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Pairing; Bella/Sam.

Warnings; This story contains adult content; language/sex and violence.

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Chapter ten - Ours.

I have never felt more satisfied than I do today. Bella is finally mine. Do I need to say more than that?

She reeks of my scent and my bite mark on her neck releases my very essence in small doses so that no man nor wolf could even pretend to doubt my ownership of this tiny slip of a girl. I feel pride as I gaze at her as well as another undefined emotion which floods me when her wide dark brown eyes meet mine. My heart skips a beat and I wonder at the strange effect Bella has on me. She is everything I want and she makes me feel alive as no one else ever has. As fucking sappy as it sounds, she makes me feel complete.

I woke up this morning in Bella's house, thankful that chief Swan never made an appearance because I had no desire to leave the warm fragrant bed of my mate. He had obviously had a night shift. I stroked a hand lightly over her tumbled auburn hair, revelling in the silky softness sliding between my fingers. Her creamy skin is like velvet beneath my mouth as I lick and then suck the sensitive skin of her neck and her closest shoulder into my hungry mouth.

A small whimper leaves her lips at my zealous attention and her face turns to me on the pillow, a lazy smile flitting across her lovely face, her chocolate coloured eyes sleepy and content.

'Morning.' She whispers as our eyes meet, causing a delicate blush to tinge her cheeks with a becoming pale rose.

A growl rumbles through my chest before I even know it at the feel of her curved ass against my cock. It pulses and twitches in need at the sublime thought of being balls deep inside Bella's beautiful body once more. We must have been having sex all night with hardly a pause and yet I am not sated. Somehow I don't think I ever will be where she is concerned. She ignites a hunger inside me that is insatiable.

'Sam...' Bella says softly, her eyes still shy at saying my name, but she is content as well, like saying my name has released her from bindings that were too tight. 'I want you.' I watch closely as her rosebud plump lips form the words I have been dying to hear from her.

I nip the skin I hold in my mouth lightly as I lock gazes with her. I feel feral so I know I undoubtedly look the part too. Her lustful reactions to the animal in me makes me harder still as she moans softly at the expression in my eyes.

I release her flesh and whisper growl. 'I want you too, Bella. Again...' kiss. '..and again' kiss. ' ...and again.' I grin at her lifting her whole body easily onto mine.

The pale early morning light illuminates her naked gentle curves and pretty breasts perfectly. Her hair is a wanton cloud of mahogany tresses around her face and body. Her alabaster skin is peppered with small finger shaped bruises and small bites...all passionate evidence of my oral worship of every inch of her fragrant skin. Bella smiles down at me, her hands reaching for mine as she steadies herself atop my stomach. Our fingers tangle and touch, pale versus dark, I am entranced by the differences in our colouring. Most of her shyness has fled in the face of what we have been doing together all night long. There is not one inch of her that I haven't seen and tasted throughly. My hardness nudges her ass longingly but I know we must wait to further our passion simply because I have a pack meeting this morning and I must leave shortly to get back to my house on time.

Bella leans down across my chest and presses her lips to mine in a chaste kiss of love. I feel my heart leap and then pound as the girl I cannot live without demonstrates her feelings for me so easily. I have never been in love before, I had once thought that I had loved Leah, but I now know that it couldn't have been love, because it pales in comparison to what I feel for Bella.

This tiny white girl is my whole world and nothing and no one can ever replace her. I want to spend the rest of my unnaturally long life beside her, I want to one day see her slender body blossom with my child and I want to raise many children with her. I want a home with her at its center. I want it all with Bella.

Even though I haven't vocalised these feelings to her they are there none the less. I am not a particularly articulate man. Are any of us truly that good at expressing deep and profound emotions?

My personal issues and weighty responsibilities have made my life's focus be on survival and being a leader before I was even ready to be a man.

I am not sure of how to tell Bella how she makes me feel.

Maybe I will wait until a particularly tender moment to blurt out the truth or maybe I will just let my actions speak for themselves. Now that she isn't fighting our mutual destiny any longer, my wolf is so content that he is all but silent. The possessive streak that all wolves have is sated in the knowledge that this girl of ours can not belong to any other now, not without them losing their lives over her. So now I feel free for the first time since I saw her in the forest, so broken, filled with dispair and sadness. I can now concentrate on the human side of my feelings for her.

My Bella, my everything.

She smiles at me hesitantly as she watches emotions flicker across my face curiously. "What are you thinking?" She asks at last, biting a rosy lip.

I lift our joined hands and study them as I entertwine our fingers more fully a slow smile spreading across my face. "I am thinking that we have a pack meeting. Are you ready to come with me as my chosen? "

Bella nods then as I hear her heart beat pick up until it is thudding vigorously.

"Up don't have to be scared. I will not let them hurt you. Your mine now, Bella and no one would dare to hurt you in anyway. I swear it."

A soft smile lights her features as she hears my words. "Thank you Sam, I was worried about.. you know. ..Leah and Jacob. ..and Paul. .. but I know my place now and I'm not scared anymore."

I grin. "Your place?"

"I am the alphas chosen mate." She lifts her head high with unconcious pride and I feel my heart swell further. "I know you wouldn't let anything happen to me." A bright blush splashes across her cheeks at having to admit what she thinks.

"So you're coming with me?"

She nods as she leans down to kiss me again. I lift my head and shoulders and meet her half way. This kiss isn't so innocent and we both groan at the sensation which explodes through our bodies at the delicous contact. It's like a drug.

After a few minutes of some heavy making out but no actual sex we get dressed and make our way out to Bella's truck.

"When is your Dad due back?"

"Tonight. He pulled a double shift which he usually does at the end of the month."

I nod in understanding and get into the passenger side. Bella stares at me and I shrug, "What? "

"Don't you want to drive? Don't all men do that?"

I shake with laughter at her stumped expression. "No, Bella, it's your truck and besides, if I sit next to you instead of driving I get to watch you."

Bella blushes an even deeper red than before as she climbs in and nervously checks her face in the review mirror.

I watch her adjustments with amusement, quirking a single brow in her direction. "You look fucking beautiful." I state with all sincerity.

She freezes and glances over at me a small smile hovering around the corners of her mouth.

"Ready?" I ask.

A small nod is my answer before she starts the old truck easily, it's engine a deafening roar.

The drive to the Rez doesn't take much time even though her truck doesn't do much over sixty. I keep quiet and let her drive at her own pace. I am so fucking contented I have the energy of a barnyard tabby cat at present.

At we round the bend just before my house, I can smell them. The entire pack is there waiting for me.

Bella moans in horror beneath her breath as she catches sight of Jacob and Leah standing out front. I grin at her because I know she is shy, I can't deny I fucking love this.

We pull up noisily and Bella shuts off the engine. Jacobs face us filled with dislike levelled at me as well as Jealousy. Leah sniffs and turns her face away in disgust as I get out and walk around to Bella's side if the truck.

I take her hand which was about to disappear into her pocket and I fold my fingers around her small ones, pulling her to my side. Her casual outfit of tank top, hoodie, tight jeans and converse sneakers is so Bella I have to grin. Her only feminine relief is her very long curling mahogany hair which shines and shimmers as it falls to her hips. The mark at the side of her neck if visible as well as another hicky on the top of her breast. I cannot stop the shit eating grin on my face. There is nothing about this situation I don't like. Showing everyone that she is finally ours makes my wolf and I very happy.

Bella is mine now and no one can doubt it.

She is dwarfed by my size but I think she takes comfort from my muscular bulk because she leans into my side as we make our way inside.

All eyes are on us as we enter. Jacob and Leah nod at me in greeting, both ignoring Bella's presence. I feel my anger start to boil.

Paul's eyebrows disappear into his hairline at the sight of Bella held so close to my side.

"Well good morning Bella." Paul snarks, his tone nastier than usual, after he has nodded his greeting to me, he let's his gaze slide down her body with insulting attention to detail and I feel the need to whip his cocky ass. "When is it my turn?"

I barely stifle the growl that rumbles through my chest as my hand tightens convulsively around Bella's.

Bella lifts her chin and faces him squarely. "What do you mean, Paul?" She asks tiredly.

"Seeing as though you are working your way through the pack. I was wondering when I get my turn? Being pack whore you need to give us all a fair go. Jacob, Sam and now me?"

I didn't even stop to weigh anything in the balance as Paul's foolish words flashed through my brain causing me to lose it immediately. I pushed Bella out of the way and felt my whole being shimmer violently as my voice came out like a clap of thunder.

"Apologise!" I demanded my fists tightly gripped claws.

Paul's eyes widened in shock and fear pulsed through him as he realised his mistake. "Shit, sorry Sam, fuck, I didn't mean to insult you. I was trying to pissed her off, not you..."

His words only served to inflame me further as he refused to apologise to my Bella.

I stalked towards him and grabbed his throat with a single hand throwing him backwards through my front door. Being almost a match for my height he was a fair adversary.

"Apologise to HER!" I barked as I followed him down onto the grass.

I heard Bellas worried whisper, 'It's okay, Sam. Leave it, please.'

I turned to her and the rest of the startled pack and ground out through clenched teeth. "It's NOT okay, Bella, he insulted you and you are mine, my mate. You are my chosen and I will not have anyone insult you!"

I saw several pairs of eyes widen in shock at my open admittence of what had only been rumoured up until now. They had all thought that she was just a passing fancy piece of ass. But fuck were they mistaken.

"Stand back." I said to Bella firmly and she obeyed instantly.

I phased as soon as she was far enough away from me.

I watched as Bella's face became more pale then it had been, my wolf still scared her somewhat, I knew. She shrunk before my eyes as my stature grew to epic proportions. My head now several feet above hers.

I turned to see Paul phase too, his grey wolf growling at me menacingly.

I attacked him without further ado. It was deeply satisfying to tear into his sarcastic nasty ass. He was a very good fighter and we were evenly matched which made me keep my head in the game. I fucking loved fighting and now I had good reason too. My wolf was out for blood and I wasn't going to rein him in at all. Paul needed a good fucking lesson and I was going to be the one to give it to him. Always the stoic leader now I just let rip and it felt so good.

Soon we disappeared from the packs veiw and the last thing I saw was Quil and Embry take Bella's arms and guide her inside.

I then went about the business of fucking Paul up good and proper. Stupid shit deserved it.

0 0 0 - - - 0 0 0

Battered and more than a little broken, but healing rapidly, we made our way back to my house. Pack ethics were satisfied and so was I. Paul had apologised to me and now he was going to apologise to my Bella.

She was sitting on the small ratty sofa once again, feet tucked up under her, swamped on either side by Jacob and Quil. They jumped up and moved out of my way as soon as they saw me. Bella's pale face and worried expression hurt my heart although I knew she would have to get used to the way we did things sooner or later.

I touched a half healed cut that ran through my bottom lip, fucking thing was tiny but hurt like a bitch. I sat down besides her and pulled her into my arms. The remaining anger that swirled around inside if me evaporated at the touch of her slender arms around my neck and her head against my chest.

Above her head I levelled my angry glare at all of my wolves. "Know now, that Bella is my mate and my chosen and as such she is due the same respect you give to me. If any of you forget that again I will do more than kick your ass."

Silent nods and shuffled feet were my answer. Leah still glowered at me mutinous and jealous. Jacob appears resigned as he meets my gaze levelly and nods briskly. I somehow know that there will be no more trouble with him either.

"Leah, I'm sorry that this hurts you. It's was never my intension to hurt you." I said solemnly my intense gaze fixed on her.

She refused to look at me but she nodded jerkily as she turned to leave. I saw a trace of tears running down her cheek as she walked towards the door. "None of us asked for this cosmic bullshit, as Bella puts it, but it still fucking hurts. " She whispers under her breath as her form shimmers and then bursts into her wolf. The beast looks at us for a second before running off into the forest. Knowing Leah as i do she just needs to run for a while and will probably do several rounds of the reservation before coming back to join us.

A soft wind blew through the open door way and ruffled Bella's hair, the shimmering mass spread across my chest. I stroked it gently until she looked up at me, her eyes hesitant and somewhat fearful still.

I nodded towards Paul and she stiffened. Obviously not wanting to hear what he had to say.

"Bella, I'm sorry. It won't happen again. I swear it." He said his voice oddly sincere for Paul. His face for once devoid of nastiness and sarcasm.

Bella nodded silently accepting his apology, but avoided his eyes as she turned to me.

"Are you nearly done? Can I make breakfast now for all of us? "

I nod, grinning at her thoughtfulness. "We'd like that." I press a lingering kiss on to her lips and it's feels like fucking paradise to be able to kiss my girl in front of them all.

So Bella makes breakfast while I speak to my wolves and I sneak glances at her constantly. She catches me watching her several times and grins at me.

I feel my being almost explode with joy at seeing her in my house like this, as if she belongs here amongst my things.

My heart swells to epic proportions as I am filled to bursting with pure adulterated happiness. She makes me feel like this is the best fucking day ever and it's all because she is cooking in my kitchen.

We eat breakfast with the usual rambunctious shit the pack always puts out whenever there is food and friendship. Even Leah thaws out a little as the day wears on. Our breakfast becomes lunch as Bella and Leah actually team up to make more food for the hungry wolves who never bothered to go home. I don't send any of them on patrol nor do I order them away, I have this feeling that this is important bonding time between them all, including Bella.

Most especially Bella. I think she needs this to see herself as part of us. I need her to realise that this is all hers too now. Togetherness and family, teasing and jokes and playful bullshit. I sit beside her at the long table we have shifted outdoors due to a unexpectedly sunny afternoon. Her hand is wrapped around mine and I feel her love pulse through me even with just that casual touch.

Without thinking she drops her hand onto my thigh casually as she eats and talks to Embry and Quil. I love her possessive behaviour and my wolf is practically purring in pleasure.

Bella looks up and catches my eyes fixed on her face. A slow soft smile infuses her beauty with blinding brilliance. I am entranced.

Fuck she is so lovely.

And ours my wolf growls to remind me, as if I need a reminder.

I frame her face with both my hands lifting her chin upwards as I softly kiss her plump lips.

I pulled back after a few minutes of heavy PDA which had the others snickering and commenting in a friendly way. I grin at her and whisper. "I love you."

Shock floods her being and her heart pounds.

"I love you too, Sam." She says without hesitation.

I kiss her again pulling her whole body against my chest and crushing her to me.

Never had my name sounded sweeter on anyone's lips.

She is my forever and I ask for nothing more.

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