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Time change/Date of time

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Friday, 15 August 1975


Silvine Nott looked ahead in barely restrained excitement. It was today. She would finally meet him… after five years of waiting… after decades of longing… she would meet him.

When Aiden Mather had stepped in and stopped her one time and only chance of making the ritual that gave her the chance of finding… Him, she had been livid. Principally, since He had never even sensed any of the two and if he did, he didn't deem them enough thought to came after them. But the Light was finally going to use Him, their trump card… and against Maid of all people.

It still amused Silvine to call him that since everyone – Light people included – started doing the same.

Silvine sighed and entered the Ministry of Magic. She had the most important job in the whole raid. One that she accepted without thinking twice… even if it would mean to wait to meet Him a while longer.

Silvine waited as her wand was measured in the front desk, while looking around. She couldn't help but wonder if Maid would kill her if he found out that she had left him alone in the raid…



Andromeda looked as Beetle went upstairs with her two bodyguards. Toad went with her twin downstairs, apparently they hoped that it was where the dungeons and the poor Vampires were. Andromeda looked back at her father and at Lord Abraxas. The two Wizards on either side of her wand in hand.

"Toad went down, Beetle and Green Octopus upstairs. Purple Octopus went into that corridor, so I believe it only leaves us this way." She mumbled, showing a lighted with candles corridor to the left.

"I'll go ahead." Lord Abraxas said.


"You heard Mars." Her father argued. "Whoever comes runs the risk of dying! Your twin sister I understand, you? not so much. But like I told your Muggleborn husband, I'll do what I can to bring you back. This means that you will follow our instructions… understood, White Owl?"

Andromeda bit the bottom of her lip to keep herself from crying and nodded. Lord Abraxas stepped forward and Andromeda walked behind him.

"Father?" she whispered.

"What is it?" the Wizard asked from behind her.

"Thank you…" 'for taking me back into the Black Family, for accepting my husband, my daughter… for coming with me…' but she was unable to voice it.

"You welcome."

"He's your father." Lord Abraxas argued. "It is part of the job description. Lucius wanted to come… do you really think I would let my son come to something dangerous like this without stopping him? He might be powerful, but like Mars said, his lover just got pregnant. He is need at home. If something happens to me, he'll be able to replace me."

Andromeda's father snorted.

"I wish my Heir was like yours. Sirius is not even of age yet… but Walburga will do her best as Lady of the family."

"Sirius will surprise you one day." Andromeda argued.

Her father chuckled in that chuckle that - as she grew up - had always made her feel happy, even when she was crying.

"Of course you would say that, Andromeda… you hadn't changed one bit, my Owl."

Andromeda turned towards her father with a grin, only to hear a curse from Lord Abraxas. She turned to find a team of Aurors. Father pulled her behind him, facing the Aurors with Lord Abraxas.

"Like old times, hmmm?" her father commented.

"I don't know about you but I do remember we used to be more than just two and used to be equally in force. We are two, they're 20 at the least."

Andromeda grabbed her wand with force.

"Should I…?"

"Only if He does appear." Lord Abraxas argued.

Andromeda shivered and looked at the Aurors, the Auror in command once used to fight alongside her in the Order of Phoenix. Andromeda had managed to get out of Dumbledore's thumb thanks to Professor Mather… Kingsley hadn't been so lucky.

"Capture them!"

Andromeda sighed relieved, she knew the Aurors were authorized to kill, or course she knew… but at least Kingsley won't use it on them. A capture would be easily taken care of. Blacks and Malfoys had too much control over the Ministry of Magic for them to get to Azkaban.

"I'm getting bored, Commanding Auror." A male voice said to the side.

Andromeda turned as a man in dark clothes, dark hair and blood eyes appeared against the wall between them and the Aurors. His arms crossed.

"You know your orders. Wait for Mars and capture him and if you can't, kill him." Kingsley argued. "You are not to engage until he does appear."

Andromeda gasped as suddenly the man was in front of Kingsley.

"My only orders are to fight Mars… and I'm hungry!" Andromeda gasped, he was a Vampire? "I do not take orders from you, Commanding Auror, in case you have forgotten. And I really am thirsty…"

Andromeda chocked a scream as the… Vampire just bit into Kingsley's neck as if it was nowadays thing. Father and Lord Abraxas turned and grabbed her, running away as the Aurors turned against the Vampire. Before the three managed to get to the atrium, a body appeared before them, making Andromeda shiver.

"This Mars they want me to fight, it won't happen to be a Wizard of emerald eyes hidden by round glasses and raven messy hair, will it?" the Vampire asked as he licked the blood falling from his mouth. Andromeda nodded, barely managing to control her body and the Vampire laughed, bringing shivers down her body. "A Wizard of power beyond his might… and they want me to drink his blood? His blood can kill an ordinary Vampire!" the Vampire argued, amused.

"White Owl… run!" Father whispered before he and Lord Abraxas started shooting spells after spells.

Andromeda turned and run. She heard a body fall to the ground and relived breaths from her father and Lord Abraxas, only to then hear their mutual gasp.

"My turn!" the Vampire snarled.

Andromeda gasped as she found the sight of the Aurors. All and every single of them had been completely decimated. Bodies upon bodies, blood everywhere… Andromeda heard steps behind her, but was unable to move. Shivering like mad.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" the Vampire asked. Andromeda choked back a sob, her father… "They thought they could control me… I've been waiting to do this for a long time." Andromeda gasped as her neck was grabbed and she was pushed against a wall. "You have means of contacting him, this Mars." Andromeda nodded, tears running down her cheeks. "Do it!"

Andromeda, shivering like mad, grabbed her wand and pointed towards the atrium.

"Ex… Expecto Patronum…" an owl got out and flew to the atrium. "He already knows you're here."

A wicked grin appeared upon the Vampire's face.


Andromeda screamed as he finally threw his teeth upon her…



Harry heard Purple Octopus as the man messed around one room, bored. Until now nothing. It was too quiet…

Everyone in the room held their breaths as a white owl appeared before Harry, a Patronus. It took Harry more than he should to realize it wasn't Hedwig. Finally, the owl opened it's beak and screamed.

Harry's heart stopped. White Owl… Harry turned around and run after where he felt the woman's magic. Please allow him to be fast enough… please not Andromeda. She had a baby! What about little Tonks? Who would take care of her?

Harry's eyes grew at seeing the sight of Lord Abraxas and Lord Cygnus barely dead bodies. Only for green lights to hit both of them.

"What was that?" he snarled, turning towards Sissy ready to attack her.

"In no time their bodies would turn into a version of Inferi… do you want that?" Harry shook his head. "You see someone bitten barely alive? Kill it!" the woman hissed, Harry could tell that she didn't like the idea herself.

Harry looked at the two dead bodies, biting his bottom lip. Before sighing and continuing down the corridor. What he found made him freeze. An army of 50 Aurors and Order of Phoenix Members turned Inferi were waiting for him. Kingsley Shacklebolt between them. Behind them was the Vampire in person. Andromeda's body at his feet.

"For Salazar's sake. Stop wasting time and kill them, Maid!" Sissy hissed at his side.


"They are dead already!" the woman hissed, making something snap inside Harry.

The Vampire had fed on his own side and was now using their dead bodies as puppets. Like a Puppet-Master. Honestly, what did Sissy see in this guy?

"Av… Avada Kedavra!" Harry stammered and a green light hit Kingsley who fell, but he stood again.

He could sense Sissy turn towards him surprised.

"Aim to the heart." She offered when she got out of the stupor that Harry had actually used a dark curse, her voice a lot gentler then when she had screamed at him previously.

Harry nodded and obeyed. Kingsley used to be his friend. He couldn't let him turn into this.

"Avada Kedavra!" Harry hissed and Kingsley fell to never get up again. "There has to be something faster…" he hissed towards Sissy as the two killed the undead army.

"Kill the Vampire who created them."

Harry snorted. That was contradictive. Voldemort wanted the Vampire on his side… he needed him. Not to mention that Sissy was in love with him for some reason.

"Oh my…" Purple Octopus mumbled behind Harry. "Mars, what are you…?"

"They matured into puppets. They are already dead… same for Andromeda." Harry argued, pointing to the woman as her body stood and joined the Aurors and Order of Phoenix members.

At once the two Death Eaters with Purple Octopus started killing. Harry looked at Andromeda's body as she approached him. He should have persuaded her to stay behind. Not to come… it was his fault. And now he had to kill her. It was his job… he should never had introduced her to the Drey Army. He should never…

"Avada Kedavra!" Harry gasped as Andromeda fell at his feet and turned towards Sissy with a glare. The woman raised an eyebrow back. "You were too slow." She argued, harshly.

"It was my…"

"It's not your fault!" the woman argued, making Harry tense. He had never seen her speak like this to him. Ron? Yeah. Tom? Definitely. Sissy? Never. "She knew the risks, she still came!"

Harry nodded and turned towards the Vampire. The Vampire bowed to Harry in a taunting way.

"Would you please do me the favour of taking odd that mask? Don't worry, I took care of all the Aurors and shot all the two-way mirrors in the room. No one will know."

Harry took his hood back, before taking his mask off. He offered it to Purple Octopus.

"You two take him off here." Purple Octopus opened his mouth to argue, but Harry gave him a look. "Take White Owl's body…" he pleaded.

Purple Octopus nodded and leaned down, picking the dead body and left.

"Professor. So good to finally meet you."

Harry raised one eyebrow, approaching the Vampire.

"I wish I could say the same, Alucard. If we had met in different circumstances maybe." He argued and the two started to walk around each other.

"Are you going to kill me?"

"Are you?" Harry retorted, making the Vampire laugh.

"They want you dead, yes." The Vampire finally admitted. "Such a pity, you do are a perfect enemy. Pity I won't be able to drink of you."

"You can try." Harry argued amused. "Who's to say it will work on you?"

"Trying to bring me down with you?"

"But of course." Harry answered.

Then the Vampire was right in front of Harry, on his neck. Harry with his wand right on the man's chest. The two looking at each other in the eyes.

"You are fast." Alucard stated impressed.

"I stopped being a normal human years ago." Harry agreed.

Alucard stepped back.

"Only humans can kill monsters."

Harry snorted.

"I never said that I was completely human… Basilisk's poison on my bloodstream since I'm 12-year-old… if that didn't affect my growing, I don't know what did."


The two stopped and looked at each other. Harry held his breath. The two looked into each other's eyes, waiting and then Harry let his breath out. Alucard moved and Harry moved too. Only for a hand to appear on his shoulder and pull Harry behind a body as Sissy stepped between the two and fired at Alucard. Alucard narrowed his eyes at Sissy as her hood and Death Eater mask fell from her face as her body shaped. Harry's eyes grew as Voldemort in person appeared before him.

"Aiden, leave."

"Wha… no way!"

There was a brief moment as Voldemort cursed Alucard and then raised a protection, before he turned towards Harry.

"You promised that if I'd ever told you to run and hide you would've!"

"Wha… I didn't promise said thing to you." Harry argued confused.

"This is not the time or place to contradict me, Pet! I promised nothing would happen to you and I intend of keeping it! Go! This is my fight! Not Yours!"

Harry's eyes grew as his heart snapped.

"To… Tom?" he whispered, before he could realize it.

No, it couldn't be…

Voldemort smiled sadly. Tom's smile… Tom Marvolo Riddle – I am Lord Voldemort… Harry took a hand to his mouth.

Oh no…

"Go, Pet. Save yourself… for me."

Harry nodded, barely registering the sweet tone of Voldemort's voice and turned, running.

Voldemort… Voldemort was Tom. How could he had forgotten that?

Harry glanced back, before he turned on the corner to see Voldemort and Alucard fighting.

Oh Shit!

How could he go and leave him there? How could… but the man was right… Harry had promised years ago when Tom had started tutoring him that he would leave if Tom ever told him to.

Tears run down Harry's face as he run.

Voldemort, you idiot!

The End!


Almost wrote Baka instead of Idiot… that's to show how much I was watching anime back in the time I wrote this…

And that's it the end… until the third fanfic of this trilogy ^_^