Baby pictures are universal objects, kept always in dusty old binders with captions such as 'Martha, 3 yrs" or "Charlie, 1964," brought out in awkward occasions as an appreciated formality, something to coo over and look at, someone beaming with pride and someone else just laughing.

Universal objects, of course, transcend traditional dividers, and both James Potter and Lily Evans had baby pictures to show each other, and they did, of course, in settings that kept the dusty old binders but nobody beaming with pride. That, sadly, was kept to their imaginations.

In a turn of events, however, these pictures came out in odd moments, one at a time, and collected in their own binder that they kept on the coffee table that was labelled in cheery yellow marker: When We Were Safe.

If this seems melodramatic, let it be said that Sirius was the one who took the paint pen out of Lily's hand and wrote in in loopy letters, while James laughed on about the dramatics of the statement and Remus just snapped away with his ever present camera, saying that if there was going to be a binder, there was going to be pictures to put in it.

And so their safety was compromised, as was their childhood, but that didn't mean that they couldn't look back upon both with a certain nostalgia, and that they did.

The binder was soon filled, and it must've spent time in every room in that little flat, with its loopy yellow writing and captions written underneath. Sometimes it was Remus' picture perfect handwriting, sometimes it was James' sharp i's and t's, and, more often, it was Lily's scrawl, somehow elegant and untidy all at once.

This is the story of the photo album on the table in the center of the flat, and all the tales behind them.