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Chapter four – Claim.

I walked slowly to where Bella had parked her truck on the side of the road. She was leaning forward head plastered to the steering wheel. I barely contained a snarl of pure anger as I approached her preoccupied form. I phased with no effort and stopped to pull on my cutoffs. Although I had no problem walking around naked, I was sure it would cause Bella to have a mild heart attack.

She had left my house with no leave, I had thought she would have more sense than that with the stinking leech on the loose, I had been wrong. Jacob had left hurriedly after I had ordered him to accept my claim on Bella; the look on Bella's face when she had heard my words had been filled with fear and surprise. She hadn't figured out that I wanted her quite like that. I noticed that her slim, pale fingers were clutching her tattered blouse tightly to her chest, she groaned and I knew that she was somehow beating her self up about what had happened between us.

"Why did you leave?" I demanded gruffly about a foot away from her.

She squeaked and jumped into the air in fright, her pale face sporting a delectable flush of color across her high cheekbones. Her dark chocolate eyes went wider than usual in shock; her heart was pounding in fear. I could still smell the delicious scent of her arousal and I felt like carrying on where we had left off.

Anger replaced fear when she caught sight of me and I could smell the adrenaline pulsing through her core as she struggled to open the door and keep the annoyingly stubborn edges of her top together.

"Why?" She spat, anger lacing every word with venom.

Bella finally managed to open the door and climb out while keeping her modesty intact, such as it were. "Because I didn't want this, I don't want you! I don't want to be just another pawn in some supernatural bullshit." She said, as she advanced on me, anger driving her on. "I have survived vampires I did love leaving me like unwanted dirt, but now I want no more to do with this world of yours."

"Enough." I ordered, amusement tingeing my voice.

"No! Its not enough – I don't want you or your help! Leave me alone!" Bella said, as she swung around and tried to march back to her heap of shit truck.

I reached out and casually gripped her slender arm in my palm, effectively ending her flight. Her long curling auburn hair bounced as I roughly pulled her around to face me, her angry brown eyes spitting fire up at me. Her skin gave off an electric currant as soon as it touched mine, igniting that burning need to have her at any cost. Her scent filled my nostrils and I fought the urge to push her down on the ground and take her right here and now. My wolf growled deeply in need and I leashed him violently; now was not the time for that.

Although it might be the time for a small lesson.

"Liar." I ground out, real anger fighting its way to the surface as she struggled against my steel hold. "The last thing you want is for me to leave you alone!"

I let my eyes wander down her face and over her heaving chest; she was trying to hold her blouse together with one hand now, due to the fact that I had the other in my grasp. The curves of her breasts could be seen from between the tattered edges, creamy skin making my fangs lengthen and my mouth water – literally. I often fought to contain my wolf; he was more a part of me than any of the others. I had often questioned why this was so, never coming to an absolute conclusion. Maybe it was because I was the first to phase, having no one to help me calm the beast within me I had allowed him to become one with my very essence.

Regardless; he now wanted to claim our prize. Mark her, take her and make her reek of us for weeks to come.

A smirk twisted my lips as I watched her heaving breasts and I reached out with one finger to trace a pathway between those soft globes, I cocked my head sideways as I regarded her. The action wolf-like. Her breath hitched in her throat and a soft, barely discernable whimper left her plump lips as she watched the direction of my gaze and then I snapped.

I lifted her bodily off the ground and placed her in front of me. I barely felt her slight weight. I cupped the back of her head and once again dragged her lips towards mine, as I bent over her small frame, literally enfolding her into my body. The soft curls of her now dry hair were crushed beneath the weight of my hand. Those lips would tempt a saint and fuck knows I wasn't anything close. Pale pink and plump, moist, those lips were made for my mouth, tongue and teeth to explore. I couldn't help the growl that escaped through my clenched teeth as soon as I felt her soft skin under my fingers, as my other hand cupped her chin, lifting her face to mine. I paused to stare at her, so close I could see the flecks of gold in the depths of the fathomless brown, her lips parted of their own violation, the pink tip of her tongue reaching out to lick her lower lip in sinful invitation.

I accepted.

Our lips crashed together greedily, devouring, tasting, consuming eagerly. Her fucking taste was so sublime I wanted to literally eat her, inch by sweet fucking inch. Her small hands rose up to grip my hand that held her chin, hanging on for dear life it seemed. Her blouse now released. fluttered open with a sigh to reveal the loveliness within. Her breasts were small and beautifully shaped; they were designed to fit into my palm by the gods themselves. Their hard, pointed tips eagerly seeking attention, as pale pink as her delectable lips, they were a perfect foil for her alabaster skin. I marveled at the beauty of this young human girl, she was perfection, designed to drive me insane with want, a need so intense I was almost consumed by it.

I released the back of her head while my mouth still claimed hers, her small tongue hesitantly joining mine in the ancient dance of passion and need. She moaned into my mouth and I swallowed it, my tongue leaving no hidden recess unexplored. Her taste was as exquisite as she looked. Delicate, sweet floral notes interlaced with the scent of the finest French vanilla. My errant hand traveled down wards until I grasped her softness between my fingers. Her hips thrust into mine; asking for more friction, more touch, more…just more.

I lifted her and she wrapped her slender legs around my hips easily, even though I knew she was innocent, the thought of her doing any of this with another man made me want to rip something apart. Her small hands sliding into my hair calmed me somewhat. Her deliciously wet warmth was directly against my straining, hard cock.

Too soon, I informed my wolf, too soon.

I walked with Bella held tightly against me towards the load tray of her truck, I one handedly lowered the tailgate and placed her on it, pushing her backwards gently but firmly until she was completely prone and at my mercy. My wolf liked this a whole lot. She tried to cover her breasts, but I intercepted her hands and held them together above her head, my fingers holding her prisoner easily.

I leaned over her body, barely grazing her with my skin and cock, my nose skimmed her cheek and then her lips, scenting her; so fucking mouth watering.

Another whimper of need escaped her mouth and I felt the small puff of air as she exhaled against my nose.

"Please..." she began.

"Please what, Bella?" I chuckled against her ear as I reached out to lick the shell like surface sensuously.

She shook her head stubbornly as I continued down her smooth neck towards her sensitive breasts.

"Do you want me to stop?" I asked evilly, pushing my thigh between hers, against her pussy at the same time.

She moaned and didn't answer.

I licked my way towards a puckered nipple, laving it thoroughly before sucking the small bud into my mouth fully. Her body arched upwards and she cried out, the soft breathy cry of lust. I rolled it between my teeth and sucked harder making her whole body shiver and writhe beneath me wonderfully.

"Agh, oh please, please…" she begged prettily.

I released her breast to continue my way down her stomach. I whispered wickedly against her taut skin. "I do have a name, Bella."

I could hear her heart pounding rapidly in her chest and each puff of indrawn air. She was coming undone and I loved each moment of it.

"Say it, Bella." I urged a smirk on my lips.

"No…" she whimpered shaking her head from side to side almost feverishly, at her stubborn words I redoubled my efforts grinning at her spirit.

I slid further downwards and as my nose skimmed her belly button she shook with anticipation. I released her hands and grinned as her hands immediately came to rest on my head, fingers tangling in my hair wantonly. With both my hands I spanned her small waist and then slowly undid the button that held her jeans together, the zip followed inch by inch, I parted the heavy material eagerly to find a pair of soaking wet white lace briefs. The scent of her arousal was heavy in the air and I unconsciously licked my lips in the desperate need to taste her.

I dragged the material downwards and felt my hunger skyrocket at the sight of her soft, creamy thighs, so slim and perfectly shaped. I slid between her spread legs and pushed her knees apart when she tried to close them in embarrassment.

I nuzzled her thigh and licked the tender flesh while I whispered against her skin. "Don't be ashamed, Bella. You are so beautiful, I want to see every inch of you." I felt her tense muscles relax and her legs parted slightly.

I glanced upwards to see her eyes fixed on me, her face flushed a delicate pink. Her dark eyes glittered with suppressed lust and her luscious lips were slightly parted to reveal small white teeth. I smirked at her and kept my eyes locked with hers as I slowly lowered my face to her thigh. I kissed my way up her thigh until I reached the wet white lace. I buried my nose into the juncture of her thighs and heard her gasped intake of air and a muttered. "Oh fuck…"

The smell of her arousal was the best thing I had ever smelt…oh fuck…I wanted to devour her, lick every inch of her skin and have her roll around on me so that my body would carry her scent completely. I slid my index finger under the edge of the lace and heard her shuddering cry. I encountered warmth and softness. I spread her wetness around her folds fully,

"You are so wet, oh fuck Bella…" I growled into her flesh as my tongue followed my finger, I suddenly ripped the material, it snapped easily between my hard fingers and finally her pussy was bares to my hungry eyes, soft mahogany curls guarded her moist wetness. Using my fingers I spread her neither lips and licked right through her center, savoring the sublime taste of my chosen. I reached the swollen nub of her desire and licked it gently watching as her body arched upwards again, her legs quaking around my head, I could feel she was close to her release, so I slipped my finger into her tight warmth, her tight passage clenching down on my finger. I groaned and imagined my cock encased in that tight warmth. Thrusting my fingers into her repeatedly, I heard and felt her orgasm approaching fast.

"Come for me my Bella, "I whispered. "You feel so fucking incredible wrapped around my finger."

With a breathy cry she came hard, her inner muscled milking my finger, liquid drenching my hand and lips. I eagerly lapped it up, not wasting a drop.

I was fast reaching the point when I wouldn't be able to stop and I knew that even though I wanted to take her right here and now, it wasn't the right way to take her innocence. I reined in my rampant passion and tensed as a disturbing and highly repugnant scent drifted towards me on the wind.


I pulled away from Bella and stood in one lightning fast move. Bella looked up at me in a daze, her tousled hair falling around her face wantonly as she struggled to pull her jeans back on.

"What is it?" She asked warily. Her cheeks still stained a bright pink.

I tensed and sniffed the air, my wolf taking over instantaneously. "Leech." I sated and watched her face drain to a pale white, totally devoid of color.

I pulled her to her feet and then stepped backwards several paces. "Stand back, Bella." She looked at me in shock as she realized I was about to phase. I could feel the sharp lupine teeth against my lips and I also knew that my eyes had gone feral as they often did when my wolf was close to the surface.

"But…is it safe?" She asked, clearly afraid, her eyes locked with my inhuman ones.

I grinned at her; "You couldn't be in safer hands…or should I say paws." At her questioning look I replied; "My wolf likes you. But whatever you do – don't run."

I then let myself go and felt the familiar magical shimmer race under my skin, the phase became easier as time past and by now I barely felt the bones snapping and reforming, the flesh swelling and reforming around the new bones. The fur that covered my skin was pitch black and dense, a pelt rather than the hair a dog would have. I watched Bella's face contort in fear as she was faced with my wolf. I now towered above her, several feet above her height. Her fear was a delightful fragrance to my wolf and without thinking I snarled, revealing huge ivory teeth. It was actually non-threatening but to her it must have looked terrifying.

Bella backed away until her back touched a tree behind her. I turned then and raced towards the tree line, I howled once, signaling to the others that I had found leech scent on our land. An answering howl broke the silence in the distance and then my mind was not my own as my brothers and sister joined my consciousness.

The leech stench grew stronger and I caught a glimpse of a brilliant slash of red hair against pale skin racing at inhuman speed through the trees towards where Bella now stood with her back towards me.

The leech reached the space between the road and the tree where Bella stood and paused swiftly her nostrils flaring as she caught scent of me. She didn't know about us I could tell, there was no fear in her cold stone body. She was beautiful, or had been before she had died- the first time. Her shockingly brilliant red hair framed a face of perfectly sculptured beauty. Her scent however was ice cold and the sickeningly sweet smell of rotting flesh, it burned my sensitive nose and I wished that I could simply stop breathing for a while. I stalked forward to confront the leech just as Bella gasped in fear and froze.

She had seen the vampire too.

"Be-ll-a," the leech drawled. "We finally meet again." It said it almost cheerfully, her voice surprisingly high pitched and babyish. It was pathetic and comical in contrast to her lovely face and adult body, if I had been human at the time I would have been hard pressed not to laugh.

"Vic…Victoria." Bella stuttered, her fear a palpable thing. I could taste it on my tongue.

I let a low growl escape my clenched teeth and the vampire froze. Bella faced me a deep sense of relief flooding her body and showing clearly on her face, very much at odds with her earlier reaction to my wolf. He was pleased.

I stalked forward and let my fangs snap together threateningly, saliva dripping down from between my teeth to the ground below. My giant paws made no sound on the earth floor, the silence only broken by my feral growl.

The leech was frozen and unmoving, confusion and fear filling her immobile features.

"Impossible." It stated in a whisper.

I drew closer still until I was level with my Bella. I stood in front of her now in a clearly protective pose, I brushed right up against Bella and felt her fingers desperately tangling in my pelt. I relished the contact. I glanced at her once, to reassure her, my yellow feral eyes staring deeply into hers. I thought that maybe she understood.

I turned my massive head to regard the leech once more and found I was just in time to see it fleeing. It turned swiftly and disappeared through the trees. I heard foot falls a moment later and saw my pack lope into view. Their snarls filled the air at the stench.

Go and get it, I thought.

Will do, Jacob replied.

On it, Jared thought as he yipped skyward.

Seth and Leah ran into sight a second later, they had been scouting. Embry caught the scent trail and howled once, the whole pack converging together as they prepared to give chase. I turned to Bella and slowly moved my face forwards hers, when she didn't flinch, I licked her across her cheek. She giggled half-heartedly and pushed at me in futile attempt to dislodge me. "Ew, that is so gross!" she whined.

Stay with Bella, I thought, with Jacob in mind.

And with that I left, quickly reaching formidable speeds and losing sight and scent of the human I wanted to desperately.

It was time to kill a fucking tick. Game on.

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