Chapter One: The Aftermath

Sunday, 16th of July 2006 – Little Whinging, Surrey, England

After defeating the Dark Lord, life was supposed to be smooth sailing. Life should not have him back at 4 Privet Drive inside Dudley's second bedroom lying on a twin bed with a lumpy mattress with nothing to do but stare at the ceiling while contemplating how badly fate had screwed with his life. Death would be preferable than living with the despair of knowing his stupidity had caused the death of his godfather. Not only had he lost Sirius, but he had also learned that everything he had thought about himself, his life, his friends, had been nothing but a lie.

Harry James Potter reached for the wand underneath the too thin pillow and twirled it around his fingers. It would be so easy to put the wand to his temple and utter the unforgivable. He knew he could do it, he had enough power, enough hate for the curse to work. Doing so, would ensure that the next time he opened his eyes he'd be with his parents and Sirius and then everything would be over and he'd be blessedly free.

He had never been free.

An angry, high-pitched hoot cut across the silence, breaking his somber thoughts. Harry flinched and looked across the darkened bedroom to see the white of Hedwig's coat as she sat perched on the edge of his desk. Even in the darkness, piercing amber eyes glared at him. Hedwig snapped her bill and made clacking sounds before she flew over and used her wing to cuff him on the back of his head as she knocked his wand out his hand.

"I know, I know. I'm being stupid," Harry told his only friend, his voice raspy from disuse. "If I do it, if I end everything, they'd win. I can't give them the satisfaction of knowing they hurt me."

Pleased he wouldn't do anything stupid, at least for now, Hedwig nipped his ear affectionately before she flew back to the desk.

Harry placed his hands back under his head and continued staring up at the ceiling unable to relax and fall asleep. Maybe a large mug of tea would help. He turned to Hedwig.

"I'm going down to make tea, coming?"

Hedwig barked softly in response and together they crept down the stairs avoiding the creaky step. The door was unlocked. When Harry returned to the Dursleys Friday Uncle Vernon tried his usual crap and attempted to lock away his trunk and lock him inside his bedroom. In a burst of wandless magic, Harry waved his hand, silenced his Uncle, and stuck him to the ceiling. The Dursleys hadn't spoken a word to him since, which was just what he wanted. So far, he had made sure to skirt around his relatives as much as possible and use the kitchen and bathroom when they were otherwise occupied. Despite what he'd done, he knew Uncle Vernon would get over his fear any day now and try something else. Hoping to prolong the inevitable, Harry made as little noise as possible as to not awaken his relatives and tempt fate. Once inside Aunt Petunia's immaculate kitchen, Harry put on the kettle and searched the cupboards for biscuits. Several minutes later, he returned carrying two mugs of builder's tea with plenty milk and sugar for him and Hedwig and a plate of chocolate digestive biscuits for them to share.

Stepping inside his bedroom, Harry froze. In the few minutes it had taken to make tea, someone had invaded his space. It hadn't been the Dursleys, they wouldn't have been able to get past the ward he'd placed on the doorway. It had been someone magical. Since his defeat of Voldemort at the Ministry of Magic, his magical power had quadrupled thanks to Voldemort unlocking his magical potential and removing the blocks placed upon him during his attempt to possess him. Now, Harry was more in tune with his magic than he'd ever been. He could literally feel the magical disturbance in the air, though he couldn't pinpoint the cause. Turning on the light and grabbing his wand, he cast several diagnostic charms around himself and the room and couldn't find any traps or anyone lurking unseen in the corners, though an envelope sat on his pillow.

Running his wand over the envelope, he went through every detection charm he could come up with. The letter appeared clean. He took the letter in his hand only to gasp when he recognized the writing on the heavy, expensive parchment.

Sirius Black. This letter had been written by his Godfather. He shuddered and blinked back tears.

Was it real?

Could it be a joke?

Sirius had died four weeks ago inside the Department of Mysteries at the Ministry of Magic. He could not be alive no matter how much Harry wanted him to be. According to the Unspeakables who worked inside the Death Chamber, once you fell through the veil that separated life from death there was no returning. Yet, here he sat with a letter from Sirius in his shaking hands.

Uncaring if it was a trap he'd been unable to decipher, Harry ripped open the letter and began to read.

Dear Pup,

If you are reading this, I have died and you are back at the Dursleys. No matter how I died, do not grieve for me. I knew my time would be short the moment I realized what your living conditions were truly like and how little you knew of your heritage and the magical world. Frankly, I saw it coming. But, what type of godfather would I be if knowing my time was short, I didn't prepare my godson for life without me. I wasn't a Marauder just because of my good looks!

I cannot say more in this letter though.

Harry this is the most important thing I can ever tell you. No matter what, no matter who trust no one. No one, pup. Peter was not the only friend who turned into a rat. Do not eat or drink anything you did not prepare yourself. Be careful what you say or do. You are being watched, always.

It will happen the Monday after your return from Hogwarts.

Be ready. Be prepared to leave.



Tears streamed down Harry's face as he clutched the letter to his chest and curled up on the bed.

"Sirius," he whimpered.

Sirius had known and sought to protect him. Sirius hadn't been a part of the plans against him. To have proof that Sirius had really been on his side meant more to Harry than anything in the world. Harry had already learned that there was no one he could trust, not Ron, not Hermione, not Remus, not Dumbledore, not the Weasleys, not anyone. His entire life had been a lie. A lie orchestrated by one Albus Dumbledore.

After Sirius had fallen through the veil, Harry chased after Bellatrix Lestrange, only to meet Voldemort. When Voldemort attempted to possess Harry, he had ripped through Harry's weak defenses. Snape had spent a year weakening his mind either for his inevitable confrontation with Voldemort or for his own selfish purposes. Whatever his reasons, because of Snape, Voldemort had an easy time tearing through his shields. Voldemort had wanted to know everything about the boy who had caused his downfall, so he had ripped through his mind going through Harry's every memory from the time of his birth. But what no one had suspected that while doing so every oblivation, every mind-altering spell Harry had been placed under from the time of his parents death had been destroyed. Once that happened, power Harry had never known surged through his body and he became strong enough to fight back. Not only had Voldemort gained all Harry's knowledge, but Harry had gained all Voldemort's. Harry had used his new power to turn the tables on Voldemort. He returned the favor and entered Voldemort's mind destroying the Dark Lord from the inside out. Once finished, the Dark Lord had fallen at his feet a shell of what he'd once been.

When everyone seen Voldemort's dead body cheers erupted throughout the crowd. Harry had defeated Voldemort in the Ministry Atrium in front of the Minister of Magic, his staff, and a crowd of reporters. Drained, Harry stumbled over Voldemort's body and went to Madame Bones, the monocle-wearing witch he remembered from his disciplinary hearing. The only one who spoke up and attempted to support him.

"St. Mungo's please, I can't trust anyone now." he whispered before collapsing in her arms.

Harry came to a week and a half later inside a private room at St. Mungo's under heavy guard. To Harry's relief Madame Bones took his words to heart and no one was allowed in to see him. The aurors guarding him, his caregivers, and any hospital staff who entered his room were under magical oaths to not harm him or hinder his medical care. During his weeks in St. Mungo's, they repaired his core, fixed the malnutrition he'd suffered from all his life, restored his eyesight, flushed the controlling potions from his system, and worst of all removed the blocks and potions that hid his true gender.

All his life, Harry had assumed he'd been born a Beta Male like the majority of the world's population. Unlike Alphas, who were typically leaders and warriors, Beta's were the worker bees, the soldiers the intellectuals, the majority of society. Alpha's and their Omega counterparts were rare and only made up of thirty percent of the world's total population. The rarity of Alphas and Omega, which were even rarer in the magical world were the reason that the Weasley's were not completely shunned from magical Britain for the family's shady business dealings, which Harry had never known about.

Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, a beta couple, had managed to produce seven children, which was unheard of for betas who were lucky to produce one or two children. Even more amazing, out of the seven children the Weasleys conceived, Ronald was the only beta, which was why he had severe inadequacy and jealousy issues. Out of the six remaining Weasleys, five were alphas and one was an omega. Of the five alphas, the Weasleys produced, they also managed the rarest of the rare, an Alpha Female.

Alpha Females were females born with a male appendage that rose where a clitoris would normally be in Beta Females and Omega Females. Alpha Females also had more dominate personalities and aggressive tendencies. Alpha Females made up two percent of Alpha/Omega magical populace, and four percent of the muggle one.

In addition to an Alpha Female, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley also conceived an Omega Male, George. Omega Males were born with an internal vagina and womb in addition to male appendage and testicles. Because of their wombs, Omega Males were capable of childbirth. Omega Males were four percent of the magical Alpha/Omega populace, and eight percent of the muggle one.

The Weasleys wanted to use their fertility to raise their status in the wizarding world and bargain good marriages for their children to improve their social standing and get out of poverty. However, they were willing to do this by any means necessary and without any set of morals or basic integrity. They also wanted the ultimate prize, The-Boy-Who-Lived. Dumbledore had been more than willing to help them succeed.

Dumbledore it had appeared had not only hidden him away from the magical world, but he had also hidden and locked away his true gender. Like George, Harry was an Omega Male, and not a Beta Male as he always assumed. In two weeks, on his sixteenth birthday when he reached sexual maturity, he was going into heat for the first time.

After assuming he was normal his entire life, and not part of sub-species with insane wolf-like tendencies, Harry was frankly terrified.

Once he began oestrus, which lasted up to a week, he would send out pheromones attracting alphas from miles around. The pheromones would let the alphas know he was ready to be bred and mated. For the week of oestrus, he'd be in a sexual frenzy and being unbound he'd have to lock himself away and take care of the situation himself with toys he had blushingly purchased by owl order. Luckily, the Dursley's were Betas and not affected by his biology. He'd be able to use his wand to dampen his scent and ward his room against passing unbound alphas attracted to an unattached omega going into heat. Because of Dumbledore and the Weasleys he only had a couple weeks to adjust to his true gender and not a lifetime like everyone else.

Harry had learned Dumbledore had wanted to hide his gender until Ginny turned sixteen and came into her sexual maturity as an Alpha Female. They had planned to lock him and Ginny together so she could mate and claim him and then they-the Weasley's, Dumbledore, and Ginny, could claim his inheritance. Luckily, Madame Bones uncovered their plan once all the spells he'd been under had been discovered. She had immediately charged the conspirators, but Dumbledore had escaped prosecution and was on the run. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, and Snape, who had provided the potions Dumbledore and the Weasleys had fed him, were in Azkaban. The rest of the Weasleys and Hermione who had also been part of the plan were free.

And Sirius had guessed that something had been going on and had taken measures to protect him. Smiling for the first time in weeks, he closed his eyes and went to sleep. Thanks to Sirius, for the first time since he discovered their deception, he felt something other than hopelessness at his situation.

Sirius Orion Black had loved him. Sirius had cared.

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