Chapter Four: Some things don't change

"Karin, please!"

"No way."

"I- It's for your s- safety, K- Karin-san."

"No, back the fuck off."

"Hinata had to cut hers, it's only fair if you cut yours as well."

"Just because she's so wishy-washy doesn't mean it should effect MY decision."

"I'm telling you guys, she's not going to do it."

"Of course I'm not! Do you people realize how long it took for me to grow it this long and beautiful? It will look gross cut short!"

"Karin! Your hair could be caught in your maneuver gear, it could cause an accident!"

"I don't care!"

Karin crossed her arms stubbornly over her chest and turned her back to them, her hair was over her shoulder, shielding it protectively from the scissors held in Petra's hand. Karin, Hinata, Sakura, and Petra were all standing in Karin's temporary room, trying to coax the girl into cutting her hair short.

Sasuke stood at the doorway, leaning his back against the frame and boredly staring at the group of girls. Though he was more interested then he would let on. Hinata's long hair had been cut, it now reached her shoulders. Hinata would miss her long hair, but she figured that it would grow back.

Convincing Karin to cut her hair was proving to be rather difficult though. Sakura and Petra were both trying their best, but the girl was as stubborn as a mule…

Petra neared the crimson haired girl with the scissors, Karin backing away on instinct, "Karin, it's for your own safety!"

"No way! I love my hair…" It was practically the only thing Karin really loved about herself…

Sasuke let out an agitated sigh, "If it's that much of a big deal, then just put it up in a ponytail or something," he suggested, "It's not like it has to be up all the time, only when you're using the maneuver gear, right?"

Petra considered that for a moment, "Well, I guess that's a good point," she half agreed before looking to Karin again, "But with how long it is, I still think that it could be dangerous."

"I'm a fucking ninja, I will be fine!" Karin declared and 'hmphed', turning her back on her and marching through the door, "I'm leaving! If you try to touch my hair one more time, I'll kill you," she disappeared, walking past Sasuke with a huff.

"She doesn't mean that," Sakura immediately reassures the older woman, putting a soothing hand on Petra's shoulder.

"Yes she does," Sasuke corrected her with a scoff. He remembered back when Team Taka was together, Suigetsu broke one of Karin's favorite perfume bottles and the woman went berserk. The only reason she didn't actually manage to kill him was because of his abilities.

Petra gazed at Sasuke for a brief moment, "Sasuke, you and Karin are really close, aren't you?"

Sasuke glanced over at her before looking away again, "Why do you ask?"

"I don't know," She says and looks away as well, setting the scissors down on the dresser before looking out the nearest window, "It was just a feeling I was getting from being around you two."

"Hn," Sasuke replied but didn't respond to her original question. Karin and him, close? He never really thought that but was that how it appeared? Whatever, Sasuke didn't care about such things. He leaned off the frame and walked off in the opposite direction of where Karin went.

Petra watched him go out the corner of her eye, silently wondering what the relationship between Karin and Sasuke was.

Karin huffed silently to herself silently as she walked through the halls, she had walked off her steam and was now rather calm. Though also very bored. There was nothing to do around here. The medical-nin let out an agitated sigh and smoothed down her skirt as she paused at a window and looked out, admiring the beautiful scenery.

In the courtyard, she could see Naruto, standing with a few guys that Karin didn't recognize. One of them was rather old looking, but had the same haircut as Corporal Levi. He seemed to be talking, but it looked like no one was really listening. Another one had longish blond hair, half of it tied up, and a slight beard. He had his arm around Naruto's shoulders and was telling him something. The last one was darker in skin tone compared to the others with short brown hair and eyes. He seemed to be commenting on what the blond was saying, while ignoring what the first one was trying to point out.

'He's so good with people,' Karin thought to herself wistfully and held her chin up with her hand, a fond expression appearing on her face, 'He makes friends with everyone, no matter where he goes.'


Karin nearly jumped out of her skin when her name was said, she had not been paying attention to her surroundings. She turned her head to see Commander Erwin standing there, observing her with curious blue eyes, "What're you looking at with such an expression?"

Karin blushed a bit in embarrassment and looked away, "W- what expression? I was just wondering who Naruto was talking to," she half lied.

Erwin raised a brow and walked over to stand next to her at the window, peering downwards to see the group, "Ah, that's Aururo Bossard, Eld Jinn, and Gunther Schultz. They're all members of the recon corps, looks like they're getting along quite well with Naruto."

"Naruto gets along well with everyone," Karin scoffed and flipped a thick strand of red hair over her shoulder, and resting her chin in her hand, leaning her elbow on the window sill, "Though that Aururo guy has the same haircut as Corporal Levi. Is that the style around here or what?" she asked and looked at him again.

"It's… Complicated," Erwin figured that it would be best to leave it at that. Luckily for him, Karin didn't press the matter.

"Oi, you two."

Karin and Erwin both turned their heads to see Corporal Levi standing there, a blank expression on his face as usual, "Lunch's been served, hurry up and get down to the dining hall."

Once in the dining hall, Karin took her between Sakura and Naruto, and Erwin took his seat between Levi and Hanji. They were already eating, so Karin hurriedly dug into her own food, a lot more hungry then she thought she was.

"Man, everyone around here is so cool, except for Aururo, he sure likes to talk and boast about himself a lot," Naruto was saying as he ate, mostly talking to Karin and Sakura.

"He sounds conceited," Sakura says, picking at her food like a bird.

"I'm sitting right here! Show some respect, you brats!"

"Don't call her a brat!"

"Sit down, both of you," Levi reprimanded them.

Naruto grumbled and sat back down, sipping his glass of water in an angry manner. Sakura reached around Karin to pat her teammates back, while Sasuke merely rolled his eyes and continued to silently eat his food.

"You guys wanna take a look around town or something?" Naruto suddenly suggested and glanced between all the ninjas at the table. He mostly just wanted an excuse to hang out with Sasuke and Sakura altogether again, as team seven. He found Sasuke being here as a secret blessing to spend time with Sasuke once again and get him used to being around him and Sakura.

"Not interested."

So much for that.

"Oh come on Sasuke," surprisingly, Karin was the one to speak up before Naruto could object, "You're in a whole new world here, literally! Don't you want to get a good look around your new home for the time you're here?"

"I said I'm not interested."

"And I'm not caring."

Sasuke let out a silent huff, "You're not going to leave me alone until I agree, aren't you?"


"Fine, whatever," Sasuke begrudgingly agreed and went back to eating his food, now silently sulking.

Naruto, Sakura and Hinata all gaped at Karin. They did not know he could be so easily convinced by the girl. They guessed that Karin had some sort of influence on him or whatever. The girl provoked many emotions in Sasuke that he usually was so good at concealing.

Karin looked up to see the three staring at her, "What?"


"It's nothing."

"U- um, n- nothing."

Sakura let out a sigh as she walked alongside Naruto and Hinata. Naruto was saying something but the pinkette was ignoring him, he was being so loud, getting all over-excited about their surroundings. The boy had stopped to look at almost every shop they passed by, and stopped to talk to almost every citizen they took notice of.

"Sakura-chan, this place is really great! Not better then Konoha, but great!"

"Shut up dobe, your annoying voice is grating my ears."

"I wasn't talking to you, teme!"

Sakura sighed again, hoping the two didn't get into yet another argument and draw too much attention to themselves.

"W- well, th- this place certainly i- is different," Hinata spoke up softly, trying to hide her eyes with her bangs. She felt incredibly awkward, her eye color was drawing a lot of attention, people were stopping to stare at her, point out her irregular eye color, some even laughed at her, other's actually stopped her to ask her if she was blind.

It wasn't Hinata's fault her eyes looked weird…

"Don't worry about it too much, Hinata," Sakura spoke up, like she was reading the young girl's mind, and wrapped an arm around her shoulders, "It's just going to take some getting used to. Hopefully once we head off for training, it'll get better."

Hinata nodded shyly as Sakura retracted her arm and placed a hand on her hip.

"I wonder what training will be like," Karin spoke up next to Sasuke, who was walking boredly beside Naruto, "I mean, what the people would be like and what they'll have us do."

"Corporal Levi told me that training was going to be pretty rough," Sakura tells her, glancing in her direction before looking ahead again, "Survival exercises, learning to use the maneuver gear, combat skills, things like that," she shrugged.

"Well, it may be tough for ordinary humans like them," Naruto speaks up and folds his arms behind his head, "It should be a piece of cake for us."

"Good point," Karin agreed.

"W- well, it'll only be th- the rest of this w- week until we g- get there," Hinata spoke up again as they walked, pausing by a quaint little shop that was selling fresh smelling bread, "I wonder if we'll make some friends our age."

"Probably, Commander Erwin told me that there are many trainees are age, even younger."

"We're going out on a mission?"


"Outside the walls?"



"Because we both want to see all of your guys' skill be put to the test," Erwin replied to Karin's questions. They got back to the castle to have both Commander Levi and Erwin sit them down and tell then that they were taking them outside the walls.

"Didn't Sasuke and Naruto tell you?" Sakura asked, tilting her pink head.

"Well, we showed him a little, but we barely scratched the surface on what we're all capable of," Naruto explained, running his fingers through his spikey blond hair, "I'm guessing that they want to see our individual abilities, right?"

"Exactly," Levi said smoothly, fixating the Uchiha kid with an intrigued stare. To be blatantly honest, Sasuke was the one that he was most curious about. He seemed to be much different from the others, just being around him, he gave off this air of importance.

"S- Sounds f- fine to me," Hinata murmured softly and pushed her black bangs out her eyes.

"I'll come too."

"Sounds kind of dangerous, but it should be entertaining."


"Then I guess I'll have to come too," Sakura sighed heavily and looked at the group, "Though I think we're just going to be asking for trouble."

"Don't worry so much, Sakura-chan. I'll protect you!"

"I can protect myself, moron!"



Sasuke rubbed his mouth into a thin line to hide his slightly twitching lips, 'Some things don't change.'

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