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Chapter 9

After a few moment I heard someone moving around and then a flick, right after a small light came appeared to my right, it was Paris' lighter.

"Those are probably the creatures that killed everything on this planet" Johns said causing me to roll my eyes.

"Really? I hadn't thought about that" I replied sarcastically

He glared at me "I'm just saying what everyone is thinking so layoff"

"No you're saying the obvious" I snapped back before looking at the closed doors in front of me

"What are we going to do now?" Jack said

"Is this all the light we have?" Paris asked panicking slightly. I knew he would cause trouble, he was too skittish.

"No there is a cutting torch on the floor somewhere but I can't find it" Fry replied

"Looking around I saw it on the ground near Imam's foot, I grabbed it and nudged Jack to give it to her before turning my attention to Ali. He hadn't spoken since the doors closed and was staring at the doors whimpering. I tilted his head up and made him look me in the eyes,

"It's going to be alright little one, I will protect both you and Jack no matter what"

Ali looked at me then nodded "Okay mama" he whispered before I pulled his head to my chest and rested my head on top of his and humming a soft tune to ease him. As I did this I watched the scene going on around me but I wasn't listening.

Paris hadn't freaked out and tried to open the doors after they realized there was most likely a hull in the breach and the creatures could get in. As this happened I felt someone watching me and saw it was Johns, I raised an eyebrow at him but he simply smirked and kept staring. That's a bad sign it meant he was getting cocky, less afraid most likely because he hadn't had his fix in a while. Yeah, I know about his problem and stash. I can smell the morphine rolling off him in waves, it's one of the many reasons I don't like Johns.

A few minutes later Riddick was cutting a hole in the wall so that we would be further away from the bio-raptors.

"Mama?" asked Ali

"Yes little one?"

"Why do the monsters make that sound?"

I listened and heard the bio-raptors screeching and making these clicking sounds, I thought for a moment before answering him.

"They make that noise so that they can see and it is called echolocation, bats do it too"

Then Riddick finished and I made sure that the children went ahead of me to make sure they didn't get left. After everyone was inside they sealed it back up with boxes and crates, to prevent anything from following us in.

"Great this is an even smaller room, I hate this" complained Paris

"He weasel it's not like you're the only one here who hates this! I get it your scared but it's not going to get better if you keep complaining! So do me a favor and shut up!" I said annoyed

Everyone looked at me shocked before Paris cleared his throat gently and sat down and watched as the flames on his lighter flickered. Fry glared at me and I glared right back baring my teeth, I wasn't in the mood for this crap. Johns finished cutting a new hole that led us to a bigger room.

Something in me was pacing back and forth like an animal trapped in a cage and wanted the hell out. It understood the dangers going on and it wanted to break out and protect the cubs. But I knew if I let it out at this moment almost everyone in this room would end up dead.

"Do you hear that?" asked Imam suddenly

Everyone froze and listened but nothing was heard and I knew what he was talking about. The bio-raptors weren't screeching or clicking anymore…it was silent.

"I don't hear anything" Fry said annoyed

"Exactly," I said "they've gone silent."

Imam walked closer to the wall we had previously been in and presses his ear against the wall.

"Um Imam that's not a good id-" before I could finish a spike speared through the wall a little over an inch away from Imams face causing him to scream and back away from the wall.

I took a step back and growled at the spear as I pulled Jack behind me and put Ali's head against my chest as he started crying.

"Shh" I whispered repeatedly as I tried to calm him down making sure to sit in the middle of the room, keeping away from the walls.

"Where's dad?" Jack whispered to me as she sat next to me with her head on my shoulder. Frowning I looked around the room for Riddick and when not seeing him I whispered back "I'm not sure sweetie"

"Hassan?" Imam called out

Fry must have noticed that her obsession was not in the room either as she called out his name only to get a slow response saying "don't…stop…burning".

We all looked in the direction of his voice with our lights facing that way and Johns had his shotgun at the ready.

Right after that I heard a screech and a thud causing Ali to scream "Daddy!" a few moments later he came running around the corner without his goggles and screamed as the light blinded him and he humped to the side. Flying around the corner was a screeching bio-raptor that Johns shot at until it flew up out of sight.

Riddick slowly stood up and put on his goggles, before walking towards and kneeling in front of the three of us on the ground and Ali immediately crawled into his arms. The group stared at them in shock which caused me to reply "What?" innocently

Right after that the body from the creature fell to the ground with a loud thud scaring them and turning their lights on the body. It was then that they made a discovery that would help us.


"It burns them, light actually physically burns them" Imam breathed out.

'Well this should be entertaining' I thought as I saw Fry start to get that constipated look again but I could tell that she was thinking an idea. An idea that would most likely get a lot of people killed.


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