rest of the class has similar reactions. He walks up to the stage and smiles, while sipping from a...coconut? This day couldn't get any weirder.

"Tomorrow, you must perform the Bird Scene! Read this and memorize it!" Mr. Sikowtiz throws a stack of paper at us and we all scramble to pick one up. Jade has what I think is a smile on her face, and it brings me a weird sort of pleasure. Her smile is really beautiful, maybe one day I could be the one making her smile.

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