Here is a summary for those who haven't read my previous story Kismet – Fate or Destiny (note the events of season 4 did not take place in both of my stories):

Eyal is the leader of a multi-agency spy team with a long term mission involving counter-terrorism. He is still a man of the world: sophisticated, cosmopolitan, slicker, skilled and experienced in spycraft but when needed dark, covert, mysterious and impulsive. Throughout the Kismet story, with the help of his brother and new love interest, he travelled quite a journey looking into himself; Learning to let go of the 'wall' he built around him to protect and defend himself and his loved ones from his career. A wall that had led to not have anyone near him, to even fear him and to project the image that he had no heart. It left him living a life apart from others and no real and lasting love interest. His journey continues in this present story but he has come a long way!

The A-Team is compose of: 1) Annie Walker; 2) Auggie Anderson; 3) Eric Barbour - tech op and cobbler(Russian term for a forger); 4) Vincent Rossabi - FBI agent and sniper extraordinaire; 5) Sharon Welby - MI-6 street wise spy, singer and Eyal new love interest; 6) Dr. Andy Michel - MI-6, Sharon half-brother and bomb specialist; 7) Robert Jackson - head of MI-6, Sharon's uncle(adopted her at the death of her father) and creator of the A-Team; Other characters: 1) Robin Jackson – Sharon cousin/adopted sister, MI-6 and terrorist specialist; 2) Avi Lavin– Eyal's son, father-son are just getting to know one another; 3) Ima Lavin- Eyal mother and former German spy; 4) Hanna - Eyal ex-wife and Avi's mother; 5) Dave, Sharon ex-husband and doctor 6) Gaby - Eyal brother and psychiatrist, his specialty… treating spies; 7) Dr. Enos - Eyal uncle and doctor 8) Rivka – Eyal's Mossad boss 9) Joan Campbell – CIA and head of the Domestic Protection Division, DPD; 10) MP(Marie-Pier) and Kevin - Sharon's children and both involved in spying. 11) Jake – a young Mossad agent and MP love interest;

Chapter 1 – Learning the ropes

Six week had passed since their return from their revealing but dramatic stay in Tel-Aviv, Israel. The A-team was still in hiatus mode. The peace talks were on hold and they were receiving no chatter on AALA (a terrorist organization and the A-team's target). And with the 'second' death of Ariel Sharon, there were other priorities for the Israeli government than the reprisal of peace talks.

Some members of the A-Team had returned to their respective agencies as per their engagement with the A-Team specified (If more than a four week hiatus, the members are to be returned to their agencies). For Eyal, Sharon, Annie and Auggie it was different. Robert wanting to keep this core group at hand, he had a special assignment for them.

Since their return from Tel-Aviv, Sharon and Eyal had been quite busy. As always unexpected and unforeseen events seemed to tail them. So no vacation time for our favorite couple!

First they had to scramble to find a new school for Avi and Kevin. Dave, Sharon ex-husband had received an offer for the job of a lifetime at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Sharon knew this job meant a lot to Dave so she had agreed to be a full time parent for at least a year since Dave would have no fix residence with this new job.

This news meant some major decisions for our new couple: Moving in together and deciding what city would be their 'pied-à-terre'. Well for Eyal it was an easy choice, London! The -33 temperature and the large amount of snow in Québec city was not at all appealing to him. It would also be easier for them to continue their work with the A-team and manage to be close by for the children. Sharon and her kids had double citizenship, Eyal had the necessary work permits and Avi being a student only had to apply to be designated as an international student. Dave's nanny was also part of the deal. Let's say it was more Robert's nanny! To Sharon and Eyal's surprise she was English and not Canadian so no problem for her to work for them in London. So it was decided, they would be living together as a 5 member family plus a nanny in London.

Sharon's daughter, MP, was happy about the situation. She had wanted to apply at the University of Cambridge for their Linguist program but pushed back her plan. She didn't feel ready, at 17, to be living that far away from her parents: Québec, Canada to London, England was not an easy one hour transit! Now she could attend her first choice university and still be living with her mother. UC was ranked the first in the UK for undergraduate studies in Linguistics. Cambridge is 88.5km (55 miles) north of London, off the M11 motorway, and a 45-minute journey by train. She could manage that easily and to top it off, Eyal had a small apartment that he rarely used and MP was welcome to it when needed. She was also please with having Eyal staying with them. Being that he mastered 7 languages, travelled the world and best of all loved to share with her his passion for art, languages and general worldwide observations, MP could not ask for a better coach and live reference. She also appreciated Eyal protective nature towards her and the rest of her family. Having him with them made her feel a lot safer. Her mother, she was sure, was capable of keeping them safe but MP appreciated Eyal presence.

Eyal had taken time to return to Tel-Aviv to discuss Avi's situation with Hanna. He and Sharon had agreed that Hanna should be implicated as much as possible with Avi while he was with Eyal. The school was Eyal and Hanna choice: Halcyon London International School a private independent school for boys and girls age range from 11 to 15. Their program would be expanding to include Grade 10 and then the IB Diploma Programme (IBDP) for Grades 11-12 from September 2014. The program requires the student to study their mother tongue, a second language, humanities, sciences, mathematics, arts, physical education and technology. It was only .5 miles from Sharon's home. Hanna was OK with Avi staying with Eyal for at least the rest of the school year. Eyal had assured her that she could visit when she wanted (plane tickets would be hers when needed, Eyal promise) and that he would see to it that Avi stayed in close contact with her. Hanna had even confided in Eyal that she would make the best of her time alone. Her recent near-death experience had made her realize that she needed/wanted to make the most of her life. Eyal had offered his help for anything that she needed.

Another big step in their whirlwind situation was having to find a home together in order to offer the family some needed stability. Both were contemplating selling their respective property, for Eyal it was his flat in London and for Sharon it was her house in Québec city.

Sharon was fearful that it was a bit too much and too fast for Eyal. He was, after all, a rambling man having many frequent-flyer mile, never having a fixe home, always on the go, continually on international missions, free of his time and most of all his own boss. She didn't know if he could settle in this 'family life'.

They had a long heart to heart and Eyal had assured Sharon that he was OK with the situation, even looking forward to it. The kids were not babies, read in on what was their 'work' and most important and new for him - accepted it. So it was kind of the best of both world for Eyal: continue being a spy while learning to rope of being a family man. He reminded Sharon that for five years he had lived a family life with Hanna/Avi and it had been a wonderful time for him. It was not his decision to walk away from that life but it was imposed on him by Hanna because of her perception of the Mossad and the dangers/violence that it could bring. He assured Sharon that he really felt in the right place with her, her children and his son. Being both experienced spied, he felt that they could handle bad situations if and when they happened. Eyal had pointed out that Roberts, Sharon's father, had raised two daughters while being a master spy and later head of MI-6. She herself had two well-adjusted teenagers all while being part of an elite spy team. That had calmed Sharon down a bit but Eyal sense that she was still apprehensive. He reminded Sharon the lyrics of a Fleewood Mac (Peter Green author) song. Sharon being a singer, Eyal was certain she would relate to the lyrics and hope it would put her fears to rest that he was truly ready for some stability in his life.

"Man Of The World"

Shall I tell you about my life
They say I'm a man of the world
I've flown across every tide
And I've seen lots of pretty girls
I guess I've got everything I need
I wouldn't ask for more
And there's no one I'd rather be
But I just wish that I'd never been born
And I need a good woman
To make me feel like a good man should
I don't say I'm a good man
Oh, but I would be if I could
I could tell you about my life
And keep you amused I'm sure
About all the times I've cried
And how I don't want to be sad anymore
And how I wish I was in love

For the time being Sharon and Eyal had to leave their house searching and family organization on the back burner. Tonight they were expecting Annie and Auggie for a visit and the day after Robert and Ima were arriving.

Just before Annie and Auggie were schedule to arrive Sharon put a pouting face on and asked "Eyal, should I be a bit jealous, you seem to be quite happy to seeing Annie."

"Love, you should know better, you don't have to worry. Yes I missed Annie but as a friend, a very good friend and also a confident. I love you, never doubt that." To that he grabbed Sharon by the waist and kissed her passionately.

And as usual they heard "Yak, you two at it again, get a room or at least try to hide yourself"

Both Eyal and Sharon rolled their eyes. "Avi, Kevin get used to it, we are not going to hide every time we want to kiss one another, how many time am I going to have to tell you!" Eyal warned the boys.

"Well could you at least not French kiss, normal parents don't do that in front of their kids. You guys are always kissing and necking, it's gross"

Sharon added "Kevin/Avi, we are not normal parents and never will be so suck it up and get used to it!" Sharon pulled Eyal toward her and kissed him as passionately as before they were interrupted.

It was Kevin and Avi's turn to roll their eyes as they returned to their video game.

To that the doorbell rang, it was Annie and Auggie. As Sharon and Eyal lead them in, Annie was taken aback with Robert (Sharon's father) house.

"Wow, Eyal you must be totally in your element here. This house is really you, it seem to have everything you little heart desires. Nothing more than a lovely Georgian town house in one of London's most exclusive addresses for Mr. Eyal Lavin."

"Correction, my dear Annie, it's Robert's house, not mine but I admit you are right, it is completely my style of house. I just love it."

Sharon added "You are quite right, Eyal is right at home here, he's in his element. Eyal, why don't you give Annie the grand tour. By now you must know this house inside out, notice your little 'reconnaissance' outings! I'll show Auggie my father's tech room, pretty sure it will be his turn to be taken aback. Once were finished house showing, we can have some wine, tea or whatever on the terrace. See Annie, Eyal is rubbing off on me, no more Pepsi!"

Sharon had purposely organized this Annie/Eyal pairing. She sense that he needed someone to confide in at this moment. A lot had changed in his life, she knew/hoped he was happy but a one on one moment with Annie would permit him to talk to someone about his feelings or insecurities other than herself. There was no jealousy, she trusted Annie completely, she was even glad that Eyal had this special relationship with her.

Auggie was not fooled, "Sharon, you paired my Annie with Eyal on purpose didn't you?"

"Was I that obvious?"

"Sharon we're all spies, what do you think! But both of them didn't say a word so I'm guessing they needed some one on one time. A lot of thing have being shaking in your lives and those two will always need to confide, seek each other opinions, rescue one another and lots more I don't even want to think about. We will have to accept that they will always have a special bond"

"Does it bother you Auggie?"

"A bit I must admit but I know Annie loves me and Eyal seems to love you. I talked to Annie about it and I quickly came to the conclusion that it's a nonnegotiable element in our relationship."

"Funny I was a bit concerned and insecure at first but not anymore. Think it was more because I didn't quite know how much Eyal loved me and even my own feelings for him. I always go by the saying 'If you love someone, set him free. If he comes back, he is yours. If he doesn't he never was' They can confide in each other things that they might not be able to share with us. I have that kind of relationship with Andy and even a bit with you… and it's often a blessing. Remember when I was having problems accepting Robert's decision to head MI-6 and you helped me get my head strait, it helped a lot."

"Sharon, think Annie and Eyal's relationship is a bit heavier than ours but I trust them both so I'm OK with it. Now that tech room is it for real!"

Sharon laughed "Auggie, you never change. Yes, it's the real thing, full of James Bond's toys. The best of the best"

"Sure Robert's OK with you showing it to me?"

"I sure, he's even going to love being able to gloat to someone about it. He can't do it with me and Robin, we just don't care about his gadgets. His toys have been a part of our life for so long that we just don't want to talk about them. Eyal is not the gadget type so you, Auggie, are going to be Robert's favorite listening ears while you are here. Come on, the grand tour is about to begin'

On Annie/Eyal side, as Auggie had guessed, they knew Sharon wad matchmaking them. "Eyal do you realize Sharon just purposely paired us to be alone with one another. She's as conniving as I am. She surely has your well-being in mind, think she sense you wanted to talk… was she mistaking?"

Eyal with a sly smile nodded his head positively "Annie, she's more than I could ever imagine. Our courtship has been quite an adventure but I'm happier than I've been in a long time. A bit scare that the current is taking me a bit faster than I can handle. Really want to keep my head out of water, now is not the time to drown."

Annie took Eyal face in her hands "Eyal, you of all people are scare to lose control of a situation, it's just not going to happen. I know you and you always have ways of regaining your grip even in the worst of situations. What I'm more concern of is that you won't be able to let your guard down enough to take full advantage of this new happiness. Leave life threat you like you deserve to be treated, let go of those worries Eyal and live your life."

"Seems I had this conversation with you some time ago"

"Ah yes, the 'Let the current take you' conversation. Well today it's my turn to tell you 'Instead of fighting/worrying … live your life! The current might know something you don't' See I remember the lesson now it's your turn to put it in practice"

"Before I only had me to look out for but now it's quite different: Three teenagers and the love of my life that I have to take care of, not scare of the responsibilities but it's quite a change from my past way of life."

Annie couldn't help but laugh "Eyal, Sharon is quite able of taking care of herself and even take care of you if you stray in a bad direction. MP adores you, she looks up to you and is quite happy you are in her mother's life. She told me that you are the best thing that happened to Sharon in a long time. Dave was a good husband but not the right person for Sharon. For MP you're 'the full package" and I'm citing her. The boys might be a challenge, at 14 they are at the crosswalk of boyhood and manhood but trust yourself Eyal. I know you and Sharon have what it takes to guide them. Eyal remember how you guided me, it came natural: Helped me become a better spy, comforted me when I was scare and gently push me in the right path when my stubbornness made me take some doubtful decisions. Want it or not you, Eyal Lavin, you have a good and strait head on your shoulders. Don't change who you are and trust your very good and wise judgment."

Eye with a wonderful smile shook his head from side to side, took Annie's hand and kissed it. "Annie Walker, you are also quite a woman. Thanks for the pep talk, I needed to hear it from someone else that Sharon. Now it's your turn, how are you managing your life, is it up to your expectations?

"Nothing special going on. Miss my sister. Since she moved to California I haven't seen her much. Miss the camaraderie we had but since I met Sharon and especially MP, I gained very good friends that I can share my worries and challenges more openly. I never had that privilege. Don't give me those eyes Mr. Lavin, you're a man, we women need some woman to woman, heart to heart and even with my sister I could not be open about my work. With Sharon and MP it's been wonderful."

"Happy to hear that. And with Auggie, how are you two living the "couple" life.

"It's an everyday challenge. Auggie and I don't have the same "soul mate" relationship you and Sharon have. I admit to envying you both. We are having some problems with the secrets our 'work' imposes on us. I don't quite know where we are at this moment. He has questions and doubts and I also have the same queries."

"Would you like for me to talk to Auggie? Sharon and I have our share of secrets. We decided to get the most important ones out in the open and leave most of them in our memories. If they are ever needed, we will share them in that time and place. If they never come up, we will never know them. This way of thinking simplifies our relationship. You and Auggie might want to think about a similar agreement"

"Thanks Eyal but to repeat myself 'I prefer to let the current take us where it should', don't want to force things. If me and Auggie belong together it will be, if not, well that's life! For the moment we are still getting to know each other, time will tell."

To that they hugged. A hug that signified not only true friendship but also a mutual pact to always have each other's back.

"Time to get back to our little matchmaker and your tech op guy." Eyal winking at Annie.

The rest of the evening was a nice change of pace for Eyal and Sharon. Chatting reminiscing and laughing with friends was just what the doctor would have ordered for them!

MP (Sharon's daughter) and Jake (MP's boyfriend and Mossad spy) came in with a surprise for them: 6 tickets to a musical that was playing at the St. James Theatre. She read them the storyline: 'Putting it Together is set at a cocktail party in New York City, where two couples - one middle-aged and married, the other young lovers just starting out - reflect through the songs of Sondheim on the complexities that make up modern relationships.'

"Mom I'd really like to see this musical. I know you love stories that are reflected through songs. The story kind of make me think of all of us: We are all starting out in a relationship, me and Jake being the young one.. that is! Please, I know its last minute but I'd really like for us to 'triple' date, would be so cool."

"MP, where did you manage to get 6 tickets? That show is sold out. I know, I tried to get some for me and Sharon!" Eyal questioned

"Jake knows a friend of a friend and manage to get the tickets. They're really good seats, Eyal."

Annie and Sharon couldn't help but chuckle. Annie even venture "Eyal Lavin, think you have just been outshine by a younger version of yourself!"

MP wanted them to decide, time was tight "Well, guys what's your decision, we don't have much time to muddle on it. Are you game or you're too old to follow us young guys!"

Sharon looked at Eyal, Annie and Auggie and she spoke for all "We're in and thanks Jake for the tickets. Just have to tell Clara (the nanny) that she will be alone with the boys tonight."

"Eyal, could you drive, don't feel safe with my mom's driving when she's in a hurry" Sharon tried to grab her daughter but MP manage to avoid her!

"Don't worry MP, Annie is as bad and I'm blind so that leave only one responsible adult, Eyal you're driving!" Auggie also putting in practice his evasions techniques!

Sharon offered Annie to sit in the front with Eyal so he could show her some sites or museums she and Auggie could visit while they were in London. Jake took his car since he had a quick intel exchange with another Mossad operative at the St-James Theater. (Eyal now understood more why Jake had manage to get some tickets… Mossad had pulled some strings).

Eyal speaking to Annie while on their way to the theater "See this is what I like about living in London: There is always a place to go or to be, it's the best city for arts & entertainment. I've never been to as many showing, musical or plays in my short stay here. Love this kind of life! Makes us forget about the downside of our 'work'!"

"Eyal, this town, the house, your new love, family with the added bonus of being the leader of the A-Team, take the time to enjoy it all and promise me not question what is happening to you, just live it day by day! You deserve all of this!"

Eyal just took Annie's hand and squeezed it. MP looked at Eyal then at Sharon with a questioning look. Sharon smiled at MP and sign to her (mother and daughter mastered sign language) "I'll explain later, don't worry nothing is wrong!"

After the show, Sharon and Eyal walking hand in hand looking at both couples (Anne/Auggie + MP/Jake) in front of them discussing (or more arguing) about the musical reviews, had to laugh at their situation, they had come quite a long way in five month! Eyal brought Sharon close to him as she pulled herself up to kiss him lightly. He responded with a bit more intensity, to that they heard… again

"You guys really have to stop the kissing thing, it's getting borderline sex addicts" joked MP/Jake

The look Eyal gave them sent chills down their backs, Jake rapidly whispered his apologies took MP hand and rapidly went to joint Annie and Auggie.

Sharon while pretending to gently return his kisses whispered to him, "Down Eyal, down, they're just kids. And mine were really not use to seeing me continually kissing their dad. Me and Dave rarely showed affection to one another. Canadians are not out and open about kissing and sex. They'll get use to it, I don't want you to stop, love the attention but give them time to adjust OK."

"I'll take time to talk to both of them later, thanks for the lesson, point taken… I'm a fast learned!" Eyal pulling Sharon even closer.

"Hey gang, I love London but one downside is the closing hours of the pubs. They mostly close at 23h. A lot better in Québec, the closing time is 3 am, long enough to have some fun after a show! Why don't you come to the house and we can have a nice nightcap. Eyal is a wonderful bartender! Auggie/Annie you two can stay for the night if you want. Annie did Eyal show you the Cinema room? We could settle down, watch a movie or just chatter between us. Morning come, Auggie you can even train in a full equipped gym especially for spies! What do you say?"

Annie and Auggie gladly accepted Sharon's offer. They were staying in Eyal flat but a night with good friends was better than just going back alone to an apartment!

Eyal notice that MP was not very talkative. He knew what he had to do and it could not wait for them to get back at the house. He gave Sharon his car keys (he did not need to explain what he was up to, she had guessed – an advantage of dating a spy!) Looking at Jake, he asked him to give him his keys "I'm driving you two back home. I like to speak to you on the way back"

Back in the car and on their way home, there was an awkward silence. Eyal broke it by offering his sincere apology. "MP, Jake I'm sorry for reacting as I did when you two joke about me and Sharon. It's the second time today that we had to deal with this kind of joke. I kind of lost my temper and I shouldn't have. I was never shy with showing my affection with the woman I'm with. MP, it's a cultural thing. Europeans are far more sexually comfortable than most other cultures and I think it's great. North Americans are far more conservative which I often find frustrating. I'm pretty sure Jake might find it a bit frustrating, did you guys ever talk about this." Seeing Jake turn all the colors of the rainbow, Eyal was quite pleased with his remark till he looked sideways and saw tears on MP face. He looked around for a parking spot and stopped the car.

"Jake stay here please, I have to talk to MP alone." Getting out of the car and walking to the passenger door he opened it, took MP hand and guided her to walk with him.

"Marie-Pier, what's going on? Did I say something that was that hurtful, don't hold it in, talk to me. Is it Jake, is it my reaction, what is it, please just tell me" Eyal was really worried.

"Eyal, it's not you, it's me. You came a bit too close to home when you said that North Americans can be prudes. I'm quite a prude and having problems with Jake with my attitude. I just don't know how to let go. Wish I could be more like mom but I just can't"

"Marie-Pier do you know what the definition of a prude is?"

MP looked at him and ventured "It's a person that doesn't want anything to do with actions regarding sex."

"You're right but it's a bit more violent than that. There a difference between wanting to take a relationship slowly or carefully while learning what is a real romantic relationship than being excessively concerned with being or appearing to be proper, modest, or righteous especially regarding sex. If you are not ready to be out front and open with sexual matters well it's your choice. Jake or your companion will just have to respect your values on that matter. Never give in on what you believe and feel safe with. You, Marie-Pier, are not a prude but a lovely young person that has a set of values that have as much importance as any European counterpart. It's just a question of culture and also experience, which you and your mother have, you know us being old and all! By the way a nice subject for you to look into. Think you would benefit from some research on this matter, I'd be willing to help."

To that MP just hug Eyal. He was startled by her show of affection but was getting to know her more and more and like her mother, she was a hugger and cuddler.

"Thanks Eyal you are the best, so glad my mom met you. I promise that I'm not going to tease you two again and I'm taking you up on that research idea, I love it. You have the best plans! Avi is real lucky to have a father like you!"

"Dear, you want me to talk to Jake, think he needs a little cultural difference 101."

"No Eyal, he's my boyfriend and it's my job…. But if he doesn't get it… I let you have a go at him! Think you scare the hell out of him!"

Eyal chuckled "Come on, let's get home before your mother sends some of Roberts gadgets to track us down!"

Arriving at the house, MP darted out of the car and yelled "Robert is home, Robert is home!" Robert and Ima had just arrived and were getting out of the taxi.

Eyal came to great them and help with the luggage. Robert looked at Eyal and sighted. "Can you explain why I can travel with only one baggage and that woman needs 3!"

"Not going there Robert, no going there." Eyal looking at his mother, her eyes where enough for him to back down on this conversation. Enough girl emotions for one night, he thought.

Robert was happy to be back in his home, he always thought of this house as his safe haven. Since Sharon and Robin had moved out he was thinking of selling it. It was a lovely house but way too big for one person. This house needed to be owned by somebody who could do it justice. A huge house made for family, entertainment or business. He had talked to Robin and she was OK with his decision but Sharon was another story. Like him, she was attached to this house, it had a sentimental value for her. His decision to sell it was his solution to get on with his life, he only hoped Sharon would understand. A way to forget about his long lost love Anna and start a new life with Ima (Eyal's mother). Robert planned on telling Sharon about his plan as soon as possible, get it over with rapidly.

Robert and Ima did not hand around long. They seem to be quite tired. Our three couples watched an old John Wayne movie and teased Jake for not knowing who was John Wayne but to their surprise, MP had no idea who he was also! After talking a bit about all and nothing they called it a night!

The next morning Robert knew just where Sharon would be, on the terrace with a glass of milk and cookies, laying down and looking up at the sky. It was her 'thing' since she had been a teenager. Robert coming and sitting down beside her, she got up and hug him.

"Didn't have time to properly greet you yesterday, you and Ima seemed to be so tired."

"We were, I'm getting old, travelling is getting to me more and more."

"Dad, you're not getting old, think it's a little thing called love and 50 shades of gray. Eyal said the same thing to me when we arrived here. You men just have to learn not to tire yourself while on planes." Sharon winked at her dad!

Robert face turned a nice shade of red "Can't have much privacy with a daughter who's a spy. Sharon I have something important I would like to discuss with you. I know you are going to be disappointed with this decision but it's one I must do for myself. I plan on selling the house."

Sharon just looked at Robert in disbelief "I though you loved this house, never in my wildest dreams I though you would ever sell it."

"Sharon, I know and it took me a while to come to term with my own decision. I have a second chance at love with Ima. This house has too many souvenir of Anna for me to be able to get on with this new chapter in my life. I told Robin and she is OK with it. I knew it would be different with you. That bleeding heart of yours is still alive and kicking. I'm sorry, I know it hurts you but I really need to do this. Please don't turn on those deceptions and turning techniques on me, you know just how to get me to do whatever your little heart desires!"

Sharon was quite disturbed with the news but put up a brave front for her father. She knew she could twist him around and maybe gain some time but she also realized that he was right. She wanted him to finally have a life. Later she confided in Eyal about her father's plan and especially her feelings. She wanted his advice on how to deal with this news.

"Sharon, this might be the craziest of thoughts but maybe we could find a way to buy this house. You love it and I just fell in love with it too. We are looking for one. I can have my accountant look at this investment, I trust him to give me a frank opinion on our possibilities.

"Eyal, this house is really expensive. I can't let you give up your life savings that you saved up. Remember I'm an accountant… personally I don't have the money it will take to buy this house. It's way out of my league, trust me on that. I can't accept that you put more in this, for me it has to be a 50% - 50% investment.

"Sharon, please let me at least talk to your father about it. There are a lot of ways of acquiring a property. I have some experience with acquiring and selling properties."

By chance Robert was just passing in the hallway.

"Robert, you have a moment. Sharon and I would like to talk to you about something."

"Sure as long as you're not going to tell me that Sharon is pregnant and you want me to be the godfather!"

"Very funny Dad, very funny! Think we have our hands full with three teenagers, forget the baby thing, not going to happen!"

"Robert, since you are thinking about selling this house, we might be interested in buying it." Eyal not being one to beat around the bushes with financial decisions.

Robert looked at Sharon then at Eyal, "Are you serious, really"

"We certainly are, it's the price that we're concern about. I made an appointment with my accountant to look in to the possibilities budget wise. But we would need your asking price."

Robert pulled Sharon to him "Why didn't you mention this to me earlier. I would love for you to have this house. It's what I wanted to happen but though for sure you and Robin would never want nothing to do with this house: too big, too old and especially too many memories. I know some were not happy ones. Seeing this house have a second life, a family life, especially one of my daughters, Sharon it's wonderful. Eyal, if you're serious set up a meeting with your accounting, I'll be there be it in England or Israel." He hug both Sharon and Eyal and was quite emotional. Sharon had not seen her father this shaken since a long time. He excused himself wanting to tell Ima the wonderful news!

"Well that went a lot better than I expected" Eyal looking at Sharon.

"Still think we don't have the money for it. Well I don't and Eyal really don't want to start our journey as a family worrying if where going to be able to make next month's mortgage payment. I never live with budget problems and really don't want to start at my age.

"Sharon, I made some very interesting and profitable investments along the years. A spy's career is a short one and you know me, I'm a planner by nature, always a plan B. Look I have the means to pull this off and it won't necessitate me auctioning off all I have. Please let me do this for you, for us. One way or another, buying this house can only be a profitable investment. If for some reason things between us don't go as plan, I won't lose if I have to resell this house."

"Eyal I can't, I don't feel right. Everything is going too fast. This is a huge decision. Yes, I love this house, it always was my safe haven but having you putting your life's saving into it, I just don't feel right"

"Sharon, you haven't been listening, I won't need to lapidate my life savings. If you want me to spell it out: I am rich and would love to offer you, your children and my son this house"

Sharon just looked straight in Eyal eyes. "You're dead serious aren't you, you're really telling me the truth."

"Sharon, I've been on missions that were dangerous even deadly but also quite lucrative. Since I was a loner those missions seemed to end up for me to grab. It's only luck that I've survived them all but it left me with a nice retirement fund. I've been quite successful in investing that money so yes Sharon I'm quite capable of buying this house. Also, remember I'm a team leader and that come with an interesting pay spike. I can also double dip as a Mossad operative. But the price had to be right, I'm quite good at negotiating and I won't pay more than what it's worth be it your father our my best friend!"

Sharon had to laugh at Eyal "You know I love you and yes you are quite a dealer Mr. Lavin! Love this house and love my children.. Avi included. I accept your offer but I plan on participation to the best of my capacities'. I would like to be present at all meetings or negotiations. We are going to buy this house together as partners."

Eyal picked up Sharon and carried her to their room for a wonderful sexlabration of their agreement!

To be continue.

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