In a faraway region called Johto lived a boy named Ethan who was ready to start his journey. He went to Professor Elm's house to obtain his starter Cyndaquil, but knew that all three starters were bland and boring to him. He contacted his friend Rick from Sinnoh to trade him a Chimchar. After he left, he went all the way to Cherrygrove City to pick up an Egg. As he returned to his hometown, the police came and asked him if he had seen some red hair kid. He replied yes and even told his name was Guy. He left to take on the Violet gym, catching a Geodude along the way when Guy came and fought him. After a five minute fight, Ethan won the battle and took on Falkner's gym.

After eliminating Team Rocket and fighting the Azalea gym, all the forthcoming events brought him to Goldenrod City. Whitney told him that others kept complaining about her so called overpowered Miltank. During the battle after Ethan's Monferno whooped Whitney's Clefairy, he sent Geodude against Miltank. With being a female Pokémon luckily, Geodude kept using Dig and eventually she won against Miltank. Whitney cried so much but despite that, she gave Ethan the gym badge he deserves.

Ethan decided to grind his Pokémon afterwards. His team consisted of Monferno, Graveler, Drowzee and Stantler. After seven hours, his Pokémon's levels only were able to reach one level more. He got so tired and nearly lost to Morty's Pokémon. While beating Guy and meeting the beasts and all, he decided to go east to Mahogany Town. He caught a Zubat and a Machop along the way and entered Mt. Mortar first. Ethan finally overcomes the mountain and fights this karate master and succeeds. The master offered him a Tyrogue but Ethan couldn't take it because he already had a team of six. This infuriated him to the point that he kicked the karate master and left for Mahogany Town.

After conquering Team Rocket and struggling to keep up with the trainers due to their insane levels of their Pokémon, he returned to defeat the Mahogany, Cianwood and Olivine gyms with his new Shiny Gyarados and Hypno. Ethan made heist for the Whirl Islands. Thinking it was going to be a difficult trip, he easily made it to Lugia and catches it. Once again, Ethan contacted Rick to give him an overpowered Mamoswine and an Electivire to defeat Clair. However Clair thought he was still dumb to not receive it. Ethan reached the Dragon's Den and took a quiz about trust and other stuff. After correctly answering, he received a level 10 Dratini who he couldn't use anyway due to the extreme challenge of training a Pokémon.

Guy was once again fought and somehow scared all the trainers in Victory Road up to nothing but dearth inside, not providing Ethan worthy training opponents. This time, the Pokémon were actually tolerable to level up his team of Infernape, Golem, Hypno, Gyarados, Mamoswine and Electivire just a bit more. Ethan then proceeded to laugh at the Elite Four until he fought the Champion known as Lance. With his Mamoswine and Electivire, he crushed Lance's team. Even his "hacked" Dragonite fell, thus earning him the champion title.

Ethan now was all set to take on Kanto's gym leaders, but when he wanted to train his Pokémon, sans Mamoswine and Electivire, the Pokémon's strength was pathetic. Ethan felt so bored in Kanto as if it was nothing but an empty shell after defeating all the gym leaders in the region. He hated his journey because of the difficult grinding and how almost all the trainers used Kanto Pokémon including him because he found barely any good monsters to train. Ethan despises his favorite Pokémon Slugma only being found in Kanto. After his long rants, he returned to his hometown to travel back to Sinnoh to see Rick again. Thus Mewtwo will never find a trainer that has a loving heart. On top on Mt. Silver was a silent boy named Red who whispered "You did the right thing".