Out of consideration for morale of his new recruits (but mostly for his liver), Keith Shadis would wait at least two days before getting hammered. It took him all of two hours with the 104th trainees.

The ominous feeling began when the carts and wagons came to a rolling stop beside the barracks. (Keith should have known that it wasn't a bad potato.) The recruits filed out. It was obedient enough. Keith could already pick out a few kids that are going to fail, like those obviously rich and spoiled brats in the last car. That lovey dovey couple that seemed wrapped up in their own world. That skinny blond girl and her manlier-looking twin.

After dropping their bags off in the barracks (it took a whole hour), a headache had already formed. Complaints about the beds (rich brats). Sleeping arrangements (Blondie, get out of the male barracks). Laundry arrangements. The manlier blond girl wasn't a girl. Uniform regulations (Put that necklace away. Why do you need makeup? Red scarves are not acceptable).

Thank the walls that he didn't have to take care of registration.

Maybe he should have taken care of registration as well. If they are capable, they have issues.

"Ackerman, how many times did I tell you to take off that scarf?"
"Leonhart, I don't want to call you into the office so often. When I say hand-to-hand combat, I don't want to see you wandering around."
"Braus. I can see the potato. More laps."
"How many times must I say salute with your right hand?"

If they were enthusiastic, they were incompetent. Jeager and the training harness comes to mind.
"Arlert, wait until you are commander before you draft attack routines. Everyone has already moved on to the next "
"Jeager, more practicing, less preaching."

If they were sane, they ... also have issues.
"Stop fighting with Jeager, Kirschtein."
"Quit cowering, maggot, and follow those two girls. I want you up and down this mountain by sunset!"
"Fubar! Put some spirit into it!"
"Reiss! Braun! Stop helping and get going!"
"Wagner! Get on the horse already! It is not going to bite!"

Three years can't come fast enough.