Hey! It's Luna with a new story. So basically the same codes as my other stories but a tad different

italics is a flashback or something being read.

bold is currently words four year old Yang doesn't understand because of her age.



A four year old girl clung to her mother's legs as she looked around the white hospital room. Everything seemed to be white, including the doctor's hair. She was a slender and short woman with icy blue eyes that seemed concerned, long white hair that was messily braided, and on her white lab coat above her pen pocket was a small blue snowflake. She was holding a clip board and was talking to the little girl's mother. Her mother was tall and pale with long, loosely curled blonde hair, and worried silver eyes affixed on the doctor. The young child was confused. She had no idea what the adults were talking about.

"She is currently in a coma. We believe she'll be ok. Unfortunately this illness is incurable." the doctor said. The mother looked sad and frightened. 'What could that mean?' the young girl thought.

"Thank you, doctor." the girl's mother said before picking up her daughter and walking away. The child lightly tugged her mother's hair.

"Yes, Yang?" her mother asked.

"You forgot to grab Ruby." Yang gave her mother an 'uh drrr' look. Her started to tear up a bit.

"Ruby will be sleeping here for a while, sweetie." Yang's mom said. Yang was confused now.

"Why?" Yang asked.

"Because the doctors here need to help her out. She'll be ok though." the blonde woman assured her daughter. The little lilac eyed girl with curly pig tails seemed a bit disappointed.

"But WHY? Ruby would get better at home quickly faster right?" Yang whined.

"No, she needs to be here so she won't be so sick." the woman replied.

"What's the matter with her anyways, mommy?" Yang asked.

"She's very, very, VERY sick. The doctors need to keep an eye on her for a while sick. She is currently sleeping and will be for a very long time." mommy explained.

"Somehow I doubt she'll be asleep very long. She always gets up with the birdies." Yang commented as she crossed her arms, now in her arch nemesis. The car seat. Mommy got into the front and backed out of the parking space.

"Yang, please drop it. Mommy doesn't feel up to talking about it yet."


Little Yang tossed and turned. She couldn't sleep. Not with the bed across from her empty, not with Ruby in a weird white building with bunny people running around. Yang and Ruby's mother, Summer, was a huntress, but despite a large salary it wasn't enough to provide a house and the two girls with their own rooms. So ever since Yang was two she has shared a room with little Ruby which made the suddenly empty room nerve racking and uncomfortable. Yang swung her feet over the side of the bed and got up. She straightened up her Strawberry Shortcake night gown and ran to the door, across the hall to the bathroom, the one place she was allowed to be awake at this time of night. Yang starred at the mirror in front of her. She had the get on her stool but she didn't mind because seeing herself was essential at the moment. She grabbed her tiny brush and began to unknot her curly hair before braiding it and jumping into the bathtub to play with her rubber ducky. It would help her forget her discomfort. Soon enough Yang passed out there from exhaustion. If only she could understand what was happening.

...(7 and 5)

"Sissy!" Ruby exclaimed as Yang walked into the hospital room. Ruby had her arms wide open, ready for hug. Yang crawled up onto the hospital bed and gave Ruby her expected hug. "Guess what, Yang! Guess! Guess!" Ruby got excited. Yang, who was in the process of unpacking her backpack filled with toys and games looked up at the silver eyed younger.

"What is it that has you so happy?" Yang asked.

"Miss doctor said I can go home today at lunch time!" Ruby exclaimed. Yang's eyes widened. The two girls both squealed. when the doctor walked in.

"I see somebody's excited." she commented. Yang looked at the doctor or better off known as Delilah Schnee. Delilah had been Ruby's doctor since the day she had come down with a horrible temperature and started to cough blood before passing out and scaring the crap out of Summer and Yang. Since she was diagnosed with a devastating incurable disease they called Nada. Needless to say she kinda became a part of the Rose family. Ruby always called her Miss Doctor because she liked it better than Miss Schnee, which was hard to pronounce.

"Yeah! Mommy's said that when I come home I can have homemade cookies! And I've missed being in my room to play and going to the park." Ruby said. Ruby's short black hair was sticking out in many different directions and she wore a bright smile with her silver eyes sparkling. It was rare these days. Most of time, Ruby looked so tired and absolutely uncomfortable. A lot of times Yang would come to visit and Ruby would look like she was hurting, and wouldn't want to talk or move. Of course she did talk enough to ask Yang to read to her or sing to her. Sometimes they'd watch cartoons, sometimes Ruby had enough energy to play dolls of action figures, sometimes she and Yang have nerve gun and sword battle after taking turns pretending to put makeup on each other, and then there were the times Yang just sat there at the end of Ruby's bed because she was asleep and had been all day for three days. One day she looked absolutely miserable and the next she looked perfectly healthy like a normal rambunctious five year old. Yang never knew what she'd get. That day Ruby seemed to be in the run around the hospital with a foam sword, dodging nurses and scaring old people by sneaking up behind them and screaming boo at the top of her lungs kind of mood. And yes, the sisters would do this when Ruby was well enough. Ruby had her eyes affixed on the doctor who soon left the room. Ruby had a big ear to ear grin as she grabbed her sword and pulled out all the IVs and tubes. Yang grabbed hers and ran to the door, checking to see if the coast was clear. Yang nodded at Ruby who ran towards her older sister and then to the room a few doors down. Yang followed and saw that Ruby was currently battling a boy her age who had a green light saber. Yang jumped in and took Ruby's side. It was a battle of foam and plastic that soon ended with Madam Buttface dragging Ruby and Yang back to the hospital room. Madam Buttface, the meanest nurse alive, was Yang and Ruby's arch enemy with her sharp long nails and ugly shoes. Yang stuck up her nose and waved her hand at Madam Buttface in irritation. The nurse growled and walked away after hooking Ruby crookedly up the all her tubes. Ruby huffed.

"I was having fun." Ruby complained. Yang sighed before pulling out a coloring book and crayons.

"Wanna color?" Yang asked. Ruby nodded.

"Yep! Let's do that!" Ruby exclaimed. Yang was coloring a picture of a princess and her prince while Ruby was coloring a picture of little red riding hood and the wolf. Yang's mind kinda wandered from there.

"Yang sweetie, can you promise me something?" Summer asked Yang. Yang looked up at her mother.

"Yes, mommy."

"Protect your sister when I can't. Mommy's been having take a lot of extra work and can't always be around. Ruby needs you, will you promise me that?" Summer asked.

"I already did on my own time, but if it makes you feel better for me to do it again, yes, mommy, I promise."

"Sissy!" Ruby exclaimed. Yang snapped out of her trance and looked at her younger sister.

"Yes, Ruby?" Yang replied.

"Can we go swimming later?" Ruby asked. Yang nodded. Just outside the apartment complex was a creek where there were lot of otters and Ruby in particular loved to play there. Yang enjoyed it but not as much as Ruby did. Ruby loved the furry river otters that knew the girls from so many visits. Ruby loved water in general. She didn't care if she was swimming in the ocean of playing with the sink, she loved water. Yang mostly just enjoyed watching Ruby having a blast splashing and squealing happily. It gave her hope that Ruby's disease, no matter how devastating couldn't take her completely as long as she still can be her usual self.


"Look, Yang it's Aqua!" Ruby exclaimed as she embraced the small otter. Yang put her hand on Ruby's shoulder.

"She's happy to see you." Yang smiled. Ruby was soaked from head to toe. "Well Rubes, as fun as it was we need to get home and get you clean and some food down you." Yang said.

"AW! Five more minutes!" Ruby whined.

"You said that five minutes ago, come on." Yang said. Ruby grumbled to herself as the sisters left the creek.


"Yang, where's mommy?" Ruby asked. Yang swallowed her bite pizza she had ordered for her and Ruby.

"Work." was Yang's short reply.

"I never see her anymore." Ruby pouted. Yang sighed.

"You and me both, sis." Yang replied slightly irritated with the fact her mother was never around. Not that she didn't want Ruby all to herself, that wasn't the case but she felt abandoned and most nights while Ruby was in the hospital, she would sit on the couch watching anime till she fell asleep. It was a bit sad, but it was her daily routine.


"And thus the kingdom was free of all monsters and the hooded princess was proclaimed a hero." Yang finished the story. She looked down at the sleeping Ruby snuggled up against her. As she thought. The Hooded Princess was Ruby's favorite story about a princess in a red hood who saved her kingdom from a gigantic monster invasion. Yang kissed Ruby's forehead before scooting down into the covers. Ruby would surely wake up if she moved then it would be back to the drawing board. Yang stared at the door that opened and reveled Summer. Summer walked over to the girls.

"Asleep already?" Summer asked. Yang glared at the huntress.

"Maybe if you actually cared about us you would know Ruby crashes around nine twenty. " Yang scowled. Summer was taken aback by the seven year old's harsh words. Yang rolled onto her side, careful not to disturb Ruby and closed her eyes as her mother walked away.

... (10 and 8)

"Sh. Sh. Ruby, please try not to cough so loudly." Yang hushed her sick little sister. They were both cold, both hungry, and both unbelievably cautious. Currently the two girls were taking refuge in the attic of a big house that kept them somewhat warm. It had been a year since their mother, Summer Rose passed on and left them with nobody to live with. Yang was so frightened of being separated from Ruby, they lived on the streets, constantly dodging social services, going from place to place, town to town, looking for something to eat. Summer wasn't too bad in Vale. Actually it was quite comfortable compared to the other larger kingdom a few kingdoms away. It was winter that was devastating to the nomadic girls. They were always trying to keep warm. Yang was almost certain that Ruby had hypothermia already and it was only January. Yang gently brushed a few hairs out of Ruby's face and kissed her forehead. They heard footsteps. Both panicked and were scrambling to hide. Soon enough a wizened man entered the attic. He searched for the source of the coughing. Just their luck Ruby sneezed and the man found the two girls. Yang pulled Ruby closer to her and looked up at the man. "W-we'll leave, just please don't hurt us." Yang stuttered. Partially from fear and partially from being so cold. He scooped up Ruby from Yang and grabbed Yang's small hand.

"Sounds like this one needs a doctor." he said. Yang nodded. Ruby began to cough violently again as if on cue. Yang looked even more scared now. The old man rushed the two girls to the hospital.


"She's extremely dehydrated for starters. She also seems to be boarder line hypothermic but what concerns me is the amount of blood she's coughed up and how extremely malnourished she is." The doctor informed the old man who Yang learned was named Crow. Yang looked down at the sleeping figure she sat beside. Crow placed his hand on Yang's shoulder.

"Thank you doctor." Crow said shooing the doctor away.

"She's been this sick since she was two years old. I remember her first extreme fit. She started to hack up blood and tremble. She passed out; I held her and screamed for our mom to come and save her. I remember being only four at the time and not understanding what happened. Our mom passed away a year ago and we've been wandering ever since. I guess I should've just given up and given her to the foster system so this didn't happen. I guess I'm just too scared of losing my only family left. " Yang began to cry. Crow whipped her tears away.

"I never had any kids. I guess this is my little miracle. You two shouldn't be sepperated, and there's no way I'm letting you two wander the streets again. Do you want to all be a family?" Crow asked the sobbing girl. Yang looked up at him with hopeful eyes.

"P-Please?" Yang stuttered hoping she was hearing correctly. Crow pulled the young blonde into a hug.

"There's my girl." he said, happy with this surprise. He never thought he'd ever have any kids, but now he had two girls. Both who needed him.


"Yang! Yang!" Crow called. He had searched everywhere for his eldest daughter. Ruby was sick today, but unlike usual, Yang wasn't accompanying her younger sister. Crow walked into Ruby's room and asked, "Have you seen Yang?" Ruby yawned.

"She's at work." Ruby replied before rolling onto her tummy and re-positioning her head to the side of her fluffy pillow a teddy bear in the crook of her elbow.

"Work?" Crow questioned the younger girl.

"Yeah, she's an expert at pocket picking and she lied about her age and works at Taco Bell. Her discount comes in handy now that we aren't starving and freezing." Ruby said.

"Why would she keep working like that?" Crow asked.

"She's afraid you'll ditch us. I'm worried too but, I can't work. I get ill too often or else I'd practice the art of steeling people's wallets." Ruby murmured. Crow was a bit shocked. Why would they think that. "Well I guess I kinda work too. I polish, harbor, and fix weapons for the White Fang. They pay pretty well all things considered." Ruby mentioned. "This weapon is what I'm currently working on. On the bottom it says Gambol Shroud. And three names are scratched into the blade I can barely read them but I know one of them has to be the name Adam. The other two kinda look like Bloco and Mollg." Ruby showed Crow the sword she was working on. Crow scratched the back of his head.

"Why would you girls think that?" Crow asked. Ruby looked up from Gambol Shroud to face the old man.

"Because before our mom died, she practically abandoned us. We never saw her, she never came around. She didn't even visit me while I was in the hospital. Yang told me that she moved in with friend and took three other jobs so she never had to see us. If our own mother would do that to us, why wouldn't you just get rid of us. It sure would be easy if you ever just got sick of us being around . Yang doesn't really trust you very much, and in all honesty I don't either. It's nothing personal but.. well we just don't know anything else but running and surviving on our own." Ruby explained. Crow wrapped his arms around the smaller girl.

"I'm not going to get rid of you, I promise. You should be so worried about that." Crow assured the young girl. Ruby whipped away a few tears that barely reached her cheeks.

"Thanks." Ruby murmured. Suddenly BAM! The door is slammed wide open and Yang walks in with a bag that smelled like nachos and tacos. Yang quickly noticed Crow and started to shrink within herself. 'Crap I've been caught!' Yang mentally screamed.

"Well join us." Crow said taking notice to Yang. Yang crept a bit closer but was soon drag down into the group hug. Ruby sniffed the air and her silver eyes lit up.

"NACHOS!" she exclaimed. Yang nodded before getting up and grabbing the bag. Inside, sure enough there were nachos, as well as three nacho bakes, five spicy dirito tacos, seven normal tacos, and nine double decker tacos. Yang pulled another bag that revealed three boxes of girl scout cookies.

"I jumped a girl scout on my way home. She didn't have squat for cookies but I was able to snatch some thin mints." Yang commented. Ruby was already munching on a taco.

"Yay! Thanks sis!" Ruby exclaimed after swallowing.

"Your welcome. " Yang said as she unwrapped a taco for herself . "Want one, Crow?"

"Sure, I'll just have a plan one." Crow grabbed a taco before thanking Yang for lunch.

"So what you said, was it true."Yang asked Crow.

"About what?" Crow asked.

"I overheard your conversation with Ruby. You're not going to give us up, even I am irritating and Ruby's a lot of work?" Yang asked, a little bit nervous.

"Of course I won't! Why would I give up my girls?" Crow said. Yang's eyes brightened up a bit, but they were beginning to tear up. She threw her arms around the wizened man and began to cry.

"Thank you. Thank you so much." Yang sobbed.

... (16 and 14)

"YANG! WAIT FOR ME!" Ruby screamed as she chased after the motorcycle.

"You took too long!" Yang yelled as she drove around Ruby in circles. "TRY TO CATCH ME!" Yang screamed as she drove away. Ruby took a running leap towards her sister and launched herself onto the back of the motorcycle.

"GOTTCHA NOW!" Ruby exclaimed as she positioned herself on the back of the bike. Yang handed her a helmet and continued speeding down the high way.


"Does this skirt make me look to girly?" Ruby asked while doing a little spin in a black and red tutu. Yang smiled.

"Nah. You look goth or maybe a bit emo in dat." Yang said. Ruby looked at herself in the mirror . She looked quite different. She had her hair cut and now it had hints of red mixed in, she was not as malnourished as she was when she was child and looked a tad bit more healthy. She was still extremely pale, but that didn't really matter and she was little bit short but about average compared to the other girls at Signal in her grade. Yang had defiantly gotten taller. She actually towered over Ruby. It was like being two and four again. Yang's hair had gotten longer as well now that the dead ends were trimmed away.

"I'm being serious I'm tired of everyone calling me stupid names like Cupcake or Princess. Maybe this look suits me more than the old pink and red dresses and what not. I mean do look a lot more mature." Ruby talked to somewhat Yang and somewhat herself.

"If you ask me it looks like your depressed and want everyone to know it." Yang said. Ruby glared at Yang who didn't particularly care either way. Maybe you should add an accessory to it. Something that has a pop of color and is kinda unique to you in particular. Maybe a bright red bow or something." Yang commented.

"Hmm. Yeah I'll think on it but I'm getting these. Also, Yang can I get that grump kitty short at hot topic?" Ruby asked.

"Dad said we could get whatever we want." Yang said as she grabbed her purse and exited the dressing room.


"Hmm... I wonder." Yang said to herself as she stared at the red cloak in her hands. "I know it'll fit, it still has some growing room, so it's defiantly reasonable but, if she doesn't like it I wasted my money and time. Screw it. I'll just lay on her bed and see if she likes it later. I'm in a bit of pizza mood anyways so I'll just go order a take out. " Yang continued to speak to herself. She rose to her feet and walked up to Ruby's room. She opened the door and saw that Ruby just happened to be reading a manga. Ruby noticed Yang and shoved a book mark into her comic.

"Hey." Ruby said. Her eyes went to the cloak. "What's that?"

"I know it's a little silly and probably stupid but I thought you might want something go with that new outfit you picked out." Yang said. Ruby picked it up and tried it on.

"You made it for me? THANKS! It's just like that story you used to read me about the princess in the red cape and with the scyth!" Ruby exclaimed. Yang thought for second.

"Is that where you got the idea for Crescent Rose?" Yang asked.

"Yep! I remember being in the hospital and wanting to be just like her and make a difference. I guess I just never grew out of the idea." Ruby said. Yang smiled.

"I'm so glad you like it. I was thinking you'd just think I've lost my mind." Yang said.

"Nope! Thanks again, sis." Ruby said before Yang left.