Chapter 2

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The boy looked at Clara, puzzled by her nickname for him.

"Chin Boy?" he asked, looking down at her, knitting his eyebrows together. Amy called him "Raggedy Man" which her boyfriend picked, but Chin Boy… that was new. He took a good look at the girl. Her chocolate brown tresses were tied up in a ponytail and she was wearing a pair of denim shorts and a red tank top. He had never seen her before, not even in school.

He extended his skinny arm to help her up but she just swatted it away and jumped up.

"Yes, Chin Boy." She stressed the syllables. "Look at your chin, it… it's just… ridiculous!" She stumbled over her words, finding herself unable to describe it.

He grasped the bottom of his jaw. "Hey! I am offended by that! And I'm sure my chin doesn't appreciate the snide comments about it."

She rolled her eyes at him. He was a strange one.

Robin burst out of the room, waving the music in the air triumphantly with a bright smile on her face. When she lied eyes on the two of them her lips curled into a smirk. "Ah, looks like you two have met already." She nodded. She walked over and handed the music to Clara. Clara took the music and stuffed it in her bag.

"What?" Clara asked.

"That is Eleven! Our section leader! But this idiot forgot to wear his section leader shirt like he was supposed to so you wouldn't know!"

"We were supposed to wear our shirts? Oh yeah! I forgot! I have it in my bag! My aunt said something about packing it!" He rummaged through his bag, looking for the shirt.

This guy was their section leader? That seemed impossible! He was ridiculous and appeared to be very scatter brained. What was Moffat thinking...?

"Aha! Here it is!" he declared excitedly, putting the shirt over the shirt he was already wearing. Robin chuckled and murmured something under her breath that Clara didn't catch.

"Well, I am sure everyone has arrived by now… except Donna maybe. She has a thing for being fashionably late." Robin said.

He laughed. "You are right!"

"So, uh what happens after everyone arrives?" Clara asked.

"Well, the drum majors talk and then Moffat is going to assign us to cabins," Robin explained.

"Okay! Should we go back to the lobby?" Clara hoped that the drum majors weren't like Eleven.

"Yeah!" She turned around to face Eleven. "Moffat wanted to tell you something so you should go find him." He nodded and ran off.

"Wait, they are named after numbers right?"

"Yep, Ten and Twelve. Yeah, has somebody explained the whole John Smith thing to you?"

Clara nodded. "Yeah, Rory did. But it's still weird and confusing."

Robin shrugged her shoulders. "Honestly, you get used to it. You will get used to everything in marching band sooner or later! We are a crazy group of kids!" she added with a wink.

The main room was filled with people milling about. Clara estimated there were about 90 people or more in the band. Clara stood by herself, leaning against the wall and watching everybody file in. She probably looked like she was anti-social but she enjoyed observing everyone. She noticed when a smiling blond girl and a man with fabulous hair donning a pair of blue glasses came in. A lot of people seemed to recognize them. Somebody was popular.

Clara was so involved with observing the couple that she didn't notice the boy walking behind her.

"Hello beautiful." a sultry voice whispered behind her. She could feel the person's breath tingling on her neck. She jumped up and turned around to find the source of the voice. She was greeted by a smirking face wearing a...captain's hat? What was with these band people and their weird accessories?

She cleared her throat. "Um, hello there. Who are you?"

His smiled widened, if that was even possible. His teeth were so white they almost blinded her. "Jack Harkness. And who are you?"

Before Clara could reply, the boy who had walked in came over to them. He had a stern expression on his face. "Stop it!" he barked.

"Can't I say hello to anyone!?" Jack groaned.

"No." the boy muttered.

"Hello!" Clara said awkwardly, waving at the boy with the blue glasses.

"Hello there! I'm Ten! Drum major of the marching band!" He extended his hand for a handshake, which Clara shook firmly. "And don't mind Jack. He flirts with everyone. I bet he does it in his sleep," he added.

"Hey! I do not!" Jack protested.

"Yeah you do!"

"FUCK!" a loud voice proclaimed with a heavy Scottish accent.

"Mm, looks like Twelve is here. I better get going. See ya'...?" Ten said, his voice fading out.


"Clara!" He scampered away, over to the boy with a stern expression and scraggly eyebrows.

She noticed that Jack was watching someone rather intently.

"Who are ya' looking at Harkness?"

"Oh! My friend Ianto!" He mustered, running over to him. She laughed, the flirty Jack Harkness had a soft spot for someone. Even the great fall.

"ATTENTION!" the loud voice from before proclaimed. She looked up and saw the guy that Ten was going over to talk to. Wasn't he Twelve?

"Hey everyone! I am Ten, head drum major, and this Twelve, the assistant drum major. We sort of run the band, except for Moffat and Mr. Davis." He gestured over to the two teachers. "Also, we have a previous member of Gallifrey High School Aliens- Nine, who was the head drum major." Many people clapped and cheered. "Welcome everyone to your first out of fourteen days of band camp! Welcome to the new freshman! I see a couple of familiar faces from mini-band camp. I assure you that you will have an amazing time with all of us! Just work hard and try and make new friends!" Clara jumped up. She hadn't noticed that a crowd had formed around Ten and Twelve and she was so short she couldn't see a thing! She sighed. Might as well just listen to what Ten was saying.

"Let's make this year fu—" Twelve began.

"Language Twelve!" Moffat cried.

Twelve sighed and rolled his eyes. "Whatever. So, I know last year we didn't win showcase and weren't invited to Nationals this year, but I am positive that we will make it this year! The freshmen this year seem great except for a couple of annoying b— I mean uh' female dogs. But who the heck cares! We got the most epic theme this year, thanks to the fabulous Moffat. WE ARE GOING TO DESTORY ALL THOSE OTHER BANDS!" he roared, his eyes fiery and passionate. It was a great speech but the only thing Clara was focused on was his eyebrows. She wasn't enamored by them but she just found them so fascinating…

While Clara was admiring Twelve's eyebrows, she didn't notice Eleven gazing at her. He was amused by the fact that she was so short that she couldn't see anything. As Eleven's eyes were following Clara, his eyes met with River's hazel eyes. She winked and blew him a kiss. Dear lord, he thought to himself. He shook his head, hitting the sides of his head with his hands. River just made him so conflicted and confused. He wasn't quite sure if they even were a couple last year? It seemed like they were, but River was just so impossible at times. He had a soft spot for her but it was just that River was so flirty. That girl… After he had gotten his thoughts more organized, he noticed that a group of meek freshmen who had overdone it with the makeup were giving him strange looks.

Ten suppressed a grimace, patting Twelve on the shoulder. This junior was really going to need to fix that sailor's mouth of his, but he was sure, with a lot of help, he would make a great head drum major. "Thank you for that lovely speech Twelve," he said, stressing the lovely a little excessively. "Now, let us work hard on our marching techniques, making our music stellar, and of course having a good time! Moffat, Mr. Davis and a couple of students in administration will be coming around to tell you what cabin you will be in. Our plans for today are to settle in our rooms and get to know your roommates. Then, you will eat lunch in the mess hall. After that, we will be learning marching techniques. You will be put randomly into groups, and you will spend the majority of today in these groups, learning from the section leaders. For day one and day two, you won't be meeting up with your sections. But eventually you will! Have fun everyone!" He smiled kindly and walked away with Twelve.

Clara didn't want to be caught in the crowd but unfortunately she was. She knocked her trombone case into a girl with red hair but didn't get a chance to apologize. After apologizing multiple times for knocking her trombone case into people, she eventually found Moffat.

"Hey, Mr. Moffat which room am I in?"

"Oh just call me Moffat! You will be in Cabin 3." He gestured her in the right direction and she scurried off. She scanned through the crowd in search of Robin but couldn't find her so she just abandoned the idea.

Clara found her cabin, checking twice to make sure it was the correct cabin. She didn't want to face the embarrassment of accidentally walking into a guy's cabin. That would certainly ruin her day.

She opened the door. There was a sense of thrill and excitement coursing through her. Who would her roommates be? Would they end up being in the same classes for school?

She peeked inside. The room was very nice looking and organized. There were two sets of bunk beds, with dark blue blankets and a round table with a couple of plush chairs. It looked like she was the first person in the room, which wasn't really a bad thing. She got to choose what bed she wanted. She always had a slight fear of heights and decided on selecting a bottom bunk. Since nobody had arrived yet she might as well see which bed was more springy. She flopped down on one bed and laid there. Typically, away-from-home camp beds aren't the best, but the bed was comfortable and she began drifting off...

"HELLO EVERYONE DONNA NOBLE IS HERE!" a loud voice boomed, resulting in Clara banging her head against the top of the bunk bed.

"Ow." she groaned, rubbing her head where it contacted the bed.

"Ah, sorry. Didn't mean to wake anyone, I have been told I am annoyingly loud and obnoxious sometimes," Donna replied apologetically, dropping her stuff randomly, helping herself to a top bunk.

"No, it's fine. I didn't realize how tired I was. I'm guessing that you're Donna?" she asked, whirling around to face her. She had red hair that was tied into a messy ponytail.

"Yes I am. Who are you?"

"I'm Clara. It's nice to meet you! Ready to spend two weeks bunking with each other?"

"You betcha'! If you don't annoy me, I won't annoy you!"

"Sounds like a plan!"

The door opened again, revealing Clara's next roommate. She was ginger like Donna and was carrying a flag. Unfortunately, neither of the girls thought about warning her that Donna's bags were on the floor so she tripped, face first. Her bags scattered on the floor along with her flag.

"Ouch...what is this stuff doing in the front of the room...?" the girl grumbled. While she was getting up a short blond girl with bright blue eyes, carrying a rather large instrument case, walked over to them, avoiding the luggage that had been strewn across the ground. Clara and Donna both waved at the new girl who had just walked in. She smiled and waved back at them.

"Sorry about the bags, they are my things. It would've been a good idea to put them somewhere else," Donna replied.

"Ya think?" the ginger said with a scowl.

Clara coughed, trying to relieve the hostile environment. "So, why don't we introduce ourselves? I'm Clara, a new junior to Gallifrey High School and I play the trombone." She pointed at Donna to introduce herself.

"Alright, my name is Donna. Senior, gonna' be graduating soon. And I'm part of the drum line, percussion for all you uneducated twits." She nodded her head over the ginger.

"Hey Donna, Clara and don't know your name yet." She nodded at the blonde. "The name's Amy. I'm a junior too and I'm one of the color guard leaders," she said, pointing at her shirt. Donna wrinkled her nose in disgust.

"Ugh, a guard member. Everyone in the band knows that guard is always off-beat. Guard is so easy compared to percussion."

"Hey! We work really hard! It isn't easy teaching and memorizing the intricate flag routines! It explains why we may not be perfectly in step! It's not as hard as banging two cymbals together!"

"GUYS! Stop fighting, will ya'? Let's not argue, I am sure we are as loyal to our sections as we are to our Hogwarts houses. Anyways, my name is Holly. I play the tenor saxophone and I am a freshman!"

Clara clapped her hands together. "Now that we are acquainted with one another, let's settle down for a bit and go to lunch."

Donna chuckled. "So you can take another nap?"

She scowled. "Maybe, maybe not. I think it is a good idea that we get our rest for the long day."

She fell against the pillow. It was the first day of camp and her roommates already seemed to hate each other. Oh joy.

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