Volume 1: A Nightmare Begins
Volume 2: Hell on Earth
(Volume 3: wouldn't you like to know ^.~)
Written by Star


I don't own Teknoman/Tekkaman Blade/Tekkaman Blade II or any of its characters however any original characters appearing within this story do...belong to me.

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Please be advised that Salvation Lost can contain coarse language and adult themes which may (or may not) offend or upset you. Salvation Lost is not a story for the faint hearted, nor is it intended for a young audience. If you are below the age of sixteen, please be aware that this story may not be suitable.

However, understanding how I was at thirteen, if you feel you are mature enough for the themes depicted in this story...please understand why I have to sound like some old timer...listen to commonsense, I am not trying to force anything down anyone's throat ^_^


To Leizel Ann, who introduced me to the world of angst. Inspiring me when I lacked, encouraging me when I finally understood! Thanks Leizel! ::puts away the Kleenex::


Please enjoy Salvation Lost - I have put so much into its creation. Please don't feel pressured into making a review - I am always happy to receive feedback in whatever form you decide is best ^_^ I know you hate reading disclaimers (about as much as we hate writing them!), however they are important and unfortunately necessary.

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