Forks High

Chapter Two: Naughty Secretary

"Ms. Brandon would you come to the conference room one you've finished up with your daily tasks," Alice felt herself tremble as her bosses voice boomed from the office phone she held to her ear. It was almost six o'clock and most everyone had gone home for the day except for her and her boss, the principal. Earlier today she had overheard something and Alice had no idea whether she was about to be fired or fucked.

Another fifteen minutes Alice packed up her desk, smoothed down her pencil skirt, and headed towards the conference room. With a deep breath she pushed open the door to the conference room and entered with bated breath.

Edward Cullen was leaning calmly against the long mahogany table, his long lean legs crossed in his impeccably tailored suit and Alice felt her breath leave her.

"You wanted to see me Mr. Cullen?" She whispered closing the door behind her and stepping further into the room.

"Yes Ms. Brandon…I understand that you overheard something in my office today," his voice was calm and controlled.

"Yes sir but I would never mention…" she started to say, desperate to keep her first job out of college.

"I don't know that for sure…how far would you go to keep your job Ms. Brandon?" he said moving towards her slowly.

"I would do anything sir," Alice felt the space between her thighs become wet as he stalked towards her like a predator.

"Get on you knees," he said watching with darkened eyes as she obediently sunk down before him. She was so small and delicate with soft pale skin and big hazel eyes. Her small hands deftly undid her belt and pulled down his slacks. His semi-hard cock fell out and she immediately took it into her soft palm and began to stroke him.

Her big eyes never left his as she slowly moved her mouth to his dick, her lips wrapped around the head before sinking down the rest of his length.

"Mmm your little mouth is so hot baby," he groaned his hands threading into her short dark hair and guiding her onto him again and again. He was hardening in her mouth and soon she could barely fit his girth and length inside. Spit was gathering around the corners of her lips and she was breathing heavily every time she pulled back for a breath.

"So good at sucking cock," he muttered watching her sloppy mouth move over him. Her tongue was running along his length as she eagerly took his cock in her mouth.

"Is it making you wet sucking this big cock?" he asked pulling her off of him and tilting her head back so that she was looking up at him with her big kohl lined eyes.

"Yes Sir," she said nodding.

"Come here," he urged guiding her back onto her feet to stand before him. "Such a tight little body Ms. Brandon," he groaned unbuttoning her blouse and letting it drop to the floor. His hands followed the curve of her waist to her hips to unzip her grey pencil skirt and let it drop to the floor. She was left in her nude lace underwear and black pumps. She stood in front of him while unbuttoned his own shirt and slung it to the floor. His hands slid up her arms to cup her neck and pulled her towards him, she gripped his broad shoulders as their mouths met in a heated kiss. He quickly reached around to unhook her bra letting her pert breasts free. His thumbs rubbed tight circles on her taunt rose colored nipples.

"mmm…" Alice moaned as he worked her sensitive nipples with his talented fingers, her panties were practically soaked through. "Please…I need more," she begged.

"I know you do baby," Edward said pulling down her lace panties so that she could step out of them before walking them both backwards towards the wall. He gripped her under her thighs and lifted her up pushing her against the wall. He lined up his throbbing member with her already soaked core and pushed into the hilt.

"Oh fuck you're so big," she moaned her hands gripping his forearms as he began to slam into her, his cock filling her up over and over until she was screaming in pleasure.

"OH MY FUCKING GOD YES!" She cried throwing her head back in pleasure.

"You're a screamer aren't you baby…scream my name while I fuck you," he urged pounding her hard and fast as she let out high pitched shrieks of ecstasy.

"OH Edward! Right fucking there…I'm gonna cum!" she gasped as he slammed into her four more times before she was falling over the edge, her body tensing and pulsing with pleasure.

"Because you've been such a good little girl; I'm going to give you a present," Edward said slipping out of her his cock still rock hard.

"Jasper!" he called. Alice froze when she saw her crush, Mr. Whitlock, this history teacher open one of the adjacent doors to the conference room and enter with a look of absolute lust.

"you have been such a good girl Alice. I thought I would give you exactly what you've wanted," Edward said sitting down in one of the chairs and taking his cock into his large hand.

Jasper was already stripping out of his clothes at record speed, revealing his toned slim body as Alice trembled her back up against the wall.

"Mr. Whitlock…I, er, um…." She stuttered her mouth watering at the delicious sight before her.

"Don't you worry darling I'm going to take such good care of you," he said gripping her neck and pulling her mouth to his. Edward watched with a smirk while lazily tugging on his cock. Jasper backed Alice up to the couch in the corner of the room before pulling her on top of him. Her legs draped on either side of his thighs and he gripped her hips before pulling her tight pussy down on his long cock.

"OH GOD!" she moaned as she began to ride him. Her perky tits bounced in front of his mouth as she rolled and grinded on his cock.

"That's right sweetheart, ride that dick," Jasper drawled guiding her hips over him and watching her fuck herself on his member.

"Are you going to cum again baby?" he asked as she began to ride him harder and faster; chasing her second orgasm as she moaned and writhed above him.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah…oh my fucking god YES!" she screamed arching her back as she came all over him.

Edward stood and approached the two on the couch before taking his place behind Alice. He reached down and gathered the sticky wetness of her release on his fingers before preparing her puckered asshole. Alice was draped across Jaspers chest, breathing heavily when she felt Edward pushing his fingers into her other hole. Jasper was still hard and ready inside her fluttering pussy.

Edward gripped her hips and lined his cock up with her asshole before working his way inside slowly.

"Fuck," she moaned becoming more and more full as Edward pushed into her. Soon he was all the way inside and both men began to move in synch, in and out, again and again, filling her up so that her toes curled with mind blowing pleasure.

"You like being fucked by two guys don't you," Edward growled into her ear as he began to move more quickly in and out of her ass as Jasper pounded into her hot wet pussy.

Jasper reached between them and began to pinch and pull at her hard sensitive nipple causing Alice to cry out. Edward had both hands kneading the soft flesh of her ass; pulling her cheeks apart and watching his cock press into her tight little puckered hole.

"Shit you both feel so good inside me…never stop fucking me!" she begged dropping her head onto Jaspers shoulder; sweat beading on her body as her third orgasm approached swiftly.

"Cum for us one more time baby girl," Jasper said thumbs rubbing her sensitive peaks as his cock hit her g-spot on every pass. Alice began to shake and she bit down on Jaspers neck when the most powerful orgasm she ever experienced began to rush through her body. She couldn't help the long loud scream she let out as her pussy clamped down on the cocks inside her and her entire body tensed wit pleasure.

"So fucking tight when you cum…" Edward hissed as both men fucked her through her orgasm. When Alice came down from her high both men pulled out of her and she sighed at the emptiness.

"On your knees little girl," Jasper ordered.

Alice rolled off the couch and onto her knees her hands on her thighs as she looked up at the men who had fucked her within an inch of her life. The both were fisting their weeping cocks and she opened her mouth, ready for them to cum all over her.

"Such a good girl," Edward growled his thumb running over the slit in his cock before moving his hand back down to the base. Jasper nodded as he twisted his palm over the head of his dick before fisting his length.

Alice was panting by the time they began to cum, Edward first with thick white streams hitting her chest and neck and some landing in her open mouth. Jasper was close behind his cum dripping onto her cheeks and tongue and chest. Alice swallowed everything with a satisfied smile.

"You look so fucking hot painted with our cum," Edward growled gripping her short hair at the base of her neck and kissing her hard on the lips.

Jasper nodded before also stealing a kiss. Both men began to redress as Alice found her own clothes scattered across the floor.

"I may have to call you into my office more often Ms. Brandon," Edward said with a smile before leaving her freshly fucked and covered in cum in the conference room. Jasper gave her a shy smile before following the principle.

Alice let out a deep breath before smiling.

"At least I wasn't fired," she said softly before redressing and getting ready to go home.