She laid there on the coast. Her body curled with a deep slash through it. Her jaw line broken; in pieces. Her ebony hair fluttered in the icy winds. A small groan escaped her lips. Snowflakes melted against her skin once they touched her shivering form. Her arms began to pale from the weather.

Seagulls flew in the west and headed to the island. They landed on the coast and fluttered around her unmoving body. They pecked and chirped at the girl as if she was their did not move, nor make a noise. The seagulls continued to chirp as if calling for help from others.

A group of heavy-set men followed the bird's calling and came upon her body. They panicked at the sight of such cruel acts placed on a youth of her age. Each one of them surrounded her body from afar and looked. She was just a fragile figure in the snow. So close to the freezing water that she may freeze.

One of them leaned down and pressed his giant index finger on her waist. Her blood smeared on the tip of his finger, but he could feel her heart beat. It pounded against her skin; gently at first, but getting weaker with each moment. It was not a time to sit around and wait. She would be dead in an hour at most.

He turned away from her body and looked at the others. He was the leader of this pack so his word was law until they gotten to the safe area. The others looked up at him; waiting for his next words. "Still a breather," he stated. He turned to the lad of his pack and pointed at her body. The boy started walking, but one of the members stopped him from doing so.

"Let me. She's fragile. Too much that the boy may break her," he argued. He turned at the boy and nodded as if he wasn't trying to offend him. Unlike the young boy, he could walk with extra weight and still stable as can be. He would not drop the young girl; she would break like an ice icicle.

The leader nodded at the man's request of carrying her. "As you would like," he stated. This was his right hand man; a person he would trust his life to. The leader moved out of the way as the other elder picked her body and wrapped her up with his coal colored fur.

Her chest was covered in his bear fur. Her pace fasten from the warmth and she creep closer to him. Her breaths were getting more constant. "She's warming up to me!" he chuckled as his own little joke to lighten up the mood. Others gave a small laugh, or roared, but most stayed silent.

Snow crumpled underneath their large feet. Trails were made across the white barren wasteland. They didn't stop or else they die from the cold weather. Each snowflake melted on their skin, and started losing their colors. Frostbite was started to attack the crew.

The sun lowered to the horizon as the day was ending. Seagulls left the place of their gathering and guarded the girl's body from above; as the group of men protected her from below. Small drips of dark red liqiad dropped against the white snow. Leaving it impure in it's color.

They soon came upon the safe area; a building that towered the island. It was placed right in the center of the island to watch at all sides in case of an attack. The leader of the pack stepped up and stationed himself in front of the door. Few words were exchanged and the door opened.

All of them ran in before the doors started closing once again. They roared like Vikings and longed for a fireplace. Men in white suits surrounded the pack and cleaned the track of cold they allowed inside. They were disgusted by the mess the ex-pirates caused.

The leader and the elder left the large group and headed down the tunnel. The two didn't get far will they were stopped. In front of them was a guard, in a white suit and mask, that blocked their way. He crossed his arms and looked at the two. "Your business?"

"Old Barney here has an injuried," the leader lied with a sick grin. He pointed to his right hand man who was spilling blood on the ground; blood that wasn't his own. Barney howled as if the wound was his own and ached in pain. The guard actually believed him; or just wanted them to leave already. Either one was good.

"Y-You may pass," the man said digested by the lack of hygiene; by allowing blood to be poured across the floors. He moved away when the two passed them. Barney did a double take and coughed right on the man in white; who squealed and started pressing buttons.

"Good one," the elder chuckled at the man's ignorance. He glanced back as the man called for backup. He slowly stopped laughing and looked at the body in his hands. The girl hasn't moved since they gotten inside of the building and it was starting to annoy him.

"She's going to make it. We're close, aren't we?" the leader joked. The elder couldn't help but think of the girl's pale skin and so much blood loss. They ended up in a dead end with only one door. The leader stood in front of the door and waited for a single beat that took forever to come. "Trafalgar, we got one injured here."

The light beamed and the door opened. The two headed inside of the small office that soon opened up into a large lad with the latest experiments. Body parts were flying in the air over their heads. A chair behind a desk turned and there he was.

Law lifted his clipboard and placed it on the table. He looked at the two incomers. From the looks of one of them, they had a broken from the blood that was pouring onto the ground. He narrowed his eyes; it was the white suits job to keep the place clean. "Just get on the table already."

"It's not me, laddy, it's her," the elder opened his fur and showed the lad the bloody girl. The fur that covered her was matted in blood. Blood started to dry around the wound. She looked sicker than a dog about to be put to rest.

"Unless one of you had a gender change, who's this?" he questioned. There was only one woman at the base, and that was Monet. There were female children, but this one wasn't one of them. This was either a trespasser or a drifter.

"We founded her by the coast. She was all bloody by the time we reached her. Close to death, I will even say," the leader stated. He cursed his beard as he glanced at the young girl. "Seagalls gave her away. If it wasn't for them, we would have passed her body. Poor thing."

"Take her to the table. I got to act quickly before we lose her heartbeat," Law thought out loud. The elder turned and headed to the table behind the desk. His bear feet stumbled across the white floors. Blood lined from the table to the door. Law already knew he needed a blood transplant. Before he allowed either of them to leave, he asked for their blood types.

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