The Garden

Chapter 3

Beast Boy Bursts. The Revelation.

Here he was, the ice cold rain pounding against his small framed body, his uniform clinging to his skin, he stood up high, higher than anyone else, standing upon the peak of the biggest construction in Jump: The Jump State Building, not too different from the Empire State Building.

He stood upon it's roof his legs shoulder width apart his arms out opened wide, a serious look upon his face as he stared upon the storm, daring it to strike him where he stood, suddenly a vicious snarl crossed his features, his lungs expanded as he drew in a deep breath and unleashed a roar of anger of anguish. The roar was inhuman, like a small but vicious animal crying out to it's enemy wanting to battle, wanting to fight tooth and claw, the roar echoed across the city, he could hear it, the animals could hear it, and only those high up in this building would hear it.

All at once he curled up on himself leaning forward on bent knees, his teeth gritted together, his fists clenched so tightly the veins almost burst, an animalistic look in his eye as his chin nearly touched his chest. He forced it, he demanded it! It was his body, his power, he demanded it!

A quiet growl emitted from his throat as his lips peeling back into a snarl, his breathes became faster and faster each one put into the growl which grew louder and louder.

He willed it, he forced it, he demanded it!

Pain. It erupted from his heart as the powerful muscle expanded, his internal organs groaned in protest at the force wanting desperately to stop the change or change into something else, something simpler. The T-Rex for instance.

He wouldn't give in, not this time. Not now!

He felt the change, it was agonizing but he refused to break, refused to listen to his body screaming out to him to stop. STOP! STOP THE MADNESS!

Beast Boy's eyes clenched shut from the hell he was putting himself through tears mixing with the drops of rain upon his face.

His clenched jaw opened a little a blood dripped from his teeth and dribbled from his throat, his growl becoming a deep throated roar of rage and agony as his vocal cords protested to torture.

He was determined to go all the way with this.

He'd come here before, on days and nights like this and the Heaven's unleashed their worst, up here upon this large building, he wanted this, the power it could give him, the potential it opened.

Each time. Each. Fucking. Time. He'd failed.

At first he'd stopped at the first sight of pain, this was long ago, after the immediate incident, he wanted to see if he could do it. Transform. But no he'd chickened out.

The second time. He ignored the pain up until his whole body began it's protest, like it was now, at this point when the pain became too much for him to take. Maybe he lacked concentration, maybe his body wasn't ready for such a thing.

The third time, his mind had been on nothing but it, he had his whole world surrounded by it, just so his mind would be on nothing but IT. He even cheated. He was desperate, injecting himself with morphine to numb his body to it. That had been wrong, as if Karma was cursing him all that managed to happen was for him to throw up on the floor, his breakfast, lunch and dinner of the past two days.

Last time. He kept his secret world surrounded by it, as usual. He was determined, even putting in training to increase his pain threshold, allowing his body to take on the physical torture, also getting Raven mad at him helped, even if he swore those pranks were hilarious. They were. To him

He pushed himself past the limit, he could feel it clawing out of his mind, his body trying to take shape trying to be unleashed upon the world, he could already see it there, within his mind trying to grow itself out of his body, break through his weak muscles, small skeletal frame and thin skin and blossom like a beautiful butterfly out of it's decrepit corpse like cocoon and venture forth into this world.

AGAIN HE FAILED! The agony was unbearable! So much pain he passed out, awakening hours later he'd returned to the Titans and told them he went out for comic books. The day later they left for Japan.

Even there he tried to use it. Twice. Hoping the adrenaline of battle would overcome the weakness, first against the large reptilian beast they encountered, such a creature would be a magnificent test of the form, but sadly he couldn't take the pain, nor had he the time, shifting again into his classical T-Rex form only to end with bad results.

The second was against the colossus fusion form of Brushogun and Commander Uehara Daizo, he was the only Titans left, he had no choice, he pleaded and begged fear, anger and adrenaline would allow the change easier. But no, Robin freed Brushogun and the monster all but collapsed.

Here he was now. Surely all that Raven had done to him had pushed his pain limits even further, surely now he was ready. He had to be! He pushed himself. Further and further. YES! He could feel it!

The change was agonizingly slow. He could feel each muscle tear and regenerate, tear and regenerate, his bones stretching, thickening, snapping in some places to allow the shift. His body began to bulge against his uniform which stretched to accommodate his growing body.

He felt the agony as his skull began to change, elongating in ways it shouldn't, his gums gripping his teeth tightly till they hurt, blood dripping from them as the teeth stretched and sharpened.

Beast Boy was no longer roaring, growling or making any noise, his vocal cords snapped to shifted within his throat, even if they hadn't, his pain would be too much to describe with in any sound.

But still he forced it upon himself, this hellish change, this transformation, willing the 'butterfly' to come from the cocoon that was his body.

Tears fell from his eyes like a waterfall, he opened them to at his body, already his uniform was tearing, shredding against the bulging muscle, unable to contain it.

'YES! YES! A LITTLE MORE, PLEASE!' he begged his body mentally, he hadn't even noticed the pain from his red eyes as a blood vessel burst from the strain and flooded his eyes with blood.

His spine was elongating pushing against his skin.

The strain, no matter how much Beast Boy ignored the pain became too much for his body, his heart suddenly gave out from stress and stopped beating.

Beast Boy's eyes shot open and gasped before falling to his knees, the agony overwhelmed him his heart started beating again, his whole body taking his sudden lack of concentration to painfully shift back to his human form, his only brief release for mind numbing torture was the bliss of darkness as he lost consciousness.

Raven closed her book as she read the final words. She glanced up from her position on the couch and looked around, she was alone, still. Without getting up she pushed out her empathetic powers and searched for the residents of the Tower:

Raven could sense Cyborg in his bedroom, he was happy and excited about something, what it was Raven didn't know. 'Maybe about that garden project.' She thought then shook her head. 'Not likely machines are more to his liking.'

Robin she sensed was serious and aggravated, that was no different than every other time he was in the evidence room, working on cases and looking over villains trying to find new strategies. 'Robin's gunna work himself into an early grave.' She thought to herself shaking her head mentally.

And Starfire, the girl was just radiating happiness as usual. 'The girl could power Metropolis with her happiness.' Raven thought to herself.

But still. Beast Boy was nowhere to be found.

'M-m, m, m-maybe he's still mad at us.' Timid whimpered in her head,

'He can't stay mad at us forever though …' Happy said optimistically, there was a brief silence. '…right?' she asked the joy in her voice diminished a little.

'We should go look for him.' Brave called out in her usual determined voice. 'It'd beat staying in here all day doing nothing!'

'There's a storm outside.' Raven replied.

She could almost feel Brave staring at her incredulously.

'AND?! Get your skinny butt moving!' Brave yelled at her causing Raven to wince.

Raven sighed wearily before rising from the couch.

'Alright, alright.' Raven groaned before walking towards the roof.

Once there she used her powers to protect her form from the elements, she walked towards the end of the room just as her empathetic powers picked up something.

She paused and looked around. She could feel it getting stronger, there was so much anger and frustration. Who could it be?

Then she saw it a green Falcon coming down to the roof at speed.

'Beast Boy? Why's he so angry?' she thought.

'Why wouldn't he be?' Rage growled within her. 'After all you've DONE.'

'Maybe talking to him now wouldn't be the best idea.' Raven thought to herself.

She watched Beast Boy morph in mid-air and land on his feet, the snarl of his face, the look in his eyes and the way his ears positioned themselves showed his anger. He looked up catching sight of Raven.

'Great, just what I need.' He thought.

"What?" he spat out angrily, he wasn't in the mood for whatever Raven had to say to him.

"Where have you been?" she asked, mentally cursing herself for the harsh tone of her voice, she hadn't meant it, it was natural to her.

"OH! So what? I can't go out of the tower now?" he shot back, he really wasn't in the mood. "I can't leave the tower without your permission? Is that it? Who the hell do you think you are my mother?" he gritted his teeth, his hands curled into fists.

Raven was surprised at his outburst, she'd never seen him this angry not with anyone especially not her, not since The Beast incident, she had to diffuse the situation before it escalated.

"No, that's not what I meant." She stated calmly. "I was looking for you."

"What? You miss your punching bag? Did I break something while I was gone?" he replied venomously.

"No you idiot. Just listen to me." She said loudly as her patience wore thin, only realising what she'd said when the final words shot out of her mouth.

'Smoooooooth.' A combination of Rage, Brave and Wisdom said monotonously in her head.

Beast Boy didn't know what happened then. Maybe it was from today's failure that made him so frustrated. Maybe it was from everything Raven had done to him over the months today included. Maybe he decided to stick up for himself for a change. Maybe a combination of all three. But he lashed out.

Beast Boy didn't reply, he walked steadily over to her, Raven winced as she felt his anger sky rocket, her little slip might have made things worse.

"Look, Beast Boy, I didn't mean to …" she tried to apologise.

"Shut up!" Beast Boy said coldly her snarl firmly in place. Raven was shocked by his tone of voice. "I've had enough of you Raven, always picking on me, always hitting me." His eyes bored into her.

"Look I know I…" she tried once more

"SHUT UP! I'm talking." Beast Boy interrupted. "I've tried being the nice guy, tried being your friend, but right now, right this second, I don't even know why I try." He growled.

Raven felt her heart plummet, then she narrowed her eyes. He wasn't being fair, he wouldn't let her speak, she was trying to apologise.

"Look, I'm just trying to say I'm sorry. Okay?" she shot out quickly before he could interrupt.

Beast Boy took a step back, slight confusion mixing with his angry expression. "Sorry?"

"Yes. I'm sorry." Raven replied calmly. 'Maybe now things will calm down.'

"Sorry?" he asked again unsure if he'd heard right, he looked to the floor running his gloved hand through his hair, slowly he shook his head from side to side. "SORRY?" he yelled out looking right at her, his eyes seemed feral, his anger pouring out of him. Raven though quickly, this was definitely not how things were supposed to go.

"Beast Boy listen." She said but her words fell on deaf, angry ears.

"You're SORRY? Is that it?" he yelled out. "After EVERYTHING you've done to me and that's all I get?" he stomped his way closer to Raven and stared her down. "What if it were the other way round Raven? What if I made fun of you every time you said something? What if I slapped the back of your head? Slapped your face, or maybe used my power to hurt you? Maybe turn into a Gorilla and give you the back of my hand? How would that make YOU feel, HUH?" Beast Boy stared at her for a couple of seconds.

Everything he had said stung her, she could feel Timid crying loudly within her, she could feel Happy … no she couldn't, she couldn't sense Happy.

"I don't think you'd have …." Beast Boy continued to complain only to be gagged by dark energy.

"I'm TRYING to apologise!" Raven growled back, her own temper getting the best of her. "Look I know I've been mean, I KNOW I've been rude so I'm trying to say sorry for it. I know it isn't enough, but what else do you want from me?" pieces of the roof became highlighted with her dark magic and began to crack.

The gag faded away from Beast Boy's mouth but he looked no happier nor calmer.

"Well how about a why?" he asked, his tone no less angry but at least he wasn't shouting. "Why did you do it Raven?"

Raven came up with nothing. She couldn't think of anything, any reason. Her temper diminished as quickly as it came and she cast her eyes low to the ground. "I don't know." She mumbled.

She heard Beast Boy snort in annoyance. "You don't know." His tone reflected his annoyance.

She looked up to him her lips curved into a slight frown. "Yes." She mumbled again, her powers were causing the roof to crack neither of them either cared or noticed.

Beast Boy, closed his eyes, and looked to the heavens allowing the water to splash his face, he'd said his piece, he knew this wasn't like him, he didn't normally blow up at people in such away, calming somewhat he sighed.

"I can't accept your apology now Raven." He said in a softer but still hard tone.

Raven felt worse than dirt. She cast her eyes down and closed them. She'd failed, she'd pushed him too hard and now, now she'd lost his friendship.

"I'll leave you alone." She mumbled, she opened a black portal beneath her feet.

"Wait Raven." He said before she could vanish, seeing her defeated like that, it hurt him more than any punch, he'd been rude and mean himself, he couldn't let her leave on a bad note.

He calmed slightly as Raven glanced up to him from the top of her eyes.

"I'm angry, I'm upset." He explained as calmly as he could. "Just let me, have some time alone and, come find me again. I need to think." He frowned.

'He's giving you another chance.' Wisdom spoke up within Raven's mind. 'Don't waste it.'

"Okay, I'll meditate." She replied and gained a small one sided smile from Beast Boy before she vanished into her portal ending up in her room.

Beast Boy sighed and scratched the back of his head, he walked to the edge of the roof and sat down letting his feet dangle over the edge. "It's been an emotional day." He commented to no one.

He sat there in silence and allowed the rain pour over his body.

Starfire had finished grooming her bumgorf and floated out of her room, she paused for a moment hovering in mid-air and looked around, she swore she could hear something cracking, something rumbling, but nothing was happening, nothing was shaking.

'Perhaps, I am doing the hearing of things that are not there.' She thought and shrugged before continuing to float towards her destination.

She landed infront of the door then knocked, this was something that took immense patience, and skill, skills only she had and with aid had improved dramatically, she had her weapon at ready to use against him if need be. And she would be merciless in the execution.

She knocked again and waited. And waited. Waited some more. Knocked again.

There was mumbling from the other side, grumbling, then a sudden cry and a crash. Starfire raised a curious but worried brow. Suddenly the door opened.

"Neh Narfie?" Robin said as he held his nose which was bleeding.

"Boyfriend Robin, are you the alright?" she asked more curious than worried.

"Neehh, Nuh prubnum. I nust nit nah nus on the fnoor." He admitted scratching his head awkwardly.

"You have hit your nose on the floor?" she asked hoping she interpreted his words right, he nodded. "Why did you hit your nose on the floor?"

"Ah ugh, heh. NUh, wun sec." he said before going back into the evidence room, Starfire invited herself in and the door closed behind her just as Robin came back up to her with tissue paper up each nostril.

"That better." He said wincing a little. "I ugh." he coughed. "I got my foot caught on my chair and hit my nose on the floor, I'll be okay."

"Oh, very well then." She stated innocently before smiling with glee. "Boyfriend Robin! I have been meaning to ask." She stated as she hovered with joy.

"What you need Star?" he asked.

"Well!" she began as she floated around him not unlike an animal circling it's prey. "It has been some time since we have gone out into the city for our enjoyment. So I was wondering." She lowered herself down to the floor behind him pressing her hands onto his shoulders. "Perhaps we can go out and do the date." She said softly into his ear.

If Robin were ice he'd have melted, his face became hot, very hot as blood rushed to his face bringing a big red blush over his skin.

"I, ugh, um well, ugh, you see." Robin stammered incoherently. "Well um, well we c-can't, it's um, terrible weather, we'd get soaking wet, and um, yeah I don't want you to ugh, to um, catch a, a cold."

Starfire smirked, his resolve was weak, she had him right where she wanted him, her ultimate weapon was primed and ready, she floated around to his front and gave him her ultimate puppy dog eyed look, she learned from Beast Boy to keep "The Ultimate Face!" as they called it, a weapon best left for extreme circumstances.

"Oh please boyfriend Robin." She whimpered sweetly tilting forward a little as she floated, she didn't know why Beast Boy suggested this, but said it'd work best with her uniform top, lowered a little, this confused her but took her friend's suggestion to heart.

Robin looked from her face feeling his resolve all but shatter, she tilted forward and his eyes caught something, he glanced down just under her chin and caught sight of …

'Oh …' he thought lamely.

Starfire watched in confusion as the tissue paper in his nose went completely red.

"Sure Star … whatever you want." He droned dreamily.

Starfire mentally smirked. "The Ultimate Face!" mixed with this tilting motion had worked perfectly.

"Will you be doing the making of the preparations?" she asked innocently

"Ugh, yes, sure, ugh, right, no problem." Robin replied quickly.

"Perfect, 6 on the clock would be alright yes?" she smiled excitedly clapping her hands together.

"Right, dinner, movie, 6 clocks. Yeah." He replied still in his dreamily tone.

"Glorious!" Starfire spun in mid-air then floated to the door, before leaving she turned. "I shall see you then boyfriend Robin." She said innocently with a seductive undertone.

With that she floated away.

Robin hadn't moved, his eyes hadn't blinked, blood dripped from the tissue.

"I saw, I saw her … her …" the poor boy wonder collapsed.

Raven emerged once more in her room. She gritted her teeth from the emotional outburst she was trying to push down, she clamped her eyes shut and began to meditate over her bed, within seconds she was within Nevermore, where she found her emotions once again around Rage.

"Welcome back to Nevermore Raven." Knowledge greeted.

"Don't call it that. That's what Beast Boy calls it." Raven replied narrowing her eyes.

"True, but we like, it's better than not naming it anything, and it's clever." Knowledge replied. "Also brings up the question of how he knows Poe's poem."

Raven blinked, she hadn't thought of that, but now wasn't the time for it.

"So …" she began

"You blew it, I knew you would." Rage interrupted from her prison, Raven glared at her clone. "You couldn't take the truth, you couldn't take that he was actually sticking up for himself, and your pride got in the way." The red cloaked emoticlone snarled.

"He hates us!" Timid wailed before crying on the floor.

"No he doesn't." Raven shot back at the crying girl.

"Actually Raven, he probably does." Wisdom interrupted getting Raven's attention. "At the moment anyway, which is why he's asked us or you rather to speak to him later, when he's not so frustrated."

"Why was he so angry?" she asked, suddenly regretting her question as the emoticlones looked at her unamused.

"How the HELL are we supposed to know?" Rude asked as she leaned against Rage's prison. "We're you, anything you know, we know."

"True but that doesn't always seem to work the other way round." she mumbled in return.

"True, we're better at retaining small scraps of information." Knowledge spoke up. "But we're getting side tracked."

"Yeah, first things first." Brave stepped forward then crossed her arms. "You almost blew our chance, "Where have you been?" seriously? That's the first thing you ask?" she complained.

"I wanted to know where he was." Raven replied staring down her emotion.

"And you had to phrase it like that? Not something so, demanding?" Brave shot back meeting Raven's stare with a glare.

"For someone of our intelligence Raven, you haven't much tact for pleasant conversation." Knowledge said as she cleaned her glasses.

"Oh and what would you have said?" Raven shot back not in the mood for another mental lashing.

"How about asking with how is he? Wouldn't have that been at least better than demanding where he was." Wisdom stated rather than asked.

"You're lucky he's given you a second chance." Rage spoke up once again. "And even after you gagged him and gave him your shitty apology." She snarled.

"Oh and you could have done so much better." Raven hissed in return.

"Not my department, but probably." She chuckled humorlessly. "Then again, I don't think I could have fucked up an apology anymore than you did if I tried."

Raven sighed and brought herself under control once more.

"He asked why, do we know why yet?" she asked glumly while looking at her various emotions.

"It's better for you to figure it out Raven." Wisdom replied calmly.

"Why don't we ask you what you think?" Rude asked. "Why do you think Raven?"

Raven sighed as she rolled her eyes. 'As helpful as ever.' She thought.

"We're trying to help." Knowledge replied indignantly.

She groaned, she should've remember her emotions heard her every thought.

"Is it because, I'm just a bad friend?" she asked

"That's explain a lot of things." Rage grumbled audibly.

"No. That's not it." Wisdom replied. "You're not what we'd call you a bad friend Raven …"

"I WOULD!" Rage yelled, getting an agreement from Brave and Rude

Wisdom ignored her angry sister. "It's …" Wisdom paused considering how to continue. "you seem to take out your frustrations on Beast Boy only. You interact well enough with the others."

"But that doesn't explain why? Cyborg does stupid thing too, and they get my nerves just as much." Raven asked trying to rationalise her behavior, a friendship depended on it.

Everyone was quiet. Not a word was said, not a muscle moved, even Timid went quiet. The silence was broken by the slight rattle of chains, everyone turned as Rage pulled on her chains and descended the two steps of her prison the chains stopping her from going any further.

The red hooded emotion turned to Wisdom and nodded her head slightly. "I suggest giving the girl some hints or we could be hear till judgement day."

Wisdom sighed and bowed her head before turning back to look at Raven.

"Raven I'd like you to think about all he had done for you, just for a moment." Wisdom asked her.

Raven was unsure of what the point was but did so. Her thoughts cast back the time he'd interrupted her meditation to come out with the others, the times he'd try and get her to eat something rather than just drink her tea, all the stupid jokes and pranks he did. They annoyed her.

"Did they?" Wisdom asked. "Did they really?"

Raven closed her eyes and thought deeper. Sure they annoyed her, but, maybe not as much as she'd let on, in truth his constant pulling of her from her room did get her a better relationship with her friends, made her feel more outgoing well in comparison to when she joined the Titans, she had a better friendship with Cyborg because of it, Robin and Starfire.

She frowned, her relationship with Beast Boy always seemed to take one step forward and two steps back.

"Good, we know that much. Then think about what we said before, when he does nice things for you, think of the effort he puts into it, how it makes you feel." Wisdom said calmly.

Raven thought about it. Deeply, her mind going over every one of his caring smiles, friendly gestures, the moments after the Malchior incident.

'Malchior!' she snarled in thought. After his deceit she felt the worst she ever had, her heart had been shattered and she felt ugly, ugly and used. Then he came, Beast Boy apologised to her for that monster breaking her heart. His words, they'd helped, they'd helped so much, he told her she wasn't alone.

'I never really thanked him verbally for that, I never gave him the thanks he deserved.' She thought sadly to herself.

It helped that he knew, he knew the pain of heart break because of that traitorous lying bitch Terra, she hadn't just broken his heart, she'd shattered it. And the time when he found her again at the High School, the bitch dashed his hopes again.

'I'll never forgive her.' she thought angrily.

She continued to go through her memories and ended up back to the time of Trigon, when the others were going to battle for her against her father's minions.

'The penny.' He made her feel hope when he gave her that, she felt warmth in her heart. She liked the small sentiment.

She couldn't explain, the warmth, is was …

"And now cast your mind back to Tokyo, the green spill on his shirt, what did you really feel?" Wisdom asked, a slight smirk on her face.

'Beast Boy complained about not being able to pick up Japanese fan-girls.' She thought. 'Why did he want to pick up girls he couldn't understand, girls who only knew him as super hero, they didn't know him, know him deeper than the others or me, what's so great about them? Why did he want them? Why didn't he want …'

Raven's eyes shot open. "Me." She said quietly.

"And so, it's revealed." Came a voice from behind her.

Raven spun around and saw a purple cloaked emotion. "You, I remember you." Raven said breathlessly her mind going into turmoil.

"I'm very angry at you Raven, you've been pushing him away from us, why couldn't you just accept it." The purple emotion begged sadly.

"That I … that I ..." Raven stammered

"That's right Raven, you have for a long time." Wisdom said sadly.

It was true. 'Oh god, it's true.' Somehow, from everything he did, the nice things he'd done for her, the smiles, the caring, the pushing, somewhere deep inside of her.

"I've fallen in love with Beast Boy." She collapsed onto the ground.

Everyone but Affection, Rage and Wisdom looked around in confusion.

"Is this true?" Knowledge asked looking to Wisdom.

"It is. I'd had a theory but Rage believe it or not confirmed it." She replied.

"I did?" the red hooded emotion asked.

"When I asked you before, when Rude insulted you and called him a 'Snot stain' you were angry that she'd made fun of him rather than calling you a bitch." Wisdom explained.

Everyone one of Raven's emotions stared opened wide at the revelation.

Soon all of her emotions began to feel it, this warmth growing within them.

"I like the way he tells jokes and tries to make us smile." Happy spoke up before giggling.

"I like the way he, he makes me feel, he makes me feel, s-safe." Timid whimpered a tiny smile on her face.

"His ass is hot!" Rude yelled before belching, getting shocked looks from the others. "It is, don't deny it."

There was a mumbling of agreements.

"I like his bravery in battle, he's no Robin, but he's got moves." Brave spoke up with a smirk on her face, happy at the revelation, the warming feeling flowing through her.

"He accepts us for what we are, that's not common for our kind." Rage commented, a blush suddenly on her covered cheeks. "And I guess I find it hot when he fights."

"Heck yeah!" Brave agreed as she blushed too.

"He's not book smart, but he's spontaneous, and surprisingly intelligent in combat scenarios, the Brotherhood incident is evidence to that." Knowledge admitted a soft smile on her face.

"He's always trying to make us more than what we are." Wisdom smiled at the thought, not always the wisest moves when concerning Raven, but kind nonetheless.

"Then why did I push him? Beat him?" Raven asked looking to Affection.

"The phrase 'you hurt the ones you love' comes to mind. But seriously, you were conflicted Raven, you loved the way he came back, his loyalty regardless of what you did to him, but you didn't want to lose control, and hurt him, so how do you do that?" Affection kept her eyes on Raven.

"You push them away." Raven replied before standing up.

"I was jealous of those fan girls, I was jealous of the girls that were attracted to him. Wasn't I?" she asked but knew the answer already.

"Like an overbearing girlfriend." Affection replied.

Raven took in a shaky breath and exhaled. "This is a lot to take in."

"That's understandable." Affection agreed.

They waited for a few minutes in a patient silence, till it was broken by Timid.

"What're you gunna do now?" she whimpered curiously.

"I can't tell him." Raven replied gaining curious expressions from Knowledge and Wisdom, and confused from Rude, Brave and Rage and shocked from everyone else, Raven noticed the looks. "At least not yet." She added on before anyone to ask.

"Aaand why not?" Rude asked.

"I need to get him to forgive me, and I think it's an bad idea to try to go from his bully to being a … to being someone completely different, in one conversation." She stated before standing back onto her feet. "No, I have much to make up for, I need to, to rebuild the bridge between him and me." She explained.

"So what, you're gunna manipulate him into loving you?" Rage asked

"No, not manipulate." She sighed. "I want to see if we can be something, but not yet, not now, I have to patient, take things slow." Raven sighed.

"So you're going to allow things to be friendly between the two of you?" Wisdom asked, Raven nodded Wisdom gave her a sly smirk. "Then you're going to seduce him."

Raven stared at her wise emotion shocked at her choice of words.

"You did pretty much just say that Rae-Rae." Happy pointed out then giggled again.

"Perhaps I did, doesn't mean it should be said that way." Raven replied embarrassed.

There was a mixture of chuckling and giggling through the group at Raven's expense.

It had been some time since Cyborg heard anything from outside his room, glancing to his door from his computer he waited to see if he could hear anything. Not a sound, apart from the rain, the thunder, the lightning and the howling wind against his window.

He sat up and groaned deeply while stretching out his bionic limbs, he smiled satisfactory at the work he'd done already and looked at the plans on his computer.

'Cy ol' buddy, you out done yo'self.' He nodded his head in agreement.

His looked at his arm for the time. It was getting onwards to four in the afternoon. He sat back in his steel chair and relaxed letting his mind shift to different things.

He hadn't taken out Sarah for a while … 'Maybe I should call her. It'd be better than staying indoors all day.' He thought to himself.

With that thought in mind Cyborg stood up from his chair and stretched his lower limbs before walking over to his cell phone. A phone had the one purpose; calling Sarah.

He dialed and waited.

"Hey Vic." Came Sarah's joyful voice. Sarah was the only one in his close family he knew his real name, not even BB knew his real name.

"Hey Sarah." He said affectionately, happy to hear her voice. "I was wondering, I know it's raining and god awful weather outside, but how'd you like to go out? Somewhere nice." He asked

He could hear Sarah 'hmm' and 'uhhh' over the phone while she thought, he could hear the sound of the weather get louder over her side of the call, she'd probably moved closer to one of her windows.

"Where do you wanna go?" she asked curiously.

"Somewhere indoors obviously, somewhere nice where I can treat my special lady." He said his voice changing into a suave tone as he spoke.

"Oh! Well then, Mister Cyborg. I do think you're on, dress arrangements?" she asked, he could hear the smirk on her face.

"Anything you want, I'll put on something fancy." He smiled.

"Well, I'm not about that fancy, how about, semi-casual?" she offer. "Shirt and pants for you."

Cyborg thought it over then nodded. "Sounds good little lady. I'll pick you up what, seven be okay?"

He heard he chuckle on the other side, it made his still human heart warm.

"Sounds great." She said softly. "I'll see you then, bye."


They both hung up.

"BOO-YAH!" he cheered

Cyborg smiled to himself, he felt good, he felt better than he did this morning. He could see it now, fancy restaurant, good food, excellent company, good conversation, rain tapping against the window next to them in a rhythmic pattern, the thunder and lightning making the girl jump from her seat and into his lap, winning the super bowl while carrying her.

Wait what?

Cyborg shook his head. He'd gotten a little over excited with his plans.

"Right then Cy old buddy, time to get your game on." He smirked while faking to spit into his hands and smooth back his none existing hair.

He immediately looked up the best restaurants in the city and dialed up the number of the meatiest place he could find.

All the while the others male Titans had been getting ready organizing their dates, Beast Boy found himself in his room looking over old pictures, some were with the Doom Patrol on the very rare chance they could get one done, Steve or Mento rather was never in any picture, he didn't take them either so that joke could be avoided. It was always just him, his adopted mother Rita "Elasti-Girl", Larry "Negative Man" and Cliff "Robotman" in the pictures, smiling or rather Rita was smiling, Larry and Cliff were doing their best to smile.

This particular picture they were in France, the Eiffel Tower in the background, they'd chased the Brotherhood of Evil there and as always stopped their evil plan, and he, like always, suggested they get something to remember their victory. It was then Mento chastised him, telling him there was no victory, The Brotherhood had escaped, with that the leader of the Doom Patrol left him, the others, possibly feeling sorry for them agreed to a picture, asking a passer-by to take a picture.

Beast Boy sighed and closed his eyes., he was distracting himself, he had to focus on the true matter at hand. Should he forgive Raven? After everything she did; the beatings, the insults, the put downs. Should he?

'Should I?' he thought his eyes still closed. He remembered back on the roof and he remembered the look on her face when he'd all but exploded at her, all the bad times, he weighed them up with the good times, when they actually spoke without her insulting him, or maybe at most giving a few quips that were mainly for slight humour, the few times he'd seen a very brief smile on her face when she was content the rare occasions they'd helped one another, like with The Beast.

He sighed and opened his eyes, his gaze descending upon the first picture of the Teen Titans as a team. 'I don't know what went wrong Raven., but hopefully it'll be made right again.'

His thoughts resolved he decided to do his favourite pass time.

'Video-Games!' he mentally cheered, finally something to get his mind off of all his problems, and with that the young green teen rushed to the common room where he found it empty. He looked around into the kitchen area just to make sure he had overlooked anyone.

'Weird. Where is everyone?' he wondered not knowing most were going out.

With a shrug he walked to the fridge and got himself a bottle of root beer before making his way over to the Gamestation and falling butt-first infront of it.

His eyes glanced over the various video games that he and Cyborg had, most being the super popular Mega Monkeys game series, he grabbed one game inserted into the console then placed himself on the couch as he began to play.

Time seemed to blur as his virtual monkey character defeated his foes, with bananas, swords, and a Chuck Norris hat.

Suddenly something tapped against his shoulder.

"BWAAAHHH!" the young teen yelped and fell off the couch, the sound of cartoonish death coming from the screen and a "YOU DIED!" flashing on the screen.

Robin chuckled briefly as he walked around to the young boy and helped him up. "Sorry Beast Boy, I thought you heard me." He said apologetically.

"Uh yeah sure, no worries dude." Beast Boy replied while his heart went back to beating at the normal pace. "So ugh, did you need something?" he asked.

"Not really, just giving you a heads up that me and Star are … going patrolling later, at about six." He said, pausing momentarily as he thought of an excuse.

"Patrolling?" The green teen asked with a raise brow.

"Yeah." Robin replied confidently.

"Then, why are you wearing a suit?" Beast Boy said slowly and he pointed to Robin's choice of clothing, the tuxedo he wore when Kitten forced the Boy Wonder to be her date.

"Ugh …. I'm going undercover." Robin replied quickly, though Beast Boy heard the stutter.

"Right, with your mask on." Beast Boy said sarcastically while smirking.

Robin was about to offer another reply when Beast Boy continued speaking.

"You're taking Starfire out on a date aren't you?" he asked with his arms crossed, the smirk never leaving his face.

"Yeah pretty much." Robin admitted at last.

"She got you to go didn't she?"

"How did …" Robin began.

"Dude! You guys haven't been out for like, a month! I'm surprised Star hasn't bound you gagged you and flown you to a restaurant or the movies by now." Beast Boy exclaimed dramatically.

Robin raised a brow under his mask and began to sweat. "Oh. Ugh, right. Ugh so …"

"Anyway, so you're going out at six, probably not gunna be back for a while, contact you if anything happens." Beast Boy droned out.

"Am I that predictable?" the boy wonder asked while frowning.

"Dude back when you and Star dated every day that's what you said every damn time before you left." BB said exasperated. "We got the idea quick enough."

"Right, right." Robin conceded then mentally winced at the thought of bringing up something he probably shouldn't. "How're you and Raven?" he asked.

Beast Boy sighed and rubbed his tried eyes with his gloved fingers. "She tried talking to me earlier, I exploded at her."

"You what?!" Robin said in shock.

"I know, I know, stupid Beast Boy, but I did, I wasn't in the mood for her, so I told her to come back to me later when I wasn't angry." He explained.

"Oh. Okay, and?" Robin asked wanting more information.

"Not seen her again yet." He shrugged.

"Right well, if you don't see her, you go to her, I don't want any unnecessary tension on the team." Robin told him switching quickly to his 'leader tone'.

"Yeah yeah yeah, don't worry I'll fix it." Beast Boy replied waving him off.

"Beast Boy seriously, get it fixed." Robin instructed before looking at his watch. "Oh man, gotta GO!"

Beast Boy smirked "ROBIN, GO!" he yelled he said while pointing to the door.

"RIGHT!" the boy wonder yelled back before running out of the common room.

Beast Boy chuckled then glanced to the wall clock in the kitchen.


5 minutes to 6 in the afternoon.

Beast Boy turned and looked outside. "Starfire must be getting cabin fever from been in the Tower so long." He said to himself.

Beast Boy looked at his empty bottle of root beer and walked to the fridge to get another before sitting back down on the couch and restarting the failed level.

Beast Boy continued playing for an unknown amount of time until he reached the finished another level of the game. Beast Boy paused and took a deep breath and looked around once more. He was totally alone.

"It's only you and me in the Tower."

Or maybe not.

Beast Boy yelped once more and turned to the kitchen seeing Raven preparing herself a cup of tea.

"Wha?" Beast Boy said not knowing what else to say.

"Cyborg has gone out with the T-Car for a drive, said he was getting more parts for it." Raven replied keeping her monotone voice in place.

"Oh." Beast Boy said before scratching the back of his head.

An awkward silence arose between them.

Beast Boy looked to the TV seeing the game asking him to continue although he didn't feel up to it now.

"Beast Boy." Came the hesitant voice of Raven who had moved up to the side of the couch.

"Yeah?" he asked sadly.

Raven took a moment to calm herself before she began: "I'd like if you'd listen to me without interruption." She said carefully before meekly adding "Please."

Beast Boy turned to look at her and muted the TV, now she knew she had his undivided attention and all it did was make her more nervous.

"First off, I'd like to acknowledge I haven't been a good friend for a while." She paused and looked to his face, he was still quiet but she saw him wince in memory making her all the more guilty. "And true, you can be irritating, you … you haven't deserved what I've done to you, and for that I can, I can never forgive myself." Raven sadly glanced to the floor before raising her eyes back to beast Boy.

"I'm sorry for what I've done, for what I've said, the hurtful put downs, the blows to the head and … everything, you were right, if it were the other way around I wouldn't have liked it, I would have lashed out pretty quickly to be honest, I'm surprised you hadn't lashed out sooner." Raven closed her eyes and exhaled deeply. "I'll understand if you don't forgive me, I can't forgive me. You always tried so hard to be my friend and, I repaid you kindness with cruelty." She lowered her gaze once more.

"I'm sorry." She whispered meekly.

Beast Boy had listened intently, taking in everything she said, how she said it and how she looked. In truth he'd only seen her looking this upset was after the Malchior event and Trigon. She seemed so honest in her apology, how could he decline her.

"I forgive you." He whispered.

"What?" she asked looking back to him.

"I forgive you Raven." He replied a little louder. "I forgive you, it's what friends do." He gave her a sincere yet comforting smile.

Raven didn't smile, but she felt a large weight lifted off of her, she leant forward and gently embraced him, she felt Beast Boy's hand pat her back through her clock."

"Thank you." She whispered before breaking the embrace, and mentally whimpering from the lack of his warmth.

"What are friends for?" he asked with a smile.

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