Zane's P.O.V.

I'm a father. I knew it before, but the realization of this fact is setting in as I look into the blue eyes of my newborn daughter. I feel a new sense of responsibility as I look at my brown eyed girl in my wife's arms. I have wondered if I could really do this; if I could really be a good father and husband. Now I am sure that I could never leave them. I know I will still have struggles, and Rikki and I will have hard times, but I can't leave them. The love I have for the is overwhelming. I have never felt this love before. I know now that they are my life, and I cannot leave them. We drove to the hospital to make sure that Zoe, Zani, and Rikki are okay. The staff is slightly suspicious since people don't usually deliver both twins on the way to the hospital. Rikki is doing very well. She has had a very long day and is exhausted, but she will be fine with a little rest. Zani and Zoe are also thriving, although we are all staying a day or two to make sure everything goes smoothly. Especially with them being born almost a month early. I'm so glad everyone is alright. I can't wait to go home with all three of my girls. Although, I guess we'll have to go shopping for more baby things. We didn't know twins were going to make an appearance.

Rikki's P.O.V.

I definitely wasn't expecting two babies. I wasn't sure that I could handle one child let alone two. I don't know how I'm going to do this, but I know that I will do it. I won't leave my daughters. I love them too much to leave them like my mother left me. Now, I'm not an emotional, lovey-dovey kind of person, but I'm filled with love for them. Surprisingly, the birth of my daughters has made me realize how much I love my husband as well. I'm really tired; giving birth is exhausting! It was painful and uncomfortable and I accidentally burned Zane's hand while squeezing it, but after everything I've been through to get to this point, it was worth it. It was all worth it to see the faces of my little girls. I know it's not going to be easy raising twin girls, but it sure will be interesting! And I think I'm ready to go along for the ride. I think I'm ready to step into my new role as a mother.

3rd Person P.O.V.

Rikki lies on the hospital bed holding Zani while Zane sits in a chair beside her holding Zoe. Cleo and Lewis come in with Cora in Lewis's arms. Cleo sits down and Lewis stands beside her. Emma and Ash smile at each other, knowing that soon they will be in a hospital room like this one. They'll soon be parents as well. Bella and Will walk into the room with a look of awe. It's Bella's first time actually seeing Zoe and Zani. Cleo notices the look of awe on the new parents' faces and nudges Lewis's arm so he'll look up and see it too. They exchange a knowing look. They understand how it feels to be a new parent. They know what its like to hold a brand new baby in their arms. Bella touches her growing stomach and feels her baby kick. It won't be long until another baby makes an appearance. Will stares off into the distance, thinking about his blue eyed blonde haired baby girl who will soon be in his arms for him to love and care for. RIkki and Zane are as happy as can be with their new daughters in their arms. It's the perfect ending to the perfect day. Bella's baby shower was not traditional to say the least, but it was special and will always be remembered as the shower when the twins were born.


Days turned into weeks which turned into months and soon Bella and Will welcomed their daughter, Beryl Maureen, and Emma and Ash welcomed their daughter, Louisa Moanna, which means warrior of the ocean. It was quite an event when Emma's baby was born. Rikki, Zane, Emma, Ash, Will, and Lewis were exploring a little island off the coast while Cleo and Bella were babysitting Cora, Zani, Zoe, and Beryl. The sun had just begun to set when the explorers headed back toward the boat. They were just a half mile from the boat when Emma let a loud groan escape her llips. "What's wrong?" Asked Ash, as he and the rest turned to look at her. She sat down on the grass. " I'm okay. I've been having these little practice contractions all day, but they just seem to be getting stronger." She replied calmly. "Yeah, I don't think those were practice contractions, Em." Said Lewis, looking worried. He looked to the setting sun. They might not have time to get back to the mainland. And the rocking boat wouldn't be good for Emma or the baby. But if they stayed on the island, they both might get hypothermia.


Hey! I feel really bad about not updating for 6 months so for my 2 year fabrication anniversary, I'm giving you this little chapter. I'm really sorry! I was really busy. We moved. Again. And I really had no inspiration for this story. Please forgive me?! I love you all! Have a great day! :)