"Do you ever find yourself looking up at the sky and just wondering?"

Rosalina glanced over at Daisy. It seemed like a silly question to ask the cosmic guardian. Then again, the two of them standing on the balcony of Daisy's castle in their pajamas was also pretty silly. Rosalina had never owned pajamas before. Daisy loaned her a set, a tank top with a pair of rather soft pants decorated with orange flowers. The luma floated around Rosalina, confused as it wasn't her usual attire or even colors.

"Look, look!" Daisy pointed up to the sky excitedly. "Shooting stars!"

"The meteor shower has started," Rosalina noted. She'd seen them from among the stars many times, but the meteors really did look much more impressive from on the ground.

"They're so pretty!" Ninjetta exclaimed, hopping up and down beside her liege. "Did you make a wish on them, princess?"

"A wish?" Rosalina echoed in surprise.

"You bet, Rosie!" Daisy exclaimed. "You make a wish on shooting stars, and one day it could come true!"

"They're just rocks interacting with the planet's atmosphere," Rosalina protested. "They're not really stars at all."

"Aw, come on, Rosie! Don't be so sour!" Daisy exclaimed, swinging her arm around Rosalina's shoulders as she pointed up at the sky with her other hand. "Look, there's another one! Make a wish!"

Rosalina watched the meteor Daisy had indicated. She had to admit, they did actually look like stars shooting across the night sky. She didn't see a point in wishing, but Daisy's excitement had caused her to actually wonder what she would wish on a shooting star. "I don't really have a wish."

"Aw, come on, Rosie!" Daisy protested. "Surely there's something you want!"

Rosalina glanced at Daisy. Before she would've wished for friends or at least someone to spend time with. Sure, she loved her luma and their company, but at times, she longed for a friendship she thought she could never have. And as she stood on the balcony in Daisy's pajamas, she realized something. "My wish has already come true."

The sensation of pain came rushing back to her quickly. She squeezed her eyes shut for a moment before opening them widely. Day had given way to night and stars dotted the sky once again. The moon hung low on the horizon, casting a dim glow across her and everything around her.

A small flash of light streaked across the sky. Daisy watched it until the light faded away. "A meteor." The sky looked like that night she invited Rosalina over for a sleepover. Had she recreated the sky so it would look like that memory?

Daisy lay in the grass, unable to move. She felt exhausted and sore, like she'd just run a marathon across the kingdom. She could feel the ground beneath her, the grass prodding her in the back as she lay. Her arms and legs felt bare, but when she peered down, she was wearing the remains of her yellow outfit she'd torn up right after Peach sacrificed herself. "Well, Rosie," she spoke to no one in particular. "It looks like my wish came true this time."

The world had been restored. It was her wish on the dying stars Seth had swallowed whole. She used up all her energy for one last chance to fix everything. She didn't even have the energy to keep her eyes open or smile anymore, but it was the thought that counted. She closed her eyes and breathed in deeply, feeling the rise and fall of her chest.

"She's here! I found her!"

Sounds of people trodding in the grass filled her weak ears, echoing around. That voice, it was Ninjetta's. She was hopping frantically in the grass, her small feet pounding against the ground as she moved.

"Oh my! Daisy! Please be alive!"

Daisy breathed again, though shallowly now. Two wishes in one day? Boy the shooting stars really were listening to her. She knew they were just rocks getting absorbed in the atmosphere, but it was always fun to wish on them.

"She's still breathing, Princess, but barely. We have to get her to the doctor quickly!"

Someone picked her up, cradling her head in his arms. She didn't have to look to know who it was. She wanted to lean into him, tell him it was okay and that they could now have their wedding, that they could live happily ever after with Mario and Peach and all of Sarasaland. But she couldn't even open her eyes. She simply hung there, barely a shell of her usual energetic self. She wasn't sure she would even last long enough to make it to the doctor's. How long had she been gone and where was she even? It didn't matter. Everything was okay now.

"Don't worry, Daisy. Now it's my turn to rescue you." Luigi smiled down at Daisy. She had a few inches in height on him, but he still held her in his arms regardless. The thought of losing her was devastating.

She wanted to smile at him. She'd never heard him speak such brave words. It made her heart pitter patter, but just a bit as her heart was tired too.

Rosalina paused to stare up at the sky. It was just like that sleepover party months and months ago, the first time anyone had told her about wishes or watched shooting stars with her. Rosalina found it odd that Daisy would restore her form out here in front of her castle under the night sky full of shooting stars.

Daisy had gone missing for three days after she used the combined power to restore the World as it once was. Details were missing here and there, along with the occasional crooked building, but the world was close enough that no one truly complained. Luigi cried the entire time, fearing that Daisy was long lost, but Rosalina assured him that Daisy was far too stubborn to not survive. Search parties spread out to find any signs of Daisy, searching for signs of her at her favorite places. Only at sunset three days after the battle had Daisy finally manifested, returning to her home where she had made many of her greatest memories.

Daisy finally awoke once again, now staring up at the ceiling in her bedroom. Sunlight poured in from the balcony, a light breeze pushing the curtains back and forth. She felt life pouring back in her once again. She stirred a bit, finding that Luigi had fallen asleep with his hand intertwined with hers as he leaned against the edge of the bed, sitting on the floor.

She sat up. Every fiber in her entire body felt sore as she moved, but the smell of breakfast caught her attention. She peered at Luigi, wondering if she should wake him. He looked so peaceful sleeping there, clinging to her and the bed as if he feared she would never wake.

She nudged him. "Luigi, let's get some breakfast."

He stirred, laughing. He was relieved she was awake and the first thing she wanted was breakfast. She pushed through the soreness, taking to her feet and not caring her hair was a mess. Practically dragging him down the stairs, Daisy made her way to the dining room to find many of her friends had gathered. A huge breakfast lay spread out on the table.

"I'm not dreaming all this, right?" Daisy frowned sharply. She had to ask. After everything she'd been though, she had to make sure this was real.

"Ohoho, of course it is, sonny!" the professor peered over his large stack of pancakes.

"We've been setting up a breakfast every day, hoping you'd wake and join us," Peach smiled brightly. "I know you never miss breakfast!"

"Aw man," Daisy rubbed the back of her head. "A hero's breakfast. Just what I needed!" She grinned stupidly. If this were a dream, it was a damn good one and she didn't want to wake up. Sitting at the table with everyone and tasting the food, she was certain it was actually reality. It was how she wanted it, truly. Everything she fought for, every ounce of energy she spent was all for moments like this when everyone was together and happy.

Ninjetta sat at the table, barely touching her meal as she sorted through some letters and mail. Daisy reached over, plucking one of the letters from the ninji's hands. "Weddin infitasun," she read the words with a mouth full of pancake. She gulped down the pancake quickly when what she held in her hands began to sink in. "Oh man! We gotta send these out and reschedule!"

"I've got everything taken care of, Princess," the ninji reassured her liege.

"What would I do without you!" Daisy laughed, setting the invitation back down on the table. She glanced at the guest list for a moment before picking it up and reading all the names. Picking up Ninjetta's pencil, she scribbled in a name at the bottom of the list before handing the clipboard back to the ninji.

Ninjetta nearly leapt from her seat. "Waluigi?!"

"Well I kinda owe the guy," Daisy shrugged. It was the least she could do for him, really. He'd stuck by her throughout most of the journey, even helping her at very critical points. The journey had really showed her that Waluigi had a human side buried somewhere underneath, one that fought to bring the world back and rescue Wario. If it hadn't been for him with her, she quite possibly wouldn't have made it as far as she did.

The sounds of an airship quickly filled the quiet morning air, accompanied by a familiar boisterous roar of laughter. Daisy and Mario quickly leapt from their seats while Luigi leapt under the table. Kamek flew in with several magikoopa through the open balcony window then quickly stopped when he saw the entire gathering before him.

"Alright, enough!" Daisy pushed up the sleeves of her pajamas and grabbed something off the table. She stomped over to Kamek and stared him right in the face before shoving something at him.

The magikoopa blinked, surprised by her actions. He plucked the small paper from her grip, reading it. "Wedding invitation?" he read it aloud, looking up at her through his thick glasses.

Daisy shrugged. "I kinda owe ya after what you did when that star eater overtook everything in that cosmic nebula goop or whatever it was."

"Cosmic star bed," he corrected her. The magikoopa behind him exchanged glances. Kamek cleared his throat and the magikoopa quickly stiffened, regaining their intimidating demeanors while perched on their brooms.

"And you owe me to show up after what I did," Daisy added sharply.

Kamek paused. He couldn't deny she had a point. If it hadn't been for her khenet power, the world would be refashioned as the star eater had seen fit, not restored to what it was originally before the creature had ever appeared. "This changes nothing, you know."

"Wouldn't want it to," Daisy replied.

"After this formality is over," Kamek tucked the invitation into his cloak, "I will continue with His Nastiness's orders and abduct you."

Daisy blinked. "Me?" She suddenly realized she had become the most coveted person in the World.

"Away, troops!" Kamek commanded with a wave of his hand. The magikoopa troop turned and flew out the balcony window.

"Okay, bring it on!" Daisy shouted at them, smirking as she brandished a fist towards the window.

Kamek paused briefly, turning to look back at her. He pushed his glasses up his nose, then nodded before flying off.

She smirked, folding her arms confidently. Suddenly Bowser was now after her, but who wouldn't be? She had the power to recreate the world. She wasn't sure if she could anymore, but the thought was entertaining.

She knew she'd done the right thing in restoring the world as best she could to what it was before. This was the world she had fought mercilessly to save.

Author's notes

Thank you for reading my first Super Mario story! I hope you all enjoyed it! I had originally decided to have a tragic ending but this is Super Mario. A comedic one is much better.

So as promised, the symbolism for everything.

The Great Year and the cycle of the cosmos.
This is a Greek stoic belief that there is a cycle in the universe. A Great Year in the cosmos (note: much longer than an Earth Year) begins and ends. The year begins with paligenesis and ends with ekpyrosis. The cycle rebuilds the cosmos anew and starts everything over.

The colors
The colors are all Ancient Egyptian. As Ancient Egypt had a lot more vowels than we do in English, sometimes numbers are used to denote pronunciation, which is guessed anyway, as the written language had no vowels. Ancient Egyptians were huge on color symbology and believed colors actually held magical aspects and powers. They put these colors in art and jewelry symbolically as well.

W3d. the 3 is somewhat of a combination of an A and E sound. This is the color green. Green was symbolic of growing things and new life, like with plants. "To do green things" meant to do good. Green also represented healing.

Mfk3t. Turquoise was the most valuable green stone. It represented the the goddess of the sky, Hathor, who was also known as the Lady of Turquoise. Turquoise itself represented the inundation, which was when the Nile flooded and brought water and silt into the area. The color was said to represent rebirth.

Dshr. Red was considered a very powerful color, both hot and dangerous. It was the color of blood and fire. It represented life and destruction. The sun was often colored red in art and royalty would wear red to try to invoke the power the sun could give.

Khenet. Gold represented everything that was eternal and imperishable. It was not only a color of the sun but the color of the gods themselves. The gods were often painted with yellow skin, symbolizing eternity and persistence.

Seth, the starborne
Seth is named after an alternate spelling of the Egyptian god, Set, the god of storms, violence, disorder, and the deserts. He wasn't really a god to be ignored. He was part of the necessary balance in the world and helped defend Ra, the sun, against the serpent Apep during his journey underground during the night.

I chose Seth instead of Set to not be so obvious with my symbology. Initially the story had only entailed Egyptian color symbology, pulling in the Greek Stoicism a bit later on in the story to round off Seth's initiatives, drive, and purpose. His initial purpose was something a bit more selfish and somewhat sinister, but in the end, he evolved into something determined and morally ambiguous. He's carrying out an ancient purpose he thought he had to fulfill. Daisy got in the way and defied everything he knew and understood.