With a roar of laughter, Tails withdrew the flesh-choked blade from the space warthog's ruined skull. He turned to Sonic, body dripping with ichor and pus with fanatical homosex.

"Sonic, you..."

Sonic vomited several bucketfuls of infected flesh. "I am no Sonic."

A warthog's eye socket glowed with vibrant hellfire and Tails dodged, digging his whirring sword into the warthog's abdomen and dipping his tails in a tsunami of gore. The beast was torn to naught, his flesh distintigrating and melting and all other ways a body could decay.

"I am no Sonic."

His spines of tentacles and snakes writhed through the air and rendered oblivion in their wake. His skin turned jet-black, a niggardly color that betrayed his transformation.

I am... Sonique!"

The heavens roared and angels fell into weeping ecstasy before they cowered in terror at the might of his nigger member that now shone like the sun. Metalloid bloodswords ripped from his veins and struck down every heathen planet that dared glory forced the warthogs to begin their fornication of lust for all eternity, and they scream to this day, boys and girls.