"Okay, who's next?" Said Chris as he looked at his papers, "Ah, Katie your up."

"What?" She screamed, "I can NOT do the aptitude test without Sadie. Can we please do it together."

Then Saide came up and started saying, "Please, can we? Can we? Can we?" and Katie joined in.

"Alright!" Said Chris as both of the girls skipped over to the chair. Chris handed them the drinks and they counted down from three so they can both drink it at the same time.

Now Katie and Sadie were in an empty room with nothing but each other and a basket.

"Where are we, Sadie?" Asked Katie.

"I don't know."

Then a voice came out of nowhere telling them to choose one. They skipped over to the basket and Sadie said, Oh, let's choose the cheese." Katie nodded in agreement and picked up the cheese. when they stepped back into the middle a dog came running towards them.

"Oh no! What do we do Sadie?" Katie asked, her eyes going wide.

They both ran to the corner and hugged their knees. The dog followed them.

"Here get out of the way Sadie. I'll sacrifice myself to the dog."

"No I will.""

They both fought over who would save each other when suddenly the dog took the cheese and walked away. Both girls were shocked as they realized that all the dog wanted the whole time was their cheese. When the dog finished the cheese a girl came out of nowhere and the dog came running towards her.

"What do we do?" They said in unison.

They both ran towards the dog and pulled the girl out of the way right before the dog came.

Next, they found themselves in a bus.

"Who's that man." Said Katie pointing to the only other person there.

Sadie shrugged as they went over to investigate.

"Do you know who this is?" H asked pointing to a picture.

"He looks familiar but I don't have a name. What about you Sadie?"

"Same." She said.

All of a sudden they were back on the island.

"Girls, your both Abnegation."


Explanation: They were sacrificing themselves to the dog and saved the girl from the dog.