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It didn't even occurred to him to warn her about the Humans who were...being intimate? (Note: inquire as to the correct terminology of the act) in the hallway. She stopped, her hand still holding his wrist, and giggled. "Oi! Get a room, would ya? There are kids out here!" The sound came from Amanda Grayson, but it was Lady Dora's voice.

Jamie and Gale sprung away from each other and looked up with worry, but their faces instantly grew more joyful upon seeing Miss Grayson.

"Mandi!" "Honey!" the two shouted simultaneously, and Miss Grayson dropped Sarek's hand. She ran to Jamie (whom Sarek had determined was her 'cousin') and jumped on him, wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist.

"Oh, I missed you guys so much," she whispered, but Sarek's superior ears could hear her.

"Missed you too, kiddo," Jamie whispered back. Miss Grayson released him and turned to wrap her arms around Gale's neck, even though he had to bend down to accommodate her.

She pulled back slightly and put her hand on Gale's check. "Geez, you just get yummier every time I see you!" Gale laughed and kissed her cheek. Sarek blinked, wondering if his information that Humans were not canibalistic was incorrect. Jamie cleared his throat.

"I see you've met Ambassador Sarek," he said, nodding in Sarek's direction. Miss Grayson released Gale and ran back towards Sarek. "Yes! Poor baby is bleeding and I was looking for the -" She froze, holding Sarek's wrist, and turned to him. "Ambassador? You didn't mention that! Aren't you a little young?"

Sarek raised an eyebrow. "I am 30 Terran years old. What do you classify as young?"

"30?" repeated Gale.

"Seriously?" Jamie questioned.

"You age better than Gale!" Miss Grayson exclaimed. Sarek just blinked. Miss Grayson seemed to remember that he was bleeding, and the concern appeared on her face again. "Oh, come here, baby. I'll get you patched up." She tugged on his wrist more insistently.

"Why do you continue to call me 'baby' when I have just proved that I am an adult?" he asked. Laughter from Jamie and Gale echoed down the hall, and Miss Grayson turned back to him with an amused smile, but did not answer.

"Oi!" Jamie shouted as Miss Grayson pushed Sarek into a room. "No playing 'wandering hands' with our Vulcan!"

Miss Grayson peeked her head back out into the hall. "Oh, shut up!" Sarek looked around and came to the conclusion that they were in a small 'bathroom,' whose existence he was not previously aware of. Miss Grayson had shut the door and was now opening the cabinets enthusiastically. She pulled out a red box labeled "First Aid" and smiled at him happily.

"What is this game 'wandering hands' that we are not allowed to play?" Sarek asked. "Vulcans do not play games," he felt compelled to add in order to avoid confusion. Miss Grayson smiled at him again.

"I - I don't know how to explain it. It's a sex thing." She soaked a cotton swab with alcohol. "You allergic?" she asked, holding the bottle up. He shook his head. "You - your hands are really sensitive, right? Then this is going to hurt. Really bad. I suggest you sit down."

Sarek frowned, but sat cross-legged on the floor. Miss Grayson sat opposite him and pulled his hand into her lap. She threaded her fingers in between his -between their first and second knuckles - her thumb stroking his forefinger absently as she soaked the cotton swab once more with her other hand. Sarek opened his mouth to ask her to stop, but she turned to him pityingly and pressed the cotton swab against his wound. Darkness crept into his vision and he hurriedly pushed himself into a trance.

He surged into consciousness with a gasp, sitting up rigidly and finding himself staring at a foreign wall. Ah, yes. The 'bathroom.' He heard humming and the sound of water to his left, and turned to find Miss Grayson seated on the countertop, her feet in the sink. She smiled at him through the mirror.

"Look who's finally up! How was your nap?"

Sarek frowned. "I was not 'napping.' I was merely in a trance to disengage from -"

"I'm just teasing you, honey. You were only out for like 10 minutes -"

"12.4 Terran minutes," he corrected, rising to his feet and turning to face her. She turned the water off and wrapped a towel around her feet. He caught sight of lesions on the soles of her feet, and filed the information away for later use.

"Yes, alright. 12.4 minutes," she grinned. The pain was gone from his hand. He looked down to find the skin completely healed. "I used the handy-dandy dermal regenerator while you napped," she explained.

Sarek frowned. "I assume you are 'teasing' me once more." She smiled and nodded. He recalled a question he had earlier, and took the opportunity. "May I ask you a question?"

"Uh huh!" she slid down from the sink and opened the door, beckoning for him to follow.

There was no one in the hallway. "Are humans cannibalistic?"

She laughed, sudden and loud, turning back to him with wide eyes. "Of course not! Have you been reading pirate stories?"

He frowned. "I do not know what those are."

"Well, they are about pirates...Nevermind. Why do you ask?"

"You called Gale 'yummy' in your earlier conversation," he told her. "That is a most commonly used descriptor of food."

"Oh! Oh, no! No! It just means - well, it means hot, I guess," she tried to explain.

"'Yummy' and 'hot' are two very different descriptors," he reminded her. She frowned.

"Yes. Alright. Um, they both mean, in human vernacular, that he has sex appeal." Sarek frowned. "That he is sexually attractive," she amended quickly. "Didn't you notice?"

Sarek tilted his head. "I am not sexually attracted to males." Miss Grayson blushed. Curious.

Then she grinned. "Neither was Jamie." Sarek raised an eyebrow. Even more curious. "Come on, we got half an hour before people start waking up; we gotta get breakfast ready!" She was so enthusiastic that he did not have the urge to tell her about the Vulcan tradition. He would welcome her conversation regardless.

She was showing him how to 'boil eggs' for the celebration when they heard loud whispers and shrieks in a different language coming down the hallway toward the kitchen. Miss Grayson smiled down at the eggs, seeming to understand the words.

A female Orion rushed into the room and wrapped her arms around Miss Grayson from behind, and Sarek straightened.

"Aynna!" the Orion shrieked, and another entered the room, laughing. "Goajnla! Goajnla! I have missed her much! You are jmiud!" Miss Grayson laughed and the two swayed back and forth.

"Well, I wouldn't say a jmiud, but I am pretty awesome, huh, Ninyv?" She asked the second Orion, who laughed.

"Jmiud," she said firmly. Miss Grayson laughed again, before turning around to Sarek.

"Ambassador, have you met Eabr?" she queried, gesturing to the first Orion, and Sarek recognized her as the wife of one of the many cousins.

"Yes." Eabr nodded the affirmative.

"Ambassador, this is my seab -" Eabr started.

"Sister," Miss Grayson cut in helpfully.

"Sister," Eabr nodded and gestured to the second Orion. "Ninyv. This is Ambassador Sarek, of Vulcan."

"Beχ," Ninyv smiled, winking at Miss Grayson and Eabr. Miss Grayson smiled and looked down, while Eabr nodded enthusiastically. "Aynna?"

"Beχ," Miss Grayson repeated. Sarek decided that 'Aynna' must be her name in Orion, or perhaps a 'nickname.' Ninyv smiled triumphantly.

"Greetings," she said, smiling widely before wrapping her arms around her sister and kissing her cheek. Sarek held up the ta'al.

"Set the table?" Miss Grayson suggested to the Orions, and they nodded enthusiastically and began opening cabinets. Sarek poured the hot water from the pan of chicken eggs.

"Vulcan?" Ninyv asked.

"Vulcan," Eabr affirmed. Miss Grayson looked at Sarek pityingly. He frowned.

"A little green birdy told me a certain fancy-pants teacher was home? Where, oh where, could she be?" a male voice called out, and Eabr's husband, Dylan, entered the room, looking side to side dramatically.

"Certainly not near the food!" Eabr laughed. Dylan grinned at Miss Grayson and hugged her tightly.

"Hey, Mandi."

"Hey, buddy." He kissed her cheek.

"ʃulb," Ninyv said.

"Oni," Eabr replied, tossing her a stack of ceramic plates. Sarek frowned.


Eabr nodded. "Mliejn," she added.

"Who are they talking about?" Dylan asked Miss Grayson, adding drops of color to bowls of hot water, which Miss Grayson had set out.

"The Ambassador," Miss Grayson blushed. Dylan raised his eyebrows, and Sarek imitated the expression.

"Do you understand Orion?" he asked. Sarek shook his head. Dylan and Miss Grayson exchanged glances.

"F," Eabr told her sister, and both Dylan and Miss Grayson laughed.

"You know, I'd be worried if I was married to anyone other than an Orion," Dylan told his wife with a smile. Eabr 'winked' at him.

"The children are like this everyday there. It's so funny," Miss Grayon giggled. Sarek frowned. The Terran children? That is unusual.

He noticed Ninyv staring at him then. "Ibe," she said with finality, all three of the Orion-speaking Terrans gasped. Miss Grayson and Dylan turned red.

"Ninyv!" They all shouted, though not at the same time.

Ninyv tilted her head in question.

"You can't tell," Eabr chided.

"Not the point!" Dylan interjected.

"You can't talk like that on Terran!" Miss Grayson scolded.

"Exactly!" Dylan shouted, gesturing with his arms.

"Can?" Ninyv asked.

"Be - because! You just can't!" Dylan stammered.

"Betazoid children," Eabr told her sister. Ninyv nodded.

"Ituln," she told them. Dylan rubbed his eyes with a sigh. Sarek tilted his head, and decided that it would not induce a diplomatic incident if he asked.

"What have you been saying regarding me?" he asked.

"We've been listing off your attractive qualities," Eabr informed him with a smile. Sarek blinked.


"You are...mlotla? Beχ?" Ninyv turned to her sister with a raised eyebrow.

"Attractive," Miss Grayson and Dylan supplied simultaneously. Miss Grayson caught Sarek's glance and started laughing. Sarek remembered their earlier conversation.

"I hope I am not 'yummy' as well. That remains an unpleasant descriptor," Sarek told the group, and Miss Grayson laughed harder, clutching her abdomen. He felt a strange sense of satisfaction, and attributed it to his increased mastery of the Terran language.

Glossery anyone? Hehe:

goajnla - thanks

jmiud - queen

seab - sister

beχ - beautiful

ʃulb - ears

oni - muscle

seuθ - lips

mliejn - eyes

faŋ - buttocks

ibe - penis

can - why? (For what reason?)

ituln - regrets

mlotla - to attract

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