"This is bullshit! Why on earth am I obligated to heal him?!" Karin exclaimed whilst pointing at Suigetsu. Sasuke sighed.

" He has saved us when he fought the eight-tails to buy us time. Now do it"

Karin looked at Suigetsu, who obviously was enjoying Karin's annoyed expression.

" Oh the pain!" Suigetsu cried out, obviously acting this part. This made Karin even more pissed off, but she did as Sasuke asked her to. Suigetsu was obviously running out of chakra, and she couldn't leave him in the woods like that. Sasuke went off with Juugo to scout the new area where they would be setting their camp.

" What are you waiting for, the pain is killing me~" Suigetsu teased her once again. Karin mercilessly hit him on the head.

" Ouch! Damn you woman" he whispered, afraid she would hear him. To Suigetsu's surprise he saw Karin pulling the zipper of her pale coloured jacket, revealing the many bite marks. He knew that she had a complex, that's why she hid them. For once Suigetsu had let the opportunity to mock Karin go. He could feel the blood creep to his cheeks as she lowered herself, wrapping her arms around his neck so that he could suck the chakra out of her.

" You've got three seconds" she dangerously said, not wanting to spoil her chakra with the foul scent of his. Suigetsu opened his mouth while feeling his pulse quickening. He dug his teeth into her soft skin. She had let out a small cry, though she was used to it by now.

" Damn you Suigetsu! Y-your teeth are too sharp!" She said trying to push him away. Suigetsu however, did not want to let go of her. He enjoyed the feeling of their chakra's mixing, though he would NEVER admit that to anyone, not even himself. Suigetsu smiled slightly and placed a quick kiss on her neck, where he had bitten her. He quickly released her and sat up.

" Suigetsu.. Y-you.." She stuttered, the colour of her cheeks nearly matching her hair.

Suigetsu looked away, not understanding why he had kissed that amoeba's neck.

" Ah, did I hear Sasuke call?" He immediately tried to change the topic.

Before he knew it, Karin had stomped his face, causing his head to turn into liquid. After a few seconds his head materialised again.

" What was that for?!" He shouted. He knew why she had done that. He knew she was embarrassed. Suigetsu felt his heartbeat quicken at the thought of Karin blushing just because of him, not Sasuke.

" Y-you deserved it! Jerk! Toyin' with an innocent maiden huh!? You fucking j-jackass!" She stuttered, holding her fist up high, trying to intimidate him.

Suigetsu chuckled, her reactions were first-rate entertainment. He loved to tease and mock her. It had probably grown into something bigger, but he never noticed.

" I won't ever heal you again" she said, pushing her glasses up the bridge of her nose, standing up and walking away. She did not hear one of his usual smartypants answers, thus she turned around just to see Suigetsu sitting there, being all calm and silent.

Suigetsu only smiled at her, not one of his grins, just an honest smile that sent the blood of Karin straight to her face. She stuck out her tongue and threw her shoe against his head. They continued to fight until Sasuke and Juugo had returned.

The two of them would bicker and fight for a long time to come. However, they cared about each others well-being, sooner or later they would realise that.