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This fic was inspired on the Disney song "Hellfire".



Close your eyes pretty girl

'Cause it's easier when you brace yourself

Set your thoughts on a world far off

Where we only cry from joy

Set apart this dream for me

Elsa woke up but didn't open her eyes yet. Like the last days, she couldn't find the strength to get out of the bed but she became more aware of her surroundings even with her eyes closed.

She wanted to stay in bed and keep dreaming; she dreamed that Jack visited her during the night and kissed her; he told her, he knew the truth that she didn't lie or betray him, then they kissed passionately and drownin each other eyes until tiredness made her sleep.

But then, she noticed an arm over her waist, thin legs tangled on hers and someone's breathing close to her face. The person who was with her realized she was about to open her eyes. Elsa felt cool fingers touch her face tenderly; she opened her eyes.

Jack greeted her with a smile.

"Good morning, sleeping beauty." He said.

"Jack." She mumbled.

He was laying in the bed beside her under the sheets. He got closer and kissed her lips.

"It wasn't a dream." She whispered and tears of joy filled her eyes.

"Elsa?" Jack got worried.

He rolled and placed himself on top of Elsa; he cupped her face with both hands.

"Please, don't cry." He pleaded. "I know, I was an idiot for saying such things to you." He cleaned the tears on her cheeks with his thumbs. "Please, don't hate me! I wouldn't stand it."

Elsa wrapped her arms around his neck and buried her face on his shoulder.

"Jack," she called him. "It wasn't your fault." Jack separated her from him. Elsa supported her weight on her elbows.

"But I should have listened to you." He said. Elsa placed a hand on the side of his face.

"I'm so glad that you are here with me." she looked at him with gleeful eyes. "What it really matters now it's that we're together now."

She kissed him and Jack kissed her back. He softly pushed her with his weight to the mattress. Elsa cupped his face with her hands and Jack's hands traveled to her waist.

They moaned inside the kiss.

Jack kissed her jawline to her neck but then he froze and separated from Elsa abruptly.

"Jack?" Elsa supported her weight over her shoulders to be able to see him.

He was staring with shock at Elsa's neck and collarbone. She looked down and saw what he was watching, the hickeys Linus had let on her.


He moved a little the collar of her nightgown to reveal all the marks on her skin. They were on different shades; some were recently and others were almost disappearing.

"He did this to you..." He whispered coldly.

Elsa turned her face ashamed.

"He did this to you?!" he asked angered.

"I'm sorry!" she hid her face with her hands. "I should have stopped him but I just… I couldn't…" she cried.

"No, Elsa this is not your fault." He took her wrists and discovered her face. "I should have been here for you." He embraced her.

She cried on his chest, Jack took her chin and lifted her head. He kissed the trail of salty water below her eyes and ended on her lips.


On the ocean, a ship with the crest of a silver lighting was sailing to Arendelle. On the deck, various guards were making sure to follow the route and watch out for pirates. In the comfortable staterooms were some members of the council with the responsibility to deliver the invitations for the wedding.

Most of the Guards weren't too enthusiastic to go back to the town where people much likely would throw them nasty glares. They didn't feel proud of what they did to Arendelle and its Queen, but they were just mere soldiers; they swore loyalty and obedience to the King, even if he was an unfair man.

They didn't like and they surely didn't enjoy being hated and feared by people; they felt ashamed of the acts they've committed under the command of King Linus.

A mature guard with greyish hair was gazing to the horizon.

"What are you thinking about?" interrupted his thoughts a younger guard with dark hair.

Both of them were on the tavern the day before, both of them told Jack Frost—of course, the information of his real name was unknown to them—how King Linus got Queen Elsa's hand in marriage.

"I was thinking about the boy." Said the mature guard with a heavy sigh.

"Which boy?" the younger man asked curiously.

"The young lad that asked us about the Queen of Arendelle." The mature man replied.

"Yes, that meeting was weird; I kind of felt odd back then, relaxed but strange like if I couldn't refuse him anything." Said the other guard "What about him?" he said without understanding what the previous man meant.

"Didn't you see his reaction when we told him about what we did in Arendelle?"

"Yes, but I don't see what worries you about it." said the second man. "Wouldn't you react the same if you heard that a powerful man used his army to summit a defenseless woman to his desires?"

"Yes, but the way he acted; he seemed to be an acquaintance of the Queen."

"Acquaintance of the Queen? The son of a farmer?" questioned the young guard almost mocking the words of his partner. "Age is getting you, old man." He palmed the other man's back.

"Maybe, but the glow in his eyes…" he made a pause recalling the icy blue eyes. "There was something in them; I don't know what was it, but there was something that stood up… like a spark."

"I guess you are overthinking too much." The dark-haired man stretched his arms. "You're getting senile, seeing things where they aren't."

Arendelle could be visible now. The young guard palmed his partner's back once again and left him alone with his thoughts.

The old man closed his eyes, the image of Jack's eyes were still lingering on his mind. He had been thinking about the glow he saw in those blue eyes since that day in the tavern. He was old but he had fought too many battles and he had seen too many sparks ignite and end on the battlefield.

The spark of hope, the spark of revolution, the spark of lust and other kind of sparks. Everyone had a different effect in people, some were good, some were bad and some were dangerous; the spark that Queen Elsa set on King Linus turned out to be a dangerous one. He was afraid of what kind of spark was set on the farmer's son; he didn't know if it was dangerous because he couldn't recognize that glow or how he was connected with someone who was unreachable to his commoner status.


Jack and Elsa were kissing; her hands were wrapping around Jack's neck while his hands were placed on Elsa's lower back keeping her close to him. They were in their own world, where only they existed when suddenly a knock on the door brought them back to the reality. The lovers separated abruptly.

"Your Majesty?" Dora's voice was heard behind the door.

Elsa felt fear running down her spine, she was so delighted with Jack that she totally forgot where they were and that someone liked to break into her room uninvited.

"Hide!" Elsa muttered to Jack. She kept a hand over her heart trying to calm herself after the fright of almost being caught.

"Where?" He muttered.

"Your Majesty," Dora knocked again. "Is everything fine?" Elsa was really glad it was the young maid knocking on the door and not Linus bragging inside the room.

"I'm not presentable." She accommodated the collar of her nightgown.

She scanned the room trying to find a place to hide Jack.

'The bathroom? No! She always prepares me a bath. The closet? Neither, she selects my outfit to wear for the day. The only place left is…' she thought.

"Under the bed!" she said lowly.

"What?!" Jack tried to keep his voice low.

"Hide under the bed."

"Queen Elsa?" Dora was starting to get worried.

"In a moment." Elsa replied. "Go!" she hurried Jack with a whisper.

Jack hid under the bed while Elsa put on her robe. Jack accommodated himself in the uncomfortable place and saw Elsa's feet walk to the door and heard the sound of the door being opened.

"I'm sorry for making you wait." Jack heard Elsa's voice.

"Is everything fine, your Majesty?" he heard the voice of a girl.

"Yes, I just wasn't presentable." Elsa said calmly.

Jack saw an unknown pair of feet walk towards the bathroom.

"Shall I prepare your bath?" Dora asked.

"Yes, please." Elsa replied.

The Queen walked behind the maid; she was looking to the floor, preoccupied by the thought of Jack being discovered and she was right. Jack's staff was lying on the floor. Elsa paled. She tried to hide her nervous and stood in front of the staff to prevent Dora to see it. The maid entered to the bathroom and Elsa took advantage of it to kick the staff under the bed.

Jack was staring at the floor, thinking how uncomfortable and dusty his hiding place was when suddenly something hit him on the ribs. He almost let a grunt out of his mouth but just hissed his teeth looking at his side what caused him pain. It was his staff and he saw Elsa's feet beside him; in the hurry to hide, he forgot to grab his staff and Elsa must has kicked it under the bed—it wasn't her intention to hurt him—he took the staff making sure it wasn't visible anymore.


The Guardians were waiting for Jack; they waited all night long. They got really worried when the day darkled and the Guardian of Fun didn't come back. Morning came and there was no clue of the new Guardian.

"Where is Jack?" Tooth said to the moon still visible on the morning sky.

North was pacing around the glade. Bunny was reclined against a tree throwing his boomerang.

"We should go to the palace to find Jack!" the Guardian of Hope exclaimed.

North was debating himself to follow Bunny's suggestion or maintain their low profile.

"We can't allow Pitch to know we are here." Said North.

"If he has captured Jack, then there is not secret to protect." Bunny approached Santa. "By now, he must know that we're here as well."

Saint Nicholas lifted his eyes to Sandy. The Guardian of Dreams was floating on his sand cloud; he was gazing to the direction Jack took the day before. North tried to conceal he was looking at him reproachfully.

He wanted to keep Jack safe and Sandy encouraged him to see Elsa, and now Jack might be in danger.

Sandy could feel North's burning gaze on his back but he didn't turn back. If Jack was really in danger then it was his fault. He send him to the place where their enemy is residing; it wasn't his intention to got him captured and discovered by Pitch, he only wanted him to be happy.


While Elsa was bathing, Dora was humming in the closet picking a gown for the Queen. Jack was getting impatience; he wanted to get out of his stash, his muscles were soaring. The sound of the bathroom door being opened alerted Jack that Elsa was done bathing.

Like all the mornings Dora helped the Queen of Arendelle to get ready, the only different was that this time the Queen's thoughts were focused on the boy hidden under the bed.

Elsa's cheeks were flushed because of that; she trusts him that he won't try to peep but still, the situation made her feel exposed. Jack was in the same dilemma; he could only see Elsa's barefoot feet, her uncovered ankles and how the towel fell around her feet. He tried to look to the floor and distract his thoughts from Elsa's current state.

"Something happened, your Majesty?" asked Dora.

"Uh?" Elsa was confused.

"You seemed more happy this morning, like your old self." The maid explained.

"What makes you think that?" Elsa put a strand oh her hair behind her ear.

"Your eyes." The young girl replied and Elsa looked her confused. "They are sparkling." Dora smiled.

Elsa replied her with a tiny smile.

Jack also smiled smoothly in his spot; he knew Elsa´s renewed glow was because of him.

Dora finished helping Elsa and Jack heard how both girls exited the room; he got out of the bed and stretched his sore muscles. He decided to wait for Elsa on the bed but very soon he got bored and started to look through Elsa's stuff.


Linus and Cecile were sitting at the table. They were waiting for Elsa, which didn't make Cecile happy.

"This is ridiculous." Said Cecile. "You are here, the King. I am here!" She remarked. "Why do we have to wait for her?!" She slammed her napkin against the edge of the table.

Linus just ignored her—like he always did—and keep looking to the door waiting for Elsa to cross the door. Elsa entered the room with her braid a bit wet.

"Finally." Cecile murmured.

Linus stood up to wait for her; he helped her to sit down.

"What took you so long?" Cecile scolded to Elsa. "It's a shame that the King has to wait for you."

"Leave her alone, Cecile." Linus ordered to the green-eyed woman.

Elsa just lowed her gaze; she got used to the mean treatment that Cecile gave her everyday but that didn't mean that sometimes the green-eyed woman didn't made her feel really bad.

"Don't listen to her." Told her Linus; he placed his hand over hers.

Elsa didn't look at him; he placed his fingers under her chin and lifted her gaze to him. He looked her in the eyes and saw something different in them, something that wasn't in them the last couples of days; there was a glow of life in Elsa's eyes.

"Today, I might not be able to visit you." Linus told her. "There's a meeting I must attend." Elsa assented.

Linus indicated to the servants for the breakfast to be served. Elsa ate very few fruit and didn't grab a toast. She cut her omelet in big pieces and ate it rapidly.

Cecile was watching her with disgust because that wasn't an appropriate behavior for a lady, much less a Queen. Linus was also concerned; Elsa was always so posed and regal regardless the situation. Right now, this Elsa was far away from the perfect angel he adores.

Meanwhile, the Snow Queen was focusing on finish her meal quickly; she didn't know how much time Jack would stay in her chambers with Linus around, they didn't have time to waste.

Elsa finished her meal and retired with a curtsied. Cecile sighed in relieved that she was gone and Linus followed her with her eyes wondering what happened to his Elsa this morning.


Elsa was going up the stairs quickly; nobody was watching her so she didn't care. She wanted to spend the most time possible with Jack.

When she arrived, Jack was looking over her vanity table. He turned abruptly when he heard the door being opened; he almost dropped a bottle of perfume. Elsa looked at him questionably.

"Hey Elsa!" he said awkwardly for being 'caught' looking through her stuff.

She closed the door behind her and made sure to put the lock on, she didn't want to repeat the morning's episode. Linus said he wouldn't visit her today because of the meeting but it was better to be prevented.

"Uhm… What were you doing?" she asked while walking into the room.

"Nothing!" he replied rapidly.

Elsa looked at him for a moment but decided to let it pass; she only wanted to enjoy her time with him.

"And what now?" Jack walked towards her. "Should we proceed what we left before?" he asked playfully.

"Actually," Elsa said. "I want to build a snowman." She smiled.

That was a sincere smile, which her lips didn't form since the invasion to Arendelle, and her eyes lightened up. And Jack couldn't deny her anything, especially with that smiled.

He touched the floor with his staff and ice formed on it, frost with a patron of swirls covered the windows and Elsa elevated her arms letting snowflakes fall from the ceiling.

Jack waved his staff on the air and the snowflakes surrounded Elsa as a swirl; they started to put together and formed different figures. Olaf, Sven, birds, rabbits and deer danced around Elsa.

She laughed.

Jack just stayed there watching her. He loved to see Elsa like this, happy and free. He remembered the silent promised he made in Arendelle.

'I'll keep you safe.' He leaned his face on his staff, looking at Elsa with adoring eyes.

Elsa extended her hand to him; he smiled and joined her.

They spent the afternoon dancing under the snowflakes, making ice sculptures with their powers, building snowmen together and they had a little snowballs war.

After all those activities, they were tired and almost run out of energy. They were on the floor, building little snowmen while chatting.

While she was on the floor, molding the snow in his hands and laughing; she forgot all about what has happened to her the last days, she forgot about Linus, his harassment and the wedding.

She felt free.

But the doorknob was turning around; someone wanted to come in, but Elsa locket the door. Suddenly, insisting knocks on the door brought her back to the reality.

"Elsa?" a male voice called her.

"It's Linus!" Elsa whispered worried.

Jack's factions contracted with fury, he took his staff ready to attack the man who caused so much suffering to his beloved.

"No, Jack!" Elsa lowed his staff. "Hide!" she commanded keeping her voice down.

"Elsa!" Linus said behind the door.

"No." Jack hissed with anger. "I won't let that man hurt you." He looked her in the eyes; Elsa saw the fury burning in his eyes.

She was getting desperate; she knew if Linus saw Jack in her chambers, alone with her…

She just didn't know what could happen but she knew it would be hell.

On this few weeks, she got to know Linus; she knew how bipolar he could be but Jack, he was a mystery for her. She knew him for so little time; she could tell he could be very passionate on his actions, determinate to fulfill his promises and protective over the people he cared about.

"Please, Jack." She pleaded but that didn't convince him. "Do it for me." she begged.

Linus was becoming impatience and started to knock the door with more violence.

Jack's eyes softened when he saw the desperation in Elsa's eyes. He kissed her forehead and hid under the bed.

"Elsa! Open the damn door!" Linus said behind the door starting to get desperate. "Finally!" He scolded when Elsa opened the door and he pushed it. He entered impatiently.

His eyes scanned the room looking for what made Elsa to get so long to let him come in, and locked the door on first place. While he was on the meeting, he kept thinking on Elsa's odd behavior; there had to be a reason behind it, perhaps, she was hiding something. So, he ended the meeting rapidly and rushed to find his fiancé and wherever secret she was hiding but he only found the snow accumulated on the floor, the snowmen and ice sculptures that decorated the room.

"I'm sorry." She apologized.

"It's okay." He caressed her cheek but his sight kept focused on the room.

He could see nothing out of place—except for the snow, of course—but he just sensed that there was something; he had this feeling that something was being hidden in his betrothed's chambers.

Linus walked through the room while kept inspecting the place. He decided that there was nothing hidden in there; so he decided to concentrate his attention on his fiancé.

"Elsa." He said looking at her.

She gulped because she knew that look in his eyes; that was the very same look they gave her when Linus wanted to get close to her. Elsa stepped back but her back met with the wall.

"What are you doing here?" Elsa tried to distract him or at least postpone Linus' kisses.

"I wanted to see if you were ok." Linus placed a hand on her cheek. "You were acting strange this morning." He pointed.

"I just…" Elsa tried to think on a reasonable excuse. "Have a lot of thinking to do." Linus leaned his face to hers. "You know, for the wedding." She said nervously, hopping for Linus to back away but he kissed her on the lips.

And for the first time in days she pressed her lips to keep them together. He moved his hand to the back of her neck and pressed with his body Elsa to the wall. Linus tried to force the kiss but Elsa resisted; he bit her bottom lip and she groaned lowly in pain.

Linus took advanced to deep the kiss. Elsa moaned in protest. He continued kissing her neck and collarbone. This time Elsa didn't effort trying to hide her disgust.

Meanwhile, Jack could hear all that was happening. He was clutching his fist due the impotence he felt for be so near and not be able to do anything at all.

"Please, stop." Elsa begged quietly.

Linus ignored her and deposited light kisses on her shoulder.

Jack clenched his teeth; he just couldn't stand it anymore. He promised to himself to not let anything hurt Elsa; and there he was, hidden under a bed while a bastard was kissing her against her will. He felt so impotent.

He touched the floor with the arc of his staff. Frost with swirl patron emerged and made its way where the couple was.

Elsa held her breath when she noticed the trail of frost coming out of the bed. Fear filled her when threatening icicles surged from the frost and were about to pierce Linus' leg. She slammed her foot on the floor and ice covered it; different size of icicles grew from the ice, pointing to different directions.

Linus turned around watching the state of the room warily; he looked to Elsa asking for an explanation. His gaze focused on an icicle that broke three icicles that could have pierced his leg.

"I'm sorry, I just don't feel good." She gazed to the floor appearing to be ashamed.

"Don't do it again." He said calmly and kissed her forehead. "I'll be waiting you for dinner." He said before get out of the room.

Jack rushed out of the bed and looked around the room; his sight landed on her icicle that stopped his to hurt King Linus of Tallak.

"Why did you stop me?!" he pointed to his broken icicles.

"He could have discovered you." Elsa said with sorrow in her eyes.

"And what?!" Elsa looked him worried. "What you wanted me to do? To stay calm while he was fondling you?" he claimed.

"Yes!" Elsa said without thinking but she soon realized her mistake when saw Jack's eyes got dark.

She felt fury also burning inside her; it was because of his distrust that she felt so alone and abandoned that she allowed Linus touch her like that in first place. She wanted to yell at him what she had to endure while he thought so lowly of her.

Elsa took a deep breath and tried to control herself. Jack made her feel safe and free, and she didn't want to ruin the moment arguing about the past; also, they didn't know how long he could stay in her chambers. And right now, they didn't have time to waste.

"If he would had discovered you, I don't want to think what he could do to you." She explained softly.

"And you have to understand." He placed his hands on her shoulders. "That I don't want him or any other man to touch you like that." He said in deep voice while he pressed Elsa on the wall.

'I'm the only one who can do it!' he thought of adding but restrained when he saw the fear in Elsa's eyes.

He released her and turned around; he passed his hand through his hair, realizing of his mistake. Of course, he just realized how possessive Linus was over Elsa and his—Jack's—early statement was really possessive. Sure, he frightened the poor girl; he reminded her of Linus.

She was terrified by Jack's gaze. His eyes that showed her love, kindness and warm were now full of possessiveness, hatred and coldness that made her chill. She had seen that gaze before, she had seen that gaze in Linus everytime he placed his eyes on her.

"I'm sorry." He turned to see her. "I shouldn't be so reckless."

Elsa closed her eyes understanding. She took another deep breath and clutched her hands together.

'This is Jack, not Linus.' She said nervously in her mind.

"Just kiss me." She whispered. "Please." Elsa opened her eyes.

And Jack did it.

He looked her in the eyes tenderly and she smiled. He caressed her cheek, with his thumb stroked her lips trying to erase any trace of Linus on them and then, covered her lips with his. Jack felt that Elsa was restraining because she was feeling insecure, so he moved slowly and she felt safe.

'This is Jack, not Linus.' She repeated in her mind, but this time with conviction.

Elsa put her arms around Jack's neck.

He did remind her of Linus when he acted aggressively on her and she saw and heard the coldness in his eyes, that was not her Jack. She wanted to erase the image of that dark Jack of her mind, so when he saw him regret of his acts she asked him to kiss her; because she wanted her kind Jack back.


The people of Arendelle weren't happy with the sight of that ship on their port. As soon as the ship with the crest of Tallak was visible the villagers informed to the palace guards.

The General prepared ten of his best men to encounter the soldiers of Tallak. Lord Danske and the Council would be at the head at the cortege to receive the visitors. Even if those visitors weren't welcome, there were politics and protocols to follow.

Anna insisted on be part of the group; Lord Danske tried to convince her otherwise, he even asked Kristoff help but none of the men could convince her. If this was about her sister, she wanted to be involved.

Kristoff accompanied her and Olaf was walking by her side, this time nothing would distract him. Sven was also walking beside the ice harvester because they were always together.

The members of Tallak Council climbed down the ship, the guards followed them. Once the groups were face to face, the tense silence filled the environment.

The General and his men send to the Tallak Soldiers hostile glares that they replied the same way. The members of the Arendelle Council shot cold glares, Lord Danske maintained stoic but the receptors stayed indifferent.

Anna, who wanted to scream to those bored men to give her sister back, looked at them seriously trying to pose more mature. No of them paid her attention, they were too busy looking at Sven with contempt.

And Kristoff glared at them annoyed because of the air of grandeur the visitors seemed to carry and the contempt glares they sent to his best friend.

"Gentlemen." Lord Danske greeted.

"Gentlemen," a Lord from Tallak greeted back. "Princess." They acknowledged Anna.

"Gentlemen." Anna said with a snobby voice trying to poise mature. "Soldiers."

But she sounded funny, the soldiers and the Lords of the council frowned an eyebrow, Kristoff bit his inner cheek to avoid laughing and the Arendelle Council felt a bit ashamed of her.

Anna always knew that the members of the Council didn't consider her capable of being in charge of important affairs; she just ignored it but it still hurt her, but she knew there would be a time when she will show her worth. Kristoff sensed her distress and placed a supporting hand over her shoulder; he knew all the insecurities that she had about not being seen as serious and responsible as her older sister.

"What does it bring you here?" Danske took control of the situation.

"We came to deliver the wedding invitations." Said a snobby Lord.

The folk of Arendelle remained silent. A soldier approached the snobby Lord with a wooden box on his hands. The Lord opened it and took three envelopes moored together with a white ribbon; the soldier closed the box.

"The Queen only sent three invitations." He informed and proceeded to untie the bow.

Once the invitations were separated the Lord delivered them.

"Princess." He read out loud and gave the letter to Anna.

She saw that on the envelope was written her name with a very fancy calligraphy.

Princess Anna of Arendelle

"Lord Danske of Arendelle." The Lord said and the mentioned one took a step forward to received his invitation.

"Kritoff Bjorgman, Official Arendelle Ice Master and Deliverer?" he said not sure that the tittle was a real thing.

The blonde man was surprised to hear his name; he never thought Elsa would consider inviting him to so important event. He walked unsecure to take the fancy white envelope.

"Is that a real thing?" the Lord asked when the ice harvester took the envelope.

"Yes, it is." Anna replied trying to sound imposing, and this time she got it.

Kristoff ignored the smug look that the Lord gave him; he focused his eyes on the elegant calligraphy, which was used to write his name.

Kristoff Bjorgman,

Official Arendelle Ice Master and Deliverer.

He had mixed feelings; for a side he felt glad and honored that he was considered part of his beloved's family and by the other hand he felt bad to receive an invitation because it made feel that Anna's mission was impossible to accomplish.

With those thoughts in his head, he returned to Anna's side.

The rest of Arendelle Council snorted because the Queen didn't invite them but Lord Danske explained them that it was their responsibility to be in charge of the kingdom on his and Princess' absent.


After, the departure of the visitors from Tallak; Anna and the rest of the group returned back to the palace. She was on the garden looking at the envelope still sealed.

She sighed heavily. She felt defeated and the worst was that she felt like she failed to Elsa.

"Anna?" Kristoff's voice called her.

He approached her and embraced her.

"I failed." Anna said quite depressed. "I promised that I would impede this wedding to happened and now, look at me." She step back and extended her arms. "I'm a disaster!" she pulled her pig braids.

"No, you´re not." Kristoff reassured her.

"But the wedding is…!" she raised her voice but Kristoff cut her off.

"Sshhh." He pressed a finger on her lips. "There's something we haven't tried yet." Anna looked at him questionably. "Tomorrow, we will visit my family." He smiled.

Anna squealed and hung on him by the neck.

"I don't know if they can help us but we can try." He added.

"Thank you! Thank you!" she said throwing her arms around Kristoff's neck.

And when I lose my faith

I don't know what to do

You lift me to this place

And make me feel so beautiful

'I would feel much better if my future husband were Jack.' Elsa thought watching her reflection.

As long as you're right here by my side

We will be gorgeous, you and I.


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'I would feel much better if my future husband were Jack.' Elsa thought watching her reflection.

"We're ready to go." The Ice Harvester said. Anna climbed inside the sled; Kristoff did the same and took Sven harness.

"Yeah!" Anna threw her arms to the wind. "We have a wedding to crash!"

"I'm going to take her with me." he opened his eyes, and just like his voice it was full of determination.

*The lyrics from the beginning and end are taken from the songs "Set Apart this Dream" Flyleaf and "Gorgeous" Idina Menzel.