The Garden

Chapter 1

A Garden? What's wrong with Raven?

The forecast had been for bright and beautiful sunshine across California. The image was picturesque, bright warm sun across a park children laughing and playing with one another, parents keeping a close eye on their offspring while sat on a simple rug upon the grass, perhaps nursing some low level alcohol. Bugs fluttering amongst the flowers and birds tweeting their merry song.

Mother nature had other ideas … bitch.

Dark clouds filled the skies as rain poured down mercilessly upon Jump City.

Coming up to 11:33 in the morning, crime seemed to be staying indoors like the citizens and their heroes.

For the Teen Titans, it had only been a few months since the fiasco in Tokyo and now were situated in the common room of Titan's Tower doing their own thing:

The ever ready Robin sat on a chair one leg crossed over the other, newspaper in hand and a cup of coffee resting on the table next to him. Since Tokyo he and Starfire had become an official couple on live TV, much to the dismay of beloved fan-boys and fan-girls across the world, and even though now, months later he still felt awkward about most public displays of affection, thanks due to Cyborg and Beast Boy's constant teasing, he would always tell Starfire he loved her, other than that though his friends, including Raven were very supportive to them. He couldn't have asked for better friends.

The ever glorious Starfire was laying on the floor on her stomach her legs swinging back and forth in the air from the knee down while reading the 'Glorious Magazines of Earthly Females.' To her, her relationship with Robin was GLORIOUS! She could hold his hand when they were in public and she could cling to his arm as she had seen other Earth girls doing to young boys, which she'd learnt was a sign of affection, though he never said he loved her in the company of their friends, she knew this was because of the teasing from Cyborg and Beast Boy, he said he loved her when they were alone or watching a movie on their large Television.

Cyborg sat beside his best buddy video game controller in his hand leaning back and forth as his car overtakes Beast Boy's while laughing and taunting his little friend with his upcoming victory. Things had changed a little since Tokyo, the relationship between Starfire and Robin being the biggest, from Cyborg's point of view, the relationship had mellowed him out a little, sure he knew that any tiny hint of Slade would most likely bring up the boy's obsession with the villain, but otherwise, he was more relaxed.

As for Cyborg himself, he sighed mentally. Bumblebee had decided to put a stop to their long distance relationship, it hadn't been working out. For a time he was down in the dump, but not too long after they got back from Tokyo, he met her, a girl named Sarah Simms, looked at him like a man, rather than a hero, or a metal freak show. He was keeping it under wraps for now, worried he'd get teased by Beast Boy and Robin. But otherwise, he was happy.

Raven sat on the couch, quiet as ever, a thick book in her hand her eyes taking in each word the author had wrote, an empty cup of herbal tea just at her feet. To her very little had changed, the built up emotional tension between Starfire and Robin had now dissipated considerably making it easier to stay around them when the pair were together, otherwise she sensed more happiness coming from Cyborg for unknown reasons, she didn't care, if he was happy; good for him. Beast Boy was still his usual immature idiotic self, telling stupid jokes and being the happy go lucky jester he was. The only strange thing was she, every so often she would sense deep misery radiating from somewhere, within the tower, in truth, she couldn't pin point the source of such negative emotion. To this day she hadn't found the culprit.

The finally Beast Boy himself, nursing a black eye from the last of Raven's wrath filled outburst yelling at him and Cyborg to turn down the TV, it wasn't his fault he didn't hear her the first few times. Sometimes when things were relaxed as they were now, Beast Boy would steal a glance at Starfire and Robin, catching the two in a moment of intimacy, and he would feel utter jealousy, now he didn't love Starfire in that way, heck no, she was a sister to him, but watching her and Robin, just watching them, made his heart ache for someone's affection.

In short, he was lonely, miserable. The only one in recent years to show true affection for him had been Terra, and well, saying it that hadn't ended well was putting it nicely. Sure before he could have lived with the feeling, but what Raven had said to him had reinforced an old heart ache. He was green, with pointy ears and fangs. He was a freak. The word made him mentally wince causing Cyborg to get ahead of him in their game.

Speaking of Raven, since Tokyo and for whatever reason, he'd become her personal punching bag, the sarcastic comments and puts down had become more common and unlike before were really starting to get him where it hurts. That coupled with her physically hitting him along with her using her powers, some days he felt worse and worse, and hiding the pain was becoming much, much harder.

Regardless now he had a look of determination still across his face as he tried with all his skill to get past Cyborg.

"BOO-YAH! In your face Grass Stain!" Cyborg cheered with another victory.

"Awww DUDE! You totally cheated!" Beast Boy argued back as his arms flailed around.

"Oh yeah?" Cyborg smirked. "Then how about a rematch?" he offered.

"Dude consider it brunged! … branged." Beast Boy replied though stuttered at his words.

"You'll get it one day Beast Boy." Raven spoke up beside them speaking in her usual monotone voice.

Beast Boy mumbled something incoherently to himself.

Before the game could restart a sudden squeal was heard, high pitched, excited and intrigued.

Starfire found something new.

"Friends!" She cheered. "I have found the most beautiful of sights." She exclaimed as she floated in the air.

"What you found Star?" Robin asked as he placed his paper down.

Starfire quickly flew to Robin and landed beside him and passed him the magazine.

"Boyfriend Robin, look at this?" she asked pointed to something on the page.

Cyborg and Beast Boy glanced to one another and shrugged, they had paused in the start of their new game to find out what Starfire was talking about.

"Oh right, yeah that's pretty." Robin said and looked at her, he said rather awkwardly.

"Hey YO!" Cyborg called. "What you talking about?" He asked raising his eye brow.

"Come see friends." Starfire replied as she took the magazine from Robin and flew over to Cyborg and Beast Boy.

Raven found herself curious as to what was going on and glanced at the page.

"It's a garden." Raven commented.

"A garden! It has such beautiful flowers." Starfire exclaimed.

Starfire looked at the picture of the garden, her eyes tracing the flowers and finely cut trees, such a beautiful sight, she felt an urge to see it in person, or something very close to it. A thought suddenly struck her.

"Friends! Can we have a garden?" she asked as she floated on the spot her hands clasping together pleadingly.

"We can't Star, we live on an island, there's nowhere to put it." Robin informed her apologetically.

"Oh." Starfire sighed and floated to the ground.

Beast Boy picked up the dropped magazine and looked at it again.

Now, contrary to popular belief within the tower, Beast Boy had a brain, he could think, and sometimes he had ideas, sometimes once more those ideas were good.

Looking at the picture then to Starfire's downtrodden expression a thought occurred to him.

"Well, that's not totally true dude." Beast Boy slowly as his idea formed in his head.

Starfire looked at Beast Boy as if he were a beacon of hope.

"What're you talking about?" Raven asked as if talking to an idiot.

"Well, I think …" Beast Boy said then paused and stuck his tongue out of the side of his mouth as he thought.

"Don't strain yourself." Raven quipped again, and ignored the dirty look Beast Boy gave her.

"Ha-ha very funny." Beast Boy grumbled, before looking back to the picture.

"If we were gunna have a garden, we could have one indoors or outside." Beast Boy commented.

"Ugh BB, as Rob just said; we're on an island, no dirt to grow anything." Cyborg put in looking at his friend curiously.

"Duh! Dude, I know that, but … okay look, we could have a garden outside, all we'd need is for Starfire or someone to blast a big hole in the ground, then we fill it with dirt plant some flower seed and some grass seed and there you go, a garden." Beast Boy explained.

There was a strange silence.

Beast Boy looked around at everyone, they hadn't moved, had time frozen?

Slowly he noticed Starfire look over to Cyborg to clarify Beast Boy's idea.

Cyborg noticed and looked at her. "It could work." He said.

"What about the indoor idea?" Robin asked brow raised.

"Well, I was just thinkin' you know." Beast Boy said shrugging as he scratched the back of his head.

"Becoming a habit that isn't it?" Raven put in a brow raised under her hood.

"You're really letting me have it today aren't you?" Beast Boy replied to her deflated, harder and harder it became to hide the pain.

"Come on B what you thinkin'?" Cyborg asked, actually finding himself curious about Beast Boy's idea.

"Well, this tower is huge right, we got plenty of rooms, and we don't really use all of them. So why not find a big enough room and make an indoor garden." He shrugged.

Cyborg leaned back on the couch as he stroked his chin, it was an idea.

"What would having a garden do for us Beast Boy?" Robin asked.

"Ugh, for one you'd make your girlfriend happy." Beast Boy said incredulously as he thumbed towards Starfire, "and second well, I dunno, be nice to have something different you know." He shrugged.

Robin looked to Starfire who was giving him her best interpretation of Beast Boy's 'the face'. He was going to kill Beast Boy for teaching her how to do it.

"Yeah, ugh right, good point." Robin replied awkwardly.

"Friend Cyborg, you look awfully thoughtful, does something trouble you?" Starfire asked as she floated infront of him.

Cyborg pressed his lips together tightly before replying. "I'm just thinking of where we could put a garden and how we'd do it."

"You're not actually taking Beast Boy seriously are you?" Raven asked raising her brow in question.

"HEY! …" Beast Boy shot back. "What's wrong with my idea?" he asked in annoyance.

"You thought of it." Raven replied. "You thinking in itself is an idiotic notion." She commented.

That'd done it, he wouldn't idly sit here and just take it from her. Beast Boy got up gaining a curious look for Raven before storming out of the room.

The others watched Beast Boy leave then turned to look at Raven.

"What?" she asked.

"Raven, don't you think that was a bit, harsh?" Robin asked.

"Yeah Raven, you've been really hard on him lately." Cyborg commented.

Raven blinked under her hood. "No I haven't, I merely commented that Beast Boy's idea was stupid."

"Yeah, stupid because he thought of it, and that him thinking in general is hard to believe." Cyborg replied back, "that's pretty harsh Raven."

"Why do we need a garden?" she asked with slight exasperation in her voice.

"Why not?" Cyborg shrugged. "Like Green bean said, Star wants one, and we do have a few spare rooms, and I dunno, I guess it'd be nice."

"Whatever." Raven commented before getting back to her book.

Everything went quiet again. The only noise being that of the rain hitting the large glass window.

"I'll go check up on BB." Cyborg said as he got up.

Starfire nodded to her friend before getting back to the picture in the magazine. Her own garden, she could plant all sorts of wondrous Tamaranian plants and maybe her garden would be beautiful enough to be put into a magazine.

Robin got back to his newspaper and coffee, the latter of which was most likely cold by now.

'You have been a really big meanie to him Rae-Rae.' A voice chastised from inside Raven's mind.

Raven's face didn't falter as she replied. 'He needs to learn to grow up, and stop acting so immature.'

'But isn't he and definitely Starfire two beings who brighten the world around them?' asked another voice as she adjusted her glasses

'What's that got to do with anything?' Raven asked.

'You want him to stop being so, immature. You want him to be grown up? What, like you?' The second voice asked again.

'Of course not like me, but he's 15 and a superhero. He should act more mature.' Raven argued.

'BB's good just as he is!' the first voice whined, a small pout on her normally smiling face.

That made Raven grimace. 'Please. I'm going to be sick.'

'Truth be told Raven, you are being extra crude to the boy.' Knowledge said once more.

'Why are you defending him?' Raven asked.

'Simple, we are your emotions Raven, unadulterated by ego or pride.' Knowledge looked aside to her acknowledging another emoticlone. 'You'd be surprised who agrees with us.'

Raven closed her eyes and mentally spoke her mantra to quieten the annoying emotions. She could no longer heard them and settled back down to enjoy her book, but still, there was that nagging sensation in the back of her head.

Beast Boy grumbled as he laid on the top bunch of his bed staring at the ceiling. What was Raven's problem? Always picking on him whenever he opened his mouth or did anything fun, always making him feel like he's nothing, always slapping him on the back of the head, or using her powers to hurt him, sure he could deal with being thrown out of a window he'd gotten used to that but now …

Beast Boy close his eyes and let out a long, drawn out sigh.

There came a knock at the door.

"Yo BB." came Cyborg. "Can I come in lil' buddy?" he asked.

"Sure Cy." Beast Boy replied.

The door slid open, Cyborg looked around the bedroom, he'd seen it in a worse state than it was now, at least he could see the floor now, carefully he made his way to his little buddy and leaned against the top bunk, behind him the door slid shut with a swish.

"You wanna talk 'bout it?" Cy asked.

Beast Boy shrugged before putting his hands behind his head. "What's there to talk about dude? Raven's just being Raven, I can't do anything right around that girl."

Cyborg looked him over from head to toe, or boot rather. "How long's it been this bad BB?"

"Since Tokyo." The young boy replied dejectedly.

Cyborg glumly nodded, "Come on, come sit with me." He said before ducking down and sat on the bottom bunk, a few seconds later Beast Boy dropped to the floor landing gracefully on his feet before sitting next to him.

"What's her deal Cy?" the young green boy asked.

"I don't know BB, sorry." Cyborg patted his friend's back carefully. "But of all the things to get upset about, a garden." He commented looking at his friend curiously.

"I know it seems stupid." Beast Boy groaned resting his hands under his chin. "But hey it's not as if it's a terrible idea."

"Naw man, it's not a terrible idea." Cyborg conceded. "Just not one anyone thought would ever come up." The large boy shrugged. "We're superhero, what do we want with a garden?"

"Well why not?" Beast Boy shrugged before looking up to his friend.

Cyborg looked down to Beast Boy, his eyes immediately going to the bruising around Beast Boy's eye.

"You want me to take a look at that?" he asked pointing to his friend's eye.

"What's the point? It'll heal itself." The green boy sighed.

Cyborg frowned, he was probably the only one in the tower who knew that Beast Boy was a lot more than he appeared, it was some time ago when Beast Boy showed more of his truer colours, at the time Cyborg was shocked, knowing that the happy-go-luck jester may have been a cover for something much deeper.

He decided immediately to change the subject.

"So, I was thinkin' we can't have a garden outside." He paused and looked back to Beast Boy. "Knowing our luck, Starfire would blast too big a hole and we'd start sinkin'." He joked wiggling his eyebrow for extra effect, Beast Boy laughed at the image his mind conjured up.

"So I'm thinkin' if you and me go have a look on a different level, we'll find a room or two to put it in yeah?" he offered.

"We should get Starfire in on this, it is her idea." Beast Boy replied.

"Totally man. Come on, we'll get her now." Cyborg got up and looked to his still seated friend.

"But what about Raven?" he asked glumly.

"Ignore her BB, come on." Cyborg replied and walked to the door.

Beast Boy exhaled and jumped to his feet before following his friend out the door.

The friends arrived into the common room, their entrance receiving a simple nod of welcome from their fearless leader, and hearty wave from Starfire, a wave they returned.

They walked over to Starfire, Beast Boy making extra sure not to even glance in Raven's direction.

"Hey Star, me and BB are gunna go look around the tower see where we can set up this garden of yours, you wanna help?" Cyborg asked with a smile.

"Oh yes friends!" Starfire cheered as she jumped and hovered in the air. "I would love to help"

'H-he's not even l-looking at us, now.' A whimpering voice came within Raven.

'Not now Timid.' Raven groaned mentally.

'B-but he may not be our friend a-anymore.' Timid said before curling up and crying.

'I think you're being a bit dramatic, it's Beast Boy, he'll be back to annoying us in no time.' Raven replied.

'You hope.' Hissed a demonic voice.

Raven blinked and searched for the embodiment of her Rage, sure enough the emotion was still locked away where she should be.

Raven glanced a look at Beast Boy, he didn't even glance at her, didn't acknowledge her, he was blatantly ignoring her. 'So it's what I want. For him to leave me alone.' She told herself, but then why did it hurt?

The three friends left the room, Starfire as excited as ever, leaving only Robin and Raven in the common room.

"So, you wanna talk about it?" Robin asked from his chair.

"About what?" Raven replied without looking.

"This little feud you've got against Beast Boy, sure he can be a handful at times, but not this time." Robin commented.

Raven put her book down and turned to loom at Robin, she opened her mouth to speak but Robin continued.

"I've noticed the way you've been with him recently, well since Tokyo, what's going on Raven?" he asked.

Raven said nothing, she went through her memories of how'd she'd been acting towards Beast Boy since Tokyo. He hadn't changed, he still acted the same, but yet she'd been hurtful towards him, why?

"I don't know." She said honestly. "I really don't."

Robin nodded his head and got back to his paper. "Maybe you should think about it Raven."

Raven looked back to her book, she couldn't concentrate enough to read, she picked up her book and left for her room.

Elsewhere in the tower Starfire, Cyborg and Beast Boy walked the halls of another floor, Starfire came upon a door and pointed to it.

"What of this one friends?" she asked

Cyborg walked up to the door '47-G', code, his cybernetic brain listing all the coded doors and came upon 47-G itself.

"Storage. Worth a look." He commented before putting in the code and stepped in.

"Hey." Beast Boy exclaimed pleasantly as he entered right behind Starfire, his voice echoed slightly. "The room's big, spacious and empty. This could work."

Starfire floated around the room before hovering in the center spinning slowly to take in the true size of the room.

"What you think Star?" Cyborg asked as he crossed his arms.

"Oh yes friends! This is it!" she exclaimed gleefully, she landed on her feet while clapping her hands with glee, suddenly a GLORIOUS thought came to mind. "OH! Friends!" She squealed. "What if we all did the planting of our own plants?" she asked excitedly.

Beast Boy and Cyborg looked at each other. "That could be cool. Then maybe we could all kinda have a section to ourselves." Beast Boy said speaking his thoughts.

"I'm not really one for flowers." Cyborg said as he turned his gaze from his buddy to Starfire.

"Well, maybe you could build like an, awesome water feature that looks cool and waters the plants, I dunno." Beast Boy suggested.

A new invention? Cyborg's smiled. "That's a good idea!" he turned to Beast Boy. "Who are you and what you done with my little buddy?"

Beast Boy looked at Cyborg with a sour expression but then chuckled. "Shut up tin man."

Cyborg chuckled with his friend.

"Right, okay, okay." Cyborg mumbled to himself his cybernetic eye scanning the area. "I think I got an idea, if we get no call outs like today I should have some plans done by … let's say the end of the week, sound cool?"

"Yeah dude!"

"Indeed friend it is frosty."

That was when the plans for the Titan's garden truly began.

Jason's Notes

Hello everyone. This is my first Teen Titans story, I've read many, some of you may have seen my comments left on your stories.

I hope this chapter has done some justice to the many great Teen Titans stories on this website.

Writing such a short chapter is kind of against my nature, but I didn't want to pad out an opening chapter like this for so long, especially with a story with very little plot.

Anyway, any suggestions would be awesome, and I hope you all like where it will go.

This whole story, will simply be a "prologue" to stories that will come from me in lines of Teen Titans.

Thank you all for your time.

Your forever friend

Jason Voorhees