It has been several days since Luffy has been involve with the Biscuit Room. She has been sent there every day without skipping a beat. It gave Law more room to breathe once she was taken cared of for the moment.

Only few knew of the girl inside of the white suit that Law grabbed a few days prior. Only Law and Brownbeard's unit knew of the secret behind the mask. And they were keeping it that way.

Food was placed in front of Luffy and she grinned inside. Brownbeard nodded. Even if he only knew of the girl for a while, her habits were memorable. Barney took a gulp from his sake and rested the cup on the table. They were in the dining sector of the base.

There were raging emotions in the air coming from the men in white and hazard suits. Instead of them being against each other, the group's resentment and anger was directed to the white suit sitting with Brownbeard.

It was an unspoken law around the unit. None shall communicate with such foolery of pirates. They didn't even see why on Earth Ceasar would allow low lives as pirates onto their soil. But now one of their own members were with them.

The only good thing about the pirates was them protecting the land from others. Other than that, they couldn't wait for the pirates to be killed in a failed text experiment. This all boiled down to the fact that Luffy was dining with them.

"After this, you should get back to Law, girlie." The older pirate stated as he took another gulp of his sake. He tilted the cup as he watched he swirls turn and shift with the liquid.

"Give the girl some time. Last time we went back, he wasn't there yet," the captain scowled. His savior was probably saving others, or inventing something new. Law did tell him that Luffy was his responsibly; since he was the one who found her.

"Is there anymore food?" she questioned. The two glanced down at the empty plate in front of her. A plate that was only placed in front of her moments ago. "I'm starving over here," the girl moaned as she leaned her head on the table.

Barney lifted his paw from the table. He was half bear. His lower torso, left leg, and both arms were those of a black bear. He lost it all while fighting that Supernova. A mistake that burden him and the rest of the crew.

He stood up and picked up the plate. It was sent back into the kitchen, but he still halted at the door. "Get me another, youngster. It was mighty fine," he grinned. His larger and thicker form towered above the young boy.

The younger man, one dressed in a white suit, rolled his eyes and went back into the kitchen. Grabbing another plate and returning to the spot from before. "But the end of this week, you won't have any more points."

Food doses were measured by points. Everyone ate a certain amount, but used points in exchange for feeding periods. Because of Barney using them to feed the girl, he was running out of them quickly. He may have to starve on Saturday; a day before his points were refilled.

"That's a problem for future me," he chuckled and took the plate. He came back to the table and pushed the meal to Luffy, who didn't wait to pig out of the meat and greens in front of her.

"Next time you're paying," Barney stated before leaning back in his seat. His cup was empty by now, and still was when the three finally decided on leaving the dining sector and returning to Law.

They passed several check points, which was more often than ever. And then they entered his office. On the couch was Monet. She was clipping her talons. The bird woman looked up at Brownbeard. "He's not in right now."

"Is that so? Then we are sorry that we didn't knock, so we will be leaving now." Brownbeard tighten his grip on Luffy's back and tried to push her out of the door they just came from. He was worried. Monet was someone who you should never get on her bad side, or else you will pay.

Her wings spouted and she flew closer to them. Curiously lingered in her dark eyes as she glazed at the pirates. A grin flashed across her face as she moved from one side to the other. Her wings flapping up and down. "May I ask as to why you three are here?"

"Fred here has a limp. Needed Law to check it out," Barney answered quickly; he was starting to sweat behind his neck. He wasn't one for lying, but when the time called for it, he just yelled out any excuse he could think of.

"You three are sure friendly with each other. Usually the pirates are the odd ones out here," she uttered under her breath. Her wings started to slow down and her talons were almost touching the ground. Her feathers was a light blue. So pretty that Luffy almost wanted to touch them.

Luffy lifted her hand as if to say something, but Brownbeard pinched her on the back. Her rubber skin twitched and went back in place from the action. She pouted, but her face could not be seen outside of the suit. At least her face was hidden from Monet.

The captain looked at Monet's hair, avoiding her deadly eyes. He may be under pressured, but he could spin a whole story better than his first mate. Even if it had a giant plot hole. "Whoever says that the two can't get along? Plus, this one needed help, so we helped him."

"Ah, thought there was a secret love affair or something to gossip about," she teased. A slight blush appeared on her cheeks as she giggled from her imagination. There was never things to gossip about within the lad, in which was the reason she spent time bugging Law.

" affair?" shuttered Barney. He could only imagined what played through her mind. And didn't he said that Luffy was a guy named Fred? All three of them were guys; at least to what Monet was told. 'Damn woman...' he thought.

"Well, I will be leaving first. Maybe I will find him on the way out, and tell him there's scouts waiting for him," she grinned as if she was the most friendliest person in the world; in which she was far from it.

She moved in between Luffy and Barney. Her wing flapped against Luffy's suit. Monet even made eye contact with the black haired girl, and flashed a smile her way. Her talons touched the doorframe before she finally exited the office.

"That woman...One day, someone gonna see through her mask and kill the wench." The brown bearded fellow stomped his large animal feet on the ground and glared at the door. "One of these days..."

"What's wrong with her?" Luffy questioned. She took off her helmet and tilted her head to the side. The helmet was thrown on the couch where Monet's talon laid. "Law said about the same thing. I don't get it." She pouted.

"Monet. She was stationed here to keep an eye on the place. Her rank is right under Ceasar himself. She may look innocent, but she killed more people than an average pirate. I don't know what's between her and Law, but she has a nasty rep all over."

"Watch yourself whenever she's around. No speaking at all. That woman will piece anything together. Someone took her samwich once, and she pointed them out the next day when they died of poison," Barney finished.

"A She-Devil. That's what she is. Even a great pirate like me fears the daylights like her," Brownbeard added onto, "There's a bunch of stories that float around the base. But if she hears anyone talkin' about it, you better be running."

"Oh...I think I understand now." She jumped onto the couch where her helmet fell on the ground. She crossed her legs and hunched over. She grinned at the two older men. "You two are wimps."

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