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~ Epilogue ~

Three weeks later...

Beep… beep… beep…

Harry groaned as he blindly reached out his hand to smack the top of his muggle alarm clock, effectively silencing the incessant annoying beeping.

He cracked an eye open and peered at the time.

"Why?" he whined at the sight of the ungodly hour.

"Ron! Harry!" came Hermione's muffled yet distinct voice before she barged into their dormitory. "Oh my god!" she shrieked before there was a series of loud deafening crashes, followed by a long drawn out scream.

Harry, now fully awake, pulled back his curtains and bolted from his bed. "What the hell?" he frowned scanning the room for his bushy haired friend.

"'Mione!" Ron yelled, voice thick with sleep, as he fell head first from his four-poster bringing the curtains down with him. He swore loudly when the wooden rail landed heavily on his head.

"Fuck!" he growled when the pain became too much and he rubbed his head vigorously.

Harry ignored him, eyes finally finding Hermione who was lodged inside Ron's open trunk; eyes shut tightly, her face an alarming shade of red as she struggled to get herself out. "Hermione, what are you doing in there?" he asked frowning in confusion.

His eyes widened in astonishment when he saw the path of total destruction she'd created all the way from the bedroom door, right to where he currently stood. Ron's personal belongings were strewn everywhere. It looked as though a vicious tornado had torn through the room, sucking everything in its path up before spitting it back out again. "What on earth just happened?" Harry asked in stunned amazement as he took in the mess before him.

"Just get me out of here!" Hermione gritted angrily.

Harry could hear Neville and Dean laughing from their beds as he gripped under her arms and yanked her out.

"Jesus Christ!" Ron shouted as he finally noticed the carnage. "What the bloody hell did you do woman?"

"Me!" she exploded in a rage. "Blame your roommate!"

Ron glanced at Harry in bewilderment. His red hair stuck up in every which way making him look rather comical.

"Not him, you idiot! Him!" she pointed blindly in the direction of Seamus' bed, face flaming red again.

Ron gave Harry a put-out look before leaning around her to look over at Seamus. "Merlin, not again," he sighed in sudden understanding. "Seamus! You dirty horrible bastard! Put some clothes on!" Ron bellowed, picking a random object up off the floor and throwing it at him.

"I did it!" Seamus yelled in triumph as the impact of the shoe, striking him on his shoulder, jerked him awake. "Wait... where am I?" he asked squinting around disorientated.

Harry sighed, rolling his eyes at the sight of his Irish friend's naked body and erect cock, visible for all to see. "Finni, how many times do we have to tell you? Either put some shorts on or close you're damn curtains before you go to sleep! Nobody wants to see your morning wood."

Hermione pulled her face in disgust, her back still facing the Irishman. "I'll wait for you two downstairs," she said tightly. "Just hurry up will you."

Harry and Ron watched her hurriedly navigate her way out of the room, slamming the door loudly behind her.

"You'd think she'd never seen a cock before," Seamus yawned as he stretched out. "Oh hang on, I forgot she's with you Ron."

There was an explosion of laughter from Dean and Neville.

"Yeah whatever," Ron yawned, flipping him the bird before flopping back onto his bed.

Harry shook his head in amusement as he grabbed his towel and headed for the bathroom.

As he stepped under the warm spray of water he groaned in deep satisfaction, letting it cascade evenly over his skin.

It was total bliss.

After a few moments the brunette grabbed his shampoo off the rack and began lathering the fresh smelling goodness into his hair.

As he massaged his scalp his mind wandered to Draco, as it often did, and he wondered what the blond was doing right now.

It still bothered Harry that he and Draco had been told to go back to their own house dormitories after they had fully recovered in the Hospital Wing and had drank the specially brewed potion that had properly removed their bond. He had wanted to stay in their private quarters on the third floor but Professor McGonagall wouldn't allow it, as it was "No longer necessary and highly inappropriate" - her exact words.

Draco suggested to Harry that they take turns sneaking into each other's dormitories but McGonagall had guessed that they would try this and had put a stop to it at once by having Filch and Mrs Norris guard the Gryffindor Tower and the Slytherin Dungeon every night.

God did that infuriate Harry.

It was hard enough trying to get time alone with Draco with the shit load of homework they had been given over the last few weeks but now they couldn't even sneak out after curfew to see each other.

If only they hadn't finished their Potions assignment already, they could have used that as an excuse to meet up.

The Gryffindor sighed deeply.

As he finished up his morning hair cleansing routine, he once again stepped fully under the spray of water letting it rinse all the soapy suds from his dark locks, his mind roaming further still.

He idly thought about how Draco had slowly but surely begun to change in the last few weeks. Sure he was still his haughty sometimes arrogant self in front of others but he had toned it down a lot and inevitably people had started to notice and were very intrigued by this new mysterious Draco Malfoy.

As of yet it wasn't common knowledge that Harry and Draco were together, although a few random rumours had started up on the rare occasions the two had been caught exchanging hushed words in between classes. For the time being they were trying to keep their relationship under wraps. So that meant absolutely no public displays of affection, no sitting with each other at meal times, no doing homework together (unless they went to the Room of Requirement in which case they were usually alone and there were way more important things to be doing than homework), basically they had both agreed not to be seen out together unless it was absolutely necessary - at least until everything with Lucius had died down.

Yes everyone now knew the basics of what went down in the Malfoy Manor's cellar... well sort of anyway. They knew that Lucius had bonded Harry and Draco together and they knew that he attempted to murder them both but they didn't know the how's, who's and why's of it all. The public was purposefully fed false information regarding how Lucius had died, they were under the impression that an unforgivable curse cast by Lucius's own wand had backfired, killing him instantly. That was the information the Ministry's Spokesperson had released in last week's press conference, as the specific details and truth about how Lucius had really died were to be kept secret and for very good reason too.

As it turns out, Draco had in fact been the one to kill his father, even though at the time he hadn't been aware he was doing it and at any rate it wasn't his fault, he had absolutely no control over it.

Dumbledore seemed to think that Draco's love for Harry had somehow triggered something powerful inside the bond. So when Draco had grabbed his father's leg to stop him from disrespectfully kicking Harry's dead body, the bond had literally sucked Lucius' life force out of him and transferred it into Harry using Draco as a catalyst of sorts, which was an absolute miracle considering the bond had been partially broken when Lucius had taken Draco. Even so and regardless of that, nothing like this had even been recorded in the whole of history, so the Ministry officials were very dubious indeed. They didn't know what to think about it all. All they knew was if something like this ever got out and became common knowledge it would definitely cause a stir, so they kept their mouths shut and handed the case to the Unspeakables for in-depth research.

Currently the Unspeakables were still researching all the information, evidence and memories they had been given on Harry and Draco's case, at this point there had been no word on their findings but Harry had a feeling Dumbledore was probably right in his assumption, after all the old Headmaster was rarely wrong.

Harry wasn't going to lie, he hated the thought of Lucius' life force being inside of him... Yuk! But it wasn't like any part of Lucius soul was actually inside Harry now; it was purely just his life force. But yeah it was still completely sickening to think about, which is why he tried not to do so as much as possible.

And of course Draco hadn't been held responsible for killing his father as the bastard had been the one to bloody bond them together in the first place, so if anything it was his own fault.

Unfortunately that didn't stop Draco from feeling guilty; in the first week he had really struggling with his feelings on the whole situation. On one hand he was glad his father was dead and no longer able to hurt him and his mother but on the other hand he was sad and grieving. The man, although sick and twisted, was still his father and Draco was only human, despite what some people thought of him.

Thankfully Lucius' burial which had taken place just under two weeks ago had been a sort of turning point for the blond. Only Draco, his mother and Harry had been present for it, as Draco had insisted that was how he wanted it. Harry had been confused at first wondering why, but it all became clear on the day.

Draco had been beside himself and crazed with the overload of emotions running through him. He cried, shouted, yelled and screamed, letting out all of his anger. He sobbed his regrets and wept as he muttered what he had wished the future could have been, in regards to his relationship with his father. Then finally he'd said his goodbyes and walked away. It had been completely and utterly heartbreaking to watch but unbelievably it had been the best therapy for the blond. Since then Draco had been doing really well, everyday he looked a little brighter and a little happier. It was like he'd cleansed his soul and gotten everything he'd been holding in over the years off his chest and out in the open. He was even starting to joke around again, winding people up in his usual fashion.

This particular thought brought Ginny to the forefront of Harry's mind and he actually laughed out loud, his voice echoing around the tiled bathroom. Ginny Weasley had quickly become Draco's favourite person to wind up and oh was it hilarious to watch.

In the days Harry and Draco had been hauled up in the Hospital Wing, the brunette had told the blond all about how he had come to figure out the inside perpetrator was Rebecca White. He had admitted that Ginny was also on the top of his suspects list at first and explained to the blond why.

Draco had immediately began burning with curiosity as to why the young Weasley girl had been acting so strange, he'd reasoned that there was obviously some explanation for it and vowed to find out at his earliest convenience.

He didn't have to wait too long.

One afternoon when Madam Pomfrey uncharacteristically allowed, Ron, Hermione and Ginny to all come in together and visit with Harry, Draco was finally able to make his move.

All through the visit he had verbally picked, prodded and poked at Ginny. Making rude snarky comments whilst pestering her to confess what she had been really up to. He even went as low as accusing her of still being in love with Harry, much to the brunette's utter embarrassment.

Eventually she cracked and boy was she livid.

"I hate you!" she'd screamed. "Merlin you're such a fucking prick!"

Draco had smiled happily at this.

"You want to know why I was keeping my eye on you two? It's because I don't trust you! You stupid git!"

This had made Draco fall into a fit of hysterical laughter. It was clear he was enjoying himself immensely. "Careful your head might explode... No seriously, look at the colour of it!" he'd wheezed between gasping breaths.

"Fuck you!"

"No thanks, you're not my type. Not only are you the wrong sex but you're ginger to top it off."

At that Ginny had nearly screamed the Wing down in a fit of rage.

"Anyway," Draco had continued casually. "You are still in love with Harry, aren't you? Go on just admit it. I mean I can't blame you really - but honestly it was a dead giveaway when you were acting all jumpy and could hardly talk to him -"

"I most definitely am not in love with Harry!" she'd bellowed cutting him off. "If I was I wouldn't be secretly meeting up with Dean almost every night for a fuck! would I?!"

That's when Draco lost it - tears leaking from his eyes as he clutched at his sore stomach muscles, trying to catch his breath.

"Dean?!" Ron had exploded. "You better not mean Dean fucking Thomas!"

At the look of horror on Ginny's face Ron had kicked his chair aside storming from the Hospital Wing in search of his roommate. "I'll fucking kill the bastard!"

"Ron! Don't you dare do anything!" Ginny had screamed running after him.

Draco had been ecstatic at the surprising turn of events for days afterwards.

Harry still couldn't believe that that was the reason she had been acting weird, he would never have guessed it. At first he did wonder why she kept her relationship with Dean a secret, but then he caught wind of what Ron did to the poor guy and understood completely. He thanked his lucky stars that Ron hadn't reacted that bad when he found out Harry and Ginny were dating a few years back but then again Harry hadn't taken her virginity before continuing to shag her in various different locations all over the castle. That being said Ron and Dean were now back on speaking terms thanks to Ginny threatening her brother with her infamous Bat-Bogey Hex if he didn't apologise for Hexing her boyfriends private parts.

"Harry!" Ron banged on the bathroom door loudly. "Hurry up, you bathroom-hogging git!"

"One minute!" Harry yelled back quickly shutting off the water and stepping out to brush his teeth.

God how he miss having his own shower and even more so how he missed sharing said shower with a certain sexy blond Slytherin.

"Guess what I've just found out?" Hermione grinned as she, Harry and Ron began the long walk down to breakfast.

"That Merlin used his left testicle as a Shew Stone?" Ron asked.

She pursed her lips giving him a narrowed eyed look.

"That Xander Lofthouse has Spattergroit?" Harry asked.

"Ew," she scrunched up her face. "Is that true?"

Harry shrugged. "Pansy told me last night."

"Sounds like a lie. Isn't he the one who stood her up on a date?" Hermione asked. "Evil bitch," she finished under her breath.

"Language!" Ron snapped in a perfect imitation of her.

"Oh shush," she giggled. "Anyway, no, you're both wrong. I just found out that Professor Snape is back today!" she clapped her hands together in delight.

"Really?" Harry asked, frowning. "But I thought he wasn't getting released until next week?"

"Professor Dumbledore managed to pull some strings. Apparently Snape's been cleared of all charges. The Wizengamont and the Council of Magical Law came to the decision yesterday afternoon after Dumbledore found a loophole in the case. You see, how can they sentence Professor Snape for brewing an illegal Aeternum Sacramentum potion when the potion he brew wasn't the Aeternum Sacramentum potion at all, but a modified version of it!"

Harry snorted in amusement. "Of course Dumbledore would find a way around it," he paused a moment trying to figure out how he felt about it all.

He didn't like Snape purely because he was a prick but maybe that would change now that Harry and Draco were properly together... Nah! Anyway, regardless of that, he supposed he was happy the greasy git was back.

"Oh great," Ron moaned. "That's just what we need today, that overgrown bat going on with himself."

"Well I'm glad he's back," Harry said voicing his thoughts as he shoved his hands into his pockets. "For Draco's sake," he added at the shocked look on Ron's face. "He could do with having his Godfather around for support."

"Oh yes, of course," Hermione sympathised.

"Okay that makes sense but why are you happy about him being back?" Ron questioned Hermione with a look of utter disgust.

"Because today is the day he tells us our scores for the Potions assignment!" she literally vibrated with excitement.

"Well I already know I've passed," Ron said wrapping an arm around her shoulders and planting a single loud kiss on her lips. "I had you as a partner."

"And I know Draco and I passed because you more or less finished brewing our potion for us," Harry copied Ron by wrapping his arm around her shoulder but instead of planting a loud kiss on her lips he went for her cheek instead.

She giggled at their playful antics. "Well of course we passed!" she rolled her eyes as if to say 'duh' causing the two men to laugh heartily. "Finding out our scores isn't the real reason why I'm excited."

"Oh?" Harry raised his brow.

"Remember at the beginning of Term, the day Snape told us about the assignment?" Harry and Ron nodded. "Well, he said if we brewed the Legame Rivalare potion correctly, we'd have the choice to drink it if we wanted to!" she squealed happily.

Ron and Harry paled instantly.

"Goodness what's with the faces?" she asked bewildered.

Harry wasn't sure what was bothering Ron but he himself was not drinking that bloody potion, no siree!

What a stupid idea - Fucking Snape and his stupid fucking assignments.

Imagine he and Draco drank it and saw their future-selves with different partners. Or what if Draco saw himself with someone other than Harry but Harry saw himself with Draco? And imagine Draco then left him, leaving Harry to live and then die all alone...

Oh no. No, no, no. That couldn't happen. They most certainly couldn't drink it. Absolutely not.

"Harry?" Hermione sang waving her hand in front of the brunettes face.

"What?" Harry choked out looking a little green.

"Harry," she soothed. "Don't worry; you don't have to take the potion if you don't want to."

He swallowed thickly, brows furrowed as he nodded. "I know," he muttered trying not to think about it.

"Oh by the way," Hermione said, suddenly looking sombre. "Rebecca, Crabbe and Goyle get sentenced tomorrow."

Harry looked at her sharply. "Wow, they're really not wasting any time are they."

"No, which is a good thing. You and Draco will finally be able to put all this behind you and get on with your lives," Hermione rubbed his arm. "Dumbledore said they're going to be locked up for a very long time."

Harry nodded, not quite knowing what to say.

"Let's not think about it now. Come on let's eat," she suggested as they sat down at the Gryffindor table.

Harry, Ron and Hermione arrived ten minutes early to their Potions lesson as Draco hadn't been at the Slytherin table in the Great Hall for breakfast causing Harry to worry.

"He's not here," Harry muttered stressfully, gritting his teeth together.

"Mate, calm down he's probably just over-slept or something," Ron reasoned, clapping him on the back.

There were a few Slytherin's milling about the room, chatting to one another, and Harry had the sudden absurd urge to shake one of them and demand to know where Draco was.

"Harry, just go and sit down and relax he will be here soon. Okay?" Hermione rubbed his arm soothingly, glancing at Ron worriedly.

The brunette's anxiety where Draco was concerned had become a bit of an issue and vice versa. Both teens were suffering with it but were told it was just the after affects of what they had been through and with time it would get easier.

Harry made his way to his desk at the front of the classroom whilst Ron and Hermione took their seats somewhere in the middle.

The brunette sat rigid as a board, staring at the blackboard, mentally counting the seconds that passed by. He could hear the room getting louder as it filled with more and more students but none of them were Draco.

Two more minutes passed before there was the sound of a chair scraping on the stone floor next to him.

Harry turned his head slowly, dilated green eyes connecting with grey.

Draco inhaled deeply through his nose before glancing surreptitiously around the room to make sure no one was watching them. Then he took his seat.

The relief that flooded through Harry was so intense he had to close his eyes a moment to collect himself.

He felt Draco's hand touch his thigh lightly in reassurance. "I'm sorry," the blond breathed. "I got called to the Manor this morning and I didn't have time to write you a letter."

"Why were you called to the Manor?" Harry frowned, concern heavy in his tone. "Is everything okay?"

Draco removed his hand from Harry's leg and ran his fingers through his hair causing it to fall more messily into his eyes.

The action instantly caught and held Harry's full attention.

Fuck he was gorgeous. Harry loved that Draco had stopped gelling his hair back and instead let it fall naturally. It was very popular with the ladies and a few select males.

"Yes, everything's fine, I just needed to sign a mountain of contracts and documents," Draco sighed tiredly.

Harry gave his head a little shake, internally scolding himself for not focusing. "Contracts and documents? What for?"

"Documents relating to the Manor and various other properties my father owned, as well as all the companies and the Malfoy fortune, etcetera, etcetera," Draco reeled off, with a lazy wave of his hand.

Harry's frown deepened as he tilted his head in question.

"It's mine now," the blond informed him. "Everything... It's all mine," after a long pause, in which he stared unseeingly at nothing, he turned to gaze at Harry. "That's what the documents and contracts were for. All deeds, ownership, finances have been put into my name, our family lawyer just needed my signature to finalise it all."

Harry's mouth dropped open in shock. He was not expecting that. "Wow," he stated dumbly. "But I thought your mother was taking over it all? At least until you were ready."

"She was, but decided yesterday that she didn't want to anymore," Draco answered simply.

"Are you okay about all of this?" Harry asked not quite sure where Draco's head was at.

"Yes I'm fine. It's just bizarre. I mean how am I supposed to do this? Manage five large companies. Well there were seven but two were dodgy," he rolled his eyes. "Shocking," he gasped in mock surprise. "Not... Anyway I've had them shut down."

Of course two were dodgy. This did not surprise Harry one bit. Although, he was immensely proud of Draco for taking quick action in shutting them down.

"Well you're now the richest man in Britain. Why not pay someone else to worry about it for you," Harry shrugged, smiling crookedly.

Draco glance at Harry sideways with a small speculative pout before letting loose a wide toothy grin. "You're right. I think I might just do that."

Harry clicked his tongue with a wink.

"What are you looking at?!" Draco suddenly snapped at Tracy, a Slytherin girl, who was staring at them with her mouth hanging open.

"Oh, nothing! Sorry," she scurried off.

Harry shook his head, laughing silently.

"Nosy cow," Draco scowled. "You know, it's really starting to piss me off."

"What is?"

"This!" Draco gestured between the two of them. "Us hiding all the time."

Harry's eyes widened in surprise. He had said the same thing just a few days ago but Draco had just shrugged him off so he assumed the blond wasn't ready to let the world know about them yet.

"Okay, well what do you propose we do?" Harry asked expectantly.

Draco rested his elbow on the table, rubbing his bottom lip slowly back and forth in concentration.

Harry licked his own lips, body tingling with the need to lean in and kiss the sexy bastard until he gasped for more.

"Just leave it to me," Draco answered secretively, his grey eyes glinting mischievously.

Harry narrowed his eyes suspiciously at the look on his boyfriends face. "Should I be worried? Because I kind of feel like I should be."

"Maybe," Draco teased, biting his bottom lip to stop himself from laughing. "Okay yes, you should be extremely worried - you're going to fucking kill me," he added, shaking his head with a laugh.

Harry loved it when the blond was in these kinds of moods. He looked so carefree and sexy as hell. "God I want you so bad," Harry breathed huskily, staring intently at the Slytherin.

"Ditto," Draco replied all humour gone, looking Harry up and down hungrily. "It's been too long."

Harry thought back to the quickie they had had yesterday in the secret tunnel behind the suit of armour on the first floor and agreed wholeheartedly. "Way too fucking long - Room of Requirement after lunch?"

"We have no classes this afternoon," Draco stated, waggling his eyebrows and sneaking his hand under the table to press his palm against the bulge in the brunette's trousers.

Harry's eyes rolled to the back of his head as pleasure shot through him. "No, we don't," he breathed with a shudder, covering his hand over Draco's and pressing it more firmly into his fully erect cock.

The blond's eyes darkened in a fierce predatory fashion and Harry seriously contemplated standing up and dragging Draco from the room so they could both have their wicked way with each other.

At that moment Snape swept into the room, the door slamming loudly behind him.

Harry groaned in annoyance at the irritatingly bad timing and instantly began to mourn the loss of Draco's hand when the blond pulled it sharply away.

The classroom was deadly quiet now and Harry had to reluctantly give Snape props for silencing a room without even uttering a word.

As the Professor glanced quickly in Draco's direction, the Gryffindor could see his usually cold eyes warm with cleverly concealed fondness.

"Everybody, get out your completed potions," Snape drawled, eyes slowly doing a sweep of the room before he took his seat behind the large wooden desk facing the front of the classroom.

Once the rustling and banging ceased he spoke again. "Now I will call each pair up to my desk for scoring, bring your potion and any relevant notes you'd like to go over. The rest of you may talk quietly amongst yourselves until your names are called.

At that announcement the students in the class glanced at each other with wary bewilderment.

Snape never let them talk quietly amongst themselves. How very odd indeed.

"I will start over here with Mr Malfoy and Mr Potter."

Harry sagged a little in defeat but then rationalised it was probably better to just get it over and done with.

Draco smirked at the put-out look on the brunette's face as they both got up and made their way towards Snape's desk.

"Please take a seat," Professor Snape muttered, glancing behind them at the class.

Harry heard the Professor surreptitiously cast a Silencing charm and he began to shift uneasily.

"Draco, I- how are you?" Snape asked, voice full of emotion yet to look at him, you wouldn't know.

"I'm fine Severus, honestly. I'm just glad you're back, how are you? You need to tell me everything that's happened in the last few weeks," Draco urged.

The blond hadn't been allowed to see his Godfather while the trial was in succession and had constantly been raging to Harry about how ridiculous and unfair it was.

"I will but later," Snape replied pausing a moment. He seemed to be struggling to find his next words. "I'm... I'm just happy to see you are doing so well," he looked his Godson over with critical eyes. "I didn't know what to expect when I came back, I didn't know how you'd be coping or anything, of course Dumbledore told me you were okay but I needed to see it with my own eyes -"

Draco cut him off. "Stop worrying, I truly am alright, thanks to Harry," he glanced at the brunette and chuckled when Harry turned a deep shade of crimson.

Snape turned to gaze at the Gryffindor, taking him in for the first time since he entered the classroom.

Harry gazed steadily back, jaw clenching and unclenching as he prepared himself for a snarky comment of some sort. He suddenly realised the last time he'd seen the Potions Professor was the night Draco had been taken and remembered the single tear that had slid down the pale man's face as Harry told him that Draco was dead.

"Thank you," Snape choked out as if it pained him to say it.

Harry's eyes widened. "Excuse me?"

"Thank you..." the Professor repeated, stronger this time. "For saving Draco and being there for him when I couldn't be."

Harry could hardly believe his ears. "Um..." was this seriously happening? He looked over at Draco uncomfortably and found the blond staring at him expectantly.

The Gryffindor knew Draco wanted him and his Godfather to get along, he'd voiced as much on numerous occasions.

Harry smiled at the blond then looked down into his lap before looking back up at the Potions Master. "You're welcome," he muttered awkwardly and he heard Draco let out a relieved breath next to him. "But -" Draco groaned, sagging dramatically in his chair. "- I didn't do it for you. I did it because I love Draco. I would do anything for him."

Snape narrowed his eyes, chewing the inside of his cheek as he regarded Harry seriously but then he suddenly broke out into the biggest smile Harry had even seen grace his usually tight lips. "Yes Potter, I know, I know," he nodded, eyes glinting in a very Dumbledore sort of fashion.

Harry couldn't help it he grinned right back and just like that he and Severus Snape came to an understanding that would unwittingly bring them closer and closer together as time went on.

Both men, in their own way, loved and cared for Draco.

Who would have thought this time six weeks ago Harry and Snape would be bonding over their shared love of Draco Malfoy? It was laughable!

"Right," Snape sat forward all business, smile vanishing at once. "Let's see your potion then."

"Isn't it wonderful that we all got 'O's'?" Hermione gushed after the double potions class finished.

Ron grinned. "Come on that's not really the reason you're all smiles."

Hermione blushed, gazing up at him lovingly.

It was true, Hermione and Ron had both chosen to take a sip of the Legame Rivalare potion along with most of the class and, to Ron's relief and Hermione's utter delight, they had both had a sneak peek at their future lives and saw that they would marry, have children and grow old together.

As soon as the visions had ended, Hermione had squealed for at least a whole minute before wrapping her arms around her redheaded boyfriend with glee, she then immediately started chattering excitedly with Lavender and Parvati about how visual the glimpses were and how freakishly real they had felt, as if you were actually there.

"Harry," Hermione sighed as they walked out of the dungeons corridor and began to ascend the stairs up to the Entrance Hall. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," Harry replied a little too sharply.

She rolled her eyes. "Did you have an argument with Draco?"

"No," Harry frowned.

"Well, tell me what's wrong then? You only look this depressed when it's something to do with Draco."

Harry grumbled under his breath. He really needed to stop being so transparent.

"It's nothing," Harry sighed.

"Is this about the Legame Rivalare potion?"

Harry ignored her.

"Did Draco want to drink it and you didn't?" she pushed.

How the bloody hell did she always know everything about... Well, everything!

"Hermione, please just drop it. I don't want to talk about it right now."

"Okay, fine," she held her hands up in surrender. "I'm here if you need to talk though."

The brunette nodded moodily.

Hermione was right, as always, Draco had wanted to drink the potion and tried to persuade Harry to do it with him but the Gryffindor had flat out refused and when asked what his problem was, wouldn't give the blond an explanation as to why he didn't want to. Draco had gazed at Harry funnily obviously wondering at the brunette's hesitation but had eventually acquiesced and instead proceeded to tell Harry, in detail, all about his morning at the Manor.

"Are you actually going to eat in the Great Hall today?" Ron asked as he noticed Harry still walking with him and Hermione towards the huge wooden doors.

"Yeah, I won't be staying long though. Draco is just talking with Snape; he said he'd send me a message on the Parchment when he was finished."

Harry and Draco had made replicas of the enchanted Parchment Rebecca and Lucius had used to send private messages to each other. It actually had worked out really well for the Gryffindor and Slytherin - when they didn't forget to carry it around with them, which annoyingly Draco did more often than not.

Ron nodded his head. Surprisingly enough he had quickly gotten used to Harry and Draco's relationship, although Harry thought a lot of it was to do with Hermione's "little chat".

The Great Hall was full to bursting with students of all ages, laughing and talking merrily with one another as they ate the abundance of food lay out on the four house tables.

"Oi Harry! Ron!" Seamus yelled.

Hermione groaned. "Do we have to sit near him?"

Ron laughed. "Just forget about what you saw this morning, if he knows you're uncomfortable he'll only tease you more about it."

The three of them made their way over to, Seamus, Dean, Ginny, Lavender, Parvati and Neville.

"Hey Hermione," Seamus waggled his eyebrows salaciously.

Lavender swiftly whacked him in the chest. "Leave her alone."

They all laughed except Hermione who rolled her eyes in annoyance.

Soon enough they were all well into their lunch chatting happily about inconsequential things as they ate. Harry only nibbled on half a beef sandwich, impatiently waiting for Draco's message. He could barely concentrate on the conversation going on around him, all he could think about was getting the blond alone as soon as possible.

It was amusing to think that, at first, Harry had been concerned about fully breaking the bond. He had been worried that he and Draco wouldn't feel the same about one another and that the sex would be different or they wouldn't enjoy it anymore - and in truth the sex and pleasure was different but not in a bad way. It was still mind-blowingly amazing but very different as obviously there was no longer the link to their emotions and no urges from the bond. In regards to their feeling for one another, they were stronger than ever, Harry had no doubt about that.

At the thought a huge dreamy smile broke out on his face.

"What are you thinking about Harry?" Dean asked smirking. "What's with the big goofy grin?"

"What?" Harry's face heated. "Nothing… I'm not thinking about anyone... I mean thing! I'm not thinking about any-thing."

"Ahhhhhh," Neville sang knowingly.

Shit! Harry thought to himself.

Only a small handful of people knew about Harry and Draco's real relationship. Those people were, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Pansy, Blaise, Dumbledore, Professor McGonagall, Snape and Narcissa.

"Come on spill!" Seamus yelled causing several groups of students to look over at them.

"Ssssshhhhhh!" Harry chastised. "You big mouthed git."

It's not that Harry didn't want them to know about Draco, he would happily tell them but he wouldn't do it without talking to the blond first.

"Oh come on! We all know you've been getting down and dirty with someone. You disappear for hours on end. Stop being so secretive and fess up! Who the fuck is it?" Seamus demanded, spraying cake crumbs everywhere as he spoke.

"Getting down and dirty?" Dean scrunched up his face. "Who says that?!"

Seamus palmed Dean's face, pushing him away with a loud belly laugh.

"I'm actually curious to know too," Ginny piped up, grinning wickedly. "Come on Harry who is it?" she lilted innocently.

Harry gave her an outraged look for setting him up. Sneaky little... She knew damn well who it was!

Dean, Seamus, Neville and Ginny who were sat across from Harry suddenly looked up, staring above the brunette's head as varying degrees of surprise, shock and utter bewilderment clouded their features. Ginny, on the other hand just looked irritated and huffed before continuing to eat her pasta.

"Um Harry," Hermione whispered nudging him.

The brunette suddenly realised that the hall was deathly quiet.

He slowly glanced around, his skin prickling nervously as he found all eyes were looking in his direction.

What the fuck?

He felt a hand gently touch his shoulder and when he jerked around to see who it belonged to, his mouth dropped open.

Harry stared up into the beautiful angular face that belong to none other than Draco Malfoy.

At a total loss for words, the Gryffindor just stared stupidly before slowly standing up to face the gorgeous Slytherin.

What the hell was Draco doing?!

The hall was so quiet you could have literally heard a pin drop.

Harry's heart began to beat rapidly in his chest and he swore that everyone in his near vicinity would be able to hear it.

Swallowing nervously and trying to ignore the hundreds of eyes currently on them. Harry asked. "Um... Is everything... okay?"

As Draco watched Harry squirm uncomfortably, stuttering out his words, he let loose a dazzling toothy smile, causing people to instantly start whispering excitedly. "Yes, everything's fine," the blond replied, the amusement clear in his voice. Then he reached out a hand pulling the brunette roughly towards him.

He captured Harry's full mouth in a long lingering kiss, trying desperately to suppress the urge to laugh at the Gryffindor's huge shocked eyes, and then he parted his lips, tilting his head to the side as he deepened the kiss further.

The room seemed to gasps as one and a few students even let out loud shouts of surprise.

Harry himself was in a state of complete shock, his body tense and stiff, but he soon relaxed and got over it when he felt Draco's tongue brush his own, then he was pulling Draco closer as he reciprocated the kiss more passionately.

Suddenly there was an explosion of clapping and cheers as well as the rapid flashing light of a camera capturing the moment.

Draco pulled back looking around the room with a deep frown etched on his stunning face. "Well I was not expecting this kind of a reaction," he yelled to Harry over the deafening roar. "What is wrong with these people?"

Harry laughed. "What, would you rather them yell profanities and throw food at us?" he asked.

"Well, that I could handle. This... I just don't quite know what to do with it," Draco confessed, looking wary.

"You don't need to do anything," Harry chuckled. "Just smile and wave, they usually like that."

Draco pulled his face in disgust. "I think I'll pass. Right, I've had enough now, come on lets go."

The Slytherin pulled on Harry's arm and together they eased in and around the sea of people and headed for the exit.

"This way," Draco urged when they pushed out into the Entrance Hall.

Together they jogged down two flights of stairs and along three winding corridors.

"Where are we going?" Harry asked, feeling exhilarated and slightly out of breath.

Draco came to a sudden stop in front of blank section of stone wall.

Harry raised his brows as Draco muttered a password and tugged Harry through the passageway into the empty Slytherin common room.

The blond lead the brunette down a narrow long set of stones steps, off to the right of the common room, before stopping in front of a closed door which had three names etched on a silver plaque.

Draco Malfoy

Theodore Nott

Blaise Zabini

"You've brought me to your room," Harry smiled lopsidedly, clearly stating the.

"I've been wanting to get you in my bed for weeks," Draco admitted shamelessly with a wicked grin. "It only seemed logical to bring you here, especially now everyone knows about us."

"Yes, about that," Harry mock admonished. "Seriously Draco, could you not think of any other highly embarrassing way to out us?" he muttered sarcastically.

"Are you angry?" Draco asked, eyes darkening.

"Maybe," Harry breathed as he felt the air charge around them.

"Good," Draco said roughly and bit his bottom lip as he pulled Harry into his bedroom, slamming and locking the door behind them.

They instantly began to pull and tug at each other's clothes, effectively stripping them away piece by piece.

"Kiss me," Draco demanded, when both stood fully naked and panting, cocks erect and ready to go.

Their hands touched, stroked, palmed and needed the others various body parts as they hungrily kissed, tongues swirling in the familiar dance they both knew so well.

"I needed this," Draco gasped in between kisses as he pushed Harry onto the bed nearest the door and climbed on top of him.

"Ditto," Harry replied using one of Draco's new favourite words and in turn getting hit with one of the blond's cum-inducing smiles.

Harry shuddered in anticipation as Draco kissed and nipped his way down the brunette's torso, stopping briefly to suck each hardened nipple into his mouth before continuing on his path to where Harry wanted him most.

The blond placed wet kisses and grazed his teeth on Harry's inner thighs, just below his balls, smiling devilishly when the brunette growled impatiently.

"You know how the game goes," Draco reminded deeply. "Tell me what you want," he breathed, warm air fanning across Harry's throbbing sensitive cock as he ran his fingers through the Gryffindor's dark short pubic hair.

Draco loved talking during foreplay, it sent him crazy with lust whenever Harry would pant and moan what he wanted the blond to do to him.

It was hot as fuck.

"I want... your mouth around my cock," Harry gasped, stomach muscles clenching and unclenching pleasurably. "I want you to suck me and after that I want you to fuck me."

Draco eyes dilated as he lowered his mouth taking the brunette all the way in to the hilt.

"Holy shit!" Harry moaned loudly, hand gripping Draco's platinum blond hair to hold him in place. "Yesssss, just like that."

Draco suck and swirled his tongue expertly around Harry's rigid member, taking it all the way in until the swollen head hit the back of his throat and then slowly bringing it out as his teeth grazed lightly along the entire length.

The brunette groaned deeply, pre-cum leaking from the tip of his cock into Draco's warm talented mouth.

When Draco inserted a saliva slicked finger into Harry's waiting entrance, the Gryffindor shuddered, pleasure shooting through him as he almost came on the spot.

"Oh fuck, stop, stop!" Harry panted trying his hardest not to unravel and explode just yet.

Draco pulled his finger out and slowly kissed his way back up the brunettes toned muscled body until he reached Harry's mouth that was slackened and panting with complete and utter need and want.

The blond bit and sucked hard on Harry's bottom lip before going in for another intoxicating kiss.

The Gryffindor could taste his own salty semen on the blonds tongue and it drove him crazy.

"I want you inside me," Harry gritted, eyes closing tightly as Draco began to rub their painfully hard cocks together causing a delicious friction that made the head of Harry's penis tingle in pre-warning.

"Turn over," Draco demanded, voice deep, thick and passion filled.

Harry did as he was told, cock throbbing relentlessly when he trapped it between his pelvis muscle and the mattress.

"Lift up a little. That's it," the blond breathed into Harry's ear as the head of his cock probed at the brunettes entrance enticingly.

As Draco thrust his cock all the way in, he let out a long satisfied moan. "Fuck, I love how tight you are. It feels so good."

Harry was well used to the full feeling of Draco's cock in him now and only needed a few seconds to adjust.

The blond began to pump in and out, rubbing his hands up and down Harry's lower back as he knelt between the Gryffindor's open legs.

"Get up," he ordered, gripping Harry's hips tightly as the brunette knelt up on his knees so his back was flush against Draco's chest.

Draco thrust maddeningly slow in and out, in and out, as his left arm snaked over Harry's chest and his right hand began to jerk the brunettes weeping cock in perfect synchronization.

He kissed Harry's neck and nibbled on his earlobe as his breath sent exquisite shivers down the Gryffindor's spine.

"Draco," Harry pleaded almost unintelligibly.

Draco turned Harry's head giving him a harsh kiss on the lips before pushing the brunette down onto the bed again but as he did, the blond caught sight of the heart shaped scar on Harry's back.

It was the result of the brunette jumping in front of the killing curse to save Draco's life. Just another scar to add to the long list of scars Harry already had.

Draco traced a gentle finger, ever so lightly around it and then leaned down to kiss it sweetly, eyes closing as he thanked Merlin with all his heart and soul that Harry was still here, alive and well.

Harry turned around looking at Draco over his shoulder, and then pushed his arse up in the air causing the blond's cock to sink in deeper.

Draco hissed harshly as Harry's internal muscles squeezed his cock tightly, sending zaps of pleasure coursing through him. He gritted his teeth together, breathing heavily through his nose as his eyes sparked anew.

He pulled out suddenly and flipped Harry over onto his back, then sunk his cock back in with one swift movement, drawing a pleasure filled cry from the brunette.

The blond leaned down, arms on either side of the Gryffindor's head as he began a quick, deep, punishing rhythm, hitting Harry's prostate over and over again with every mind blowing, craze induced thrust.

Harry opened his legs wide, nails digging deeply into the blond's arse cheeks as he panted and moaned for more.

Draco's grey eyes stared into Harry's green ones as their breaths became short and heavy, mingling with one another's. The blond placed little kisses on Harry's lips and face in between small breathy moans.

"Oh fuck Draco," Harry grunted. "I'm... I'm going to cum -" he broke off on a deep guttural moan as his balls tightened and the coil of pleasure in his stomach seemed to explode into a million pieces.

Harry yelled out, moaning and groaning as his cock kicked powerfully, shooting long jets of semen across his stomach and chest.

Draco gritted his teeth together, body tensing as his own release ripped through him causing his vision to waver and his body to shake uncontrollably. His hips locked as he came long and hard inside Harry's warm tight hole. "Arrrrggghhhhhh," he roared, panting like he'd just run a marathon.

He collapsed on top of Harry, cum sticking between them but at that moment they both couldn't find it in them to care.

The brunette ran his hand lazily up and down Draco's spine as they slowly but surely came down from their orgasmic high.

Harry felt his eyes drifting close as lethargy started to kick in. He mumbled a complaint when Draco sat up, casting quick cleansing spell on them both before the brunette could hear him rummaging about on the other side of the room.

"Draco," Harry whined tiredly, reaching out blindly for the blond. "What are you doing? Come here."

He felt Draco climbing back on top of the bed and smiled when the Slytherin settled back between Harry's legs, semi-hard cock's pressing together.

"Mmmm," Harry hummed contentedly, wrapping his arms around the blond's waist with full intentions of going to sleep.

"Harry, open your eyes," Draco asked quietly yet sounding fully awake.

The brunette cracked an eye open and found Draco's face hovering over his just a few inches away. "What is it?" he asked fretfully, taking in the look on the blond's face and suddenly feeling wide awake himself.

Draco looked agitated, his eyes darting around uncharacteristically.

"Draco," Harry said in warning. "Tell me. What is it?" he demanded, stomach dropping nauseatingly.

What was wrong with him?

"Do you love me?" the blond asked, face closed off and expressionless.

"What? What sort of a question is that?" Harry asked in exasperation, looking at Draco with a confused frowned. When all the Slytherin did was narrow his eyes, Harry sighed explosively. "Yes of course! You know I do. What's all this -"

"How much do you love me?" Draco interrupted.

Harry paused for a moment staring intently into the blond's grey eyes. "I love you more than anyone or anything in this world," he confessed, voice dripping with sincerity.

Draco let out a small relieved breath. "Good, because if you didn't you'd never forgive me for this."

Draco uncorked a small vial and tipped the entire contents into his mouth before leaning down and parting his lips to transfer half of it into Harry's unwilling mouth.

Harry coughed as he choked on the sickly sweet liquid before having no other choice but to swallow it and watch in horror as Draco swallowed his own portion. "Draco! What the hell was that?" Harry yelled angrily but before the blond could answer Harry suddenly found himself being tugged and pulled through vivid vision, after vivid vision.

There was a large stunning house and Harry saw himself and Draco hosting a party in the lush gardens surrounding the property. There were gold and silver banners that read 'Home Sweet Home' and 'Happy Landings'. All their family and friends were there talking and laughing joyously with one another.

Then he saw himself reading at a desk in an unfamiliar office, with an abundance of certificates and medals adorning the walls. He watched as an achingly handsome grey-suit clad Draco was escorted into the room by a middle aged witch with a warm inviting smile.

"You're working late tonight," Draco stated, shoving his hands into his trouser pockets. "Did you forget we had dinner reservations?"

"Never," Harry smiled. "I'm almost done, give me one minute."

"I'll give you two, how about that?" Draco smirked taking a seat.

Suddenly, Harry was at a fancy Gala of some sort, men and women dressed to the 9's, drinking Champagne from crystal flutes and eating mouth-watering looking canapes. He looked around for Draco but couldn't find him anywhere until the room went quiet and a spot light lit up a section of the stage with a podium and mic, revealing a stunning, smiling, Draco.

"Thank you for joining us here tonight," his voice rang clear, drawing the entire room's attention. "I just want to say a few words, don't worry I won't keep you long. I know there's lots of drinking to be had," he joked.

There was a rumble of laughter.

"It is truly amazing how far 'Coping Together' has come. I started the foundation six years ago today and already we have raised over thirty million Galleons which has help build and fund new housing and support groups all over Britain for those who have suffer domestic violence in some way or form," there was a loud outbreak of applause. "Without your help whether it be donating, spreading the word, lending a helping hand... all of those things and more, this would never have been possible. I may be the richest man in Britain," he rolled his eyes and there was more laughter. "But I am just one man and it takes us as a nation coming together and standing united to help one another through tough times. So thank you, all of you, for your kind contributions, it means the world to the 'Coping Together' family."

Everyone cheered and clapped loudly.

"Before I go I'd also like to say a special thank you to a special someone," he lilted lightening the mood, he turn to look at Harry love evident in his grey eyes. "Harry, you have stood by and supported me through my own trials and tribulations and without you I wouldn't be here today," he paused. "You are the most loving and caring person I've ever met and you've shown me what life is really about and I thank you for that. I love you and I will spend the rest of my life showing you just how much," he grinned as yet even more cheers exploded at a deafening pitch.

"Okay that's enough with the icky love stuff," he grimaced. "I think it's time for the Charity Auction!"

Harry found himself being pulled through even more visions of him and Draco traveling, spending intimate time alone at home or having fun with their friends and family. In all the visions he saw himself and Draco getting progressively older but even through their skin aged and Harry's hair became speckled with grey, the love never left their eyes. It was always there burning bright.

Harry gasped as he was jerked back to reality. Draco was still lay on top of him and they were both still lay on the blond's bed, completely naked.

The brunette stared at Draco's face as golden eyelashes fluttered open to reveal bright grey eyes.

Draco smiled crookedly. "See there's nothing for you to worry about," he said simply. "I just needed you to know that."

Harry bit his lip hard as a rush of emotion overtook him, then he pulled Draco into a searing kiss, filled with all the love and passion he couldn't, at that moment, seem to express with words... but that was okay, because now he knew he had the rest of his life to tell Draco over and over again how much he loved him and he most certainly would. Every. Single. Day.


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