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"Well… shit." Urushihara grumbled beneath his breath. Ashiya watched disdainfully from behind the fallen angel as he struggled through a castle in a poorly made RPG.

"Aren't you a little old for things like that?" the blonde general asked, a hint of sarcasm in his voice. "Besides, you have fought far more interesting battles in real life. How can you find something like that entertaining?"

Urushihara said nothing in return, instead distractedly fumbling with his left hand for a bottle of soda that sat beside his laptop. He crinkled his nose in disdain behind Ashiya's back and took a swig from the bottle before restarting the level.

Alsiel decided it best to separate the NEET from his games once and for all. It was about time that Lucifer began pulling his weight.

"Dammit no no NO DAMMIT!" Urushihara began to scream at the computer screen, his mouse clicks becoming increasingly violent as his avatar was pummeled to death by a burly man with a club. "NO! NO! GO TO HELL!" he screamed, as the words "MISSION FAILED" mocked him from the screen in large, flashing letters. He slumped over and buried his face in the carpet, letting out a defeated groan.

Ashiya saw the opportunity and sprung.

"Hey! What're you doing?!" Lucifer protested as his laptop was taken away by the blonde.

"I'm confiscating this." Ashiya said. "You should be able to find better uses of your time than on those games. From this day on-"

"Yeah yeah…" Urushihara grumbled sarcastically "I get it." Although he was annoyed, at the moment he stood no chance of resistance against his fellow general, partly because his human form lacked the power, and partly because the last few months spent immobile had drained his body of nearly all of its former strength. He decided to let this matter go, as long as the laptop was returned before his PASTA ran out of charge.

The purple-haired NEET reached into his udon-box enclosure to retrieve the portable gaming device. Before his small, keyboard-sweaty hands could reach into the cardboard tube to grab his game, however, the PASTA was in the clutches of none other than his fellow general and housemate. He watched, powerless, as his gadgets were locked in a cabinet, the key placed securely in Ashiya's apron. Urushihara had neither the means, nor the resolve, to open those cabinets.

"Dude, what the hell?" he groaned and gave the man a look of sarcasm and disappointment. Urushihara was in no mood to put up with Ashiya this evening.

"I believe that you may be misunderstanding me, Urushihara," He said, the sounds of both agitation at the NEET's behavior and pride in this little victory could be heard in his voice. "The laziness stops now."

"Nope. I believe that you are misunderstanding me, Ashiya," the shut-in mocked his housemate's alias, "take away my PASTA all you like, but if you take the laptop away, how can I do research to get our magic back?"

It was a terrible argument, and Urushihara knew that he had lost. Had he needed confirmation of this, he could have found it on the gloating face of the blonde before him.

"What do you want?" he grumbled.

"It has been our master's decision," Alsiel began in a highly practiced manner "that this last year you have spent in our apartment has been sufficient to prevent your arrest. Now, you should still proceed with caution, but Maou-sama has asked me to arrange for you to find a job and begin functioning as a useful member of this household. You are expected to begin your search tomorrow."

At this, the purple-haired demon was left speechless. Leaving the house meant leaving this little paradise of his. It meant people and manners and labor.

No! Surely this must be a nightmare. No. Please, no! He thought desperately.

"You're just pulling my leg, Ashiya." he stuttered nervously, trying desperately to laugh off his fear. "You wouldn't make me go outside, would you? If you do, I'll… I'll… kill someone! Yes! I'll kill someone so you'll have to keep me inside again."

Alsiel looked over at Lucifer calmly and coldly.

"If you do that," Urushihara felt trapped as the blonde slowly leaned toward him "I can assure you that you won't come back to Ente Isla in one piece."

He knew immediately that he had lost. There was no weeding his way out of this one.

"I'll start looking tomorrow," he said with a sigh.

I know that this prologue was pretty short. I intend to write some longer ones once I get the plot going a bit and figure out some of the bigger details. I appreciate your reviews. See you later!

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