Twilight Fanfiction -

Pairing; Bella/Sam.

Warnings; This story contains adult content; language/sex and violence.

Disclaimer; All storylines and characters that bear a resemblance to The Twilight Saga belong to Stephanie Meyer. All other ideas and storylines belong to me. This story was written for pleasure not profit.

A/N; Thank you all for your interest in my story. Its so nice others feel just like I do about a feral, demanding Sam ;) lol (I think its only in stories or in the bedroom that dominating men are so hot.) so on with the story. All my work is un-beta'd so please excuse any spelling errors! Thank you!

Chapter three – Pounce.

Bella's P.O.V.

As I sat shivering on Sam's broken, tatty old sofa and watched the pack discuss my safety or lack of it, I realised that it wouldn't be much longer before I did something stupid and revealed my strange longing for the pack alpha. I reached out and pulled a small throw across my legs in a hope of getting warmer.

It had crept up on me, literally coming out of nowhere. Edward is my whole existence, my being craved him, ached for him and the hole in my chest was still a gaping, bleeding wound and then there was the day that Sam watched me at Jacob's barbeque. His eyes, so intense, predatory and goddamn feral – they pierced my body and made my stomach and heart do strange things. My dead heart beat again threatening to beat right out of my aching chest and for the first time in so long I could breath again. Deep, sustaining gulped in mouthfuls of chilled air that awoke me from my slumber. Suddenly I had felt alive and conscious for the first time in months. I had stared at him, I couldn't help it, he was the most beautiful and dangerous thing I had ever encountered. Edward is beautiful, perfect and almost effeminate in his startling beauty, this man was anything but a boy. He was all man and my body ached for him in a whole new way that frankly terrified the fuck out of me.

I didn't know him at all, he was the mostly silent and frankly terrifying man who ran the La Push pack and controlled the teenage wolves with an iron fist. Being the eldest made him seem out of our league. I mentally lumped my self with the rest of the pack although I was older than most of them, except for Leah. I was eighteen; my horrible birthday party being the catalyst that had made Edward leave me. I shuddered at the memory of being abandoned by someone I loved so completely.

Sam seemed to me to be a little more wolf than the others. It wasn't a cloak he wore but rather part of his very essence. His usually dark eyes would change to a dark feral yellow when he was angry and I could have sworn that I had seen his canine teeth elongate to pointed wolf fangs when he had growled at Jacob earlier. But I must have been imagining that, I told myself firmly. These men were not were wolves in the true sense of the word, but shapeshifters. His movements were startlingly swift and elegant for such a large man, it was unnerving to watch.

"Don't I have a say in this?" I asked finally butting into the conversation about me, which I hadn't participated in the slightest.

"No!" Both Sam and Jacob said, facing whipping around to face me. I felt no fear at their fierce answer, only relief. Although my worry for their safety was still paramount, it was nice to know that the pack would protect me.

Victoria was back for my blood. I knew she was here. She had left a calling card on my truck bonnet, which I had found on my way to school this morning. A short message written in dark, dried blood, I shuddered to think whose blood it was.


That was all it had said and yet it had struck terror into my heart. I had rubbed at the bloody message with my cardigan; stupidly staining the only warm thing I had that day. I had found my self jumping at the slightest noise and watching the rustling trees for the sight of that familiar fiery red hair. But then I had thought of Jake. I had needed comfort even if I wasn't going to tell him what was wrong. I was not going to endanger my best friend and the pack over my safety. I just needed a safe pair of arms wrapped around me lovingly.

And then Sam was there interrupting my tears and causing me to have heart palpitations. As soon as he was there my fear had evaporated and my heart had beat so hard and there in my chest that I felt alive again. His russet skin colour had contrasted so beautifully with my pale white skin as his steely fingers had wrapped around my arm, his fingers overlapping easily, it had distracted me for a moment as an unbidden thought crossed my mind. A picture of us, naked and intertwined flashed through my mind and a mushroom of heat and desire had exploded in my body, flooding my every nerve ending, causing the run off to pool between my legs. I was completely embarrassed. Because I was so unsure of myself and I was a virgin. What did I know about desire or sex for that matter? Edward had never even touched me, except for a few caste kisses – no tongue at all. Sam made me feel things that scared me shitless. I wanted to devour him, touch every inch of that beautiful russet skin and press my entire body up against his. He was so big compared to me, I imagined him lifting me in those muscular arms and pinning me up against a wall, completely helpless and at his mercy. That thought made me blush. Heat spread through my cheeks now as I sat on the sofa and watched the pack file out one by one, leaving me startlingly and completely alone with Sam.

I drew in one deep shuddering breath and waited. He tuned from talking to Embry, who stood just inside the door and impaled me on his jaggered gaze. The heat in my cheeks intensified and I dropped my eyes at once. At the silence I glanced up again and simply stared in helpless fascination.

A small smirk touched his hard, chiselled lips and the heat in my face intensified to huge proportions, but I ignored it this time, refusing to be daunted. Sam shut the door and turned to me fully, his chest was so muscular; each muscle was sharply etched and defined, the bare skin glistening in the dim light with a subtle sheen. My eyes followed a trail down his torso and onto his taut ripped stomach right up to the button on his cut-off's before I unthinkingly licked my lower lip and dropped my eyes again hastily, just as a chuckle left his mouth.

There was silence as I refused to look at him, his presence right in front of me was almost instant, and he knelt down in front of me and lifted my chin with a single steel finger that brooked no refusal. My eyes met his and I released a shuddering breath, praying he couldn't smell my arousal with my currant position; legs crossed and a small throw pulled across my lap. The dancing lights of amusement in his dark eyes dashed my hopes.

"Don't ever lower your eyes for me, Bella." Sam's deep voice demanded. His voice soft and rough all at once. It thrummed a hidden cord in my body and I felt my heart accelerate in response to his sheer magnetism. He was so huge, I felt dwarfed by his sheer bulk. Even kneeling in front of me he was intimidating.

His dark eyes dropped to my lips and I struggled not to back down and drop my gaze again. His eyes seemed to burn a hole into my skin and an involuntary gasp left my mouth at the tingling sensation his softly stroking finger was generating. Its rough and calloused pad sent shivers of pure pleasure over my chin and I wondered what would happen if he stroked my whole body with those magical fingers.

"I wont." I said answering his earlier demand. My voice shook slightly and I felt irritated by that weakness.

The smirk became a grin at the bravery of my short statement. His white teeth were a startling contrast to his bronze skin.

He cocked his head slightly to one side as he continued his scrutiny of me, the sarcastic grin firmly in place. "Really?" He asked. "Why don't you ever say my name, Bella?" He asked.

I shook my head in denial knowing I was lying. I didn't say his name out loud, I never had. I found I couldn't say it without blushing furiously and stupidly, so I avoided it completely.

"I do say it." I lied, foolishly.

He shook his head slowly as his thumb came to rest against my lower lip and a shudder rippled through me. The smile died on his lips and his eyes seemed to darken even further at my response. My heart was beating so fast it was pounding my chest and I knew he could hear every beat.

Sam's thumb continued its exploration of my lower lip, tugging it downwards, effectively parting my lips slightly. My cheeks felt like they would be permanently stained with blood, my blush was so intense. But my eyes remained locked with his, unable to look away anymore.

"Say my name, Bella." He challenged me softly.

I tried and failed to say it. Those short syllables refusing to leave my mouth.

"I..." I swallowed. "I do say your name…sometimes…" I finished lamely.

"No, you don't, Bella. But I can make you say my name." He promised. "I can make you scream it." He said, humour and confidence tingeing his deep voice, making it into rough velvet.

"I'm not scared of you." I replied shakily shaking my head slightly in denial.

A dark chuckled rumbled through his chest; "You should be."

Without conscious thought I tried to wet my lips and ended up licking his thumb instead. An actual growl left his mouth and I stared transfixed as I watched his lips pull back from his teeth, his canines were slightly longer than normal and I felt a flutter of arousal attack my stomach.

Sam's other hand reached out and grasped the back of my head through the curtain of semi-dried hair, his fingers biting deep into my neck. They dragged me forward until my face was barely an inch from his. He inhaled deeply, his nose skimming my temple and my eyes slid shut almost of their own violation. My hands gripped his wide shoulders for support as he slid his nose down my temple and across my cheek. He licked me then, a hot wet trail of fire across my cheek. It should have been demeaning or degrading, but it wasn't, it was primal and a sexy as hell. I was panting now, too turned on to care that I wasn't putting up any kind of a fight and that my breathing was abnormally loud.

I wanted this, I wanted him as much or if not more than I wanted my next breath.

Finally his mouth reached mine and I moaned in anticipation as his hot breath skimmed my lips. Our mouths crashed together and we kissed roughly, he demanded entry and I gave in to him, his tongue surging deeply inside me, touching and tasting each hidden recess of my mouth thoroughly. My head was reeling with lust, each nerve ending sizzling with pure sensation. I was being eaten alive and I didn't care. I needed this man like the air I needed to live; it was as fierce and natural as living.


I was pulled forward off the sofa and I came willingly, I straddled Sam's broad, heavily muscled thighs and felt his hot hard length pressed against my very core. A whimper left me as I thrust mindlessly against him, desire ruling me completely. I slid my fingers into his short black hair and held onto him, his huge hands cupped my ass and lifted me fully onto his lap as he sat down on the floor taking me with him easily. His skin was so hot it literally burned mine. Sam stroked my back and then slid up my sides inching ever closer to my aching breaths. Those lean fingers reached the buttons on my blouse and with no hesitation he gripped the thin material and ripped it right down the middle. I gasped against his mouth and he released me momentarily, a sexy as hell smirk on his lips. His eyes sliding downwards to look at my breasts clad simply in my white push up bra. With a single finger he blazed a trail of fire between my breasts until it hooked in my bra. With a single tug the white material gave way and my breasts bounced free. I felt my face flame once again and hated my embarrassment; it was a sign of my inexperience.

My nipples ached and a pulse throbbing insistently between my thighs. I dropped my eyes from Sam's intense gaze.

He said nothing, simply reached out and lifted my chin once again. "Look at me." He commanded.

I raised my eyes and gasped at the blazing passion that was burning in his dark eyes.

"You are so beautiful, Bella. Exquisite in fact, you have nothing to feel shame over. Your innocence is what my wolf craves." He deliberately dropped his gaze while still holding my chin up and I could literally feel his eyes on my skin as he examined my small breasts with their achingly hard nipples.

A sound that can only be described as a growl let his left as he reached with both hands for my breasts. The breath left my lungs as his huge calloused hands slid onto me, cupping and lifting my sensitive flesh to his lips. He feasted on me, like a starving man, his tongue laving a heated trail right over my nipple. I moaned and arched my back involuntarily, pushing my chest into his face. I whimpered mindlessly as he sucked the nipple into his mouth followed swiftly by the other. My hips thrust against the hardness beneath me and I felt a surge of wetness leave my body, soaking my panty completely.

Sam's nostrils flared and he released my breast as he glanced downwards, a hungry expression on his handsome face.

His steel hands clamped around my waist and I was bodily lifted off his lap and back onto the sofa, a small protest left my lips at the loss of body contact with his amazing heat. A small smirk crossed his face before he followed me with graceful swiftness; his nose skimmed my knee as he pushed my knees apart. He breathed deeply, scenting me and I closed my eyes once again in fierce embarrassment. He could obviously smell my arousal and he liked it – a lot.

"Bella." His hoarse voice demanded roughly.

He pulled my ass towards the edge of the sofa and I squeaked in surprise as the suddenness of the movement, I opened my eyes in shock as he pressed his whole face into my crotch directly into the denim that covered my soaking wet pussy.

Oh my god.

Using his nose he pushed against my clitoris and I moaned loudly unable to control the thrusting of my hips. Rational thought left my brain as desire and pure lust took over completely. His rough hands reached up wards and stroked my breasts, pinching my nipples between his fingers with just enough pressure to make me cry out.

A noise at the door made me lift my head only to look into the shocked and plenty angry face of Jacob.

Oh fuck.

A snarl was ripped out of Jacobs's chest as he watched his alpha feel up his best friend.

I squeaked and tried to push Sam away. It was like trying to move a bolder single handedly. I knew he must have heard Jacob way before he had come in- why wasn't he stopping? I tried to scramble away only to find myself held firmly in place by Sam's inescapable hands wrapped around each thigh.

"Stop!" I cried frantically. "Jacob."

Sam released me and stood up with sleek animal grace, his huge body unfolding slowly until he stood at his full height. I quickly pressed my knees together and dragged my blouse closed, holding it together with both hands in a strangle hold.

"Get your filthy fucking hands off of her!" Jacob said, his body vibrating as he fought the phase that was threatening to come.

Sam grinned at him as quirked a brown in his direction.

"Why?" He asked calmly.

"She is mine!" Jacob said, the words causing shock to rock through my core. What?

"Yours?" Sam repeated with irritating calm. His amused dark eyes raking my still shocked form and wide eyes before he said, "I don't think so."

Jacob was struggling to contain himself, his body visible shaking, his fists clenched.

"She is mine! My chosen!" Jacob said with a mutinous teenage expression on his face.

A vicious snarl left Sam's lips at those words. He stalked towards Jacob until they were inches apart. Jacob was shorter by at least two inches, even at his towering height of around 6"4. I stared in astonishment as the two wolves faced off over me.

When had Jake ever wanted me in that way? I realized that I hadn't paid enough attention to his feelings, while being so buried under the weight of my own heartache. But he was my best friend - my brother. I couldn't think of him like that. A shudder rippled through me at the thought. Ew.

"Your chosen?" Sam spat. "She is my wolf's chosen, pup."

What? I shook my head as if to clear it and stared at Sam's rippling, muscled back in astonishment.

Jacob snarled again and lunged for the larger wolf and Sam simply laughed as he reached out and grasped Jacobs throat lifting him clean off of his feet and then throwing him to the floor easily, as if he weighed as much as a toddler. Once on the floor Sam placed his foot squarely onto Jacob's chest keeping him there. Jake glared up at Sam growling violently. Sam snarled in response, his teeth bare while tightening his hold on the future alpha. His voice was a mix of human speech and a feral growl as he ordered. "Cease!"

Then the tone of Sam's voice changed subtlety, although I couldn't pinpoint the difference exactly but Jacob immediately ceased to struggle. "Isabella Swan is mine, Jacob Black and you will accept that!" He said forcefully.

Jacob grimaced and shook his head as if trying to shake something off. It didn't seem to work, his expression was slightly dazed as he lay there beneath Sam Uley's foot.

I sat where I was, shocked into immobility. Sam released Jacob and turned to me then, his eyes still a startling yellow.

"I need to go. " I said shakily, stumbling to my feet in my haste to get out of here.

What was it about me that attracted supernatural creatures to me like a horde of insects to a light?

I needed to run, to get out of here to clear my head and I did just that.

I felt Sam's eyes boring into my back as I walked through the door, but he made no move to stop me and I didn't turn around. I went to my truck, gunned the old engine and pulled away from the small house in record time.

Home was a very welcome thought right now.

I feelings and reaction to Sam, plus the startling revelation that I was Sam's wolf's chosen could wait until I was alone and had thought it all through.

The image of the huge black wolf that had found me in the forest asserted its self in my brain and I felt fear trickle down my spine with icy fingers. That wolf had featured in several nightmares before I had discovered the Quileute secret and the pack. Now I knew that Sam Uly was the wolf that had found me in the woods. But knowing it had been him, made the huge menacing creature no less terrifying. He has said I was his wolfs' chosen. Did that mean I was his chosen too? Were the wolf and the man connected in all things?

Ohmygod. Ohmygod.

I realised that I was hyperventilating as I drove, so I pulled over to the shoulder of the road and shut off the engine, leaning my overheated forehead against the steering wheel tiredly.

As I did so my blouse gaped open reminding me all too clearly about what had transpired between Sam and I. I grabbed at the tattered material and yanked the sides together in a futile attempt to cover my naked breasts as my face flamed with colour. This experience had taught me one thing – I was apparently putty in Sam's very capable hands. Those talented hands and mouth had made me lose any inhibitions I had had. Sam had effectively given me a lesson in lust and instead of fear all I could summon up was elation and a burning desire to continue where we had left off.

With a groan I dropped my head back onto the steering wheel in defeat.

Oh my god- I was so fucked.