I Love You When I'm Supposed To Hate You

Fate brought Chloe Beale and Beca Mitchell together. Things started smoothly, until one day, they found out that their fathers were huge enemies. Not wanting to let their family down, Beca and Chloe did a lot of things to make them hate each other but failed miserably. Will they have to choose between their family and the love of their life? Bechloe with side pairing Staubrey.

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Chapter 1

Beca's POV:-

"Where the fuck are you, midget?!" Stacie yelled from the other line.

"Geez, chopsticks! You don't have to shout. I'm on my way now." I replied, grabbing two helmets from the shelves of my apartment.

"Better get your ass here now! My make up's melting!" Stacie shouted, before hanging up on me.

Stacie Conrad, my one and only idiotic cousin that I'm close to since young. Our mothers were siblings. We're always being seen together and we're inseparable. Stacie is like a sister to me, even with all the different opinions we have about most of the things.

I hopped on my red Ducati Monster and rode my baby with full of confidence. Riding has always been my thing. I love to have thrills in my life and riding is also an added bonus for my badass image, I think.

Stacie and I worked in a bar, with me as a bartender and Stacie as my helper and a bar top dancer. My cousin always has a thing for sex appeal. Her sexy and flirty facade had her getting almost everything she wanted.

I was on my way to fetch Stacie from a friend's place when I saw a beautiful soul that caught my attention. Being a womanizer as I was, I slowed down and stopped a few meters away from that stunning redhead who was having some difficulties with her smoking MX-5, Mazda by the side of the road. By smoking, I mean, smoke could be literally seen coming out from her opened bonnet.


Chloe's POV:-

"You have to come and get me, Bree! I'm running late for my meeting!" I slightly shouted, begging for Aubrey to come and safe me.

Aubrey Posen, my childhood best friend who's now working in a law firm company. It wasn't easy being a Posen, as they always wanted the best in everything, and hence, Aubrey's up-tightness in showing a perfect image was always her number one priority.

"I can't walk out from here Chlo, my boss gave me a ridiculous amount of paperwork to go through. Get a cab or something?" Aubrey spoke on the other line.

"But I don't see a single cab here, Bree!" I replied. I was starting to panic.

As an event planner, I can never be late for a meeting with my client.

"Hey there, need any help?" Said someone from behind me.

I turned to see someone petite, a few inches shorter than me, dressed in black with helmet covering his or her face coming near me. I couldn't figure out if that person is a man or a woman.

"I think I might have to call you back." I said to Aubrey.

"Oh and don't wait for me, I'm going for a night out with my colleagues."

"Yeah sure." I uttered, before hanging up the phone.

I turned to face the source of the voice and replied desperately, "Yes please. Something's wrong with my car and I seriously don't know what to do."

I was stunned to see that particular soul was actually a beautiful woman as soon as she took off her helmet and swung her hair loosely.


Beca's POV:-

"Mind if I take a look?" I asked.

I was hypnotized by her mesmerizing blue eyes. My heart was pumping fast. I felt a whole zoo in the pit of my stomach as soon as our eyes met. That girl is just so amazingly beautiful!

"Oh please. Thank you very much." She said biting her lips. Can she be any cuter?

Being an absolute idiot about cars, I made an attempt to check on the engine and found nothing but complicated wires and shit.

"This looks pretty bad." I said, not wanting to show her my complete zero knowledge about cars.

"Oh shoot! Do you know anyone that can help? Or maybe some place that I might easily get a cab?"

I realized that she kept glancing at her watch as if she was late for something. Time to work your charm, Beca!

"I got a friend who's a mechanic. Are you in a rush or something?"

"Yeah. I'm kinda late for a meeting." She answered.

"Okay I'll tell you what. I don't think your car can be ready in ten minutes time or less, so why not I just give you a ride?" I offered, really hoping that she would say yes.

"I don't know. I don't wanna be such a bother."

"I would be more than happy to have a beautiful lady clinging on my back." I winked. It wasn't far from the truth though.

"I'm kidding! Don't worry it's not a bother at all. I was just going for a ride to no where in particular." I lied. Stacie is so gonna kill me!

She looked hesitant, so I added, "It's difficult to hail a cab here. Why don't I just send you off, call my friend to pick the car up, and we'll keep in touch from there."

"I guess I don't really have a choice. I'll just go and grab my stuff." She said before retrieving her handbag and a laptop bag from her car. She locked her car and smiled at me. Oh that smile, I wish I can just take a picture of it. Well, pictures last longer.

I passed her the spare helmet that I was carrying for Stacie, and she just stood there holding it. "I don't know how to put this on." She said, shyly.

"I'm guessing that you never ride a bike before?"

She shook her head in response, still biting on her bottom lip. God! Stop being cute already!

"Oh, I'm Beca by the way. Beca Mitchell."

"Chloe. Chloe Beale."

Now, where did I ever hear of that name before?

"Pretty name you got there. Just like the owner." I winked and Chloe blushed.

I helped her to put the helmet on and hopped on my baby. Chloe slung her bags to her back and followed suit. She was sitting far behind.

"Chloe, you might wanna hold on to me cos' I don't wanna make a u-turn after realizing you're no longer sharing the ride with me." I chuckled.

Chloe scooted slightly closer and hold on to my waist. I knew she wasn't comfortable. I started my engine and dropped a gear, making the bike jerked a little, while Chloe automatically wrapped her arms around my waist tightly. I could feel her whole front was intact to my back. I smiled to myself. "Well, show me the way, Chloe." Chloe, Chloe, Chloe! I can't stop calling her name.

The ride took about ten minutes to reach our destination, and I slightly frowned at the lost of contact, once Chloe hopped off from my motorcycle. She was running straight to the entrance without saying anything. Then, she came running back to me when she realized that she still had my helmet on. I took off my own helmet before helping her with hers. Chloe passed me her name card asking me to call her later and kissed me on my cheek as thank you gratitude. I could feel the spot burning. I was still standing like a retard staring at Chloe quickly disappearing into the entrance door when my phone went off.

I looked at my caller ID and it was from 'Evil Biatch' with Stacie's picture on it, when realization hit me hard. Stacie! I'm late! Shit!


Stacie finally put on her helmet after it felt like hours being brain fucked by her for being late. She suddenly took the helmet off again and sniffed on it.

"This is not my smell." She pointed, while I shrugged.

"What the fuck, Beca?! How many times must I tell you, that I don't wanna share helmet with all the sluts you're banging?!"

"I didn't bang that chick, Stace."

"Who are you kidding?" Stacie snorted.

"I'm not kidding anybody! Oh by the way, I'm just dropping you off then I'm taking the evening off." I told Stacie who was now spraying some sanitizers on the helmet.

"Where are you going? I don't think Luke will agree to it. It's Friday night, Beca."

"This is kind of an emergency. I need to help a friend of mine."

Stacie eyed me up and down. "There's something you're not telling me." She inquired.

I sighed in defeat. "I met this girl, by the side of the road. Her car broke down and I had to send her off because she was running late for her meeting, and I'm taking the evening off because I promised to get back to her and bring her to CR's workshop."

"A girl you picked up by the side of the road? God! Where's your standard?" Stacie grimaced jokingly and I shoved her by her shoulder.

As planned, I dropped Stacie at our workplace and came face to face with my evil boss, Luke Johnson.

"You're lucky that you're my favourite. You're not banging anyone tonight aren't you, because if you do so, please do not give them my office number. Emma had been calling for the umpteenth time! Do something about it, will you?" Luke spoke in his English accent, while having his both feet crossed on the table.

Okay, obviously I lied about the evil boss. Luke is one of my friends. We used to work at a bar together before his father passed and left him with some wealth. He then, decided to run his own bar. I was the first one who he hired and he actually doubled up my wages trusting me to look after his bar when he wasn't around. I've known Luke for six years now. He's the best boss you can ever imagine!

"I didn't give her your number, Luke. You gave her yourself, remember?" I said, slapping his feet off from the table.

"Yeah, that was before she slept with you instead of with me."

"What can I say? I'm so much better than you." I shrugged.

"Get the hell out from here before I change my mind on that evening off."

I laughed at Luke's antic and went out of the door.

Luke is like my big brother and my partner in crime. Ever since he knew about me being gay, we always share our opinions about girls, sometimes, even competing for the same women. It's weird though, but it was fun at the same time because we don't hold any grudges. It's like a friendly fight between us.

As soon as I got out from Luke's bar, I called for Cynthia Rose, my buddy, who's working as a mechanic at her father's workshop. "Yo CR! You got my text?"

"Hey B! Yeah I did. I'm still on it. It's kinda bad. I don't know if I can fix it by tonight."

"It's ok CR, you can take your time."

"A tough one to crack huh?" She teased.

"Not really. This one is just… Different." Knowing that I was onto something, Cynthia snickered upon my comment. It wasn't a secret anymore. Everybody knew about me being a womanizer. Still, hotass chicks kept throwing themselves at me.

I lighted my cigarette and leaned against my baby. I kept thinking about Chloe. I decided to text her, but unfortunately, I couldn't find her name card. Fucking great Beca!

I rode my baby over to the place I dropped Chloe earlier, and waited for her at the exact same spot. I was behaving like a stalker. Looking at my watch, it was only half passed five, exactly an hour after I dropped Chloe off. Assuming it might take another couples of minutes, I took my cigarette and lighted it up while waiting patiently.

I glanced at my watch again, it was almost seven, but Chloe was no where to be seen. I took out another cigarette, and was surprised to see that it was the last stick from the pack. "If by the time I finish you and she's still not here, fuck it, I'm off!" I said to my lighted cigarette, a little louder than expected.

"Who are you talking to?"

I turned to see Chloe smiling at me.

"Hey hi!"

"What are you doing here? You waited for me?"

"No, not really. I actually just got here." I lied.

Seeing Chloe rubbing her nose upon my cigarette smell, I quickly stepped on it and that was when Chloe saw the scattered cigarette buds and ashes around me.

"Really? You just got here?" She snickered, having her eyes still darted at the mess of the cigarette buds and ashes on the floor.

I shrugged, innocently.

"Why didn't you text me?" She asked.

"That's the thing. I kinda lost your name card. It must have dropped somewhere while I was riding, so I didn't know how to contact you." I declared, rubbing the back of my neck. "Besides, I don't want the police to come and arrest me for stealing your broken car."

Chloe playfully slapped my forearm. Damn long sleeves!

Again, I helped Chloe with her helmet and we rode off to Cynthia Rose's workshop. I actually took a longer route to get there.

A/N:- …And that's chapter 1! :) Like what people always say, you did it once and you just wanna do it again, so here it is, my second Bechloe/Staubrey fanfic. I'm sure there are a lot of mistakes though. I really apologize for that. What do you guys think? I hope you guys like it. Should I continue? Have a great day/night you awesome peep! xoxo