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Here's an idea for a Doctor Who Crossover that's been going around my head.


The Doctors –

On the Cerberus Daily News network there's a buzz going on, as the final vid of the very popular series that came from Earth. Doctor Who was reborn after the humans came onto the galaxy spotlight. The series quickly became a smash hit once the reboot of the Earth series began to be board cast to the other races.

The Doctor like the original series was played by an elder human male for the first 10 seasons of the show. The 1st Doctor caught the other alien's attentions, while he has a time machine and advance technology, was just a normal man who does what he could to help others. But after 6 years the actor who played the Doctor was getting too old to continue. Which at the time the other races thought the series was going to end.

But the final vid of the Doctor to the shock of many viewers who didn't know about the original series. The Doctor regenerated into a new body, of that of a Hanar. The 2nd Doctor took the stage.

After a few years a Salarian took over as the 3rd Doctor. Talks fast, while able to handle himself in a fight.

Then the 4th Doctor a Asari took the role and played as the Doctor for the longest run.

The 5th Doctor a Elcor became the new Doctor. Never speaking much but say much through his actions.

After that a Krogan became the 6th Doctor was mix his brute force with the Doctor's intelligent.

After him the Doctor regenerated as a Volus as the 7th Doctor. Small in size but uses his wits to outsmart larger and stronger foes.

The 8th Doctor was played as a Turian who played the role up to the start of the Time War.

The 9th Doctor was played by a Vorcha who had studied to play the role for all his life.

The 10th Doctor was played by a Drell who showed his regrets for what he was force to do during the Time War.

The 11th Doctor was played by a Quarian who quickly became very poplar. He also used one of his regenerations to heal himself but still counted.

The 12th Doctor was played by a Batarian who is the last Doctor.

Now with the trailer of the Day of the Doctor was showed on the externet the fans are all over to see it.


Author's Notes -

1 – The reason why the Doctor only regenerates looking as a human, is because the show budget wouldn't covered having the Doctor look anything else. The show was film with a shoestring budget for much of it's history.