Chapter Thirty-One: Look Who's Coming to Dinner

Sunday, 15 October 2006 – Tokyo Metropolis, City of Minato, Moto-Azabu District, Tokyo Japan

The next morning, well nearly afternoon (Takashi had been very enthusiastic last night) had Harry standing at the foot of the stairs staring in shock at the destruction to his den. Furniture, chairs, paintings, and other kitsch items were stacked haphazardly against the wall in a single pile reaching from the floor to the penthouse's eleven-foot ceilings. Priceless glassware found in the Potter and Black vaults dating back to first century looked as if they would crash to the floor with a single breath. Harry forcibly reminded himself he could fix almost anything with magic. Even still, he waved his hand and sent the glass through the screen door leading to the kitchen. Only then did he remember to breath and focus on what was going on in front of him.

The cousins were sparring.

Takashi, Satoshi, and Hoshimi were facing off against Mitsukuni and Yasuchika. Takashi, Satoshi, and Hoshimi were fighting with their swords while Honey and Chika were weaponless. With the high-level of acrobatics, it almost looked as if they were dancing instead of sparring. As usual, Harry had a hard time taking his eyes off his Alpha, who was the best of the lot.

"Hello Harry," an eerily soft voice piped up beside him.

Distracted, Harry looked up and nodded hello to Umehito. As usual, Kirimi was comfortably held against the blond Omega's hip.

"Sorry, didn't see you, got distracted." He nodded to the five cousins. "Impressive, huh?"

Umehito glanced at Mitsukuni who was fighting in a t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms the older Omega's gaze was transfixed on the Alpha. Harry couldn't blame him. For the first time, Harry noticed Mitsukuni, despite looking like a ten-year-old, had the body of a man, a very muscular man.

"Getting along," Harry asked when Umehito didn't answer, Harry smirked and poked the boy.

Mitsukuni and Umehito now lived together while they worked on their relationship. It seemed living with Mitsukuni helped Umehito's fashion sense. The other boy had ditched the dark cloaks and wigs in favor of hats and sunglasses. Today he wore dark, geometric dress pants with a shirt, tie, and jumper in what Atsuya would call the conservative kireime-kei fashion style. It suited him.

"You look good."

Umehito flushed. "Mistukuni took me shopping. Kirimi likes him."

Harry frowned. "I think it's more important that you like him. Do you?"

Umehito's flush deepened and he didn't answer Harry's question. Harry sighed and turned back to focus on the fighting cousins, casting the sonorous charm on his throat.


Hoshimi startled and stumbled at the sound of his voice. Unfortunatly, she had been in the middle of a back flip when he yelled and fumbled her landing. Without missing a beat, Chika caught Hoshimi in his arms preventing her fall while Mitsukuni caught Hoshimi's sword. Harry was impressed. It seemed despite the brothers' contemptuous relationship; they were still in sync with each other.

"Umehito and I are going grocery shopping," Harry announced once he had everyone's attention. "We're leaving Kirimi here, don't corrupt her and fix my den!"

Mitsukuni took Kirimi off Umehito, holding the toddler up against his hip.

"I want to go with brother and Harry," Kirimi pouted.

Mitsukuni returned her pout, widenting his eyes and tilting his head as he peered cutely over at the four year old.

"You don't want to stay with me?" he whispered teary eyed.

Kirimi immediately reached out and hugged Mitsukuni shaking her head in denial.

"I'll stay, Honey!"

Harry barely managed to hold back a snort but did look at Umehito and roll his eyes, while the other Omega bit his lip to keep from laughing. No one could out loli-shota Mitsukuni, not even a four year old.

Takashi walked up and tugged on Harry's fringe.


Harry looked up into determined gray eyes and sighed resigned. "I'm in the mood to walk though."

"Ah." Takashi went into his pocket and pulled out his mobile to text.

"Fix my den," he ordered before turning to drag Umehito out the room, only to stop when Takashi pulled him back turning his body so they were face-to-face.

Takashi reached down and ran his hand through Harry's hair until his hand rested on the back of Harry's neck. Harry could feel the electrical charge as Takashi's hand met bare skin and shivered. Gazes locked, Takashi gently squeezed and Harry felt his wolf happily submit to his Alpha's calming touch. Still silent, Takashi turned him back around with a pat on the bum and a gentle nudge towards the door. Once he and Umehito were on the sidewalk, Harry came out of his daze and noticed the other Omega staring at him curiously.


"I was under the assumption your bond was arranged like mine. It's a love match?"

Now it was Harry's turn to blush. "No, it was arranged. I didn't know Takashi existed until two weeks before my oestrus."

"Hmm," Umehito replied chuckling darkly.

Harry stuck out his tongue and playfully elbowed the Omega in the ribs. "Since you're so interested in bonds, what about yours? Mitsukuni sure has a great body doesn't he?"

Umehito gaze deepened. His blue eyes darkened. Harry could literally feel Umehito's magic as the Omega contemplated what to reveal.

"I am used to being in control, making the decisions for Kirimi and myself," he rasped. "Honey is a traditional Alpha and very . . . intense."

Harry nodded in understanding; he knew exactly how the other Omega felt as he was going through the same thing with Takashi, trying to balance his independence while still maintaining a solid relationship. Harry knew Neville had been correct. Harry was lucky to have a mate willing to compromise. From what he had heard about Mitsukuni, Harry didn't think he would be as flexible.

"I heard about Mitsukuni's lifestyle," Harry said as they continued to walk. "Only you can determine if it is something you'll be comfortable with. If you can't, maybe the two of you could live separately and he visits during your heat?"

"Honey suggested that as well if I felt I couldn't," Umehito admitted. "He does make me uncomfortable at times, but it's freeing," he whispered still not meeting Harry's eyes. "I am confused. I've never felt so relaxed and carefree around someone, especially after . . ."

Umehito clamped his lips together.

"Oh," Harry replied blushing as well as he thought about what he and Takashi had done last night. "I understand. So you consummated—"

"No! Just . . . my heat's next month. Honey wants to wait . . . for me to be sure."

Despite the uncomfortableness and their red faces, Harry let out a relieved breath at Umehito's words. Harry coughed clearing his throat.

"Maybe it would help if you met everyone, especially George," Harry muttered more to himself than Umehito. "I wonder if Ichita will feel up to a sleep over, or if George can leave the shop for a day or two, he's the one you really should meet."


"Partly," he informed the confused blond. "I've decided to kick Takashi out the penthouse next weekend and host a sleep over."

"Oh, I've never been invited to a party of friends before," Umehito admitted shyly.

"Me either," Harry said looping his arm through Umehito's. "It'll be an experience for both of us."

Umehito let out one of his raspy chuckles that sounded strangely happy.

"Do you really need to go grocery shopping?" he asked as they entered the shop, "or did you just want to find out about me and Honey?"

Harry grinned. "Mainly to find out about you and Honey. But, I really do need your help. Last time I went shopping by myself I couldn't read the labels and poured some gunk in my tea the next morning. I thought it was milk but was some weird drinkable yogurt." Harry answered shuddering dramatically making Umehito laugh.

"Well we can't have that happening. Honey mentioned your black moods are worse than his when you don't get your morning cups of tea."

Harry shrugged in agreement and dragged Umehito around the store when his mobile's ringtone blasted the song Crazy by Gnarls Barkley. Harry was going to ignore the call at first, but then he remembered last night's date and eagerly accepted the call.

"Finally. Atsuya, are you okay? How was your date with the Demon King? Do I need to kill him for you?"

An amused chuckle came from the other end of the line. "Better not. I was actually calling to ask you why I shouldn't just drop my pants and present to Kyoya?"

Harry chuckled. "Date that good."

"Perfect," Atsuya answered dreamily. "We had a private dinner at the Design Sight (a design museum in Tokyo) after it closed. Kyoya catered in dinner and not only had someone given us a private tour of the museum, but I also received the building blue prints, Harry! Kyoya arranged for me to begin a part-time job with one of the directors. Can you believe it! With this on my resume I'll be guaranteed acceptance at MIT's Architectural School," Atsuya gushed.

Harry sighed and sent Umehito an apologetic look for the interruption. He didn't want to crush his friend's happiness, especially after what happened to Mitsukuni.

"You need to come back down to reality," Harry bluntly told his friend.

"What?" Atsuya asked offended.

"Atsuya truly it sounds like a great date and I'm glad for you, but with the status of Kyoya's family, I doubt he really did anything extraordinary except have his assistant make a telephone call to arrange the evening, yet you're building him up as Prince Charming to your Cinderella. Don't you want more? Don't you want to bond with someone who is making an effort to commit to you and put your relationship first?" he asked seriously. Harry was aware of Umehito listening closely. He had to get it right, for both of them. "I realized Takashi was serious about our relationship when he, despite being told all his life to never go against family, he went against his mother and siblings upon recognizing they were treating me like crap. He proved I was important to him by making himself uncomfortable and putting us first. So until Kyoya, who by the way I think is a real sweetie underneath the false uncaring façade, does something extraordinary and makes himself uncomfortable for your happiness, he's just he's just another Alpha trying to get into your pants."

Complete and total silence met his statement. Harry began to think he'd went too far and was about to apologize when Atsuya finally spoke in a choked voice.

"See, this is why you're my best friend," he whispered.

Harry's heart warmed at the thought of someone believing he was worth being their best friend and chuckled to cover up how choked up he felt at the idea.

"Your mine as well, take the time to see if you two fit . . . but we need to talk about the most important thing. Did you snog him and how was it? I must admit to wondering if he is as good a kisser as he appears!"

"Better," Atsuya answered with a dreamy sigh then laughed once he realized what he'd done.

Laughing, Harry informed Atsuya he was in the store and he'd call him later to get the details before hanging up and turning back to Umehito.

"Sorry about that."

Umehito shook his head with a thoughtful look on his face.

"Good advice."

"I hope he listens. Atsuya's rash and really wants a mate despite all his protests to the contrary."

Takashi was waiting to greet them the moment they entered the penthouse. Once Umehito passed them and entered the living area Takashi pulled him into his arms and ran his hands down the sides of Harry's body in a gentle caress.



Takashi nodded and gently reached up to massage his neck.

"We have more guests," he warned.

Harry cocked his head curiously before leaving the genkan and entering the room, half-expecting to be attacked in a massive hug from Tamika, but he had guessed wrong. He smiled upon walking into his home. Chichi was there along with Takashi's grandparents and Mitsukuni's parents. Satoshi, Hoshimi, and Yasuchika were on the floor playing with Piyo-chan. Umehito sat next to them with a visiting Hedwig on his lap stroking her feathers and catering to his drama queen. Mitsukuni and Hoshimi were sitting in deep concentration over the GO board while occasionally joining in on the other's conversation. Chichi, Mitsukuni's father, and the grandparents were out on the patio with cold drinks and Mitsukuni's mother sat on the sofa with Kirmi on her lap talking to the girl so fast that he couldn't understand a word they were saying. Peace went through him. This was his family. It felt like family. It felt like he came home.

"That's fine," he whispered to a worried Takashi. "It's nice. Families are supposed to spend Sunday together. I'll go make lunch."

Harry skipped to the kitchen and slid open the shoji screen so he was able to view what everyone was doing while he cooked. For lunch, he fillet fish and fried them in tempura, with rice and zoni soup. For dessert, he made several banoffee pies. Once done he had Takashi set up the buffet and help him bring out the dishes so everyone with the exception of Kirimi could dish up his or her own food. It was nice to see Kirimi sitting between Mitsukuni and Umehito and them both devoting attention to the little girl while Mitsukuni had a conversation with his brother that didn't evolve into insults. Happy, Harry turned back to his conversation with his brother and sister-in-law.

After lunch everyone was eager to test out the new Wii Takashi had managed to get an early copy of. When Kirimi fell asleep she was put in one of the spare bedrooms while the rest went through the various festival games while they chatted and laughed and joked with each other for several hours. Once Kirimi awoke from her nap, Harry took her into the kitchen so she could help him bake cakes. Inspired by his visit to the Cheateau, he also experimented and baked several varieties of bread. For dinner, he made different types of fish, including sanma, the majority of soup recipes Chef had taught him and of course rice. His Omega purred in contentment at having his family together and him being able to see to his family's needs.

Mitsukuni's parents were a revelation. His father was indeed as stern and unyielding as Harry supposed he was, but his Mum . . . one glance at her and Harry realized where Mitsukuni and yes, Yasuchika too no matter how much he denied it got their personalities from. The minute she saw Kirimi she pounced on her new granddaughter, brushed and played with her blonde hair while berating Umehito and her son for not dressing her in frilly dresses and all but demanding Umehito give her grandbabies as soon as possible.

"That means you too Harry dear," she said turning to Harry. "For generations the Haninozukas and Morinozukas planned the birth of their children. Surely, you realize it is not a coincidence that our children with the exception of Hoshimi are born a couple months apart? And now more than ever, it imperative that this tradition continues."

Feeling put on the spot, Harry turned and glared at Takashi whose only answer was an amused shrug. So Harry reached over to pour tea for Mrs. Morinozukua.

"It's so nice to finally meet you. I see where your sons get their good looks and winning personalities from. How old were you when Mitsukuni was born?"

"Twenty-three. I remember it like yesterday, he was such a beautiful baby, I wanted ten more but that was not to be."

"But thankfully you were able to wait until you matured and finished school before you began having children when in most respects Umehito and I are still children ourselves."

"But that's totally different dear. You and Umehito are Omega mated to powerful Alphas." Her eyes gleamed with fervor. "Omegas are born to be child bearers and give me hundreds of grandbabies. It is your destiny."

Was she serious? Really? His role, his destiny. A haze clouded his vision at her words and some part of him noticed that Kirimi jumped out of Mrs. Morinozuka's arms and hide behind her brother and Mitsukuni. Good, he thought as he began to reach for his magic, he didn't want any accidental casualties.

Akira's laughter distracted Harry and curious, since Akira was like Takashi and rarely laughed it startled Harry enough to look away from Mrs. Haninozuka and glance his way.

"This is a sad commentary of your family's intelligence. The only one who had the sense to jump and hide was the baby," Akira commented dryly to Mitsukuni's father, Yorihisa.

Yorihisa sighed deeply. "My wife and sons have always been a bit stupid about their passions. It is troublesome. First, I had to develop every inch of the backyard so it can't be turned into an animal rescue shelter. Then, I had to restrict the amount of sugar and flour the staff could purchase so that idiot heir of mine doesn't develop diabetes or high blood pressure. Finally, I had to get clipped so I wouldn't have the thirty kids she wanted."

Totally distracted by their antics and embarssed by his near loss of control, Harry pulled his magic back inward and he found himself giggling uncontrollably especially when he saw the incredulous looks on the Haninozuka's faces at their head's words. Of course, that only made Harry giggle more.

"Speaking of intelligence, look at that boy you picked for your heir, rolling on the floor, giggling like a hyena. I'm worried about your judgement in arranging Takashi's bond so randomly." Yorihisa nodded to Umehito. "At least I found a mate for my heir who is just as ridiculous as he is and since I kicked him out the house, my grocery bill has been cut by more than half."

Despite being insulted, Harry only giggled louder.

"I am proud of the mate I choose for my son. He balances out Takashi perfectly. Let's go eat mitsumame. Because of your heir's unhealthy obsessions, my Harry keeps the kitchen stocked with sweets."

They turned and left the room. Harry was still on the floor in hysterics.

"Guys, your dads are awesome!"

Mitsukuni and Takashi rolled their eyes.

Once he got control of himself, Harry jumped up and made bowls of mitsumame, which was mainly fruit, agar jelly, beans with a sauce poured over it. He had everyone sit down with their appetizers while he, Takashi, and Satoshi carried in all the dishes to set up the buffet so everyone could relax and grab what they wanted. Dinner was great fun, especially Takashi and Mitsukuni horrified expressions as their fathers continued their comedy routine.

"Your Takashi's just jealous of how cute and innocent my Mitsukuni is."

"Cute and innocent?" Akira snorted. "Need I remind you of the mud ball incident?"

"They were five. It's cute for children to play cooking games."

"We had to call an ambulance and rush him to the hospital. And then there was the beetle incident."

"Naturally my heir would not settle for a common variety insect."

"Takashi spent two days alone in the mountains. It took two hundred people to find him. He was eight."

"Good training."

"And the earring incident," Akira roared outraged.

"Hmmm," Yorihisa stroked his beard. "Your right, no excuse for that one."

"Earring incident?" Harry whispered curiously to Takashi.

Takashi shuddered but didn't answer.


Are you there? Can't blame you if your not. Sorry, life got in the way. As I had stated before my Mother died last August and my sister who had stage four colon cancer passed away in January. That has taken a toll on me. And, I decided to return to college and finally finish. With all that, full-time job, and kids, this got put on the back burner. Hope you like. Since it's been awhile, not sure if I got the voice of the story right. This was the last of the chapters I had plotted, though I have a general idea where I'm going (yes, I am going to continue both my stories), I need to refresh thoroughly, but I hope it doesn't take as long as it had before.