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Chapter One: It Starts

Naruto huffed and puffed, lithe chest heaving as he fought for air. He looked all around him, thankful that the majority of his friends were okay. Sasuke was recovering from that last blow, Karin by his side and healing his wounds. The soft sound of footsteps approached him from behind and he looked back to see Sakura hovering her hands over his back to heal his wounds. Though he knew that she was at her limit. He reached back and grabbed her hand, shaking his head in a way to tell her that he was fine. He didn't give her a chance to argue with him before he turned to look back ahead of him. Was everything over yet?

Obito coughed and held the gaping wound on his chest with one hand. He was at the end of his rope by now… He wasn't sure what to do at this point. But he did have a trump card, a backup plan. He didn't think that it would be needed up until now… But it seemed that he had no choice in this matter. He would have to use up the last drop of his chakra for such a technique.

"How can you plan on stopping me, if you're not here to do so?" he murmured softly and closed his eyes for a moment.

"What is he doing?" Sasuke muttered and activated his sharingan, brushing Karin off. He didn't want her to use up the last of her chakra on him. Who knew what Obito had planned for them, but he knew it wasn't good.

Suddenly, the ground began to rumble. It turned from dull rumbling to shaking frantically, making even Sasuke stumble a bit as he tried to keep his balance. Karin grabbed his arm to keep herself upright. Sakura grabbed Naruto and tried to keep him upright, Hinata, not so far behind the group, stumbled forward as she failed to keep her balance.

"Bastard! What the fuck is he doing?!" Karin screeched and stumbled over her two feet and ended up pressed against Sasuke's chest, which made her blush a bit but she had other things to focus on.

Suddenly, the ground opened up below them. They didn't have time to react, or try to move. They fell in, and was enveloped by darkness.

"Naruto!" Minato's yell was the last thing the five shinobi heard before the blacked out.

Sasuke blinked his eyes open, only to be practically blinded by bright sunshine. He groaned softly and pushed himself up, his legs feelings a bit wobbly. He was disoriented, his head was spinning, he had no idea where he was.

He was in a forest of some sorts, surrounded by huge trees. Around him, lay his comrades. Karin was the closest, laying on her side with her glasses off. Sasuke spotted them near his foot, and he leaned down, picking up her glasses and walking over to her.

Naruto lay on his back a few feet from him, Sakura and that byakugan user, Hinata, laying on their stomachs near him. He knelt beside Karin and grabbed her shoulder, "Karin," he spoke and shook her gently, "Wake up, Karin."

"Oh Sasuke, that feels so- Huh?" Karin blinked her eyes open. She looked around and up at him, slowly sitting up and rubbing a hand on her forehead, "W- where are we?" she mumbled softly and took her glasses that were offered to her, "Where's the battlefield? Obito?"

"I don't know," Sasuke replied and sat up, "Wake up the others and try to figure some things out," he commanded her and walked off towards Naruto while she went off to wake up the girls.

"Get your ass up, dobe," Sasuke growled and kicked Naruto lightly in the side. The jinchuuriki took a few more kicks before he finally blinked his eyes open and sat up, disoriented and confused, "Ow! You could've woken me up a bit gentler, Sasuke!" he growled and stood up, rubbing his kicked side. He glanced at his surroundings and scrunched his eyebrows together in deeper confusion, "What the hell, where are we? Where's Obito?"

"I don't know, now shut up for a minute," Sasuke barked.

Naruto grew irritated at his best friend. Sure, he was glad that Sasuke finally came to his senses and joined the shinobi alliance, but that didn't make him any less of a douchebag. He crossed his arms in a childish manner and looked off to the side.

Karin already had Sakura up, and now was helping Hinata to stand, "Are you alright, uh…?"

"H- Hinata," The young girl stammered out as Karin helped her stand, "A- and I'm fine… But my ankle… I- it kind of hurts," she murmured softly.

"You probably sprained it," Karin said and helped the girl sit back down, "Here hold still," she told her and hovered her hand over Hinata's ankle. It soon glew green, and she began to healing process silently.

"Karin, once you're done, scan the area, check and see if there's anyone around," Sasuke commanded and Karin merely nodded, not looking up from what she was doing.

"Sasuke-kun, do you know what happened?" Sakura asked him, stepping forward to stand by his side.

Sasuke completely ignored Sakura and walked away from her to stand at the head of the group, his gaze ahead. He was starting to get this uneasy feeling… He didn't know what it was, but this sense of dread was starting to creep upon him. Maybe he was feeling the after effects of the jutsu that was cast on him? Was he and the others trapped in some sort of fucked up genjutsu?

Karin stood up, "Stay off that ankle," she said sternly to Hinata before making a handsign in front of her face and closing her eyes. She focused for a brief moment, extending her senses over the landscape, as far as she could sense… Nothing. All she could sense was different life forces, animals, and this odd life force that felt more powerful than human, but not quite. Strange… She opened her eyes and her arms fell by her sides.


Karin shook her head, "I..." she wasn't sure how to explain it. Those life forces… They were bothering her. She bit her lower lip and looked at Sasuke, a very serious expression on her face as she spoke up again, "It's hard to explain. I can't sense any humans in the forest… But…"

"But?" Naruto prompted, snapping out of his thoughts and stepping over to join the rest of the group.

"There are these strange life forces I'm feeling as well, it feels like a human's, but not really…" Karin murmured and lifted a hand to adjust her glasses.

Sasuke narrowed his eyes, "Strange life forces?" he looked off into the distance, "Where's the nearest one?" he asked and looked back at her.

Karin closed her eyes and stretched out her senses once more. She blinked them open after a moment and replied, "About three miles north," she pointed a hand in the direction indicated, eyebrows drawn, "What do you plan on doing, Sasuke?"

"I'm going to go and check it out," he said and rested a hand on his hip, "Might as well, since I'm not sure where the hell we are, and if we happen to find some way out this forest, maybe we can find someone who can direct us to where Konoha is."

"We should all go with you," Sakura spoke up, her green eyes a bit nervous looking as she glanced around, "It's not safe to go off on our own, especially in unknown territory."

"Hn, fine," he was only planning on bringing Karin with him, but he knew the girl had a point. His eyes strayed to Hinata and he pointed a finger at her, "How are we going to take her with us with that sprained ankle?"

"I'll carry her," Naruto said and walked over to her. He knelt down in front of her and spread his arms backward, inviting her to get on his back. Hinata's face grew a bright red and she bit her lip. She was actually going to ride on Naruto's back? She shyly drew forward after a moment of hesitation and got on Naruto's back, hurting her ankle on the way.

"Alright, let's go."

The group of five all traveled in silence, jumping from tree branch to tree branch. These trees really were huge and high off the ground, what kind of dammed forest was this? Sasuke and Naruto were in the lead, with Karin and Sakura flanking their sides. Naruto still held Hinata, who was using her byakugan to scope out the landscape around them.

She spotted something odd in the distance, and as they neared it, her confusion grew.

'What… Is… That?' she wondered inwardly. The woman has seen many odd things in her life before, but this took the cake.

She saw three 10 meter tall… Monsters. She couldn't call them anything else. They were huge, with big mouths. They looked human, but they were bare naked didn't have any genitals. They seemed to be wandering around, groaning incoherently.

"What's up, Hinata?" Naruto asked, feeling the woman tense up on his back.

"T- this is…" She trailed off and kept her gaze ahead, desperately trying to think of a logical explanation of what she was seeing, but came up with nothing. She deactivated her byakugan and rested her chin against Naruto's shoulder, getting lost in her thoughts.

After a few moments, the group finally came upon what they were looking for. And to say they were shocked into silence, would be an understatement.

Three… Monsters were rumbling about, groaning loudly at nothing, just doing nothing. Their mouths were huge, and there was blood on the corners of their mouths and some splattered over the ground. The five in the tree did not need to be geniuses to know that people died here, and were devoured by these… Beings.

"What…" was all Naruto could say.

"Sssh!" Sakura shushed him sharply, but it was too late.

The three turned away from the trees they were facing and to the five shinobi in the tree. They all grinned stupidly and stumbled over to them hurriedly.


Naruto quickly jumped out the way as one swung its hand and slammed it against the branch they were on. He landed on a tree a safe distance away, holding Hinata tightly so she didn't slip off. Sasuke, Karin, and Sakura were also able to dodge the swinging arms, and all five decided that it was time to leave.

They ran off past them, jumping from branch to branch hurriedly as the creatures gave chase. But after ten minutes of chasing them down without having any progress, they eventually lost them in the dense forest.

They stopped to rest. Sitting on the branches of the big ass trees and leaning against the trunks. Sakura, Hinata, and Naruto sat on the branches on one tree, while Sasuke and Karin sat on the branch of another tree near them, they all were trying to sort their own thoughts out, allow what they just discovered to really sink in…

"We need to get out of this forest," Sasuke spoke up after long moments of silence, "I'm not sure what we saw back there, but maybe once we leave the forest, we'll be safe. Karin," he addressed his red-headed companion, her standing up as he said her name, "Scout out the easiest and quickest way to get out of here."

Karin nodded and did a hand sign in front of her face, closing her eyes and stretching out her senses. She found the easiest route soon enough and opened her eyes, "That way," she pointed to the west, "About nine, maybe ten miles out," she informed them.

"Alright, let's move then."



"Let's get the hell out this freaky place."

"There is a group of people headed this way."

Levi Rivaille arched a brow at Erwin in half confusion, "A group of people? What?"

"They aren't a part of our troops earlier, which is even more puzzling. Some of our scouts caught sight of them leaving the forest of big trees," Erwin continued, standing a bit off from the rest of the group of soldiers that were gathered for patrol, "From what I was told, they weren't wearing any maneuver gear, and they were dressed oddly."

"Really?" Levi scratched the back of his head, "That's peculiar, I should go and get them then. They won't last long out here without any maneuver gear," he said and sighed, going over to his horse and stroking her neck lightly.

"You want to go alone?"

"Yeah, I think it'll be better that way, a big crowd of people will attract too many titans, so I'll make this as quick as possible," Levi said and pulled himself on the horse.

"You should still take someone with you, who knows what could happen?"

"I'll be fine. Don't wait up," Levi brushed off Erwin's concerns and dug his heel into the horse's side, making the animal start to gallop forward, heading in the direction where the group of people were said to be.