Chapter Three: A Birthday Celebration

"Happy Birthday Harry!" Harry jerked awake as someone jumped onto his bed.
"Draco! Merlin, let me sleep!"
"Nonsense it's your birthday and the house elfs have spent all morning making your favorite foods. Now come on." Harry rolled over with a groan as Draco jumped off his bed and ran to the door.
"Come on Harry! It's time for breakfast." Harry rolled out of bed and grumbled all the way to the dining room.
"Good morning Draco, Harry," Lucius said over top the Daily Prophet, smirking at Harry's sleepy look.
"Good morning father."
"G'morning Uncle," Harry said punctuated by a yawn. Just then Narcissa walked in signaling the house elfs to serve the food.
"Happy Birthday Harry!"
"Thank you Aunt Cissy."
"Oh, it's your birthday? It had slept my mind completely." Lucius said feigning surprise.
"Of course it did Uncle, is that headline about me?"
"Yes, it seems Dumbledore sent that half-giant Hagrid to deliver your Hogwarts letter last week an was notified you hadn't been there for five years now."
"Have they figured out where I've been?" Harry asked as he filled his plate with eggs, bacon, and toast.
"Not yet but I've made plans to tell them everything before they find out for themselves. A reporter from the Daily Prophet will be here tomorrow to interview you so all questions can be answered before they are even asked."
"Brilliant plan darling, as always," Narcissa chimed in as she finished her breakfast.
"Mother, what are we going to do today to celebrate Harry's birthday?"
"Well, Severus should be here for lunch and shall be staying until dinner."
"Sev's coming Aunt Cissy?"
"Of course he is. He wouldn't miss your birthday for anything, now go get cleaned up and find something to occupy yourselves until lunch. Do you think you two can handle a morning by yourselves without getting into trouble?"
"Yes Mother."
"Yes Aunt Cissy."

Later that day Harry jumped out of his chair in the library to run out the room and down the stairs when he heard the front door open.
"Severus!" He screamed propelling himself off the last couple of stairs right into the arms of a surprisingly grinning Severus Snape.
"Hello Harry," Sev said while warmly returning the hug.
"I do believe a happy birthday is in order. You are turning five today?" All Harry did was laugh as he stepped away from Severus.
"I'm eleven Sev, you know that. Now what did you get me?"
"I'm under strict orders not to give you any hints about what you may have received or where they are hidden until tonight after dinner."
"Fine. I guess it's time for dinner then."
"By all means lead the way."

"Seeeeevveeerrrrruuuussssss!" Harry whined walking into the library where Lucius and Severus were playing a game of chess.
"Yes?" Severus drawled not taking his eyes off the board until Harry latched himself onto his left arm.
"I'm bored and Aunt Cissy has Draco doing something with her so I have nothing to do."
"Why don't you read something Harry?" Lucius suggested not noticing the light blush Harry's closeness was causing on Severus' cheeks.
"I've an eidetic memory remember? I read the last book in here last night."
"My apologies for my forgetfulness."
"I forgive you Uncle. So Severus what are we going to do?"
"Since when was it my job to keep you occupied?"
"Since you won't tell me where my presents are."
"You are in luck Severus," Lucius interrupted. They all glanced to notice Narcissa had entered the library.
"It's time to open presents Harry," She exclaimed smiling as he jumped up and raced out of the room.
"Well, come one you two before he finds out I put his presents in the main living room." Lucius and Severus stood up and followed Narcissa out of the room and down the stairs to the main living room where Harry and Draco were almost drooling over the reasonable pile of presents on the coffee table.
"Alright you can start opening them now," Lucius said as they entered the room and settled on the couch as Harry dived into the pile. The first present he opened happened to be from Severus and as soon as he saw what it was he threw himself across the table an into Severus' lap.
"Oh, I love it Sev! Thank you so much, where did you find it?"
"It was just laying there in the back of a store in Hogsmeade."
"What is it Harry?"
"A pendant of a Snake and Lion twined together. To signify Severus' friendship with my mum."
"It's beautiful Harry," Narcissa said as she fastened it around his neck. Soon Harry was back on the floor to finish opening his presents. In the end he had received two other presents from Severus, a potions book and a emerald green jumper. Four presents from Lucius and Narcissa; a book on poisons, a necklace with the Potter family crest on one side and the Malfoy crest on the other, Hogwarts A History (he had wanted to read it for awhile but it wasn't in the library), and a collection of different colored robes with the Potter family crest embroidered on the chest. Last but not least he received one gift from Draco, a photo album of all the pictures that had been taken since Harry had came to Malfoy's. Ranging from him and Draco playing chess to Severus teaching him how to brew a potion.
"These are all brilliant presents everyone. Thank you," Harry said sincerely fingering a picture of him and Draco running from a Lucius wearing pink robes with gold hair and red skin.
"You are most welcome Harry," Narcissa said smiling at him.
"Now it's time for bed you two," Lucius said. Even though the groaned Draco and Harry got up, hugged the three adults goodnight, and trudged upstairs. Harry's gifts already taken to his room by the house elfs.