The TARDIS was out of the Doctor's control. John gripped the railing as he watched the Doctor running around the console pressing random buttons and pulling random levers. Finally, when John could actually walk, Dean came out the corridor yelling, "What the hell was that?! I was asleep, minding my business, when suddenly I'm thrown against the wall!"

The Doctor shrugged and simply replied, "I miscalculated the trajectory of the landing."

Dean stomped towards the Doctor and sneered. "Bull. If you weren't my friend you would be dead this instant." The Doctor wiped the spit off his face and straightened his bow tie.

Before a fight could start, John stepped in. "Guys, calm down. Let's continue with the task at hand?"

Dean stormed back down the corridor leading to his room muttering threats towards the Doctor under his breath. The Doctor sat back against the console and sighed, burying his head in his hands. John looked at him quizzically, then sat back in the jumper and raised an eyebrow. "Doctor, something the matter?"

"Actually, yes." The Doctor hopped up to look at the monitor. "It's where we've landed. She," motioning towards the console, "has taken us to the parallel Earth." John folded his arms and continued to stare when the Doctor looked as if he was shooting daggers towards the console. Why did you bring us here? You can't-

"Doctor? What's so bad about parallel Earth?"

"Well…" holding up his hand with three fingers up, counting down the seconds.


All the lights and console shut off. "…that for starters. It will take around forty-eight hours for her to power back up. I also have five grown men in my TARDIS who will want to explore this new world, as they always do…" John saw that the Doctor was hiding something by the remorseful look on his face. He decided to leave it alone. John then got up, waved to the Doctor, and headed to his and Sherlock's room. He blushed a little when he remembered his best mate was still in bed….and probably only dressed in his pants.

Once the Doctor was sure John was far away from the console room, the Doctor sighed. He knew that John knew. Rose. He missed her terribly. He missed all his companions, from Amy to Susan. But Rose was the one he missed the most. His pink and yellow human. The way his hearts fluttered when she stuck her tongue out when she smiled. The TARDIS hummed happily when the Doctor shot anger to her. He sighed again and turned towards the corridor leading to the wardrobe.