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The Kingdom of Zeb


It is the year 4040 on planet Zeb and the current King is Edward Masen. On planet Zeb, a deadly disease fills the air. This disease kills women who have become pregnant the traditional way. As a result of this deadly disease, a highly advanced machine, GENETICS X, has been built that is able to give life. With one scan, and a hefty price of 80,000 lops, (the currency on planet Zeb) a woman can become pregnant. If a couple decides to have a baby, the machine will take a sample of the man's DNA and the other necessary genes that will be used to impregnate the man's wife or girlfriend. If a woman is single, she is allowed to use the machine, but she will not know who the father is. Generally, only middle and upper classes use GENETICS X due to the high cost. The middle and
upper classes are also able to receive an operation that will prevent pregnancy the traditional way, but again, only if they have the necessary funds to pay for it.

King Edward Masen is a bitter and callous man due to the events that caused his unborn child's death. He is a powerful and fierce king that puts fear into even the most courageous of men. Edward dislikes anyone who is beneath him in rank or stature, and he especially loathes the lower class. Someone from within the kingdom has stolen a sample of the King's genetics and DNA, and sold it on the black market. The king's DNA ends up inside a public GENETICS X. What will happen when a young, middle class woman becomes pregnant with the King's potential heir? How will the temperamental King react?

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