"Adrian Amphitrite Silverfin! What is this?"

Adrian winced at the tone of her mothers voice. Whenever she started screeching, things didn't turn out well. She looked around her mothers room. It was pretty much the same as all the other rooms in the palace. Marble floors and walls, furniture that was Sang out of the ground just like the rest of the castle, and all different colors of Morganian cloth.

Morganian cloth is woven from hair from past Morgens since overwater cloth didn't last long under the see. Over the centuries, it had become an art form and Clothmakers where revered throughout the populace. One clan had even developed exotic hair colors specifically for the purpose of weaving thousands of products from their hair throughout their life. Adrian's great-grandmother had been a part of that clan which is where she got her white hair from. Oddly, it had slipped a generation and gifted her daughter with the pearly hair instead of her. She was okay with it though, her own golden hair suited her just fine.

"Adrian! I'm speaking to you! What is the meaning of bringing this overwater child into the palace?"

Sighing, Adrian brought her attention back to her mother. This wasn't going to be fun.

"Mother, I found the child alone in a small boat after a storm-"

"SO? Why didn't you tow it back to shore or better yet just leave it there!", even Sybil knew that killing a child note not something they did. "The overwaters would have found it eventually. Why bring it here?"

"Because of this." Adrian replied. She then walked up to her mother, lightly grasped her hand and brought it to the child's forehead.

Sybil was surprised when her daughter grabbed her by the wrist but was even more surprised when she touched the overwater child's skin.

Song. Light. Pain. Hunger. Cold. Light. PainHungerCold. Light. PAINHUNGERCOLD. LIGHT-

Sybil pumped her tail a bit and backed off from the child, gasping from the sudden input to her senses that she hadn't expected at all. This was wrong. Only a Morgen should have a song so developed, even if it wasn't quite as strong as Melody's. How was this possible? How could something like this happen? Overwater Song was weak and without melody. This was developed and, though she would not admit it, quite beautiful.

"What? How?" Sybil's mind was having trouble connecting to her mouth for some reason.

Adrian smirked at her mom, "My feelings exactly."

Sybil and her daughter were both laying on the bed facing each other, with the child in between the two.



"What do we do with him?" Adrian asked.


"... we could always keep hi-."

"Do not. Finish that sentence."

"Well what can we do? It's not as if the overwaters would now how to care for a child with a song." Adrian said softly. Now was not a time for shouting.

Sybil sighed. "Thats true. Stupid savages would probably try to drown like the old times."

"Then what will we do?" Adrian asked, confused. It wasn't as if stuff like this happened all that often, in fact this was probably the most interesting thing to happen in the palace in decades. Certainly the most interesting thing that she could remember..

"... I suppose he can be allowed to stay" Sybil said. Adrian saw the way she was scfunching her eyebrows together and knew her mother was thinking on something. Suddenly, her expression cleared and AdrIan knew that she had come to a conclusion.


"Hold on. While he can stay I will not allow an overwater living in the Royal Palace of the Morganian Race."

"Then how-" Adrian began.

"You shall see daughter. But first, I have some crystals to consult."

The Morgen's version of the overwater book was a bit different. When a Morgen wanted to record information she would first create a crystal with a special Song, developed over the years to create bluish-purple crystals of condensed Song that were super-conducive to Morganian magic. The crystals, once they were resaturated with a simple Song to activate the crystals, would take anything around it and internalize it for as long as the Song was affecting the crystal. This would effectively create a recording that could later be projected by placing the same activation Song on it and shining a light through it.

Sybil was currently in the Crystal Hall, using the projector. The projector was a waist high pillar made of yet more marble with a slot in the side that would allow a a crystal to be locked in. The pillar was Sang over to both place the activation Song onto any crystal inside the slot and to shine a light from the back of the slot so that it would project the saved image onto the far wall, kept clear for just that purpose.

After the projector ran down, Sybil sat back in her chair and smirked. This might actually work.

"Adrian can you come in here for a moment. I want to show you a projection." she said out load, seemingly talking to the water.

'Goddess,someone should have Sang that Overvoice song generations ago. So useful.' she thought.

A few minutes later, her daughter swam through the archway and settled into the chair next to her.

"So what did you want to show me Mom?" she asked after a moment.

Sybil simply smiled and hummed a few notes. Next to her the projector started up again and an image appeared on the wall. The image showed a middle aged Morganian woman wearing the old uniform of the Scholar's Guild. The uniform consisted of a blue headband and and a blue shirt with the crest of the guild, a crystal with a dolphin engraved on it, sewn into the upper right corner of the shirt. The woman was standing in what looked like a Harmonics Room, a room specially created to amplify a Morgen's Song during rituals. They weren't used very often because of how taxing they were on the average Morgen, but the returns were great in comparison to the risks.

"This is Scholar Avira of the Scholar's Guild, here to initiate Experimental Ritual #73." She began, looking down at the small handheld crystal she had with her. The handheld crystals were lost during The Great Fall, along with many of the other magics of the Morganian race.

"Come over here," the woman said to whoever was holding the crystal and the view shifted as she swam over to the center of the Harmonics Room. Laying on the floor was a small...

"Mom is that an overwater girl?" asked Adrian, looking a bit shocked at what she was seeing.

"Just watch dear." Sybil replied, staring intently at the projection.

Meanwhile the Morganian Scholar had begun speaking again. "This overwater child, hereby known as Subject A, was found after a hunting party, aboard a fishing vessel."

The woman smiled down at the child she had just picked up in her arms, "Today we will be attempting to induce a transformation, changing Subject A into a Morgen."