It's 8th year at Hogwarts. Voldemort is dead. Harry and Draco get partnered together to do a 6 week potion assignment but on the first night something they never imagined ends up happening, it's both good and very bad. Will they survive it? – AU - Dumbledore & Snape alive - MATURE ADULT CONTENT!

Disclaimer: I own nothing apart from the plot of this story, all characters etc belong to J.K. Rowling.

~ Chapter One - Legame Rivelare ~

"This cannot be happening," Harry groaned after reading the headline on the front page of the Daily Prophet.

It was Harry's first day back at Hogwarts and the start of his 8th year - so they were calling it - and it was not starting out as he had hoped it would.

"Please tell me this is not happening," Harry asked no one in particular but looked up at Ron and Hermione wide eyed.

For what must be the first time ever Hermione had nothing to say. She just sat there for what felt like long moments opening and closing her mouth like a fish, before eventually turning away and blushing.

Curious whispers could be heard spreading like Fiendfyre throughout the great hall and Harry knew without a doubt who and what the whispers were about.

He clenched his jaw tightly, barely suppressing an annoyed growl.

He knew he shouldn't have come back to finish off his 7th year. All he'd wanted was to be left in peace and live a quiet life. He'd vanquished Lord frigging Voldemort for Merlin's sake, the very least that people could do was leave him well enough alone, but no that was clearly asking too much... he glanced at the prophet once more and took a few deep steadying breaths, trying to calm himself down.

"Well it could be worse mate," Ron said through a mouth full of bacon and eggs.

"Really? You think so," Harry asked disbelievingly, wondering what could possibly be worse than this.

"They could have said you had a little pecker," to emphasize his meaning he held his thumb and forefinger up an inch apart and squinted his eyes looking through the tiny gap at Harry's now stony face.

"Ronald! Do you mind? Honestly," Hermione huffed still red faced.

"Well it's true! At least they're insinuating you're hung like a..." he broke off abruptly at the quelling look he received from his bushy haired girlfriend.

In hindsight Harry supposed Ron was right, although he would have much preferred that his genitals weren't the topic of conversation for the entire wizarding world this morning.

He cringe at the sudden thought of Molly Weasley reading the Prophet at that very moment and groaned closing his eyes in obvious distressed.

"What I don't understand is how this has been allowed to be published," Hermione frowned finally getting herself under control.

Harry understood how difficult this was for her, they were like brother and sister. It was beyond weird to be talking about Harry's manhood.

"What I mean to say is," she continued, "This is something you'd expect to read in Witch Weekly not the Prophet."

Harry sighed and looked up from the Gryffindor table to see a group of 7th year Ravenclaw girls eyeing him up with intrigued hungry looks in their eyes.

He blushed and looked down at his breakfast.

"I'm going to go and... I'm just going to go," he mumbled and stood up, pushing away his barely touched food.

Ron and Hermione gave him worried looks as he hurried out of the hall.

A 7th year Hufflepuff girl named Jessica Smith quickly walked over to them whilst staring at Harry's retreating form. "So is it true Hermione? Harry's got a huge..."

"How the bloody hell would she know!" Ron barked hotly. "Now piss off."

Jessica scoffed taken aback and then turned away, not before giving Ron an icy glare.

Hermione smiled at Ron's jealousy. Even the thought that Hermione had seen Harry undressed caused his little green monster to make an appearance.

Harry threw open the Potions classroom door one minute late.

"Potter, nice of you to finally join us. ten points from Gryffindor," Snape said almost happily - well happily for Snape anyway - as Harry made his way further into the classroom.

"But-" Harry began to protest before quickly biting his tongue and pressing his lips together tightly, knowing from experience that it would only make matters worse.

He slumped into the chair next to Ron, who gave him a sympathetic smile.

"Oh Potter?" Snape asked.

Harry groaned internally. "Yes Professor," he bit out.

The greasy git actually smirked. "You're in the wrong seat. Your seat is here," he pointed at an empty seat next to none other than Draco Malfoy.

"What!" Malfoy growled, turning around to glare at Harry.

Harry just stared back at him blankly. He couldn't believe his eyes.

Harry had no idea that Malfoy was coming back for 8th year and assumed he'd decided not to when he hadn't seen him that morning in the Great Hall.

Come to think of it when was the last time he'd actually seen Malfoy, it must be getting on for two years now.

He looked so different, yet exactly the same.

Harry still hadn't gotten his head around the Malfoy family's part in bringing down Voldemort. He hadn't believed it at first when Dumbledore told him that they were going to start fighting for the light. Then the Malfoy's and a few other pure blood families had disappeared at the beginning of 6th year and nobody knew where they had gone.

We all found out later that they had been fighting in secret and played a monumental part in the downfall of Lord Voldemort, they were even there at what they are now calling the Battle of Hogwarts, although Harry hadn't seen them.

"Mr Potter, stop staring at Mr Malfoy, we don't have all day, now move along," Snape drawled.

A few students snickered whilst Harry blushed picking up his bag and moving to the front of the class.

Malfoy sat with his back straight against the chair but in a relaxed casual position with his arms resting on top of the desk. He stared straight ahead expressionless not bothering to look at Harry as he took the seat next to him.

"Everyone write down the ingredients and instructions that are on the board. Make sure you write them down carefully, one slip up whilst brewing this potion, could have dire consequences."

The class set to work and all you could hear for the next thirty minutes was the scratch of quills on parchment.

Once the last student - who just happened to be Neville Longbottom - set their quill down, Snape addressed the class as a whole.

"This Potion will account for seventy five percent of your grades this term. As it says in the instructions it will take you six weeks to brew. In those six weeks, there may be nights you have to get up at one o'clock in the morning to add ingredients or just to simply stir the Potion. You'll notice there aren't many ingredients but it's the technique, precise measurements, the way you cut, crush and blend them together that will factor in whether you brew a perfect potion or ruin it and fail my class," he looked pointedly at Neville.

He was silent for a moment, letting his words sink in.

Harry glanced around nervously to see that everyone seemed to be just as affected as he was. Nobody wanted to fail Potions, not if they actually wanted to do anything half decent with their life once they left school.

His eyes landed on Malfoy who looked bored to death. Harry supposed the Blonde git didn't have to worry about getting a job after school; after all he had his daddy to look after him.

"Right, fifty points to whoever can tell me which potion you will be brewing?"

Harry turned around, his eyes seeking out Hermione but to his complete and utter shock he found her looking at the board at a total loss.

The corner of Snape's lip lifted in a sneer at her alarmed expression at not knowing the answer.

"It's the 'Legame Rivelare' Potion," came Malfoys haughty voice.

"Very good Draco, fifty points to Slytherin," Snape said smugly. "Tell me, what is this potion used for?"

"It's a very old Potion, one that is rarely used these days except for ancient pure blooded families," he paused for a moment. "It is used to tell the drinker who is destined to be their bonded life partner."

At that, excited whispers broke out from the females in the room causing Harry to roll his eyes.

"That's right. If you brew your potion correctly, you will have the choice to drink it - or not," he said offhandedly, clearly not caring either way.

The Clock Tower Bell began to chime signalling the end of class just as more excited chatter broke out.

"One more thing before you go. Look at the person sitting next to you," Harry and Draco turned to look at each other. "This will be your partner for the next six weeks, I suggest you make arrangements to meet up tonight and start the potion. Class dismissed."

The room erupted in noise as students started to pack their bags and discuss the interesting task ahead.

Malfoy flared his nostrils and narrowed his eyes threateningly at Harry.

"So-," Harry muttered awkwardly. "Where-"

"Save it Potter," Malfoy spat standing up and stalking out of the classroom with his head held high.

"Still a prat then I see!" Harry shouted after him seething.

How the hell did he get stuck with him as partner? Oh that's right SNAPE!

Unfortunately the day didn't get any better.

Classes were fine. Apparently the other teachers had been told about Snape's assignment. They needed to be aware that for the next six weeks, 8th year students would be meeting up at all hours of the night to brew the Legame Rivelare Potion. They must have felt sorry for them because the classes where mind-numbingly easy for the rest of the day.

What made Harry's day almost unbearable, were the constant stares and questions thrown his way and they were all thanks to the article that was printed about him. You'd think he'd be used to it by now but he'd never liked being the centre of attention and it was even worse now that the centre of attention was his most private part.

Hermione had felt awkward being around him because of it so had made herself scarce most of the day, which in turn made Ron scarce and Harry did not even want to think about what they might be doing. No he did not.

He hadn't seen Malfoy either, which was weird. Harry would have thought Malfoy would be front and centre in mocking him about the article. As much as the thought pained him, he would have to find him soon and arrange to meet up later to start the potion.

"Hi Harry."

"Oh, hi Gin," he smiled.

"How are you doing?" she asked carefully.

"Great," he lied, "You?"

She pulled him to a stop so he was facing her.

"Look this will all be forgotten in a few days, don't worry," she said not beating around the bush.

"Yeah I know," he sighed scrubbing his right hand over his face. "This would have to happen to me though, wouldn't it?"

She grinned. "Come on, let's go and get some dinner I'm starved."

She linked her arm through his and together they walked to the Great Hall, talking about inconsequential things.

As they neared the entrance hall, Harry could see Malfoy leaning against a wall talking with Pansy Parkinson.

"Ginny, you go ahead. I'll be in in a second."

She nodded her agreement and continued on without him but not before shooting a menacing look in Malfoys direction.

"Let's get this over with," Harry muttered quietly to himself.

"- darling it will be fun," he could hear Parkinson saying to Malfoy as he neared them. "I'll do all the planning you just need to turn up; everyone will come if they know you'll be there."

"Fine I'll go, but if I see one Hufflepuff I'm leaving. I can't stand their-Hufflepuffish ways."

She kissed his cheek daintily, "No Hufflepuffs, I promise. Hello there Potter," she smirked catching sight of Harry. Her eyes dropped to stare openly at his crotch.

Malfoy smirked along with her, giving him a swift look up and down.

Harry clenched his jaw tightly, for what felt like the millionth time that day. He'd have no teeth left if he wasn't careful. "Parkinson," he nodded stiffly. "Malfoy can I have a word?"

Pansy took the hint and sauntered off toward the Great Hall.

"What is it Potter?" Draco asked crossing his arms.

"When are we going to meet to start the potion?"

"Ah that, well I've got something I need to do after dinner so I'll meet you at 9.00pm."

"Oh... OK," Harry was taken aback by how easy it was going. He'd expected Malfoy to refuse and be a down right pain in the ass about it. "Shall we meet in the room of requirement then?"

"If that's where you want to brew the potion, then yes."

"Right then," Harry muttered dumbly.

He was half waiting for a snarky remark to come from the blond's mouth.

Malfoy stayed silent a few moments gazing at Harry speculatively, then as if on cue. "Will that be all then? - or are you going to prove to me that what the Prophet's saying is true?"

Heat rushed to Harry's cheeks as he began to stutter incoherently.

"No?" Malfoy offered with raised eyebrows. "Well if you'll excuse me, I'm awfully hungry," he side stepped Harry who still hadn't managed to utter anything intelligible, then strode confidently into the Great Hall, all the while smirking to himself.