Summary: The Curse in Harry's Magical Core takes a turn for worse, creating consequences that would lead him to an almost pre-mature death. Now with his magical core restored, Harry has to deal with the war between Voldemort and Dumbledore while balancing it with his tutor's courting. Nothing truly is fair in life and war.

Spoilers: 'I Want You, Sirius, And No One Else!' fanfic by Isys Skeeter and 'Pet's Curse' fanfic by Isys Skeeter

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Pairing/s in this chapter: one sided LV/HP, HP/OC, LuciusM/NarcissaB, BellatrixB/NevilleL, SiriusB/RodolphusL, past HP/GinnyW, past HP/ChoC, CharlusP/DoreaB, future JamesP/LiluE

Warnings in this chapter: Time Travel, Slash, disease illness, marriage, labyrinth, fire attack

Nr words in this chapter: 407

Dedicated to budchick, spinkavampire and MyDearGoddessofthemoonandsun for bringing me back up when I almost gave up on this fic for personal reasons






Wedding Day, Saturday, 29 January, 1972

It had all started three months ago on a usually Samhain Auror investigation. He had been doing his job, fighting bad boys, putting them out of the streets… saving the world. When a Death Eater had attacked him with an object. Besides leaving him a magic eating curse the object had taken him to the 70s and, to top that, to an alive Dark Lord - Lord Voldemort - in person. The same man whom Harry had killed. The same person whom would kill Harry's parents. How Harry survived the first encounter? Pure luck!

Then he became a DADA Professor at Hogwarts, Lord Potter - his Grandfather - become his Uncle and Tom Riddle - aka Lord Voldemort – his supposed tutor from the colonies – aka the future.

By Christmas, Harry had won a son - Severus Mather - an Uncle and an over protective tutor as well a new friend – aka Rodolphus Lestrange, who happened to be engaged to Sirius Black, Harry's Godfather, what would make him Harry's honorary Godfather!

This was followed by Diagon Alley attack that made Harry go into a coma and was followed by Voldemort becoming Harry's new Lord of the family… not to speak that he started to court Harry! And he had 3 years to do it!

Did Harry already mentioned how much fate hated his life?

Then in January Harry lost his job, won his job back, gave Voldemort a job as a Professor and gained Ron, Luna and Neville back. And all in the first week!

To make things worse, all of Harry's old girlfriends in the future would die according to the trio.

As if this all wasn't enough in 3 months… Harry dared to persuade Neville to have a double date with Bellatrix Black - yeah, she had tortured Neville's parents to insanity, just not yet - and Mariah Diggory - Cedric's Aunt. The date had been a disaster… but he still had got engaged to Mariah - women, who can understand them?

Did Harry already mentioned that he was right now attending the Malfoys - yeah Draco Malfoy's parents - wedding? Yeah, you've heard right.

And to top all of this…

The wedding had been attacked!

And now… Harry was entering a labyrinth in flames because he had just heard Voldemort scream in pain just after Harry saw a green light coming from the same direction!

"TOM!" he screamed worriedly!



I know not much of a chapter, more like a resume of PC to who didn't read it or read it long ago knows what it was all about.


Dedicated to budchick, spinkavampire and MyDearGoddessofthemoonandsun for bringing me back up when I almost gave up on this fic for personal reasons

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