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"Blah" speaking

'Blah' thoughts

Chapter 1

I groaned as I woke up, what the hell happened? I feel like I just got hit by a train. I slowly opened my eyes and looked around me. I was lying on the ground in some alley, gross. Next to me was white backpack that had one word scribbled in different fonts on the bag.

"Shadow" I muttered to myself "must be my name."

Well at least I know my name; I sat up and grabbed the bag. I then noticed I was wearing black lace fingerless gloves. Looking down I saw I was wearing a thin black T-shirt, a red dragon necklace, black ripped shorts with a red chain hanging from the belt loops. On my feet was a pair of black and red high-tops. I placed my hand on my head to find out how long my hair was; it didn't even go past my ears!

On my left there was puddle and I looked at my reflection. I had black spikey hair with red tips. "I guess my favorite colors are red and black' I thought to myself. My eyes are what really caught my attention though they were a blend of silver and purple that seemed to shine when the light hit them.

"I need to get out of here" I muttered quickly looking in the bag I saw an assortment of clothes and… a foldable bow and a couple arrows?

There were also 5 knives at the bottom of the bag with some hygiene products.

I shrugged, zipped up the back pack and put it on my back. Right before I walked out the alley I made sure no one was looking before blending in with the crowd.

I got online for the ticket booth and looked for the shuttle that was leaving quickly. The only ship that was going to leave in a few minutes was called the Hunter-Gratzner. Guess that's the shuttle I'm going on.

I quickly bought my ticket with the money I found in the side pocket of my pack and headed into the ship to find my cyro chamber. I walked to the front of the ship and walked to my chamber.

As I was walking down the lane, I noticed a man in one of the chambers. On the front in big flashing letters it said:


I raised an eyebrow and walked closer to the cyro.

The man inside seemed to be a prisoner seeing as he had chains on his ankles and wrists. However I think it is inhumane for him to have a horse bit and blindfold on as well.

I leaned in closer to get a better look at him.

He had a shaved head and seemed to be at least six foot. He was dressed in a black wife beater, cargo pants and combat boots. I couldn't see his eyes due to the blindfold. The man also was well built with wide shoulders and huge muscles. I didn't see the hole in the corner of the blindfold and was unaware that he was watching me too.

I breathed in and for some strange reason I could smell him faintly. I closed my eyes and concentrated on his scent, he smelled like blood, sweat and pure masculine. I purred in satisfaction.

My eyes snapped open at the noise I made, did I seriously just purr like a cat?

Whatever I'll think about that late the only thing on my mind was the man in front of me.

I re-opened my eyes to see that he had moved his head in my direction. He seemed to be scenting the air. All of a sudden he growled and lurched in my direction. I jumped and stepped beck a couple steps.

He didn't seem to like that because he started to growl even louder. I raised an eyebrow and cautiously took a step forward and his growling seemed to calm down but only slightly.

I continued to walk closer to him and seemed to calm him down greatly. Soon I was standing right in front of his cyro chamber again.

I tilted my head "Strange man" I muttered.

He seemed to chuckle slightly. I narrowed my eyes and before I could say anything, a hand fell on my shoulder. I gasped and spun around putting myself in a fighting stance.

A man with blond air and wearing a police uniform stepped back with his hands up slightly and an amused face.

I scrunched up my nose slightly, this new man smelled like morphine and lots of it.

The cop smirked "sorry I didn't mean to scare you" he said softly with a slight accent.

I smiled slightly "It's alright"

"I'm Johns" he held out his hand,

"Shadow," I shook it "Is he your prisoner?" I asked him with a tilt of my head in the direction of the man in black who had begun to growl again.

Hmm seems he doesn't like the cop. Well I wouldn't like the guy who put me in chains either.

"Yeah, his name is Riddick and it would be best if you stayed away from him. He wouldn't think about killing you at any second" he said with a smirk and a glare in Riddick's direction.

'So his name is Riddick' I thought to myself 'I like it fits him'

I smiled at Johns "thanks for the warning" I lied

"Anything for a beautiful woman like you" he said with a smirk and a wink.

Riddick growled even louder and somehow Johns wasn't able to hear it.

I pretended to be shy and looked down "thank you Johns" however on the inside I rolled my eyes.

"Well I better get to my cyro I think it's time to leave" I said after noticing people where starting to get inside their chambers and we were the only people outside of theirs.

Johns nodded "I'll see you after the trip maybe we could get something to eat" he said

I smiled seductively "Bye Johns" and walked away with my hips swaying side to side.

I faintly heard Johns say something along the lines of "what a woman" but I ignored it and tried to get comfortable for the trip.